Battle Frenzy
751 Freaky Fores
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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751 Freaky Fores

"Stop being so long-winded. Spit it out or I'll lock you up!" Wang Zhong glared at Simba as he issued a threat. This guy definitely needed to be spanked.

Originally wanting to show off, Simba backed down instantly. Rolling his eyes, he told them the story. "Simply put, this is the story of a beautiful little princess who had fainted at the edge of the forest and was later dragged into the little black cottage by seven big beards!"

Aiolos and Mu Zi glanced at each other in dismay… What the hell was this?

Wang Zhong did not know whether to laugh or cry as well. "He's telling us part of the story. Get to the point!"

Simba grinned before he began to explain the original intention of the story. This time he was very detailed, but Aiolos and Mu Zi still felt a little puzzled. How could this kind of story be well-known in the previous civilization?

Due to a huge number of people having believed in this story, such a powerful secret realm was born from their strong beliefs. A principle had to be followed in the Dimensional World. It did not matter who resulted in the birth of what, only one thing was certain — the more humans knew or understood a certain thing, the more horrible and scary it would be once a secret realm was birthed. The hyperdimensional fragments which held secret realms together were desired by all Heavenly Soul Stage soldiers.

"Does this mean Snow White is most likely in the wooden cottage?" asked Aiolos. That would be a humanoid, a dimensional creature of higher intelligence; it would definitely have a considerable understanding of human beings. The Dimensional World was not oblivious to the presence of humans. On the contrary, some of them knew more about humans than humans themselves.

"Since we have a full party, there is nothing to be afraid of!" said Mu Zi, filled with confidence.

Wang Zhong especially looked at the Pioneering Order in his hand. It actually displayed a location, which was slightly unexpected. This meant that this secret realm has been visited by others, but it had yet to be marked. This indicated that it was discovered, but the other party's pioneering had failed. The red color marking this area meant that it contained extreme danger. Naturally, most of the unknown wasteland was red. Those that were easily excavated had already been marked for hundreds of years, but there was no point in visiting those kinds of places.

The cloud of mist they were in the midst of was the original point of entry to the realm. Although they were standing on solid ground, it did not feel so. It was more like they were standing on an empty void. The forest in front appeared to be under their feet, but it felt like they were sinking with every step.

"Woof woof woof woof woof!" Ham Sausage sparkled in excitement as he began to chase the fragrant thing in front of him.

On the other hand, Simba rode on its neck, pleased with himself. He used a long fishing rod to dangle a ham sausage in front of 'Ham Sausage' which was even more effective than bootlicking. It charged at a high speed, remaining at the forefront as Simba shouted in excitement. It was indeed the number one mount. It was clearly more interesting and fun to play with compared to silly Big White, which was literally a slowpoke. Ham Sausage had an extremely fast reaction time.

It had to be admitted that they were a match made in heaven. They got along extremely well, as though they were closely related in a previous life. Ham Sausage's body shape seemed to have changed a lot from the last time. Its strange-looking round body now had four short little legs, making it resemble a Corgi pup.

The three of them followed closely behind. Mu Zi was rather interested in Wang Zhong's living situation in the Holy Land. Mu Zi desired to visit the Federation in the future, or rather the Holy Land, but Wang Zhong was currently a nobody in the Holy Land and was in a miserable situation himself.

The surrounding mist gradually dissipated until they set foot on their destination. That confusing lingering feeling disappeared, and the silent forest appeared in front of them.

Everyone stopped in front of the forest, and Ham Sausage finally managed to bite the ham sausage. It was munching in content when Simba barked his orders excitedly. "Ham sausage, charge!"

Ham Sausage did not move this time. It had come here before and obviously had a deep impression of the place. As it stared at the forest, its small round eyes revealed a sense of vigilance.

"I sense that they are living things." Wang Zhong was referring to those ordinary-looking trees. He could sense their vitality, and it was unusually strong. It was as though something was brewing in this forest, and it felt like countless eyes were staring at them, the intruders.

"With the great Simba on your side, there's nothing to be afraid of. Isn't it just a broken forest? Even if there are a few tree demons, it's still no big deal." Simba was in a high and vigorous spirit riding Ham Sausage. "Don't be chicken. Just do it! Charge, charge, charge!"

"Are you sure?" Aiolos smiled and stretched out his hand to draw something in the air. "Take a look at this."

The ability to create items and runic arrays out of thin air was Aiolos' best skill set. Wang Zhong and Grai's Subwoofer Cannon were inspired by Aiolos's feats.

With the rippling of Soul Power, runes began to form in the air at top speed. No one managed to see what Aiolos did before a golden javelin appeared in the air. It was as though it had condensed the moment Aiolos willed it.

Aiolos had a certain ability of creation, or rather, the ability to concretize Soul Power. This ability was also seen in the Holy Land, but no one had ever seen someone utilizing this power to such a god-like degree as Aiolos.

Thunder and lightning coiled around the golden javelin. The brimming Soul Power made Wang Zhong tremble slightly, as he was only at the Heroic Soul Stage. This was the power of the Heavenly Soul Stage; furthermore, Aiolos was definitely the cream of the crop. At such a close distance, every minute was a valuable lesson.


Aiolos threw out the javelin. With countless rumbles of thunder and lightning flashes, a golden trajectory grew visible, as though the lightning was clearing a path for them.

This violent energy fluctuation immediately set off a reaction in the entire forest. As soon as the javelin entered the forest's range, the originally silent forest suddenly became enraged, sending out a sharp and terrifying hissing sound.

Hiss hiss hiss hiss hiss~ Ga ga ga ga ga~ Howl howl howl howl howl~

Countless strange growls and roars were induced by the shot, as though a barrel full of dynamite had been lit. The originally still trees began to twist wildly, and their thick, tough branches became flexible. Originally tall and straight, the trees grew contorted. It was as though the towering ancient trees had been suddenly revived; the vines on the ground surged about, and the entire forest became alive in an instant! Everything was surging toward the trajectory of the Golden Thundering Arrow, flapping about madly!


The Golden Thundering Arrow was flying at top speed and contained extraordinary power. It seemed to be unstoppable in the face of the tree vines and directly pierced through them. However, the terrifying changes in the surroundings were not limited to the surface; there were even more powerful vibrations underground.

It was just a blink of an eye before the Golden Thundering Arrow penetrated hundreds of meters into the forest. The abnormal changes did not seem to slow down. Instead, the earth began to crack, and even the horizon seemed to transform with it. Countless sharp and thorny branches emerged from the ground in a frenzied manner, ceaselessly trying to stop the arrow from rushing forward.

Even though the golden arrow had formidable power, its power was being constantly expended during the attack; therefore, its power was completely depleted after penetrating five to six hundred meters into the forest. As such, it was engulfed by those wild vines and branches.

"How— how do we cross over?" Simba had already stopped bouncing around, and his mouth gaped wide open. A little stunned, he held onto Ham Sausage's neck tightly. The problem was definitely not just one or two tree demons; the entire forest was a monster!

It was not just Simba, even Wang Zhong was a little shocked. The energy response when the forest came alive in an instant was really too strong. A single tree demon was not a big deal, but a whole forest of them was not a force to be trifled with. It was really unknown how much effort was needed for them to kill their way through the forest. Furthermore, human power was limited, whereas the power of these monsters seemed limitless. This forest of tree demons alone was enough to make explorers despair.
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    《Battle Frenzy》