Battle Frenzy
761 Wang, Wang Zhong?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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761 Wang, Wang Zhong?

Feng's expression changed slightly as she realized what Oscar was going to do. This was a soul tool obtained by the Wanderlust Team when they were at the peak of their performance, Trisson's Catastrophe Vest!

However, they had not been able to use it ever since they got it. According to some ancient records in the Holy City, this was the soul tool of a Heavenly Soul Stage expert known as Trisson. It was said that a large number of forbidden runes were sealed in the vest. It was meant for those who had reached the level where they could communicate with the heavens and earth or were at the stage where they had limitless Soul Power; only then, would they be able to activate the soul tool. If an ordinary Heroic Soul dared to activate it, he would be sucked dry in minutes!

It was definitely not suitable to be activated by people at the Heroic Soul Stage.

Oscar could not bear to sell it; thus, he had always carried it with him, planning to make it his main soul tool once he reached the Heavenly Soul Stage. However, this time, he obviously did not have any choice. He probably wanted to give it a try, even if meant that he would die immediately after activating it. After all, it contained the power of the Heavenly Soul Stage and might create the opportunity for the others to escape.

It was not just Feng. Everyone else in the Wanderlust Team knew about this 'Trisson's Catastrophe Vest' as well. As such, all their faces changed.

"Don't do it! You are definitely courting death!"

"Damn it! We can fight our way out!"

The team members grew anxious and shouted in an attempt to stop him, but it was too late. Oscar placed his palm on the seal of the skull directly without thinking twice.

It was a red seal, but what emerged was a fascinating and peculiar blue light, carrying a kind of palpitation for the soul. It began to draw energy at top speed the moment it was activated. Oscar did not even have a chance to scream before he turned entirely stiff and lost all his senses. His whole body trembled constantly while originally thick and blue hair turned white within seconds. Following that, his hair began to fall in large amounts, and he became completely bald in just a second or two. His power was at the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage, but it was barely enough to kickstart the soul tool.

However, just as Oscar felt a surge of power and was about to attack, his eyes started to blur, and he began to collapse. Feng rushed up to him from behind and caught him before he fell. Even as she quickly took off the Catastrophe Vest, Oscar already had no strength left in him. At that moment, Oscar really felt like ending his life. He had already made several mistakes continuously due to his bad judgment. He should not have forcibly tried to use the vest before reaching the Heavenly Soul Stage. This power gap was truly too large.

Everyone's eyes turned red instantly. Although they were currently at an impasse, it was Oscar who had always put himself at the forefront, which at least ensured that the team had not lost any members. Oscar was the first to do so, but he was certainly not the last.

"Let's charge!"


Anyone who had joined the Wanderlust Team was not afraid of death. Since they had to face it, their choice was to fight till the end. Oscar grew full of despair; he questioned his own sanity. Why did he make a series of wrong decisions? He had already known that it was dangerous previously, yet he thought that they could wing it, leading the entire team to their deaths.

Different kinds of Soul Power began to radiate, but everyone in the team was already a spent force, relying solely on formation and experience to continue fighting. Death was only a matter of time.

Suddenly, the entire dim sky turned slightly brighter. Then, everyone heard loud rumbling sounds from the other end of the forest. The quakes were so strong that everyone thought that another stronger and more terrifying monster had appeared, but they soon realized that they had thought wrong.

Strangely, the tree demons surrounding them stopped moving amidst the quakes, as though they were some kind of machine that suddenly stopped working.

After that, they saw a beam of light in the distance. The golden light was getting brighter and brighter, so bright that it covered the entire sky. The entire Wanderlust Team had only one thought in their minds: A Heavenly Soul Stage Soldier.

Bang! Rumble…

The numerous tree demons which forced them into a corner just now exploded into countless fragments. The three figures plus a dimensional beast appeared in front of them in an instant.

The oppression radiating from the guy was boundless, making it hard for the originally weak people to breathe.

It was a Heavenly Soul Stage Soldier who was radiating with golden light, and he appeared as though he was an invincible God of War. Next, it was a bald young man with a strange coffin who was riding a dimensional creature which appeared to be a dog. Just then, another person jumped off the dimensional creature and revealed a bright smile. "Captain Oscar, what a coincidence. We meet again."

It was three humanoid creatures with smiles plastered on their faces. The three acted as though this was not a dangerous Dimensional Secret Realm but their own private garden.

Naturally, some of the team members were slow to adapt to the sudden change in the situation.


Lance's mouth gaped wide open.

The Wanderlust Team considered themselves non-mainstream and knew that they were in the embarrassing situation of being unimportant in the Holy Land. It had never occurred to them that people with special abilities would appear out of nowhere to rescue them when they were stuck in a desperate situation. Wait… were these people legendary saviors?

When exactly did the luckless Wanderlust Team get so lucky?

Despite their exhaustion, everyone managed to widen their eyes.

Were they people from the Holy City? Humanoids? Some unknown species?

Oscar was already in a semi-comatose state when the three arrived. Feng gently put him on the ground, stood up, and then quietly positioned herself in front of the entire team.

She was the vice-captain of the Wanderlust Team. Since Oscar was out of the picture, she was absolutely the core of the team. She was even the tactical planner and battle strategist of the team most of the time. She used to be one of the top-ten most-knowledgeable people in the Mystic Sect, but due to her identity and character, she was marginalized.

Feng never believed that something would just naturally fall onto one's lap. However, as long as the other party was human, it would be easier to handle the situation. It would, at least, mean that they had wisdom; then, no matter what the other party had in mind, they should be able to communicate, negotiate, as well as agree to a deal.

In fact, everyone was going to die just now. If they could have a chance to live, no conditions would be considered a loss. She was even prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the team. For example, the other party might ask for one or two souls to be offered as a tribute, which was more useful than pulling out a soul forcibly. Or perhaps the other party was full of perverts and needed a beautiful slave. A powerful female slave was also a status symbol in the Dimensional World… There were not many things that the Wanderlust Team could offer, but there was definitely something.

In the Holy City and the Fifth Dimensional World, there was no such thing as free aid. This was a world full of transactions.

She was about to speak when the three figures approached. When she saw the smiling young man standing among the three…

Feng — who had always been wise and had never been shocked by anything — was stunned. Her mouth gaped wide open, and she was unable to speak a single word even though she had prepared a speech beforehand.

It was not just her. The entire Wanderlust Team standing behind her were all at a loss for words as they stared blankly at the smiling young man. The identity of that young man was even more shocking. That was because it was someone they knew, and he was definitely not supposed to be here.

In the end, Feng was the first to snap out of it. Still in a state of disbelief, she called out with a trembling voice as she probed the other party, "Wang—Wang Zhong?"
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    《Battle Frenzy》