Battle Frenzy
752 I“ll Do It!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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752 I“ll Do It!

"It's up to you now." Aiolos clearly did not plan to take action as he looked to Mu Zi with a smile.

"Ham Sausage."

Simba felt Ham Sausage begin to grow rapidly under him. He immediately grew tense and his first reaction was to jump down. He would never dare to charge into the forest with Ham Sausage; thus, he could only express his anxiety with words. "Baldy! You're so cruel! Don't do it. How could you send my mount into such a dangerous place?! Stop it right now!"

"It's alright," said Mu Zi, as he revealed his pearly whites. He seemed to have lost his resentment for the nickname Simba gave him.


As soon as Mu Zi stopped talking, a terrifying roar erupted. The short-legged Ham Sausage was already brimming with Soul Power as it, once more, transformed into something else completely.

It grew to a height of four meters and a length of six meters, and its limbs became thick and muscular. It had the body of a dog, fiery eyes, and a coat of black, shiny fur. It was a little similar to a Cerberus, but it was clearly not one. Its black shine was not from flames of darkness, but from the pure aura of death, as if it was a messenger from hell.

This reminded Wang Zhong of a terrifying existence in myths: the gatekeeper of hell, the guardian of the portal of Death. In short, demons like Cerberi were all considered third-generation offspring. Currently, the power of death emitted by Ham Sausage could really make people fall into despair. This… Soul Power had probably already reached the Heavenly Soul Stage. It seemed like it was at least a 7th rank demon.

It was no wonder it could swallow them and travel through space. This was not an ordinary dimensional creature at all… How could it be rode on like a dog?

Growl! Roar roar!

Ham Sausage's face had already changed completely. Its eyes were set ablaze by dark flames and a terrifying energy could be spotted forming near its lower abdomen as it clenched its teeth. Its tummy instantly bulged at the lower abdomen, and numerous dark air currents instantly spread out to its surroundings. Simba, who was standing next to it, was immediately blasted away by the airflow, somersaulting at least a dozen times in the air. He grew dizzy and eventually plonked onto the ground, landing on his butt.

Ham Sausage accumulated his power swiftly, seemingly in the blink of an eye. The dark, gloomy energy suddenly flowed upward from its lower abdomen and was spewed out of its mouth.

That was no longer simply normal hellfire nor a normal flame. The shape of the flame was indistinguishable. It formed a huge and terrifying black-energy pillar directly, and it was the size of three to four people hugging each other. It then blasted forward into the part of the forest with the densest vines and the most tree demons.


Deathbringer, destroy~~~~~~~~~~~

It was like an energy cannonball. Even Ham Sausage's four-meter-tall and six-meter-long sturdy body could not curb the recoil force after the energy pillar was discharged. Its huge body was blasted backward, and it imprinted numerous paw prints on the hard ground.

From the front, that attack appeared as though it could destroy the heavens and decimate the earth. The black beams of light were unstoppable. All the vines and giant trees that came into contact with the black energy pillar withered in seconds. Furthermore, the withering was like an infection, not only devouring their vitality but forcing the tree demons to fall back. This was a fear which transcended death, causing the entire forest to split into two in an instant. All the vines and branches desperately contracted for fear of being tainted by that black death aura.

Wang Zhong could be considered a person who had seen the power of dark energy. He had even mastered the so-called 'Deified Hellfire,' but compared to the power of Ham Sausage, it was simply nothing. They were simply not at the same level.

On the other hand, Simba's mouth became so wide that a duck egg could be stuffed inside. When he took another look at Ham Sausage, he realized that its silly dumb look had already been replaced by a certain type of superiority.

This kind of efficiency was unheard of! It was such a terrifying forest, yet it was handled just like that?

"Mu Zi's specialty is going up against huge numbers," said Aiolos, with a smile. "With him around, we can save a lot of trouble."

"Let's go now. The forest will come alive again in a moment." Mu Zi patted Ham Sausage's head as he saw that it had been restored to its cute and silly self. It jumped around in excitement, perking up its butt as it enjoyed being stroked.

"Gulp…" Simba swallowed a mouthful of saliva. When he jumped on Ham Sausage's neck once again, he was still in a state of disbelief. This mount was really too awesome.

Although the path had already been cleared, the hostility and malicious intent of the forest continued to linger as they passed through the forest. Numerous powerful auras lurked in the depths of the forest, intending to rush out and stop them, but there was still some black death aura remaining, spread out all over the surroundings. It functioned as a warning zone, deterring those creatures with strong combat power from entering the zone.

Their journey through the forest was free of any surprise or danger, and they managed to walk out without breaking a sweat. When they stepped out of the edge of the forest, it felt as though they had penetrated a barrier and entered another space. The view instantly became different as well.

