Battle Frenzy
758 Indestructible Body
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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758 Indestructible Body

Aiolos floated in mid-air as golden runes appeared all over his body. With a dragon-like roar, all of the power in the secret realm surged toward his body as Aiolos's hands moved swiftly; it was as if he wanted to draw the whole world out.

The Queen froze slightly. She didn't think that such a lowly creature was capable of this forbidden spell. This was the classic 'mutual destruction' war tactic, but the Queen did not intend to perish together with him. Generally, secret realm lifeforms could be reborn quickly due to the power of the natural laws, as they were just a manifestation of power. However, a tremendous amount of time was needed for someone to reach a level like hers, as they needed to evolve and discover the essence of life.

Mutual destruction?

No way.

Wang Zhong and Mu Zi didn't know what Aiolos was doing, but that suffocating feeling was unmistakable. At the same time, Aiolos signaled for both of them to leave. He wasn't asking them to retreat but to leave the secret realm at once.

Aiolos was never afraid of death. To him, death was a way to unravel the mysteries of life, and death allowed one to find a way out of an impasse. Aiolos had always wanted to know which power of the natural laws he could manipulate. Also, Wang Zhong's battle just now triggered Aiolos's warrior instinct which transcended life and death.

At that moment, a mirror appeared above the Queen and continued to expand in the direction she pointed at. It completely enveloped Aiolos, who was clearly aware of this too.

This was the Divine Weapon that the Queen was able to use at her current level of control over the power of the natural laws — the Magic Mirror.

Aiolos was sealed inside the mirror. Destroying the mirror was the best outcome that could happen if he pulled off a suicide explosion, but even that was not guaranteed. The only certain thing was that under the power of the secret realm, the Magic Mirror could definitely return to normal.

The Queen wore a triumphant expression. She loved seeing these lowly creatures struggle; it was even better if the creature was stronger. The Soul Power this creature exuded was definitely beneficial to her and the secret realm; he would be an excellent fertilizer! The Queen had already started absorbing Aiolos's Soul Power through the Magic Mirror.

That golden life force surged into the Queen's body endlessly, making her look even more beautiful and powerful. Aiolos was the prey that completely fell into the enemy's trap; the more he struggled, the more Soul Power he lost. Aiolos was rather stressed out even with his tenacity and bravery.

The difference in their levels of power made it such that courage and fearlessness weren't of any help at all. It was like a small ant wanting to kill an elephant, a ridiculous thought.

Wang Zhong, who was carrying Mu Zi, stopped in his tracks. With Aiolos diverting her attention, it was apparent the Queen didn't have any interest in them since both of them were of lower ranks. At this rate, Aiolos would certainly die. However, it was not the time for them to push their limits as — given how Aiolos was thrashed by her — they would certainly be asking to die if they tried to attack her.

"Wang Zhong, calm down, calm down. Don't do it. This isn't something you can deal with!" Simba could read Wang Zhong's mind perfectly.

Wang Zhong set Mu Zi on the ground. If he just left like that, Mu Zi, who lost his coffin, was equivalent to being dead, and Aiolos would have zero chance of surviving this.

There was still a small possibility of defeating the Queen. The Queen's desire for Soul Power was very suitable for him to use his killer move. Having said that, the only problem was how to prevent her from killing him immediately once he made a move. The attacks exchanged between the Queen and Aiolos created a huge energy field that even Mu Zi at full power might not be able to enter, let alone Wang Zhong.

If there was no chance of defeating her at all, Wang Zhong would definitely escape with Mu Zi. However, since there was a sliver of hope, Wang Zhong was not the type of person who would give up.

"Simba, assemble!" Wang Zhong bellowed.

Simba was speechless. What was Wang Zhong thinking? Why didn't he listen to his advice?

Although Simba thought this way, he still rushed toward Wang Zhong. In mid-air, he transformed into a clown mask, the mask that taunted fate.

The Fate Master was back.

When Wang Zhong put on the mask, it felt different. It seemed like after he had advanced to the next rank, he could sense different things with the clown mask.

The last time he wore the mask, he was still at the Casted Soul Stage and it only caused changes in his appearance and aura. Those changes couldn't unleash the power of the mask then, but now, Wang Zhong felt a closer connection to it. Not only his appearance changed this time, but the entire world seemed different as he looked at his surroundings with the mask on. This ethereal feeling seemed to be unveiling the true colors of this world.

The suffocating pressure exuded from the two Heavenly Soul experts disappeared. Wang Zhong could even see Aiolos's life force and Soul Power being sucked up by the Queen endlessly. The Queen extracted Aiolos's power like a black hole. Frankly speaking, Aiolos had a solid foundation and was weaker than the Queen by just a bit, but this bit of difference was lethal. If the Queen was able to digest Aiolos's power completely, all of them were done for.

Mu Zi was in bad condition, but he wasn't in grave danger of dying just yet. Wang Zhong could even see the magical connection between Mu Zi and his coffin, but even with the mask, he couldn't see what was inside the coffin. Everything was shrouded in darkness.

The dangerous energy field that Wang Zhong couldn't go near previously was no longer being cloaked by mist. He could see thousands of streams of air currents coming from the center of the battlefield, heading in all directions.

Air currents were a form of subconscious power that manifested itself in gusts of fierce winds. Since there were many streams and not just a big one combined, there must be a gap somewhere! Wang Zhong could immediately see one amongst the numerous streams of air currents. There was only one chance!

Wang Zhong dashed toward the gap. Around him, the ground trembled, and the wind howled as if it was the end of the world. It was hard to keep his balance in the small gaps between air currents while feeling the oppressive undercurrent. Sometimes, the gaps became smaller, and he came into contact with the air currents around him. Just the air currents alone made him feel like he got hit by a high-speed train as his Soul Power had only just reached the Heroic Soul Stage and wasn't enough to compete against such a strong force. However, Wang Zhong shuttled through the air currents with ease.

From the start, he intended to use brute force to end this, and also, this was an unprecedented experience for anyone.

The imprisoned Aiolos did not give up completely. On the contrary, he was not afraid of how the enemy was sucking his power. He was attacking violently, but his attacks were rebounded by the shield once again; however, his attacks weren't totally ineffective. Even though the shield obstructed him, it was evident that all of the Queen's attention was fully on him too since she liked the taste of his power.

She was in luck as she had caught an amazing guy that was in the Heavenly Soul Stage. Furthermore, he was in the phase of the Heavenly Soul Stage whereby his life force was the strongest, which was the perfect delicious prey. The amount of power he supplied was unimaginable, and this 'present' was definitely an outstanding representative of his race. Even after all the power she absorbed from him, his body hadn't entered the exhaustion period. This was pretty incredible.
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    《Battle Frenzy》