Battle Frenzy
732 Finding Their Presence
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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732 Finding Their Presence

Of course, that would be after he established his power in the Holy Land. For now, the thing he should focus on was choosing which of the three supreme forces to join. There were only a few days left before he had to choose officially. He didn't want to make things complicated and attract trouble.

As for the Flaming Spirit King's performance… how could his Dharma Idol that was born from the heavens and earth be mediocre?


News of Scarlet leaving with her Great Teacher to cultivate in the outside world circulated quickly, and many were very envious of her.

Scarlet was still considered a newcomer; she had not even been officially registered into the Mystic Sect, yet an 8-star Great Teacher personally brought her to the outside world to cultivate. This was an honor that many couldn't even imagine. Even those daydreamers in the Holy Land didn't dream of such grand treatment.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong and the others were happy for Scarlet from the bottom of their hearts. She was once a little Tianjing girl that would hide behind Wang Zhong's back, yet now she had reached a level which most Holy Disciples looked up to.

At the same time, another piece of news was circulating around at rapid speed.

Wang Zhong, that number one expert in the CHF, was here in the Holy Land. However, he had only managed to cast a Flaming Spirit King for a Dharma Idol.

Wang Zhong did not spread this news, but with his identity registered once he entered the city, many people with power could easily check this information. Also, there was another piece of breaking news. Wang Zhong got beaten up the first day he arrived, and it was pretty awful.

When the news first came out, it sparked quite an uproar in the circle of newcomers from the Federation. Wang Zhong was that invincible guy in the CHF who left them emotionally scarred. He was super impressive and awesome, yet he actually got beaten up? Moreover, he got beaten up the first day he entered the Holy Land? With the rumors that Wang Zhong had offended a well-known Holy Disciple from the Mystic Sect, the newcomers arrived at this conclusion easily.

Even though he was once the top expert of the CHF, Wang Zhong was too proud and didn't know better, thinking he could dominate over everyone just as he did on Earth.

This was really… courting his own death!

Laura and the others were shocked, but they didn't have to ask to know that this rumor had something to do with the senior brothers, especially after what happened at Okuyama Domoto's villa.

After calling Wang Zhong through the Skylink, they saw that he seemed fine and had no obvious injuries.

"Don't worry. It was a short fight." Wang Zhong smiled. "I only received a few hits. No big deal. I'm still alive and kicking. I'm going to the Tyrants for a lesson soon. I want to see what they have to offer."

"You have the courage to go out?" Sharmie's eyes widened. "I heard that man was savage. You even vomited blood and had your legs broken, but I don't see any injuries on you though? Are you sure you got injured?"

"Sis, be nice. Saying this in front of me is a little mean." Wang Zhong didn't know whether to laugh or cry at Sharmie's straightforward personality.

Sharmie laughed loudly, "What's done cannot be undone. You won't die from a few disses anyway. It's okay. You can punch the man back after you get stronger."

"Wang Zhong…" Laura was pretty upset. When Wang Zhong got beaten up yesterday, she was still chatting merrily with Molton's friends at that dumb gathering. Laura felt bad, but luckily nothing serious happened to Wang Zhong. However, Wang Zhong was indeed too arrogant yesterday. Although she didn't think he was wrong, the Holy Land had its own set of rules. Having stayed here for quite a while, she understood clearly that there was a strict hierarchy here. For newcomers like Wang Zhong who hadn't officially joined a force, no one in the Holy Land would help him even if he was killed, let alone beaten up. At most, a guard from the Holy City would investigate as part of their protocol, but the perpetrator would get off scot-free in the end anyway. If it really came to it, there wouldn't be much use even if Laura went to beg her powerful teacher.

They were no longer on Earth. Without becoming strong first, one shouldn't be too flamboyant in the Holy Land.

Laura had a lot of things to say, but she didn't know where to start. Tell Wang Zhong it was only a small lesson yesterday and to treat it as a lesson learned? That wasn't very appropriate at this juncture. She would slowly persuade him to keep a low profile in the future. She sighed quietly and forced a smile on her face. "You should rest well at home. Sharmie and I will visit you later. I bought some medicine for your injuries."

"It's nothing. You don't need to do all this." Wang Zhong smiled. "We'll see how it goes. I have to hang up now. The Tyrants' lesson is starting. Talk to you later!"

After hanging up on the Skylink, a look of melancholy replaced Laura's smile. "Sharmie, do you think Wang Zhong blames my brother and me for what happened to him? Actually…"

"Look at you now," Sharmie teased. "What use is it explaining to me? Anyway, Wang Zhong was too impulsive last night. He didn't know where to draw the line."

"It must have been hard for him, having to experience the cursed lands and desert. And also Assassin…" Laura empathized with Wang Zhong instead. "Although he looks like he doesn't care, he must have a lot on his mind. He feels different now compared to the CHF times."

