Battle Frenzy
736 Causing Trouble
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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736 Causing Trouble

"Great Teacher Carlo from the Mystic Sect! He's my idol! He's a 3-star Great Teacher who is less than forty years old! Has he taken a fancy to someone?" The freshmen who had just registered themselves for the Mystic Sect's examination were rather surprised.

"He seems to have taken a liking to a freshman from the Federation, but I don't know who it is."

"It's a pity that Great Teacher Sophia has brought the Federation's Ice Queen out for training today. Otherwise, we would have a chance to see how an 8-star Great Teacher looks like."

People in the crowd continued to murmur and chat amongst themselves. Not long after, another man entered the place.

The man had blonde hair and appeared to be rather handsome. He was slightly slender, but he was wearing thick and heavy armor.

"It's Great Teacher Buckley from the Tyrants! I can't believe he's here!" Some people could not contain their excitement.

Buckley was a 5-star Great Teacher from the Tyrants. He had made a name for himself in the Holy Land since a long time ago. His handsome appearance, coupled with the visual impact of the heavy armor, made him look extremely attractive, leaving a deep impression in people's minds.

"Great Teacher Buckley has gone up against an 8th rank dimensional creature alone and won before. He is truly a terrifying existence. Honestly, in terms of actual combat, he is definitely not just 5 stars!"

"Well, it's just too bad. After all, the star rating in the Holy Land is not only based on one's combat effectiveness."

"Can you see what armor Great Teacher Buckley is wearing? It's not a combat suit, but a result of cultivating with the methods used by the Tyrants. It is said that this set is one of the heaviest alchemy armors of the Tyrants and is made from meteorite metal. It weighs tens of thousands of pounds!"

Tens of thousands of pounds… Wang Zhong was at a loss for words when he heard it. That was equivalent to a hundred-fold of the usual gravitational force, yet Buckley could move freely as he wore it. Although the sound from his armor could be heard while he walked, the vibration beneath his feet was that of an ordinary person. That was indeed a little scary; it was almost impossible to imagine how he was able to do it…

The last one who entered was a young man who was dressed casually, and Zhao Kunlun remained beside him as he walked.

"Great Teacher Zhao Chen is here too."

"He's the third fastest in the history of the Sparta Clan to break through to the Heavenly Soul Stage!"

The people in the crowd continued to talk amongst themselves. This was a newly promoted Great Teacher of the Sparta Clan. He was only a 1-star Great Teacher, yet his future was definitely as bright as the other two. He looked rather young and appeared to only be in his early twenties; however, he emitted the strongest Heavenly Soul aura among the three as he had just broken through to the Heavenly Soul Stage. Faintly radiating an overbearing aura, he appeared to shine with boundless radiance. Out of the three Great Teachers, he appeared to be the most prominent.

Zhao Kunlun never left his side and behaved respectfully. This Great Teacher was currently the most dazzling star of the Zhao Family. Zhao Kunlun was in fact Zhao Chen's uncle, yet he was still a Holy Disciple even though his nephew had already become a Great Teacher. In the Holy Land, be it seniority in the family or whether one was from a direct line of descent, none of that mattered anymore. Power and strength were everything.

Although some families could help to pull certain strings, one had to be valuable to be acknowledged; otherwise, he might be worse off than an ordinary person.

Zhao Tianlong also appeared rather proud. The Zhao family had suffered a crushing defeat in the CHF, and all of them lost face. Many people even felt that the Zhao Family would never be able to recover after such a setback or might even be replaced, but in fact, the Zhao family had a rather stable amount of power in the Holy Land. The people who thought otherwise were like frogs at the bottom of a well.

In the world, the most terrifying thing was to be misinformed.

Since all three Great Teachers had arrived, the selection officially began. The host of the selection was Great Teacher Carlo this time. The Mystic Sect had always thought of themselves as the most legitimate in the Holy Land while the other two forces seemed to have no intention of vying for this bubble reputation. For most of the co-led activities, the Mystic Sect would always take the lead.

At that particular moment, the entire scene grew completely quiet. Great Teacher Carlo then smiled slightly and began his speech. "First of all, congratulations to all of you. All of your applications have been approved, and now, all of you are officially Holy Apprentices. You will be divided into three classes. Now, I will announce who is in the first class."

Carlo looked at the Holy Apprentices around him. The Holy Land had certain expectations for this year's batch of students, and there were indeed a few with great potential.

"People in the first class are Solomon, Scarlet, and Hyde Alexander. You will each

get a reward of 200 Holy Coins every month."

There was a lot of murmuring below the stage as countless people immediately turned to look at the dimensional humans' faction. The Earth side remained extremely quiet while warm applause rang from the other side. It could be seen that the tall and handsome guy remained extremely calm. Although he was the only first-class apprentice present, the way he reacted made it seem like it had nothing to do with him.

200 Holy Coins was considered a huge sum to the apprentices.

"Next, I'll be announcing who is in the second class. Four people have fallen under the observation period of Great Teachers. If they keep up their performance, a Great Teacher will take them in."

Jealousy was the norm, but everyone was obviously more concerned about themselves. It was everyone's goal to be included in the observation period. Several students then looked at Carlo with eager eyes, wishing they could be his disciple.

