Battle Frenzy
742 Only Offering Services, Not Myself
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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742 Only Offering Services, Not Myself

Wang Zhong was stunned. "No, I only feel a little warm and full from eating. In fact, I feel rather comfortable. Should something be happening to me?"


If a gourmet liked poisons very much, he would never say that his food was problematic. Even if it was already a well-known thing in the Holy Land, why would he want to smash his own signboard?

"Oh, it's okay. You can carry on eating!" Lan Daier had already sat completely upright as she could not believe what was happening. She pointed to the most central plate on the table directly and demanded, "Try that dish!"

It was a large plate filled with something that looked like beef tendons. To be honest, in this entire bug feast, this was definitely the dish that appeared the most normal and pleasant. Under its red, hot, and spicy surface, those tendon-like things appeared to have incomparable toughness at first glance. It must be really chewy.

Wang Zhong was rather excited as he poked one and put it in his mouth. It was spicy and soft, and he could feel a kind of overflowing refreshment spreading through his whole body with a single bite. Additionally, it had a touch of heat and dryness.

"This is good!" Wang Zhong could not help but comment before he finished chewing. He felt that it was really delicious; thus, he could not help but turn his head to Lan Daier to comment further. However, before he could speak, he realized that Lan Daier was acting a little strangely.

Goodness gracious, her googly eyes were actually staring at his … down there!

Wang Zhong could not help but subconsciously cover himself down there. Frankly, Wang Zhong was never one to be shy, but for his down there to be stared at by such a pretty lady, a female teacher no less, was really the first time.

What kind of hobby was that? Such a beautiful teacher, it should not be like this…

"Take your hands off!" Lan Daier totally did not bother to hide her intention, and she sounded rather overbearing.

… Although she was very beautiful and sexy, but what was she trying to do?

"Ahem, Teacher Lan Daier." Wang Zhong refused to take his hand off and appeared to be a little depressed. "I just came to taste-test. I'm only offering my services. I'm not selling myself…"

"Taste…" Lan Daier suddenly regained her senses and realized that her actions seemed to have caused the other party to misunderstand. Was it possible that the kid thought that…?

What the hell!

Lan Daier did not know whether to laugh or cry.

That was a plate of Tylosaurus whips. It was not poisonous, but it contained nourishing constituents targeted at that part. To put it plainly, this was an aphrodisiac and a rather powerful one at that! In the Holy City, there were a lot of high-rank Great Teachers who were really old. Although they had already broken through the Heavenly Soul Stage, they were not able to escape death; therefore, they were already almost at the end of their journey.

For such people, they were not lacking in power or women. The only thing they lacked was energy. Even for a really old, high-ranking Great Teacher, as long as he was still alive, there would still be many things that they wanted to do but lacked strength in. Their lives were coming to an end. Although they had suffered a great deal to obtain their cultivation level, they had failed in their pursuit of the ultimate eternal life. Such people were self-disciplined toward cultivation in their youth. Although they had power and influence, they would still spend all their time and energy on ways to improve their own strength. So when they were nearing the end, when eternal life was clearly unattainable, the suppressed desires throughout their whole life would burst out indefinitely.

Such old teachers were extremely crazy, but their demands were part of the market. Although Lan Daier was a teacher, she had to have a source of money as teachers actually needed more Holy Coins. Besides, the profession of a gourmet was considered a luxury industry; thus, she had to get creative to gain income. For this, everyone was equal in the Holy Land.

Lan Daier's explosive-sauce Tylosaurus whip was specially designed for this. It was already a tried and tested old recipe. Lan Daier merely added viagra constituents which were more advanced and stronger in an attempt to maximize the efficacy of the medicine.

However, Wang Zhong did not have any reaction even after eating two plates, which made Lan Daier wonder if there was a problem with her dish or if the kid did not have that thing… If he truly did not have that, he would explode, and even if a Holy Saint Teacher had resurrected, he could not be saved.

But that didn't seem like it.

Lan Daier felt angry and amused at the same time. What kind of person did the kid think she was? Furthermore, it was not easy to explain herself; thus, she could only put on a stern face. "Just eat the dish if I tell you to and shut up from now on. Take your hands off too. I have seen everything before. Why would I care about your little bird?"

There was no one else who could speak so plainly, making Wang Zhong speechless. He was the one taking money from her anyway; what else could he do other than listen to her instructions? He was not a girl, even if people really wanted to look, he would not really lose anything.

He then ate another plate of Tylosaurus whip. Every pore of his body slowly began to radiate with a hot and dry might, making Wang Zhong sweat a little, but it also made him feel a little refreshed.

The hot feeling was actually not foreign to him. He had been to a sea of fire before. What could this bit of heat do to him? However, this kind of hotness grew from the inside of the body; thus, it was a little different. It made people have an unintelligible urge, even making the ugly bugs on the table seem pleasing to the eye. At that moment, when he saw Teacher Lan Daier, his breathing grew quicker. The teacher was already a beautiful lady; now, she seemed even more alluring to him that even her fingertips seemed perfect.

