Battle Frenzy
748 Wanderlust Team
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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748 Wanderlust Team

This particular secret realm was very important to him. It was a 'fantasy realm' associated with human consciousness, full of weird and extremely powerful phenomena that would be unthinkable and unimaginable in reality. Just like the cloud dogs that chased them just now, those really were clouds, just that weird and magical forces made them come alive. Aiolos and Mu Zi were afraid of them even if they joined forces; furthermore, these were the 'monsters' that were supposedly the easiest to beat.

What made Aiolos more anxious was that this fantasy realm was different from those that were recorded previously. This was a "fairy-tale world" based on human fairy tales!

This place projected several fictitious stories passed down from humans. Rather than technology and culture from the old ages, mythical fairy tales were passed down and developed here, some of which Aiolos had heard of before. It was just that the contents of the fairy tales here were twisted, corrupted, and remodeled by the Dimensional World. There were illusions from the Dimensional World everywhere, which was also why this was the most likely place to have answers to the dimensional mysteries.

Fairy tales originated from human culture and were a result of human thoughts. Was it the high-level dimensional power that affected human thinking, which resulted in the birth of this fairy tale world? Or was it that human perception of fairy tales had been projected into this high-level dimensional world?

This was what Aiolos needed to figure out at his level. It seemed to be just an enigma, but it referred to the essence of the universe. He could instinctively sense that if he unraveled this mystery, he could take the greatest and most critical step forward in his life. Only then, could he step into the forbidden zone of the spatial laws and understand the power of the natural laws.

However, no matter which origin the Muse Fantasy Secret Realm came from, the realm was extremely unstable since thoughts were ever changing and evolving. Every human's thoughts changed all the time. It was possible that this fairy-tale world they were inside now wasn't a fantasy that the whole human race believed in, but just a single person's fairy-tale fantasy. That person might just be a kid. If he believed in fairy tales, this place would exist; but if he suddenly grew up and decided not to anymore, all traces of this place would disappear immediately, and it would no longer exist.

At first, he thought calling Mu Zi along on this trip would be sufficient. With Mu Zi's powerful soul tools and special talent, as well as his own power, he thought it would be enough, but he clearly underestimated the power of this fantasy realm. Even when both of them joined forces, they could not deal with the stuff here; thus, they could only seek help from Wang Zhong who had an extremely strong soul essence.

In this kind of secret realm, soul essence was the key to unraveling secrets.

"We'll fight then. It's embarrassing if we can't clear obstacles of this level," said Aiolos firmly after he took a deep breath.

"Okay, even if we can't deal with it now, it'll be better to know what's going on before Wang Zhong comes." Mu Zi nodded and exchanged a look with Aiolos. Both of them took a deep breath before leaping into mid-air as Aiolos summoned a rune. Golden ripples flashed in the blue sky vigorously, and a secret realm passage opened.

Colorful neon lights flickered inside, and you could hear joyous laughter, the sound of chimes, and music, just like in an amusement park or circus.

Without hesitation, Aiolos and Mu Zi rushed inside the passage, and their vision flickered. When they could see properly again, both of them were still in mid-air; just that, both of them weren't using their own strength to fly, but by standing on a cloud that was as black as coal.


Rain was pouring down from the black clouds, which chuckled from time to time. The clouds had a carefree yet evil vibe, just like the villains from a fairy tale…

Actually, that wouldn't be wrong since this was a world of fairy tales.


The black clouds sensed Aiolos and Mu Zi standing on it and let out a weird, creepy sound. Amidst all the black, a white glow was emerging from it.

It was lightning!

This time, it was Aiolos and Mu Zi's turn to scream. Previously, both of them landed on the ground after they crossed over from the passage, but luck wasn't on their side this time. Mu Zi summoned his coffin as a shield to block the lightning.


Lightning struck, causing a violent uproar. Mu Zi and Aiolos stepped onto the coffin at the same time.

"Defense!" Mu Zi tapped rhythmically on the coffin, and black Soul Power surged out from the areas he tapped. There was no way to tell for sure whether that was Mu Zi's power or the power of the coffin that he activated. In the next moment, a layer of power that radiated a faint nether glow blocked the lightning which kept attacking the bottom of the coffin.


Boom! A black glow flashed across the coffin and enveloped both of them, making them disappear without a trace. The next moment, they appeared at a place more than 10 miles away from the black clouds. The sky became bright instantly, and they felt a hint of warmth from the shining sun.


Mu Zi and Aiolos had fallen into a forest. Mu Zi wiped the rainwater off his face with a serious expression. Every time they entered this world, it was different in some way, confirming a few of Aiolos's suspicions.


Before they could dry the rainwater from their clothes with Soul Power, the ground shook violently. With a roar, the enormous trees around them suddenly turned savage. The bark that was originally flat suddenly twisted into warty burls. It looked as if countless eyeballs were growing out of the bark.

The whole forest came alive. Aiolos and Mu Zi could sense a strong malicious intent directed at them…

It was the next day when the time came for Wang Zhong and the Wanderlust Team to leave the city.

At the meeting location, Wang Zhong was not the first to arrive. Oscar, the team leader of Wanderlust Team, had already arrived, dressed in the same denim and baseball cap ensemble. The stalk of dog's-tail grass dangling from his mouth was replaced with an unlit cigar. A few people who had a style similar to Oscar stood beside him. Although they wore different clothes, they all gave off an adventurous aura, very different from any Holy Disciple that Wang Zhong had ever seen.

How should he put this? Many Holy Disciples in the Holy City acted high and mighty, regardless of whether they were weak or strong. However, these guys felt more real and open. Only people with clear goals were like this.

"He's here." Oscar smiled after seeing Wang Zhong, nodding at him.

"Sorry, I'm late," Wang Zhong nodded and greeted him, transferring 100 Holy Coins to Oscar.

"No, it's our habit to arrive earlier." Oscar evidently didn't care about these few Holy Coins. As a team leader of an exploration team, his savings wouldn't be little no matter how small his team was, especially if those teams loved adventure.
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    《Battle Frenzy》