Battle Frenzy
760 Break Out of the Encirclemen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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760 Break Out of the Encirclemen

Even though she had already left, the three of them only recovered from their state of stupor after a full ten seconds.

She was more powerful than the Queen, and not just by a little. Wang Zhong and Mu Zi were absolutely amazed as attaining such a high level was next to impossible.

"That's not a level that can be achieved." Aiolos found it a little difficult to suppress his excitement as well. "That is a hyperdimensional fragment itself!"

Before entering the place, he had already told Wang Zhong and Mu Zi about the so-called law and order, which was the source of a secret realm. However, generally, it would be some kind of soul tool, divine weapon, or a kind of abstruse dimensional power. For a law and order to directly transform into a humanoid was as rare as a hen's tooth, and even Aiolos had never seen it happen before.

He looked enthusiastically at the transmission array in the cottage left behind by the Princess. It was obvious that this was not the end of the secret realm. Also, its level had far exceeded their expectations.

"It looks like there is a series of secret realms. If they are a combination of secret realms made from several fairy tales, it would be really terrible." Wang Zhong did not want to parade his abilities. Previously, every step he took had a risk of death. If he had met a creature which preferred to kill its prey before consuming them or one which liked to deskin then gorge out the heart of its prey, that would be the end of him. Wang Zhong did not know what would happen if he had lost his body. Furthermore, if he was erased out of existence, what would be the point?

In the pursuit of spiritual cultivation, Wang Zhong had always felt that one needed to hold onto one's inner self. If he lost himself, then, even with extreme power, everything would be futile.

"Do we continue?" Mu Zi was open to anything. Having just swallowed the Queen, Mu Zi's face was unusually ruddy as the Life and Death Coffin continued to recharge its power. As for his external injuries, it was basically not a big deal.

This was the first time that they had encountered a secret realm's core having the ability to escape the realm. Although Aiolos was the most interested in the series of secret realms out there, he shook his head. "Forget it. I have to be ready before we can move on. This time, it was thanks to Wang Zhong that we managed to escape. Otherwise, it would have been all over for us."

With the assumption that he had infinite Soul Power, he had originally thought that even if he was faced with a stronger opponent, he would at least be able to hold back his opponent; but now, it seemed like he had insufficient knowledge about power.

Following a sway in Aiolos' body, a broken mirror appeared in his hands almost instantly. "Here, Wang Zhong, take it. Although it's broken, the Holy Land might have ways to repair it."

Wang Zhong did not bother to refuse and placed the Queen's magic mirror into his storage space. It could be seen that Aiolos did not care about external objects at all as he was pursuing power itself. However, at Wang Zhong's current level, he could not afford to be choosy. For such items, it was the more the merrier.

"It's really beneficial to me for us to have come here this time." Aiolos's thoughts wandered back to the Princess they saw earlier. Every casual action from her revealed hints of the natural order's laws. Although Wang Zhong and Mu Zi were not able to feel it at their current level, he definitely could. He had to internalize what he had learnt here once he got back home. With this, he believed that he could deepen his research on the natural order's laws. The Queen's strength had already exceeded his estimations, and seeing that it was a series of secret realms, it was almost guaranteed that the next creature they encountered would be even more powerful. He definitely planned to venture into the remaining realms, but he knew that they needed to have ample preparation for their next encounter. "I'll explore the area first next time. Wait for my news!"

Wang Zhong and Mu Zi smiled in agreement. They were agreeable to anything. With Aiolos taking charge of the situation, they merely had to listen to his instructions. Although the situation might have seemed dangerous, Aiolos had, in fact, already planned out every step and had prepared for the worst possible situation. Aiolos's incredible infinite Soul Power and vitality was also a top-notch talent; thus, it was no wonder that they were unbridled.

Wang Zhong was also rather satisfied with this trip. He had not only gained a huge load of experience, but he had also gotten a magic mirror. Although it may not seem very useful now, it would become a most valuable fortune once Wang Zhong entered the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage or even the Heavenly Soul Stage.