"Carolyn, Napier Mo, Vladimir, and Abrid have been included in the observation period of four Great Teachers, and they will earn a reward of 100 Holy Coins per month." Carlo looked at the four people under the stage: the first three were from Earth, but Abrid was of an alien race, specifically the Hermes. He was extremely talented in healing and was considered a genius. He had been handpicked by a Great Teacher from the Sparta Clan and especially promoted. Lastly, Carlo proceeded to end his speech. "The rest of you are third-class apprentices, but don't give up. After half a year, you will be reassessed. Those who perform exceptionally can directly be promoted to Holy Disciples. At the same time, you are allowed to challenge those who are in the higher class. If you can beat them, you will be allowed to replace them. "

Upon hearing this, the fighting will of the masses was aroused. It was good news that they still had a chance. Otherwise, it would be too unfair as it would be imposing uniformity. Talent did not represent absolute strength. That was true on Earth, and even more so in the Holy Land.

"Now, I'll announce your assigned clans."

The name list was arranged according to the clan chosen, the first being the Mystic Sect.

"Solomon, Mystic Sect."

"Scarlet, Mystic Sect."

"Carolyn, Mystic Sect."

"Napier Mo, Mystic Sect."

"Abrid, Mystic Sect."

"Laura, Mystic Sect."

Most of the freshmen elites had gathered in the Mystic Sect, making the sect the biggest winner this year. Two of the three first-class apprentices and three of the four second-class apprentices were assigned to the Mystic Sect. This year, the Mystic Sect had nearly made a clean sweep of the outstanding freshmen in one go. Truthfully, that was actually the norm. It was not that the other two clans were lousy. It just so happened that these people specialized in developing the soul. It was far more common for the outstanding people who had just entered the Heroic Soul Stage to be focused on developing their soul as compared to others.

The apprentices who joined the Mystic Sect afterward seemed to develop a sense of confidence, as if joining the sect had brought them glory. It was said that people from the Mystic Sect had a superiority complex, with Molton being an example. Now, Wang Zhong finally understood the origin of this superiority complex.

"… Vladimir, Sparta Clan."

"Mo Ling, Sparta Clan."

"Divian, Sparta Clan."

"Enoch, Sparta Clan."

"Grai, Sparta Clan."

"Gui Xinying, Sparta Clan."

Although there was only one second-class apprentice who joined the Sparta Clan, the number of people who joined the clan was indeed the largest. Most of the apprentices from Earth were more accustomed to the teaching methods of the Federation. On top of that, the Sparta Clan was considered a gathering place for the 10 Great Families; therefore, the people from Earth would develop a sense of belonging toward this clan. Many people might think that the Sparta Clan was mediocre, but that was an extreme view as the clan had produced many top experts in the Holy Land. Although they had produced relatively fewer experts in recent years, but high output had always been a feature of the Sparta Clan. The number and proportion of Heavenly Soul Stage experts produced by the clan had always ranked first among the three supreme forces. Just this feature alone was reason enough for people to join them.

"Hyde Alexander, the Tyrants."

"Aldeci, the Tyrants."

"Micah, the Tyrants."

"Noraba, the Tyrants."

"Pomo, the Tyrants."

Although names of people from Earth could occasionally be heard, most were of dimensional humans. For dimensional humans, most of them would choose to join the Tyrants as the clan was considered their territory. There were a small number of them who chose to join the Mystic Sect, but they would never join the Sparta Clan. It was not only because of the direction of cultivation; as compared to the Sparta Clan, the Mystic Sect was known as the Holy City's orthodoxy after all. There was also relative freedom in the Mystic Sect's learning culture, unlike the rigid learning system of the Sparta Clan, which was largely similar to the Federation. There were many restrictions in the clan as well; therefore, dimensional humans — who longed for freedom and were eager to break away from the constraints of their identity — found the clan to be rather repulsive.

The name list was nearing the end, and everyone was basically satisfied. The classification system was a new policy, and those extra rewards were like free goods that had fallen from the sky; thus, second-class apprentices such as Vladimir were filled with hope and were absolutely delighted. Naturally, as some people rejoiced, there would be others who felt dejected.

"Wang Zhong, the Tyrants."

Wang Zhong's name was read out last. The list was made according to the respective order of registration; thus, Wang Zhong was last, as he had signed up last. However, to others, it seemed like even the Tyrants could not be bothered with him. When Great Teacher Carlo wrapped up the announcements with his name, many people who were currently present turned around to stare at Wang Zhong, who had stood up in the back row to report his arrival. This guy had become well-known in the Holy City recently. Of course, it was notoriety instead of popularity.

Many people had only just noticed Wang Zhong's presence. To be honest, he was now just a joke in the eyes of everyone, even though he had once radiated with dazzling splendor when he became the CHF's number one expert.

Once, he was the strongest among them all, yet he had only condensed a Flaming Spirit King as his Dharma Idol. Once, he was an unparalleled lord, yet he had been beaten up on the first day he entered the Holy Land. The ups and downs in his life were really unbelievable.

No one made a sound, but all sorts of feelings could be seen from their eyes. Some were scornful, some were indifferent, some were emotional, some were gloating. No one would want to associate himself with a good-for-nothing.

Great Teacher Carlo continued speaking on the stage, "I've finished reading out your assigned clans. From now on, you are all official Holy Apprentices in the Holy City. We will issue different badges with different limits of authority according to your respective classes. Tomorrow…"

He was about to conclude the session when a voice suddenly rang out from behind the door. "Place Wang Zhong on the Tyrants' observation list of second-class apprentices."

The voice was extremely abrupt, interrupting Carlo's speech, which made him rather uncomfortable. Furthermore, the commanding tone of the voice was considered rather impolite toward a Great Teacher. As Carlo saw who had arrived, he froze slightly. "Kenso, why didn't I know about this?"
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