Lan Daier could feel Wang Zhong's mental fluctuations, but it was not enough. This level was not enough to stimulate him further. Just as Wang Zhong grew semi-conscious, he felt an unknown liquid slid down his throat, and the fiery heat subsided. Immediately, his body was covered with sweat, as though he had just been pulled out from the water. His muscles were aching, and he felt like he had just crawled out of the desert.

Lan Daier was obviously very satisfied with this strange student. She had initially thought that he would not be able to get up, but he could actually stand up and walk on his own after what had just happened. His body constitution was incredible.

Also, this guy was not fussy; he ate whatever he was asked to, never complained, and never tried to bargain. Such a taste-tester was simply priceless; thus, Lan Daier was extremely satisfied.

"You are now officially employed by the Gourmets. I'll inform Tatasha in a while, and she will arrange a relaxing position for you on the team." After that, Lan Daier gave him 100 Holy Coins. In fact, one could only get 10 Holy Coins at once, no matter how much he ate. He only got so many Holy Coins due to what Lan Daier said just now. She had never encountered such a strange taste-tester; she was truly elated. Even though she was half-joking, half-serious before, she was not a person who lacked money; thus, she kept to her word. "Next time, you have to come here every Monday to taste-test some dishes. As for the rest of the time, you just have to be available on hand."

This was already restricting his freedom, so Wang Zhong had to ask, "What if I need to go out with an exploration team to complete missions?"

"You can apply for leave. Just tell me in advance." Lan Daier then looked at him with a smile. "But I heard that your C+ Dharma Idol isn't that powerful. You still plan on going out with teams to complete missions?"

"All people must have dreams. Otherwise, there is no difference from being a salted fish." Wang Zhong spoke righteously.

Lan Daier laughed. "You have ambition. I like it. Just be careful not to die outside! In addition, you will not earn so many Holy Coins next time. I can give you 20 each time, my money is not bottomless."

Wang Zhong was not in a hurry; anyway, this matter could not be rushed. According to the frequency of taste-testing for Lan Daier, he should be able to earn 70 to 80 Holy Coins a month. He estimated that it would take two or three months to get the full amount of 500 Holy Coins. It just happened that Wang Zhong also had not fully understood the thick book on Cellular Cosmology. For the past few days, he had merely scanned through it and accepted some concepts inside. Thus, he planned to use these two or three months to take a good look at the book and make sufficient preparations in advance.

The following days were considerably peaceful. Other than often responding to Lan Daier's call to taste-test dishes, Wang Zhong spent most of his time in the library, basically treating it as a home and even sleeping there. It just happened that there were relatively fewer lectures back at the Tyrants as well. Besides around three or four compulsory lectures a week, the other lectures were all optional, and it was up to the interests of students whether to attend.

Wang Zhong attended several lectures on alchemy as well. The alchemy techniques of the Tyrants had always been the best in the Holy City. There were many others who attended the lecture other than freshmen; there were also many experienced Holy Disciples who came. Basically, all of them were from the Smelting Faculty. After all, the Smelting Faculty majored in alchemy. If one wanted to replace one's body 'parts,' it was not as simple as cutting it off with a knife and then gluing another part on. From the word smelting, it could be seen that the transformation was mainly based on 'melting' and 'refining,' then smelting the body like an alchemy material. This required not only great courage and perseverance but also superb technical and professional knowledge.

As a freshman of the Tempering Faculty, Wang Zhong was the only one who attended lectures on alchemy. For one part, he was interested in alchemy due to being influenced by Simba; on the other, he realized that alchemy and Cellular Cosmological theories were surprisingly similar.

Speaking of which, Cellular Cosmology had indeed completely dismissed the entire ideology of the Smelting Faculty, but this had nothing to do with alchemy.

According to Simba or the civilizations of the olden days, alchemy should be considered as a kind of natural science. It was the study of matter's composition, properties, structure, changing the laws of matter at the molecular and atomic levels, and even creating new matter.

Of course, this was just Simba's point of view. From the content Wang Zhong had heard from the alchemy lectures for the past two days, although the essence of Simba's type of alchemy and the Tyrants' type of alchemy essentially appeared to be the same, there seemed to be a gap between both sides.

The first difference was at the micro-level of matter. The type of alchemy that Simba mentioned was focused on the combination of molecules and atoms or even the nucleus, but the alchemy of the Tyrants basically only studied the fusion of cells.

It was not that the finer one was better. It could only be said that each had its own advantages. Wang Zhong had an open mind when it came to knowledge, but he only extracted the knowledge that was helpful to him at his current stage.

Currently, Wang Zhong was focused on analyzing the soul transformation of cells. The only possibility he had thought of was to combine micro-atoms and the soul.

Naturally, he still had to attend lectures as the teachers in the Tyrants were evidently very knowledgeable. Certain basic theories could greatly expand Wang Zhong's world outlook. They also allowed Wang Zhong to slowly understand the basic concepts and expand his knowledge of alchemy.
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    《Battle Frenzy》