Battle Frenzy
763 Ham Sausage, the Bootlicker
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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763 Ham Sausage, the Bootlicker

As those slivers of black aura were drawn out, Oscar began to recover, and his face appeared to regain a little vitality. Even his face, which had somewhat turned old, turned rosy. However, his hair which had fallen out did not regrow, and his body was also covered with some peculiar runic marks.

Those marks were left behind when Trisson's Catastrophe Vest activated. They flashed with blue light, making his skin seem slightly bluish as well.

Everyone was watching this magical scene. It was probably for this kind of situation that people talked about magical resurrection. What was even more unbelievable was that no medicine was used at all. It was just a drag and drop of the soul. What kind of method was this? Even the Holy City's Great Teachers who specialized in treating wounded souls could not do this.

At this moment, no one dared to underestimate the dark little baldy in front of them. Deeper rivers flowed in majestic silence!

Oscar slowly began to regain consciousness. "Am I dead… Is everyone dead too?"

At first, everyone was on tenterhooks. But as they heard Oscar speak, they could not help but cheer loudly. "Captain, we are still alive. It was Wang Zhong and his friends who saved us!"

Oscar had just regained consciousness; therefore, his head was still in the clouds. Feng, who was beside him, explained everything with excitement. There was no way for her to remain composed.

They had already run out of hope 10 minutes ago, and they did not expect such a reversal in fortune. What could be a better ending than this? They had never dreamt of having such good luck.

Oscar was so excited that he grew speechless. It was not only because the other party saved him; it was because they saved the entire Wanderlust Team. In the beginning, they helped Wang Zhong because they could not stand to watch him get ostracised. In the Holy Land, the saying 'good-heartedness often meets with recompense,' was an absolute joke; yet, it was their inadvertent move that allowed their team to have a change of luck. For someone that was able to treat his injury so easily, he would definitely be highly sought after by the Gourmets.

Oscar knew he definitely needed to thank Mu Zi; it was just that this was not a debt to be paid off with just a few words. He was clear that without Mu Zi's help — even if he was able to return to the Holy Land alive — what awaited him was only a slow death. No one would bother to help the captain of a marginalized team.

"Don't exert your Soul Sea this month." Mu Zi only waved his hand and smiled shyly.

At that particular time, the surrounding tree demons were already slowly recovering to some extent. The self-healing ability of the secret realm was extremely strong. Even when the core of the realm was no longer around, it continued to follow some indestructible outline.

Everyone exited the woods for a little rest and reorganization. Asking about what happened in the forest, the result was just as they expected. It was Wang Zhong and his friends that had defeated the BOSS of the secret realm, explaining the weakening of the tree demons. The only unexpected thing was that the realm's core actually slipped away, leaving a transmission array behind.

"This kind of series secret realms are at the top of the mission bar for Dimensional Exploration teams. No wonder it was so dangerous." Oscar suddenly realized that this secret realm's quest was truly ridiculous. The previous time they accepted the mission, it was only rated B, but 11 of them lost their lives. The mission was only upgraded to A based on the available information. If only the difficulty of the tree demon forest was considered, the A+ grade was probably reasonable, but counting the world behind the forest, this realm was definitely S grade.

This was indeed beyond the capabilities of the Wanderlust Team. One could only say that they were conquered while they were trying to conquer a new wasteland. Even if all of them lost their lives, they would not be considered to have died unjustly.

"Wang Zhong, can you bring us in to have a look? I know it is very unreasonable, but our team is already heavily in debt. So, even if we return back alive, there is no hope for Wanderlust Team anymore. For this kind of S-Class secret realm, as long as we are the first to record down information of that transmission array and prove that it is the first time this wasteland is being explored, we will receive huge rewards from the Dimensional Hostel." Oscar was still a little sluggish, but he was already able to stand on his feet. They simply could not return empty-handed after having paid such a huge price.

"That's really awesome. Okay, let's take another trip." Wang Zhong laughed. He knew how important money was in the Holy Land. Wang Zhong knew the feeling of being penniless, and he knew that the Wanderlust Team had already lost a lot in this place.

When Wang Zhong needed help, Oscar was the only one who was willing to lend a helping hand; he even got scorned by others for doing so. As for Wang Zhong, he truly did not think about being rewarded when he saved them, he only thought of it as providing a little bit of help.

The team would never agree to taking the money for themselves. They already felt bad about Wang Zhong having to save their entire team's lives.

"Wang Zhong, what do you think about joining our dimensional team?" Asher couldn't help but ask. If they were to become a family, then everything would be negotiable.

Everyone grew quiet, including Oscar. Based on what they had seen, Wang Zhong was no doubt a big-timer. It was not that Oscar had not thought about asking Wang Zhong to join them, but it was just that Wang Zhong seemed out of their league; thus, he was embarrassed to ask. At this moment, there was a hint of anticipation in everyone's eyes.

"Sure," Wang Zhong replied with a laugh. "Anyway, I don't have a team yet."

Oscar was overjoyed. Even though he had only known Wang Zhong for less than two days, he already had a sense of Wang Zhong's strength and character. With a huge smile and a wave of his hand, he confirmed the situation. "That's settled!"

They spent quite some time outside; thus, the core power of the tree demon forest had already been restored. Although the tree demons' strength was greatly reduced, the current situation of the Wanderlust Team was definitely not good enough to handle the forest.

"Mu Zi, lend me Ham Sausage for a while. By the way, prepare more Samsara wine next time. I plan to set up a small business in the Holy Land." Wang Zhong was straightforward as he spoke to Mu Zi. "It would make things so much easier if I had money. There are many dimensional delicacies in the Holy Land and they taste really good!"

The Samsara wine contained the complex emotions of Mu Zi, which could enrich human feelings. Old men like Uncle Zhang would love it, and they were all rather rich. This meant that there would definitely be a demand for Samsara wine. Maybe Teacher Lan Daier would like it as well; then, he would have a little more say in things.

Speaking of food, Mu Zi nodded his head profusely in agreement.

Then, Mu Zi got into the coffin and left, leaving Ham Sausage behind. The whole Wanderlust Team was stunned. The big-timer just… left! How could they get in now?

Although they did not understand why Wang Zhong was a member of such a powerful team, but as an Initial Phase Heroic Soul, he definitely had a certain level of power. Even if Wang Zhong had some special power, it would still be impossible to make it through the tree-demon forest. In the Dimensional World, everyone followed the law of strength, this bit of soul power was…

Ham Sausage also seemed to have heard about the food; thus, it licked Wang Zhong continuously. When it came to food, it was exactly the same as its owner.

Wang Zhong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Okay, I'll prepare some for you. I won't let Simba snatch from you."

Ham Sausage was so happy that it behaved like a toady. Oscar was still very weak, so he needed Asher to hold him. "Wang Zhong… In our current state—"

He had assumed that Wang Zhong wanted to rely on the strength of the team, but now they really did not have much left in them.

Wang Zhong smiled. "It's okay, only the tree-demon forest has recovered a little. The dwarfs inside should need some more time to recover. Ham Sausage, clear a path!"

Ham Sausage wagged its tail in excitement, but at the next moment, a huge roar erupted. It sounded like an ancient beast…
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    《Battle Frenzy》