Battle Frenzy
733 The Federation and the Empire Were Insignificant 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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733 The Federation and the Empire Were Insignificant 2 in 1

They would observe first. Even if they wanted to accept disciples, they would wait to see if the person attained any accomplishments. Not every Dharma Idol that carried the power of the natural laws would be extraordinary, and not every Dharma Idol that seemed mediocre at first was deemed to stay that way. An example would be Molton. When he first entered the Holy Land, his potential wasn't outstanding, and he wasn't valued. Thereafter, he suddenly broke through the Initial and Middle Phase Heroic Soul Stages in two consecutive years, breaking a cultivation record in the Holy Land. His Dharma Idol had undergone a qualitative transformation for the third time, a rare occurrence. It was what led the 7-star Great Teacher Cleo to make an exception and accept him as a disciple.

Therefore, for a high-rank Great Teacher to accept you as a disciple while you were still a newcomer, you would need a great deal of talent, something that didn't come by easily.

However, in this batch, firstly, Scarlet was accepted as a Successor Disciple by 8-star Great Teacher Sophia; now, there was Solomon. This batch of newcomers was insane! It was said that his Dharma Idol possessed the law of time to a certain degree. Although this was not confirmed, this was enough to make a lot of people talk. There was no doubt that among all laws of the natural order in the Holy Land, the law of time was definitely one of the best.

A faint circle of light surrounded Solomon's fingertips. There was a fluffy, white mouse in his hand. When the mouse came into contact with the faint light, it turned dry and skinny at a rapid pace. It wasn't that it was being sucked dry of nutrients or essence; it was more like a natural aging process. The vitality of life disappeared from the mouse. Its skin became wrinkled and loose; its muscles turned into a withered skin sack, and it gradually lost the light in its eyes. In just one short minute, it came to the end of its life and quickly turned into a carcass. Solomon blew on the carcass, and it disintegrated into powder, dissipating in the air.

"Can this be done better?" A middle-aged man asked. He was wearing a crown on his head and a golden robe specially for Great Teachers.

Solomon bowed respectfully. "Teacher, I can make the time fast forward around two times faster."

"Not bad, but not enough." Great Teacher Jeffrey's voice was cold. "I have once seen someone who manipulated the law of time in the Fifth Dimension. He could make the world change completely in just one moment."

"The range of areas that Teacher has come into contact with is unbelievable." Solomon sucked up to him.

Great Teacher Jeffrey just stared at him and spoke after a while, "You're wrong. Like you, he was just at the Heroic Soul Stage."

Solomon's smile froze slightly.

"Of course, you don't need to feel inferior. He was already at the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage and about to break through. A level much higher than you," Jeffrey said. "Cultivation is not child's play. I'm not trying to discourage you by saying this. Your talent is not bad, but this is just the start. Nothing is set in stone. You need to remain modest and not waste your gift."

"Yes, Teacher."

"Normally, when a Great Teacher from the Holy Land accepts a disciple, he will give a generous gift at the first meeting." A hint of a smile finally appeared on Jeffrey's face. "I'm not a very serious person, so I didn't specially prepare anything. If you want anything or have any wishes, you can tell me directly." His cold voice became softer.

"To be able to cultivate alongside Teacher is a great honor in itself. I have no other requests."

"Haha, those who are not greedy for small gains must have a bigger goal in mind." A hint of wisdom flashed in Jeffrey's eyes. "Your answer is making me more curious. Say it, no need to pretend in front of me."

Little beads of sweat rolled down Solomon's forehead. Facing a powerful figure like 'King Jeffrey' — even if the other party did not consciously radiate a strong aura — Solomon wasn't able to bear his domination on the spiritual level, especially at his Heroic Soul Stage level. An ordinary Heroic Soul Stage individual couldn't hide anything from such a person, and they would reveal all their secrets truthfully.

"I… hope for the rise of the Empire! I want it to replace the Federation!" Solomon couldn't resist and spoke his desire, although he didn't break down completely and reveal his deepest secret. Since he was the ruler of the Empire, it was natural that he desired the Empire to rise and replace the Federation.

However, the Holy Land had always supported the Federation.

As soon as he said it, Solomon became uneasy. He was apprehensive that Jeffrey would be revolted by his words, and that he would lose this rare chance to be his disciple.