What appeared in front of them was a green and grassy hillside, with gorgeous wildflowers growing at their feet. The sun shone brightly from above their heads, and a small wooden cottage stood at the end of the hillside. In addition, there was a creek beside the hillside, with a continuous flow of water.

This should have been a fairy-tale wonderland that would make people feel comfortable and relaxed, but it was totally not the case at all.

The green grass spread across the hill seemed too thick and dense. They were knee-high and had many fine and jagged barbs which could easily make one bleed once hooked onto the skin.

The wildflowers hidden in the thick grass had already withered and exuded a weird stench. The sun above them seemed to be lazy and without spirit, even radiating a strange little blue light matching the odd sound coming from the slow stream. Together, they had a certain delirious or psychedelic effect, making people feel sleepy as though it was a warm summer afternoon.

It was Aiolos and Mu Zi's second time here, so they were well-prepared for this. They released their Soul Power, allowing it to ripple around their bodies to eliminate the drowsiness. On the other hand, Wang Zhong was not affected at all. With a Spiritual Soul that even Aiolos admired, it was a piece of cake to be able to resist such spiritual confusion.

"It doesn't look like a fairy-tale wonderland." Simba grew active again. Although Ham Sausage dealt a great blow to him earlier, he seemed to have found his presence again here. Ham Sausage was obviously not as strong as him with regard to spiritual will; therefore, its eyes had already started to blur. Simba began to slap its face in an attempt to help it feel refreshed, appearing pleased with himself.

"Stories are always passed on with errors. Whether it was the existence of this place which forged the stories for mankind or whether it was the stories of mankind which resulted in the projection of this world, the two will always be slightly different." Aiolos then pointed to the top of the hillside. Amongst the thick grass, seven black silhouettes could be seen, and they were like wooden sculptures in front of the cottage's door. They appeared really short, and only their head and shoulders were exposed. Additionally, they were all extremely still. If one were to glance over, he would definitely think that they were a few dirty and hard stones.

"The seven dwarfs."

The seven dwarfs all looked similar to each other. Creatures that were similar to humans were still not humans after all. It was like how humans looked at cats; they would always feel that all cats looked the same. The only visible differences between the dwarves were their weapons and their hair.

The five dwarfs standing at the outermost area had different hair colors: there were golden hair, fiery-red hair, blue hair, etc. The weapons in their hands also appeared sturdy and brutal; there were sledgehammers and copper rods. Each and every weapon was bigger than their own bodies and appeared rather substantial. The dwarfs were short but stout, with extremely developed muscles, and they obviously possessed extraordinary strength. It was a taboo in the Dimensional World to be fooled by a creature's appearance. However, the appearance of the dwarfs clearly had no use with regard to deception.

Although they looked like wooden sculptures and appeared to be still, the surging Soul Power coming from them could be sensed by everyone. Even with the naked eye, one could see the flow of Soul Power radiating from them. Their Soul Power carried the five great elements — the attributes of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth — and radiated with different colors.

Since their Soul Power had color attributes, they had obviously long surpassed the Initial and Intermediate Phase of the Heroic Soul Stage. They were definitely terrifying existences of Peak Heroic Souls, with a Soul Power of about 10,000 Grassos each.

As for the two dwarfs standing in the innermost side, one was white while the other was black, and both were holding scepter-like things in their hands. They had an almost identical appearance, but they could be distinguished by their color. Different from the other five, there was no fluctuation of Soul Power radiating from them, but absolutely no one would assume that these two guys were weak. Just by looking at their posture and standing position, these two were obviously the leaders of the dwarfs. The other five were like a host of lesser lights surrounding the leading two. These two had most likely already reached the Heavenly Soul Stage. It was only by attaining such a level would a Heroic Soul like Wang Zhong not be able to sense their power.

"The seven dwarfs represent the metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, as well as light and darkness." Although it was Mu Zi's second time here, he was still overcome with emotion. "They are individuals with the power of the natural order, but this is just the preliminary stage. It is hard to imagine how powerful the source of this secret realm is. If we are lucky to be able to clear this mission, we must study this place carefully."

"Haha, don't get emotional now. Do it later," said Aiolos as he laughed. "Those five are yours to handle, and those two heavenly souls are mine."

Battle would always make Aiolos high in energy. Obviously, the two dimensional creatures at the Heavenly Soul Stage could not do anything to him, even if they had rare power attributes.

"I'll take the five weaker ones." Before Mu Zi could speak, Wang Zhong, who was next to him, suddenly spoke.

