Battle Frenzy
759 The Three Brothers Joined Forces! 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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759 The Three Brothers Joined Forces! 2 in 1

However, even if Aiolos had a seemingly endless supply of power, the Queen would still be able to suppress him due to the difference in their levels of power. This could even allow the Queen to break through to the next level, as pure life force from a high-ranked creature would aid in strengthening her power. In fact, this was such an effective nourishment that it was only second to the spatial law fragments.

The Queen did notice a small 'fly' coming near her, but she was confident those two 'flies' wouldn't be able to escape her clutches. Everything in the secret realm was under her control. She could teleport to any place if she wanted. The reason why she chose to let some of them go was so that she could attract more prey.

Wang Zhong was playing mind tricks with her too. Although he managed to get closer to her, it would be foolish to think that he would have a chance to attack her and attract her attention. There was nothing he could do if the Queen raged and killed him in one blow. Hence, the moment the Queen noticed him, Wang Zhong exuded the aura of his Dharma Idol. However, he did not summon his Flaming Spirit King out since, at his level, his Dharma Idol would be absorbed as soon as the Queen took a breath.

Nonetheless, just that bit of aura was enough to make the Queen feel puzzled. There was a weak hint of the power of the natural laws???

Looking at the weak 'flies' in front of her, the Queen smiled dazzlingly. She was really in luck today. One had a seemingly infinite amount of Soul Power; one had the Life and Death Coffin, and one was pitifully weak but possessed an independent power of the natural laws which had great profundity. Even though that power was still very weak, she would be able to share his knowledge of this power after she absorbed this fella. This was way more tempting to her as compared to absorbing Soul Power!

Wang Zhong felt as if he had been stripped bare under the Queen's gaze. At this moment, the Queen couldn't take her eyes off him. Since her level of power was much higher than Wang Zhong, he couldn't hide anything from her. She didn't expect this lowly creature to have another higher level of power in his body, a force that was above the power of the natural laws, one that shouldn't exist in this world!

If Aiolos's strong soul was delicious to her, and Mu Zi's coffin made her greedy, then the special soul aura that Wang Zhong exuded made her go crazy!

It was as if a teenage girl yearning for love suddenly saw the most attractive man in the world, or rather a hungry ghost who suddenly saw the Manchu Han Imperial Feast in front of it!

Her whole body was tense and heating up; the itch to consume him growing more and more unbearable by the moment. She couldn't help but drool. Existences like the Queen evolved based on their instincts, and her instincts were telling her that if she consumed this creature, she could achieve omnipotence!

Be it the Life and Death Coffin or the Golden Lion, all these instantly became worthless to the Queen, and she forgot about it entirely. Euphoria was radiating from every cell in her body.

Eat him! Once she ate this creature, she could definitely break through into a higher level! When that time came, that little bitch wouldn't be able to suppress her anymore!

Madness flashed in the Queen's insane eyes as she no longer cared about Aiolos who she had complete control over. She raised her hand.

Wang Zhong's aura didn't have any impact on the Queen at all, as there was a huge difference in their levels of power. The Queen didn't even feel the slightest bit of discomfort, totally disregarding his aura. A huge suction force lifted him into the air and sent him flying towards the Queen.

The Queen was exhilarated and couldn't help but burst into laughter. The other two were rather strong, but this creature who was supposed to be extremely strong was pitifully weak instead. This was an unexpected surprise, just like a feast that dropped down from heaven!

This was her luck and destiny. She would break free from her shackles and her background, and get out of this damned secret realm! She would become an independent higher lifeform and enjoy her freedom!

"That fly over there. I bestow upon you the highest glory of becoming part of a beautiful being!"

Wang Zhong, who was dragged toward her, merely smiled. His plan was halfway through; hopefully, she wouldn't kill him just yet. "Ignorance is scary. You are nothing but a puppet born from human consciousness, a pitiful bug that can never escape this realm. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between what is beautiful and what is ugly."

Although the Queen looked beautiful indeed, this was not the time for him to tell the truth. Focus on absorbing him, that was the only hope for the three of them!

The Queen did not look annoyed at all. Her desire for power kept her occupied, and she didn't care about Wang Zhong's insults at all. She couldn't wait another moment. Her intense desire caused her to lose control of herself as her gorgeous face turned into one filled with madness. However, her power was increasing exponentially!