Instead, Jeffrey just smiled. "Haha, no need to be so tense, there's nothing wrong with your thinking given your status."

"It's a good thing to have desires. With desires come motivation." Great Teacher Jeffrey stood up, and in Solomon's perception, he was unbelievably tall, like a majestic mountain. "Some people pursue longevity. Others seek strength. And naturally, there will also be others who pursue authority and reputation. All of these are still desires, and there are no differences in essence."

Solomon was a little surprised. He had imagined various scenarios of how Jeffrey would react, but he certainly didn't expect that Jeffrey not only didn't think badly of him, he even showed a little acknowledgment. Solomon was sure that Jeffrey was definitely not a sage from the Empire. "Teacher… you don't care about the conflict between the Empire and the Federation?"

"Oh, don't worry too much about the differences between the Empire and the Federation," Jeffrey said. "To the Holy Land, between the Empire and the Federation, whoever rules Earth doesn't matter, as they would merely be a spokesperson for the Holy Land on Earth. Face your desires. This world has always been divided into either the strong or the weak. There is no absolute right or wrong. As long as you are strong enough and have enough say in the Holy Land, not to mention letting the Empire replace the Federation, but even if you wanted to overthrow these two political forces and create a new one, it would just be another mutual exchange of benefits at the negotiating table."

"Needless to say, I don't care, and there are many people who think like me in the Holy Land." Great Teacher Jeffrey looked at him with an expression of encouragement and appreciation. "Of course, everyone has no intention of changing the status quo for the time being. I like ambitious people, but if you want to achieve your goal, the prerequisite is that you are strong enough."

"Yes, Teacher." Solomon lowered his head, his emotions a mess under his calm complexion.

Solomon already knew of the existence of the Holy Land and its power. The Holy Land was the game master and held the true deciding power.

However, he didn't think that there would be people who didn't care about the Federation — like Great Teacher Jeffrey — in the Mystic Sect, which was supposedly on the Federation's side. Jeffrey even admitted that many people were like that in the Holy Land; it was just a matter of power and benefits for them.

This was rather different from the information he received previously. This new knowledge might change his original plan, but that was fine. One can never keep up with change, no matter how much one planned. Making only choices that benefit yourself in every situation, this was the instinct of a true emperor. There would be infinite possibilities in the future.


The news of two 8-star Great Teachers accepting Successor Disciples attracted a lot of attention and was the main topic of conversation among the newcomers these few days.

Everyone held different opinions about it; some were jealous or envious of the Successor Disciples, while others admired or worshiped them. There were also those who didn't care and carried on with their lives.

Tomorrow was the official day of registration to join the three supreme forces. After the previous incident with the little-mustache guy, Wang Zhong hid his talent and kept a low profile. He did not make any more snide comments, and sure enough, no one bothered him.

Taking advantage of the last few days before registration, Wang Zhong went to each of the three supreme forces to understand more about them. He listened to some interesting lessons and had a new evaluation of the Mystic Sect, the Sparta Clan, and the Tyrants. Although it was somewhat different from how he thought of them previously, his general feelings toward them were the same. Wang Zhong didn't dislike the mediocrity of the Sparta Clan and its rigid teaching method similar to that of the Federation Academy, as he was quite accustomed to it, but he got a bit bored of that. On the journey of cultivation, you must continually reflect and generate ideas. If you always retraced the footprints of the past for the sake of convenience, it would only make your cultivation path narrower and narrower. Next, the focus of the Mystic Sect was on the cultivation of the soul, which was the least urgent for Wang Zhong. In conclusion, only the Tyrants were the most suitable for him.

In the last two days, Wang Zhong took almost all his classes in the teaching areas of ​​the Tyrants. He felt that he was learning new and interesting ideas every day. An example would be how he initially thought the Tyrants emphasized only physical training and pursued ultimate physical strength. In reality, although the Tyrants did value the power of the physical body very much, they also cared the least about their physical body in another sense. During the lesson, they casually referred to the physical body as a 'meat suit.' It was something that could be replaced at will, and it was believed that only by maintaining a perfect 'meat suit' could the soul truly live forever. If you think about it, how could a force that liked to modify their bodies really care about their physical bodies?

