Battle Frenzy
753 This Is My World, I Am the Dominator
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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753 This Is My World, I Am the Dominator

Having spent more than a month in the Holy City, Wang Zhong grew particularly excited before his first real battle in a while. As such, he locked his consciousness and set his sights on the target.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

He had originally only locked onto the guy with fiery-red hair, but all five dwarfs reacted at once, as though they had a telepathic connection to each other. Five streaks of light immediately blasted toward the sky!

They consisted of fiery-red flames, blue water columns, yellowish aura, copper-colored metal, and the vital green of life. These precise powers of the five great elements were different from that of the light and darkness dwarfs which were formed from the laws of the natural order. They were still within Wang Zhong's range of comprehension, but their rippling Soul Power was simply terrifying.

Just by releasing their Soul Power, they could condense powerful backrolling air currents. Sand and stones around them were crushed and blown away. It was as though their power was an expanding tornado; it blasted Ham Sausage and Simba backward even though they were standing hundreds of meters away, making them lose their balance. Even Wang Zhong found it difficult to keep himself upright.

They merely utilized their Soul Power, yet they could already conjure up such a powerful attack. They were definitely at the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage, with a combat power of 10,000 Grassos each!

Soul Power did not represent everything in real combat. In the case where the difference between each party's Soul Power was not particularly large, the result would be more dependent on skills and combat techniques. However, if both parties' Soul Powers were so heavily imbalanced that one of them was twice as powerful as the other, there would be no point in battling: it would be like an adult bullying a child. It would be okay for the weak one to punch the other party a hundred times, but if the stronger one were to casually 'touch' the weaker one, he would definitely be KOed. It was already true for the case where one party was twice as strong; but for the dwarfs, their Soul Power was already 10 or so times stronger than Wang Zhong's. Wang Zhong could not even stand straight in front of them; how could he even fight them?

Not to mention taking on all five of them, even if he took them on one-on-one, he would still have zero chance of winning.

The most frightening thing was that the positioning of the five dwarfs sort of formed a five-element linkage, which was a formidable force that could even deal with an entire exploration team.

Five pairs of peculiar eyes locked onto Wang Zhong at the same time. Their terrifying Soul Power and aura began to spread, blasting Simba off Ham Sausage. Simba held onto Ham Sausage's fur with one hand and used the other to cover his eyes in despair.

Why would one pretend to be something he was not? Fronting truly was not a good habit.

On the other hand, Aiolos and Mu Zi were also observing the battle, especially Aiolos. Although he chose to believe in Wang Zhong, he was still ready to lend a hand at any point in time. As such, he did not draw the darkness dwarf too far away from Wang Zhong.

To be honest, he was very curious. Wang Zhong was one of the few guys who was interesting and a little enigmatic to him. Although he had heard from Mu Zi that Wang Zhong's Dharma Idol was very special, what kind of Dharma Idol and method was a Heroic Soul going to use to battle someone at the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage? Furthermore, it was one against five. Frankly speaking, even Aiolos himself could not possibly have done this when he was an Initial Phase Heroic Soul. It was really unfathomable.

The sense of crisis when he was locked on by the five powerful consciousness made Wang Zhong even more excited. He would only gain more inspiration and advance to a higher level if he was oppressed. He lifted his arms slightly, and the phantom of the Flaming Spirit King immediately condensed, standing in between Wang Zhong and the five dwarfs.

It was not the same as an ordinary phantom. Anyone who was able to tell good from bad could see that it was an extraordinary Dharma Idol. It directly materialized into something corporeal after emerging, and raging flames ignited from its body, as though it was a faithful actual bodyguard.

However, this did not bring confidence to the others. Aiolos's mouth gaped open mouth slightly. With Aiolos's vision, it was impossible to not know the actual strength of a Heroic Soul creature.

A Dharma Idol which was able to materialize was indeed extraordinary. It possessed some power of the element of fire, and its eyes brimmed with radiating vigor; thus, it was already miles apart from simple and stupid illusions. But… the Soul Power response was too low; it only had an upper limit of a thousand Grassos, which was the limit that Wang Zhong could achieve at the Initial Phase Heroic Soul Stage. Compared to any one of the dwarfs, it not only paled in comparison but was more like a battle between an ant and an elephant. Even if the Flaming Spirit King had special skills, it was close to impossible to level the power difference between them.

Was this Wang Zhong's trump card?

Mu Zi, who had been paying attention to Wang Zhong all along, was in a state of disbelief. So much so, that he was almost hit by a shock wave from the light dwarf. He was clueless about the true power of Wang Zhong's Dharma Idol. He merely made an assumption based on the atmospheric anomalies in the desert previously and assumed that Wang Zhong had condensed an extremely powerful Dharma Idol. However, the Dharma Idol in front of him definitely did not currently measure up to his expectations.

Was it possible that it could grow more powerful? Or was it just a coincidental atmospheric anomaly previously? Regardless of which was true, at least for now, it was downright impossible to defeat the five dwarfs using the Flaming Spirit King.

Frankly speaking, even with Aiolos and Mu Zi's deep insights and huge imagination, they could not find a solution to the problem. There was definitely an enormous difference in power. Wang Zhong did possess magical abilities, but they were not useful toward this kind of dimensional creature.

Mu Zi felt a little helpless as it was not easy for him to deal with the light dwarf, which was at the Heavenly Soul Stage. On the other hand, Aiolos had already slowed down his attacks toward the darkness dwarf the first chance he got. He only made sure that it remained suppressed to the side while he gathered more energy to rescue Wang Zhong when necessary. However, the subtle changes in the battlefield did not affect Wang Zhong.

Many people were wrong. It was not just the people in the Holy City who had misjudged him; even powerful men like Aiolos and Mu Zi had times when they made mistakes.

His existence was already an anomaly. The Flaming Spirit King was indeed not powerful to them, but it was actually not a Dharma Idol at all. He was just a bodyguard.

Wang Zhong's face was filled with anticipation. This was the first time that he had fired with all his strength, and the first time he truly activated his Dharma Idol. Although he had a general idea of its power, the actual extent which it could achieve had to be tried and tested by actual combat.

The five dwarfs on the opposite side had already begun to move. They had yet to reach the level of their two leaders, who seemingly had unlimited power. The strength attributes of the five elements were only a supplementary aid to them. They were better at hand-to-hand combat. At that particular moment, their short bodies exploded with incredible power, and their muscles were like springs installed on their legs. They jumped up at top speed and brought with them an extremely powerful air current filled with backrolling Soul Power. They were like five terrifying cannonballs filled with menace and bent on crushing the two ants in front, who were clearly an eyesore to them.

Almost instantly after the attack was launched, a powerful oppression came thundering over Wang Zhong like a huge storm. However, the Flaming Spirit King between Wang Zhong and the dwarfs was not in a hurry to attack as he could sense his master's intention, which was to wait for an opportune moment.

At that moment, a strange power wave radiated from Wang Zhong's body. With him in the center, a light ray was born under his feet; it formed a grid with slender straight lines and instantly spread under his feet!

Wang Zhong's eyes were filled with solemnness without losing its sharpness. His gaze had a certain kind of superiority, as though he was above all else in the world.

"This is my world. I am the dominator."

Perception changes with the soul, with will comes power!


The entire space became discolored, and aggressive lightning bolts appeared in the sky. This was a head-on collision between laws of the natural order. A new principle law had appeared, but it was not in opposition to the current worldly laws.
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    《Battle Frenzy》