"Become a part of me!"

A dark force entered Wang Zhong's body, piercing right into his soul. At that moment, Wang Zhong felt like he was being sucked dry. The little Soul Power he had was not enough to satisfy her, but power from the Fate Stone enveloped Wang Zhong's soul instantly, stabilizing his Soul Sea that had almost collapsed. Wang Zhong felt as if he was being torn limb from limb, then put back together again quickly.

This extreme pain didn't make Wang Zhong lose his consciousness. On the contrary, he was observing everything that happened, observing how he could use his trump card and how the Fate Stone worked; it was only by doing this that he had a chance to survive.

The Queen's expression was filled with madness. Aiolos felt that the power suppressing him was getting weaker. Mu Zi opened his eyes but couldn't move a finger at all. However, power from the Life and Death Coffin was slowly flowing toward his body. In essence, Mu Zi was able to recover by absorbing the power from his coffin, so Wang Zhong was the one in the most dangerous situation now.

Aiolos and Mu Zi were top experts, but they didn't dare to move just yet. They could only pray that Wang Zhong's Soul Sea could withstand the Queen's absorption. Even Aiolos who had seemingly infinite Soul Power couldn't bear it. He had to conserve his power for one attack; he would only have one chance at attacking!

The Queen was thrilled as her intuition was correct. His body contained a power that was on an entirely different level, the power of a god! This could let her ascend into another realm and break free from her shackles. She was going to become a god!

Through Simba's mask, Wang Zhong was observing something else instead. The power of the Fate Stone was one of a kind indeed; just a little of it could cause such a big change. The Queen's power was soaring at a crazy speed. The whole world was shaking, a result of the most basic law in the Dimensional World.

Survival of the fittest!

With the Queen's vigilance, she could have stopped absorbing power from Wang Zhong's soul as soon as possible, but her habitual thinking hampered her. This was a fragment creature's weakness.

As the Queen absorbed power, she suddenly saw another incredible source of power. However, just that one look almost made this Peak Heavenly Soul Stage expert crumble.

"No!" The Queen's desire to survive was stimulated at the last moment as half of her soul was already assimilated by that source of power. She waved her arms frantically, dispelling that black force and broke her soul off from it forcefully, waking up from her trance.

The secret realm that was shrouded in darkness became slightly brighter after the Queen broke away from that dark force. Her power dropped rapidly; her face was no longer beautiful as she aged. Her white and soft skin turned into dry skin full of wrinkles, hanging from her skeleton. She became all skins and bones.

The Queen's screams were filled with anger and madness, but she didn't dare to continue staying there. Having lost half of her soul, she suffered a great deal of damage. This was not even a problem of her declining power, but the fact that she could feel herself on the verge of death. Surviving was the most important thing now, and she couldn't care less about absorbing power currently. The Queen looked like a hurricane as she escaped toward the small wooden cottage frantically.

Hum hum hum hum~~~~~~~~~~~

A golden glow filled the entire sky in the secret realm. Aiolos's all-out attack had smashed the Queen's mirror world. After being oppressed and sucked dry of power for so long, Aiolos's Soul Power did not decrease at all but became stronger instead; it was as if he was invincible. Aiolos blasted a fist attack carrying the power of the heavens and earth!

Even so, the Queen didn't care about him and dashed toward the small wooden cottage at full speed. At this moment, a dark glow came into sight as a coffin blocked her way. The lid of the coffin was already open.

Mu Zi wasn't able to teleport anymore, but his strong will allowed him to control the Life and Death Coffin at the very last minute.

The wooden door of the small cottage turned into the 'door' of the coffin; moaning and howling sounds came from the coffin as if the gates of hell were opened. Numerous ghosts were screaming and tearing the Queen's soul apart.

The Queen was furious. She could totally ignore this level of power if she was still her old self, but this actually managed to threaten her existence now. She was getting ready to take an apple out when concentrated attacks from the sky instantly struck the Queen and the Life and Death Coffin. The Life and Death Coffin was unscathed as countless pairs of giant arms and bones extended out of the coffin to grab the Queen's withered body.