Wang Zhong was very fascinated by this new idea. However, after listening to lessons at the Tyrants for two days, he deeply sensed how unfriendly the seniors from the Tyrants were.

More than half the members of the Tyrants were dimensional humans born in the Holy City. They may have benefited from their superior genes that were better than that of Earth's, as most of them had attractive appearances, such as big eyes and tall nose bridges. Both the males and females were beautiful; they had white complexion and most of them had golden hair — not a sickly, pale-yellow color, but a rich golden color. Even under little sunlight, their hair would reflect a little golden glow, which made them quite easy to identify.

This was definitely the dimensional humans' territory. It was said that dimensional humans had served as several consecutive leaders of the Tyrants. There was a long history of xenophobic culture here. The dimensional humans thought that they were of noble bloodlines and had better overall genes than ordinary humans. In fact, the probability of a strong expert emerging among the dimensional humans was indeed much higher than on Earth. Just think about it; if you compared the number of people sent from Earth to the three supreme forces against a city that now had several hundreds of thousands of people, it was evident that the genes of dimensional humans were indeed superior, and the probability of an expert emerging among them was high.

However, their status didn't match their superior genes. The dimensional humans belonged to the second class in the Holy Land, merely one class above the slaves. They possessed a little freedom in the Holy City, but ultimately, they were still pariahs. Although the outstanding ones could rely on their own power to squeeze into the three supreme forces and get rid of their low-ranking status, it was impossible to change the current situation of dimensional humans having low status. Dimensional humans could never oppose the absolute power of the higher-ups; thus, they kept a low profile.

Perhaps it was because of this that dimensional humans were unfriendly to newcomers from the Federation. They even treated the alien races who had weird appearances better than they did humans from Earth.

Of course, the Tyrants needed development and couldn't depend solely on the dimensional humans, so the Federation newcomers were still very important to them. It was said that before Laura and the others entered the Holy Land, a Great Teacher from the Tyrants had declared that they were in need of people, and if any dimensional human Holy Disciple dared to find trouble with the Federation newcomers because of personal issues, they would be severely punished no matter who it was.

Most Federation newcomers who were interested in the Tyrants were heavy soldiers. Wang Zhong saw Noraba and Pomo there, as well as Zhao Tianlong. Everyone was making their final preparations too. During a few lessons, Wang Zhong saw that these few people took the initiative to ask questions and tried to leave a deep impression on the teacher. Zhao Tianlong and Pomo weren't very successful, but Noraba successfully attracted the attention of a lecturer and was invited over for tea. Although the lecturer did not have the qualifications to accept a Successor Disciple, but when the newcomers officially registered to join the forces, the first selection round would be a voting round. If a teacher favored you, you would be guaranteed a pass in the first voting round. That was considered pretty good.

It was still pretty early after the last afternoon lesson, and Wang Zhong explored his surroundings out of habit. It was likely that he would live in the Tyrants' area in the future, and it was always good to have a better understanding of the surroundings.

The Skylink's 3D map was very convenient for this as you could zoom in and out just by tapping it. When zoomed out, you could see the whole view of the Adalia Continent floating in mid-air. When zoomed in, it was so detailed that you could see every shop on every street. It was like a 3D satellite image, just that it did not detect the existence of life.

The Tyrants' teaching areas were mostly at Holy Disciples' District B, and every teaching area occupied a large space of 4 or 5 streets. Even the pavements could easily accommodate tens of thousands of people; and in the middle of it was Holy Disciples' District A, where students lived. If you wanted to explore the place, you could spend all day there.

These learning areas were divided by the subjects taught. Wang Zhong was rather interested in Alchemy, which was undoubtedly one of the most popular elective subjects in the Holy Land.

To put it simply, alchemy was to combine A and B to get product C. It was like chemistry in the olden days, yet more unconventional.

The vast and boundless Fifth Dimensional World had a variety of unusual materials and elements. On the most basic alchemy element table, there were already more than 7,000 basic elements. There were elements such as lead, iron, silver, and mercury, which are common on Earth, and there were also dimensional materials such as Mysterious Gold, Dark Essence, Light Essence, and Demon Blood.
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    《Battle Frenzy》