Entering the secret realm was a type of training. If he only hid behind Aiolos and Mu Zi, it would not have any meaning. Besides, he had been busy filling his head every day when he was in the Holy City; thus, he was really tired of being inactive. As a combat zealot, Wang Zhong felt as though his skills had turned rusty.

Originally, Simba had prepared cola and ham sausage and was ready to find a comfortable position to watch the show. However, the moment he heard Wang Zhong, dread rushed over him, and he widened his eyes in shock. "Wang Zhong, are you crazy? They are at the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage! Do you know what is the peak? What's more, is that there are five of them! Are you seeking death?"

Although Wang Zhong was the weakest of the three, Aiolos and Mu Zi never looked down on him. They knew that he had his own trump card to be able to speak so boldly.

The two looked at each other and smiled, both revealing strong amusement while they tacitly approved. "Do you want the white one or the black one?"

"Hey hey hey!" Simba could no longer sit still. "Are you guys even good friends? How could you not stop that guy? Baldy!"

"The white one!" The dark-skinned Mu Zi revealed his pearly whites and ignored Simba completely. "I like fair skin."

"They are all f**king mad!" Simba revealed a desperate expression. Wang Zhong was as stubborn as a mule, As long as he set his mind to something, he would definitely follow through. Simba knew it would be useless to persuade Wang Zhong to change his mind, and he did not dare to offend Aiolos. As such, he could only stare at Baldy with infinite resentment and his heart in his mouth. It was none of his business now; he had already tried. Thus, he decided to find a place to watch the show.

Simba's apprehension basically only lasted for three seconds.

"Let's do it. Let's clear a path for Wang Zhong."

When Aiolos and Mu Zi stepped forward at the same time, locking their consciousness on the light and dark dwarfs, they instantly came 'alive.' Their eyes began to turn, and they spotted the two guys who were staring at them with malicious intent.

The originally strange sky covered in thick mist transformed instantly; the sky on the left suddenly became darker while the sky on the right became relatively brighter. The two dwarfs also had black and white light radiating from their bodies. As their Soul Power increased, a strong sense of oppression surged toward the two.

"Be careful of its purification skill." Aiolos gently reminded Mu Zi with a smile. He had dealt with these two the previous time and knew that Mu Zi would have no problem dealing with the light dwarf. It was just that his attributes seemed to have been restrained somewhat.

"Foolish low-class creatures!"

The corners of the dwarfs' mouths raised slightly, and they shot the humans a look of disdain. Humans were merely weak and incompetent creatures to them. They raised the scepters in their hands slightly, and two light beams — one black and one white — descended from the sky as they locked onto Aiolos and Mu Zi. It was as though the dwarfs brought about certain restrictions on their power. The dark mass swallowed up Aiolos in an instant, and he disappeared into the darkness completely. On the other hand, the bright mass seemed to have a strong burning attribute, engulfing Mu Zi in flames.

This was definitely beyond the power of the Heroic Soul Stage, and Wang Zhong felt as though the power could tear him to pieces at any moment. Upon entering the Heavenly Soul Stage, one's power was not simply defined by Grassos. The pressure Wang Zhong sensed was similar to the weight of the mountains, but in essence, there was no impact on him. He knew that it was because Aiolos and Mu Zi had already sealed off the power of the two dwarfs.

Essentially, being able to do this showed that the two definitely had the upper hand over the two dimensional creatures. It was no surprise for Aiolos, but Mu Zi, on the other hand, being able to suppress a Heavenly Soul when he was only at the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage showed that he was indeed formidable!


A ray of golden light suddenly burst out from the midst of the darkness. It was the light radiating from Aiolos. His golden Soul Power shone brilliantly, sparkling through the envelope of the darkness and illuminating the entire area with golden light; thus, making the darkness ineffective. On the other hand, Mu Zi's body was surrounded by black and white Soul Power, directly resisting the flames of the light dwarf.

The two dwarfs grew furious. Their Soul Power combat skills were invalidated and resisted by two weak human creatures. In their view, this was simply shameful. With that, the power staffs in their hands radiated with light once again, releasing an unprecedented powerful attack. Their power poured out in a frenzy as though it was limitless, coming with the intent of destroying the heavens and decimating the earth.

However, all the attacks were blocked by Aiolos and Mu Zi. They would never let these disturb Wang Zhong. The dark space surrounding Mu Zi continuously absorbed the attacks of the light dwarf, as Mu Zi appeared rather relaxed.

As Wang Zhong sensed the aura of battle, he felt as though his soul began to burn, and his desire for battle continued to rise. It was time to let go and give it his all!

In fact, he also wanted to know the extent of his power!
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    《Battle Frenzy》