Battle Frenzy
754 The Three Freaks of Nature
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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754 The Three Freaks of Nature

As the grid spread further, the new law was established.

His Dharma Idol became a chess piece; the world was the chessboard, and he became the dominator!

All of a sudden, the entire area covered by the shiny chessboard grid transformed instantly. It was neither the colors nor the shape that had changed. It was impossible to describe the external changes; all that could be said was that the area sort of coagulated, forming an independent space that was incompatible with the normal world.

Everything within the area was affected.

The wind speed began to decrease; the refraction of light began to distort slightly, and even time seemed to have begun to freeze. The originally color-contrasted sky — due to being affected by darkness and light — also formed a neutral area, as though it was pitting itself against the natural laws of light and darkness.

What was that?!

The five dwarfs, who were originally powerful and unmatched, were suddenly weakened in terms of their Soul Power response. The surging light of their Soul Powers decreased in size significantly, and they eventually leveled to that of the Flaming Spirit King's caliber.

The originally turbulent flow of Soul Power had disappeared, and the 'adults' turned into 'children.'

It was a feeling that was difficult to describe in words. The five dwarfs did not feel that the power in their bodies had been weakened: their Soul Seas and bodies were still at the Peak Heroic Soul Stage. However, they were restrained by a peculiar power present within the area, making them unable to give free play to their power; or, perhaps, it felt as though their surrounding area could only hold creatures with a thousand Grassos. No matter how they wielded their Soul Seas, they could only utilize the power of a thousand Grassos.

This was not merely a kind of repression. It also made their movements extremely awkward. It was like a super giant, who previously had infinite divine power, finding himself with the ability to only handle things of a dozen pounds. That strong sense of loss and the huge drop in level was sufficient to drive anyone mad.

"Oh oh oh oh oh!!" Originally filled with despair, Simba's eyes lit up. His grip on Ham Sausage's neck tightened as he exclaimed, "F**k, it actually works!"

Aiolos was stunned, and his eyes revealed complete disbelief. No one could be more shocked than this Heavenly Soul Stage soldier!

Upon entering the Heavenly Soul Stage, the restrictions on one's Soul Power would disappear; one would be able to wield a steady stream of power and, according to one's spiritual core, be able to release power strong enough the decimate the heavens and the earth. For Heavenly Soul Stage soldiers, even huge numbers of opponents would be useless against them. However, there was an end to their journey. Frankly speaking, it was like quenching thirst with poison. Their seemingly endless power would actually be drawn from their body, which obviously had a limit. In order to escape death, each and every Heavenly Soul Stage soldier had to pull through their Heavenly Calamity within a certain period of time to grasp the power of a certain worldly law mystery, which could be seen as a fragment of the worldly laws. Otherwise, one would have to be like those Heavenly Soul Stage soldiers who had no choice but to 'retire' as each use of their power would pull them closer to death.

However, Wang Zhong actually wielded power similar to that of the worldly laws at the initial phase of the Heroic Soul Stage!

Not only that, this Dharma Idol… It was even a little similar to those Dharma Idols which could only be condensed by those at the peak of the Heavenly Soul Stage… Was this the domain of the gods???

He was only at the Heroic Soul Stage! This would be absolutely devastating to all the geniuses in the world if they knew!

If one wanted to peek into the mysteries of the law and the universe while in the Heavenly Soul Stage — even if one just peeked a little — that huge mystery would instantly overwhelm one's fragile Heroic Soul consciousness, just like running a 10,000 GB program on a 1 GB hard drive. It would be impossible to install it, let alone run it. In minor cases, it would result in a coma, while in severe cases, one would collapse directly. This was not something that one at such a low level could come into contact with. Only the most powerful of Heavenly Soul Stage Stage soldiers would try to come into contact with this. Furthermore, their success also depended on their destiny.

At that moment, Aiolos was at a loss, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. It was no wonder Mu Zi said that there was a violent atmospheric anomaly. For a Heroic Soul to wield such a powerful thing was definitely against the will of the heavens. Not to mention atmospheric anomalies, Aiolos felt that it would be no surprise even if a Heavenly Calamity appeared.

Aiolos could not help but feel like laughing out loud. In the Hero's Continent, he was known as the super genius of the century and was thought to be unrivaled in the world. He used to think so as well until he met his two younger brothers. Compared to them, he really had no advantage over them other than being born earlier. With different emphases and characteristics, the three of them were, at best, of equal standard. Those two guys were definitely freaks of nature, just like Wang Zhong. It seemed like birds of a feather do flock together?

Mu Zi smiled as well. He did not think as deeply as Aiolos, but he was clear that Wang Zhong would have no problem handling those five now.

It was a law of equity. The five dwarfs had been neutralized by the law, and their Soul Power had been leveled to Wang Zhong's standard. For Wang Zhong, other than Mo Wen being a little difficult to handle, he was invincible among those at his level!

The five dwarfs whose speed had suddenly dropped were obviously not used to this level of power. Not to mention ferocious attacks, even their original running postures were affected. Their current power of one thousand Grassos was not sufficient to support the inertia of their high-speed sprints, causing all of them to stagger.

It was not that these dimensional creatures could not adapt to changes, but it was more like the current situation had completely grown beyond their adaptability.

There was no need for Wang Zhong to speak. In accordance with his will, the Flaming Spirit King had already charged at the five staggering figures, first targeting the metal elemental dwarf who was shining with copper-colored light. With his flaming fist, he punched its forehead ferociously and without mercy.

It was a full-fledged attack, and there was no room to maneuver.


The all-out attack — coupled with the dwarf being unbalanced and unprepared — dented the dwarf's entire face as it fell backward like a disconnected kite. It did not even have time to react.

It was obvious that while the enemy was greatly affected, the strength of the Flaming Spirit King remained as great as ever.

The remaining dwarfs on both sides had only just regained their balance, and they were furious.

Without the metal elemental dwarf, the fusion of the five elements could no longer be achieved. However, four different-colored Soul Powers — namely water, fire, earth, and wood — continued to radiate. With their long-term tacit understanding of each other, they were able, at the first chance, to form a perfect circle surrounding the Flaming Spirit King and planned to besiege him. Although they were now limited to using power of merely a thousand Grassos, the endurance of their Soul Seas had not changed. Even if they fought alone, they were not at a disadvantage. Furthermore, it was obvious that their stamina would be even stronger in that case. Thus, they definitely had the upper hand.

However, they had neglected their physical inadaptability. At that moment, their heavy weapons, which had always been handy, had become extremely heavy due to the decline of their own strength and became a burden to them instead.

Their speed was just too slow to keep up with their habitual thoughts and consciousness. They did not seem to be in cooperation with each other, making it possible for the Flaming Spirit King to break out of their encirclement without breaking a sweat. At the same time, a spinning golden Maltese cross flew out as it sparkled brightly, targeting the wood-element dwarf's head.

Surprisingly, the green dwarf sensed the danger at top speed and tilted his head just in time to avoid the attack. However, in the next second, a flaming chain had been flung out from behind, and it wrapped around him tightly.
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    《Battle Frenzy》