Battle Frenzy
439 Expert“s response 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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439 Expert“s response 2 in 1

"There's no need pay that much attention to Tianjing. Their weaknesses are pronounced. That Wang Zhong's very flashy, but he can't flip the sky. With no support behind their backs, they won't be able to progress much further." said Zhao Yilong with a tone brimming with contempt and disdain. The rankings of the 10 great families had already grown outdated, as families like Bella Dean had long lost the qualifications to hold a spot in the upper 5 families. Some rankings should be changed sooner or later.

"You all seem to overly underestimate the influence All Mouthy King has in the hearts of the commoners." replied Vladimir in an indifferent tone. "Perhaps he was only a small figure at the beginning. However, he has become an icon."

Hearing those words, everyone looked towards Divian and Laura. Having crossed hands with All Mouthy King before, they possessed a greater right of speech than others. Truthfully speaking, Laura wasn't too willing to participating in an event like this meeting. Nonetheless, being a member of the Potter Family, this was something that she could not overlook. After seeing that awesomely splendid and terrifying match, Laura had already confirmed that Wang Zhong was indeed All Mouthy King.

A woman's intuition was very useful. Despite having already confirmed this fact, she was still extremely shocked when she found out that Wang Zhong was, in fact, the real identity of All Mouthy King.

Clearly, everyone cared more about Divian's thoughts. After all, Laura's strength was still a notch weaker than the rest of this meeting's attendees.

Shrugging her shoulders, Divian replied, "In the past, that person will not be a match for me. However, I'm not so sure about it now. His progress is evident, though it isn't as exaggerated as the rumours suggest. There are many things that we are able to achieve, with our family's status being a logical explanation to everything. However, when it appears on a commoner, it will appear exceeding mystical and miraculous. Although we cannot underestimate him, we cannot blow the matter up too much. The decline of Bella Dean's strength is obvious for all to see."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement to her reply. Everyone proceeded to discuss for a while, though they were unable to reach a consensus. Gui Hao's opinion did not get anyone's recognition. After all, the final competition had just started. Despite the uncertain future faced by everyone, no one was willing to gossip. 

With the end of this short meeting, Mo Wen and the others proceeded to leave, with Gui Hao and Vladimir staying back to chat with Carolyn for a while in a gentlemanly fashion. Finally, there was only Divian left in the room.

Divian started sizing Carolyn up before saying, "There are times where I really admire your sight."

Carolyn naturally knew what her bosom friend was talking about. Truthfully speaking, even she did not expect for Wang Zhong to actually be All Mouthy King. What's more crucial was that it was a meeting by coincidence, and yet they had no choice now but to discuss the issue stemming from that person.

Nonetheless, the strength of the fights conducted in the OP still had a disparity as compared to those in this CHF. Although he appeared to have no limit in his growth, thinking this way would be like building castles in the air. A single defeat was all it would take to get beaten back to the ground. Furthermore, the higher he climbed, the harder he fell.

Carolyn has seen too many of such people. In the eyes of the aristocratic families, Wang Zhong's shining points, being his struggles and perseverance, appeared even more un-noble like. This was the cause of pity for the Phoenix girls and boys. (Phoenix girls and boys are people who have passed through many trials and tribulations, which results in their indomitable spirit and boundless future prospects due to it.)

All of a sudden, Carolyn felt that her decision was the correct one. 

After the fiery and explosive first day, people were filled with even more anticipation for the second day of the final competition. Faced against the sneak attacks from the two commoner squadrons, as well as strong performances from some of the super A ranked squadrons, would the veteran aristocratic family-led squadrons show any response?

The answer was a definite yes!

Martial Ghost Divine Emperor squadron vs Waltz squadron, and A ranked squadron, opened the second day of the final competition. Being the first seed among the S rank squadrons, what kind of response would the flamboyant Martial Ghost Divine Emperor squadron show? 

Bella Dean being eliminated from the CHF had some level of effect on the other S ranked squadrons, especially on the Skylink discussion forums, where many discordant voices of ridicule had appeared. "What S rank? That's all there is to them. My big mouthy King is still the most awesome! If gods try to block him, he'll slaughter the gods! What's so big about S rank? He'll blow them away with a single breath!"

There were some intelligent people providing their analysis, though they too weren't friendly with their comments. "Without a doubt, those S rank squadrons are powerful. Nonetheless, All Mouthy King is too powerful, and has his invincible cross wheels. Wang Zhong can handle an S rank squadron by himself. What's more, there's still Grai present in the Tianjing squadron. As of now, we're still unable to see the depth of these oddities."

The various comments had clearly stimulated the various great S ranked squadrons. What's more, there were many people who had gotten excited over this matter. This caused them to wake up early in the morning to run over and observe the match, all of the sake of verifying those claims! What a worthwhile trip to make! From the auras radiating from the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor squadron, they definitely appeared as if they want to blow some matters up! However, this made everyone was extremely curious about a question. How would an S ranked squadron prove themselves? 