As for the surroundings, the cracks in the earth were slowly being repaired. Although the symbol of natural order had already left, due to the existence of the series of secret realms, the place would not completely disappear. However, one could clearly feel the dimensional power in the entire secret space weakening.

This was good news though. The passageway for the series of secret realms was right in front of the cottage. Now that they had decided to leave, the next time they came back, it was possible that this secret realm would be restored. However, the dimensional power of the entire place had already been weakened; thus, although the seven dwarfs would definitely be revived, the Queen would most probably not be. Even if the Queen's revival was possible, she would not be as powerful as before.

At this particular time, the ban on the mystery realm had already been removed. As they walked along the return path, they saw the previous tree demon forest once again. Just then, Ham Sausage suddenly began to bark, and Mu Zi grew a little stunned. "There is a group of people in a secret realm, and they seem to be in danger."

Somehow, Wang Zhong felt a sense of familiarity. Having just survived a huge battle, there was still the residual power of the Fate Stone in his body; therefore, his hunch at this moment would definitely stand for something. "Let's go and take a look."

Aiolos and Mu Zi smiled. They had no objections. Since they had already killed the Queen and the fragment of the natural order had already left, there was nothing in this secret realm that could pose a threat to them anymore. After all, they had true power.


Oscar and the others in the forest had long fallen into despair a few minutes ago. Their journey to the secret realm was filled with twists and turns. They had encountered resistance in the beginning, but after a round of battle, the tree demons in their way were destroyed, and the trees at the back seemed to be ordinary, making it a smooth journey for them. However, upon reaching the central region of the tree demon forest, the whole forest began to completely come alive. It did not just stop at the tree demons: countless cracks began to form on the ground as well. From the cracks, countless vines and weird plants emerged, and the entire team fell into a deadly battle.

The most terrifying thing was that the entire secret realm was locked in some kind of blockade, and they could not leave using the Pioneering Order. The reason why they dared to come again was because they could leave at any time. Only the rarest secret realms could limit the functions of the Pioneering Order: that would be S-rank secret realms with the most formidable dimensional creatures.

They seemed to have been taken in. Now, their only way out was to fight to the end.

Everyone was already in a killing frenzy. The Hand Mortar, the team's absolute main force, was already in someone else's hands while its owner laid unconscious on Asher's back. The Hand Mortar sounded in Lance's hands, but this was not truly his thing; thus, its firepower was reduced greatly. Even the extremely powerful soul tool, which was bought with 5,000 Holy Coins, had its limit.

Soul tools from the Holy Land had rather strong power. This was beyond all doubt, but it came at a price. To put it simply, the power of a soul tool was to substantially absorb the Soul Power from the body and get twofold results with half the effort. To use it excessively would endanger one's life.

Murphy's Hand Mortar was a soul tool with incredible stamina. Small Eyes had already used it twice previously to kill two surging waves of tree demons and had successfully held them off. However, that use of soul power had already caused Small Eyes — the one with the largest soul power reserve in the team — to fall directly into a coma.

Just as they grew desperate, the tree demons suddenly retreated for no rhyme or reason. However, the moment they let their guard down, the tree demons came alive once again. This rhythm was indeed the result of Wang Zhong and the others having restrained the power of the secret realms by defeating the Queen.

This repeated torture had long made the whole team exhausted. Oscar's eyes turned red as he felt deeply remorseful for bringing his team here.

"Feng, try to find an opening from the right side and break out of the encirclement!" Oscar yelled with all his might. However, the right side was where most of the tree demons congregated. How were they going to leave?

Feng's flowing hair had long become disheveled, and the mark on her forehead had also started to grow dimmer at this time and occasionally flickered. She was rather surprised by her team leader's orders.

Just then, she saw that Oscar had taken off the strange baggage that he had been carrying on his back all along. It was a quaint and strange vest, a little similar to the shape of a scroll, but it could not be opened. There was a red skull-head imprint acting as the seal of the vest.
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    《Battle Frenzy》