Battle Frenzy
743 Mu Zi“s Call
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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743 Mu Zi“s Call

More than half a month had passed, and it was spent in fulfillment. Wang Zhong had been so busy that he did not even have time to sleep. Although he had not started on physical cultivation, he had been enriching his perception with various kinds of knowledge.

It was the fourth weekend upon joining the Tyrants. Today was Holy Birth Day. It was different from Christmas on Earth. It was the birthday of Adalia, the Holy Saint Teacher. The weather was exceptionally fine and cloudless, as though it could feel the celebratory mood across the city. There was almost no one in the library, and a salute went off from time to time in the city outside. The music resonated throughout the whole city as well, making the place particularly lively.

Stretching and yawning, Wang Zhong thought about how he had been treating the library as his residence for such a long time. He knew he had to swap between work and rest. Now was time to rest and relax. With that, he felt that it would be good to take advantage of this lively atmosphere to go out and have fun.

The street was full of people who were immersed in celebration. The Holy Birth Day was definitely the biggest festival in the Holy Land every year. As the leader and pioneer of the Holy City and its only Holy Saint Teacher, Adalia's status was the noblest of all. There was a grand parade on the other side, in the main city area. It was said that that a Sacred Teacher would be attending it. That teacher represented the absolute top of the Holy City. Besides special festivals such as the Holy Birth Day, it was basically impossible for ordinary people to even capture a peek of the Sacred Teacher.

On the other hand, Grai, Laura, and the others booked their spots as early as possible and sent a message to Wang Zhong, asking him to meet up with them. Originally, Wang Zhong was also very interested in seeing the Sacred Teacher, but the flow of people on the street was too turbulent. There were so many people that he could not even squeeze himself over as he had gone out too late. In the end, he had no choice but to give up.

He informed Laura and the rest about his absence and began wandering the streets. He then recalled his agreement with the old man in the mysterious illusionary space previously.

"Why not check it out? It's the weekend today. Maybe I can still get to eat a bit of Hinami. Mmm…" It was delicious, but when Wang Zhong thought of it, he grew a little nauseous. Recently, Lan Daier's dishes were getting more and more unpleasant. It was not in terms of taste, but toxicity. The last time, it happened to be a Hinami which caused him to get the stomach flu, and he experienced vomiting and diarrhea for three days. Thus, whenever he saw fish, he would feel like puking. Even though his body was able to resist, Wang Zhong had already begun to feel that the 20 Holy Coins were not really that profitable after all.

"I'll just take a look and chat with him. It will be alright to not eat, I guess."

With this attitude, Wang Zhong brought the last bottle of Samsara wine there. The old man appeared peaceful and humourous to him, and it was very relaxing and natural as they got along with each other. It was especially true after staying in the Holy Land for a long period of time. He had seen many exchanges full of practicalities and benefits, most of which were full of utilitarianism. Everyone was desperately trying to rush forward like a tight clockwork every single day. Wang Zhong felt very fortunate to be able to build such a pure and light-hearted friendship in spite of the age difference, especially with such a tense atmosphere in the Holy City.

Following the street on the A38 district, he quickly found the mysterious barrier he had passed through last time. He went in to take a look and saw that the surroundings had not changed, but the old man was not there. Perhaps it was because of the Holy Birth Day that the old man was out celebrating.

However, since he was already there, he decided to stay. There was a cool breeze by the lake, and the place was filled with fresh air. With the perfect temperature, it was completely tranquil here, and the bustle of the city seemed to be completely cut off. The magical barrier was not simply a kind of illusion barrier, it could also block the transmission of sound, which made people feel a sense of leisure and comfort without any specific reason. Wang Zhong found a big rock by the lake and sat down, feeling the breeze by the lake and enjoying his leisure time which was hard to come by.

Suddenly, his Skylink rang. In the Holy City, the Skylink had little use, mainly due to the restrictions and the shielding of various contacts. Basically, it was only used between particularly close friends or when during team combat. Upon entering the Holy City, people preferred to contact each other face to face.

Some cluttered signal fragments also seemed to have come suddenly. The key thing was that these strings of symbols were really strange; it looked like some kind of coding, as though the other party was constantly trying to make contact.

Looking at the situation, this message seemed to have been sent five or six times, with an interval ranging from two to three days.

"Who are you?" Wang Zhong subconsciously replied. He did not wait long before the other party responded.

It was another string of garbled signals.

However, Wang Zhong felt a sense of familiarity. "I'm Wang Zhong, who are you?"

After a while, the garbled text became clear. "I'm Lao Gong, I finally got in touch with you!"

"Lao Gong" was a nickname. This was a comical title that Gong Yi was forced to accept, and Sister Hong and her sisters never got tired of calling him that. Wang Zhong was also speechless. This guy was really a god; he could poke into every nook and cranny. As long as there were people, there was a chance for him to get through.

"Mu Zi is asking for you!"

Wang Zhong grew serious. The connection between them was a little intermittent, but he basically got the message. Aiolos had met with some trouble and needed Mu Zi and Wang Zhong's help, especially Wang Zhong's spiritual energy.

Of course, this was a compelling obligation, and Wang Zhong agreed to it without hesitation. At the same time, Wang Zhong also understood one thing: it seemed that the signal interference of the Skylink was not as strong in this place.

Although Mu Zi had yet to confirm the exact time and coordinates with him, the first thing he urgently needed was a Pioneering Order as he was in the Holy City. It was 500 Holy Coins. It seemed that his experimental opportunity had to be postponed.

He had to hand it to Gong Yi for being able to contact him. Gong Yi could definitely establish contact as long as he had connections, and it seemed to be the same for the Holy Land. Although Wang Zhong felt that the Holy Land disliked technological devices, Gong Yi's intelligence network had still found a way. Everyone had their own way of doing things.

As for the signal, it seemed that this place was overlooked by the Holy Land.

He had originally planned to chat longer and ask Gong Yi about their situation, but it was really painful to chat with this intermittent, monosyllabic signal. They merely spoke about two or three sentences before they grew annoyed. After explaining a little about the particularity of his location, he agreed with Gong Yi that he would come here every weekend to receive his signal. With that, Wang Zhong hung up the Skylink.

Wang Zhong was elated to contact an old friend on Earth. Excitement grew as he thought about going on an exploration with Mu Zi and Aiolos. Today, at Wang Zhong's current level, he had finally been able to peer into Mu Zi's realm. Mu Zi's stage was really sky-high. He had once thought that Mu Zi was only "a little stronger" than him, but he now realized that it was totally untrue. As for Aiolos, he felt even more incomprehensible. Deep down, he faintly felt that the guy might have even reached the Heavenly Soul Stage.

But a secret realm that Mu Zi and Aiolos could not handle. What kind of place would it be? Wang Zhong was looking forward to exploring the place.


Wang Zhong was thinking over it when Uncle Zhang leisurely walked over, carrying a fishing basket. When he saw Wang Zhong, he appeared rather surprised. "It's the Holy Birth Day, kiddo. How come you didn't take your girlfriend on a date?"

His original intention was to relax with Uncle Zhang. He had assumed that Uncle Zhang would not come today, but it turned out that Uncle Zhang was simply late. Wang Zhong laughed. The best feeling of chatting with Uncle Zhang was that he felt no pressure; thus, he spoke his mind freely, "I'm single. I don't have a girlfriend."In Mandarin, his name is homophonic with the word "husband"
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