However, even after her power was greatly reduced, she could still resist the suction of the coffin and the countless arms pulling her into it. She was a super Heavenly Soul Stage expert after all. Dark Soul Power in the form of swords cut off countless arms reaching out from the coffin. The Queen looked eerily calm. A Heavenly Soul expert's tenacity was indeed incredible when they were faced with a life and death situation.

The Queen managed to resist the coffin's suction power and used her dark power to sever those arms. She regained her balance and walked closer to the coffin, placing a wrinkly arm on the lid of the coffin.

At this instant, a figure darted toward her as Aiolos appeared behind the Queen and gave the final kick.

That terrifying force of impact caused the Queen to lose the balance that she so painstakingly regained just now. Her arm on the coffin lid slipped, and she fell into the coffin suddenly.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh! No! I curse you all! I curse you lowly…" Her miserable and anguished screams could be heard, but before she could finish her sentence, the lid of the coffin closed, and all trace of her was gone!

The blue coffin glowed as consuming the Queen seemed to boost its power and evolve it, making it bluer. Mu Zi, who wasn't able to move just now, suddenly stood up from the ground. His connection to the coffin had just provided him with a substantial amount of 'nourishment'.

After defeating the Queen, the two of them went to check on Wang Zhong. Wang Zhong could sit up by himself now. After the ordeal of his soul being pulled apart just now, Wang Zhong felt that his Soul Sea had expanded and strengthened. Although that process was pretty painful, he did gain much from it.

Aiolos and Mu Zi heaved a huge sigh of relief and sat down on the ground. The trio looked like crap. Looking at each other's unkempt and embarrassing appearances, they couldn't help but laugh out loud.

This was the first time they were so close to dying since they joined forces. Perhaps they were relieved after surviving this ordeal, but the trio's expressions did not show any post-traumatic fear. Instead, they were on cloud nine.

The trio did not speak. No one asked what happened to the Queen, and neither did any of them question how Wang Zhong was able to trick the Queen. They just couldn't hold in their laughter after looking at each other.

Simba slid down from Wang Zhong's face. He didn't start on his blabbering this time but stared at Wang Zhong bitterly. Every time a battle like this happened, Simba wasn't happy and wanted to return to the Soul Sea to rest.

Ham Sausage trotted around the trio in circles. It seemed that Ham Sausage had a connection to the Life and Death Coffin too since it appeared to be on the verge of death previously, but now, it was bouncing and jumping around. Its power seemed to have become purer too.

After the trio stopped laughing, they realized that something was amiss.

"Do you sense…?" Mu Zi frowned. This secret realm was a dangerous place, and they couldn't afford to be careless.

"This realm didn't collapse, and the dimensional power surrounding us is not weakened either." Aiolos came here to unravel the mysteries of the universe and was able to recognize this better than anyone else. His relaxed expression changed immediately.

Without doubt, the Queen was defeated; but the secret realm still existed, and its power wasn't diminished. This meant that the Queen wasn't the crux of this secret realm. Could there be a scarier boss waiting ahead?

The thought of this made the trio shudder with fear.

Not considering the fact that this boss might be stronger than the Queen and with everyone drained and tired now, the trio was doomed if another Queen came out.

This was the farthermost part of the secret realm, and there was no other place left to explore. Everyone turned to glance at the small wooden cottage instantly. Although the door was open, it was dark inside, and they couldn't see the situation within. It still gave off a mysterious aura.


Suddenly, a blast of cold wind came from the cottage, and a flash of white appeared in front of them.

It was a cute little girl with a crown on her head too, but the crown didn't resemble that of the Queen's. Rather, it was one fit for a princess, elegant and luxurious.

Her skin was flawless and pale and her sweet smile seemed to have a magical power that left ordinary people intoxicated.

Ham Sausage was stunned. Even Wang Zhong, Mu Zi, and Aiolos were horrified to discover that they were frozen stiff and weren't able to control their bodies; however, their ability to think was still there.

This was…

Fortunately, the little princess didn't seem to mean any harm. She didn't care about Mu Zi's coffin or Wang Zhong's soul at all, but smiled slightly at the three stiff brothers. She turned and transformed into a flash of white light. Behind her, a beam of light came from the gloomy wooden cottage, and a simple transmission array was there glowing in the dark.
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    《Battle Frenzy》