"Sure sure, only you get his woes." Sharmie shrugged. "I can't really relate as I'm not a big fan of him like you. If you're really that concerned, you can make some chicken soup for him and deliver it. And in the romantic night, you can stare affectionately into each other's eyes… and once you finish the deed… what's done cannot be undone! Then you won't need to worry so much."

"But I don't know how to make soup! Tsk…" Laura only came back to her senses a while later. Sharmie turned what was supposedly a sad and serious atmosphere into such a joyful mood. Looking at Sharmie who was smirking, Laura grabbed at Sharmie's voluptuous chest. "I see you've planned this for quite a long time. How about you do it instead? No need for any chicken soup, just seduce him with your boobs. A guy will definitely fall for it!"

"Wow, now Little Laura dares to make fun of her sister?" Sharmie laughed heartily, "You say that like you can't seduce Wang Zhong with your boobs. Why don't you give it a try tonight?"

As the two girls poked fun at each other in the dormitory, Laura still had a hint of sadness in her eyes. The Holy Land was too different from Earth; She and Wang Zhong were too weak and insignificant here. That was how life worked; nothing would go smoothly forever. Since Wang Zhong said he was listening to a lesson at the Tyrants, she wouldn't be able to find him now. She would find him later then. Although she couldn't do much, she could at least chat with him to relieve boredom. She heard that the dormitories in the alien race area were quite deserted.

However, their reactions were not representative of everyone's reactions. The Dimensional Humans and alien races didn't pay attention to these rumors, while the Federation newcomers were taking pleasure in the whole saga rather than feeling sorry for Wang Zhong.

When Carolyn first heard that Wang Zhong came to the Holy Land, she was pretty worried. She had always felt tremendously pressured by the two men that crushed her in the CHF. Before, even if Wang Zhong died in the cursed lands, there was still a Mo Wen. Although she knew that someone who was strong at the Casted Soul Stage might not necessarily still be strong at the Heroic Soul Stage, those two had emotionally scarred her, making her feel that she was just comforting herself.

But in the present, Wang Zhong was back from the cursed lands, yet he had only condensed a Flaming Spirit King as his Dharma Idol. He could be easily defeated by a lesser-known Holy Disciple; it was evident he was not as strong here. On the same note, it would probably be the same for Mo Wen. Her teacher was right: the power of the natural order and spiritual power were the ultimate goals after you reached a higher level. People like Wang Zhong and Mo Wen who wasted a lot of effort on combat research during the Casted Soul Stage might be really strong during that stage, but they had deviated from the essence of cultivation. Such people would become less of a competition as they reached a higher level. In the Holy Land now, almost none of the newcomers were qualified to compete with her, except for Scarlet.

Carolyn wasn't the only one who thought this way; there were many others. On the second day, Gui Hao already declared that if Wang Zhong joined the Sparta Clan, he would punch him every single time he saw him.

Although he sounded arrogant, Gui Hao indeed had the power to do that now. Wang Zhong was too outstanding in the CHF — crushing everyone's confidence levels — so no one stood up for him. After living in the Holy Land for more than a month and learning about Wang Zhong's C+ Flaming Spirit King Dharma Idol, as well as how he was wrecked by a senior on his first day, many regained their confidence. They weren't exactly gloating, but it was more like they were hopeful again. The once genius had fallen, and now, it was their chance to shine.

Just as the news about Wang Zhong was still going on, another piece of breaking news circulated around.

Great Teacher Jeffrey had accepted Solomon as his Successor Disciple. Great Teacher Jeffrey, an 8-star Sacred Teacher, was a big shot in the Holy Land; it was said that his title in the Fifth Dimensional World was 'King Jeffrey!' Compared to Great Teacher Sophia who accepted Scarlet as her disciple, he was not inferior in the least and even more famous.

After this piece of news came out, nobody cared about Wang Zhong. Not only the newcomers, even the senior Holy Disciples found this to be game-changing.

In the past few batches, there were Great Teachers who accepted newcomers, but they were 2-star or 3-star Great Teachers who had just stepped into the Heavenly Soul Stage. These Great Teachers wouldn't be having major breakthroughs anytime soon, and they wanted to find a good helper. Successor Disciples were like your biological children; if they had an outstanding talent and you had nurtured them, they could help you secure your power in the Holy Land. Therefore, many Great Teachers were willing to accept disciples. As for those 5-star and above Great Teachers, they did accept disciples, but most of them already had Successor Disciples and an established power base. They weren't hasty in accepting newcomers as their disciples, and they didn't want to spend their precious time teaching Heroic Soul Stage newcomers that didn't know anything.
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    《Battle Frenzy》