Battle Frenzy
738 Cellular Cosmology
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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738 Cellular Cosmology

Naturally, if one wanted to practice scriptures, one should only practice the best ones available. Wang Zhong began to look at all the good things, and he indeed saw a few interesting books. In the books' introductions, he could see that they contained powerful Tempering methods. However, as he flipped to the prices, he saw that the cheapest was actually 1300 Holy Coins… This was merely the elementary techniques. It was simply extortion!

Wang Zhong was absolutely stunned. Before that, he had always felt that the 200 Holy Coins in his pocket were a good start. But who knew it was far from enough.

Was there any other way?

There was not.

Tempering Scriptures were nothing like the general fusion of alchemical materials in the Smelting Faculty. Everyone was using it, and everyone understood it. The starting price of books about Smelting in the library was often 50 Holy Coins. However, this damned Tempering Method was seriously ridiculously expensive. One requirement of using this method was that the practitioner had to be talented; therefore, even if the scriptures were available in the library, they were often considered to be unique inheritances. Objects are valued because of their rarity, so the price of the scriptures was naturally high.

However, Wang Zhong still could not accept this. If the Tempering Methods were all like this, then there is absolutely no need for the Tempering Faculty to exist. What the hell? They had to provide some scriptures which freshmen could afford!

He was determined to continue his hunt for books! The Heroic Soul Tempering area had no more than 30,000 books. In the beginning, Wang Zhong actually started off by leisurely looking at the book transcripts page by page, but later, he was reduced to only scanning the price of the books.

1500 Holy Coins, 2900 Holy Coins, 2900 Holy Coins… His vision was already getting blurry, but— alas, free of charge?

Just as his confidence was about to shatter, Wang Zhong suddenly saw something. It was found in the left-most corner of the Tempering area. A thick-looking Tempering Method scripture turned out to be free?! What was going on? This was literally a gift from god, and it was such a thick book!

Wang Zhong was a little excited, but he soon understood the reason.

It was thick because this was the true original copy, not just a transcript of the content introduction; and because it was free, there was no need for a transcript at all. Secondly, the book was worn out, not because it was ancient, but because it had been destroyed by others! If one were to flip through the book, one would see the creases on the pages caused by fingers. Some parts were damaged, and there were also watermarks… He did not know if the book was useful, but it seemed like it was the least dignified book in the entire library. No wonder it was free. There must have been countless freshmen who picked it up and thought that something had fallen into their lap.

Wang Zhong suppressed his annoyance and confirmed the title of the book once more.

"Cellular Cosmology."

What kind of title was that? It seemed like the author who named this book was a joker.

To put it simply, even the librarian might not know how this book got into the Tyrants' Library. The author's name was "God of Illusory Reflection of Reality." The pseudonym was even more shameless than the title, but the point was… the book was free!

When human beings discovered that the soul could have a Fifth Dimension, they finally succeeded in getting rid of their physical shackles and truly came into contact with mysteries of the universe. This was the most advanced advancement since the Dark Ages. However, this book's first sentence was teaching humans how to regress. That was because the author of this book believed that the human body also contained mysteries of the universe — a deeper profound meaning beyond the soul — and that every cell that made up the human body was a universe as well!

In the book, the author used inexplicable terms to explain this concept. Like atoms, atomic nuclei, and even molecules and electrons. He claimed that one could enter the microcosmos to explore the universe, but there was no detailed explanation of the so-called atoms and molecules in the book. What the hell was all of these? Atom, more like bottom.

Frankly speaking, ordinary people would not be able to understand. The glory of Earth's science and technology only existed before the advent of the Dimensional World. Since entering the Dark Ages, human science and technology basically became a lost art. Humans had to go up against mutated beasts or powerful lifeforms from the Fifth Dimension; thus, they were under extreme pressure just to stay alive. With regard to the aspect of microcosmos, their focus was mainly medical. The greatest extent of research was halted at the cellular level, while the even more microscopic aspects had been totally abandoned.

Be it the Federation, the Empire, or the Holy Land, no one would pay too much attention to these. These esoteric terms were too obscure for ordinary students — it would be Greek to them — but Wang Zhong could understand it.

When he was a child, Wang Zhong had already discussed and studied a lot about this with Simba, as though science was commonplace. At that time, even Wang Zhong felt that these things were useless, but as he grew up, Wang Zhong felt that the perspectives of the old era could not be entirely dismissed. It was just that science and technology were headed in the wrong direction. Though humans continued to prosper, they were going further and further away from understanding the mysteries of the universe. On the surface, the black hole project seemed to have solved the resource issue, but in fact, it was considered a method of destruction before construction — allowing humans to break off from the wrong path and be exposed to the fastest way of understanding the universe. However, some perceptions and understandings of the old era were correct; but if not, then at least some of their methodologies were on the right path.

When he first began reading, he was full of criticism, but after looking at a few more pages, Wang Zhong was a little hooked.

Any kind of scripture could be regarded as a kind of knowledge and a kind of cognition. If one aimed to master a scripture, he must first be fascinated by it. Many of the ideas in this book — provided he could understand them — had drawn Wang Zhong in. The book believed that the real Tempering Method was not to temper the body in a careless way but to start from the microcosmic world. The human body contained infinite treasures. Each atom had a nucleus, which contained a powerful, primitive force of the universe; this could be called 'nuclear force.' Mastering and wielding the 'nuclear force' was the definition of true power.

To take it one step further, after one had mastered the nuclear power and if he could complete the combination of Soul Power and nuclear power, then even a human being could become a god; there would be nothing that could stop him in the universe.

In the Tyrants' Smelting Faculty, many people would give up their human body and replace parts of it with things like liquid metal and alchemic products. Such an approach seemed like buying the casket without the jewels and could not be more foolish to the book's author. He felt that the human body was, in fact, the most powerful existence in this universe and that no other energy in the universe could even compare to the energy of the atomic biological nucleus… Such a notion was completely dismissing the methods of the currently thriving Smelting Faculty of the Tyrants. It was no wonder that the person who published this book remained in obscurity throughout the clan's history. No one would be fond of him after reading his book. Not to mention the Tyrants, even if such a notion was put to the Mystic Sect or the Sparta Clan, it would definitely be shunned.

Human beings had a long-standing and deep-rooted weak impression of their own bodies. From fighting mutant beasts in the Dark Ages to battling in the Fifth Dimension, human beings had relied on Soul Power or even their souls when facing all challenges. Compared to these two, the bodies of human beings were really weak and worthless!

Human skin could be cut with an ordinary small knife, yet someone claimed that it was the strongest matter in the universe, though underdeveloped? If it was truly the strongest — even if it was underdeveloped — it should at least be able to demonstrate around 20% of its toughness and should definitely not be so weak. Only ghosts would believe in this god theory.
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