On the other side, the members of the Waltz squadron had stoic looks and solemn gazes. Looking at their opponents, who were now brimming with killing intent, all of them started to curse silently in their hearts. "Fuck! What 's this for! We're not All Mouthy King! What's the point of venting on us?"

All of a sudden, just as both squadrons were preparing for the match, Gui Hao stood up from his seat. Nimbly leaping onto the competition stage with a step, he exuded an unspeakingly handsome aura. Instantly, a group of fangirls could not help but to shriek out, Gui Hao! Gui Hao! Gui Hao!

Although the Skylink might be the territory of All Mouthy King, the current viewing gallery was under the absolute rule of the S ranks, what more with Gui Hao's fame and reputation.

Nonetheless, everyone was still caught by surprise. This wasn't the time to appear on stage. Wasn't Gui Hao's actions too hurried?

With a faint smile on his face, Gui Hao swept his gaze across the the entire competition grounds. In an instant, all of the voices turned silent, as everyone understood that Gui Hao had something to say.

The Waltz squadron as a whole locked their gazes on Gui Hao, while the surrounding atmosphere turned into one of anxiety.

With a faint smile on his facec, Gui Hao said, "A competition without suspense is too meaningless. I'll give you all a choice. You can all come up and choose one of us 5. As long as you can win, the win will be yours!"

Gui Hao's laughter was filled with provocation. Nonetheless, it appeared just like the whisper from the devil. Despite being very strong, the Waltz squadron was in absolute despair from their matchup against the Divine Ghost Martial Emperor squadron. An opportunity like that had ignited their thirst ablaze!

The desire for victory!

Would they take the bait?


Voices immediately erupted across the entire competition grounds. WHAT? Straight towards the group battle, against a single person? What's more, letting the opponent choose any one of them?

The face of captain Chris Bryon turned as red as a tomato, as intense feelings of shame gushed out from his heart. His dignity as a soldier wanted him to open his mouth and reject this clearly "unfair" rule for this group battle.

However, he opened his mouth, before closing it….

It wasn't easy for his squadron to walk this far in the CHF. Along the way, they had experienced many difficulties, which allowed for their squadron to become more and more cohesive as a single unit. There was no one here that wanted to return home like that, as this was just the best of 64!

They wanted to win! 


Furthermore, if they succeeded in winning, they would obtain fame and glory, while simultaneously causing the rampant and arrogant Gui Hao to pay the corresponding price!

In fact, that latter reason had surpassed everything else!

We're A rank experts! Not a single one of us are noobs, yet you want us to send 5 to fight 1 of yours?!

We'll definitely win! Chris Bryon's thoughts roared out in his heart. 

Any student in any Heroic Soul Academy would know that the strength of a group was more than just the sum of individual strengths. At the same time, they also knew that arrogance was the mother of defeat!

Accepting Gui Hao's offer, the five soldier lineup of the Waltz squadron walked up to the competition stage, before choosing Gui Hao as their opponent!

They wanted to win, yet they wanted to retain a bit of face. Since Gui Hao was the one who proposed this rule, they would take Gui Hao to the chopping board!

Regardless of how strong he was, Gui Hao was only in the Casted Soul Stage! Since he wanted to smash our faces, we'll use him to solidify our might! Chris Bryon had also decided that they needed to make a counter attack. Before they announced their response to Gui Hao's offer, they had already come up with a strategy specifically aimed to deal with him. It was a killing array utilising their superior numbers, and was initially aimed at eliminating Gui Hao if they were able to drag the match into the group battle phase. The goal of this strategy was just to gain a slight bit of their dignity back. Never did they imagine that the heavens would give them such an opportunity to use it!

The commentators for the Skylink broadcast were shouting at the top of their lungs while provoking the atmosphere of the match. All of them had been subdued by Gui Hao's actions, as he was really brazen and arrogant, to the point of utterly disregarding his opponents!

Without a doubt, this kind of overbearing attitude was extremely effective towards the Skylink crowd, as such rampant behaviour and conceit had suppressed even that of All Mouthy King, as even All Mouthy King was not as domineering as Gui Hao's current actions.

"The Waltz squadron has chosen to save a little of their face by choosing Gui Hao as their opponent. However, I believe that they have made that decision after thinking through it, and not purely due to wanting to save face." 

'That's right. With the fight being a 5 vs 1, there's no need to have any more scruples with saving face. They have definitely prepared a strategy to deal with Gui Hao before the start of this match, and this moment just so happens to be the right moment to bring it out. On the contrary, I'm worried about Gui Hao. If he really allows the Waltz squadron to pull the rug beneath him, I really don't know how to continue casting from then on."

"However, only such matches are interesting! Okay! We can see that the referee has already walked on to the stage, so the competition is about to start."

A cold and indifferent expression was ever so present on the referee's face. At the instant when Gui Hao had proposed his offer, he had already communicated with the higher-ups and obtained a definite answer. Under such circumstances where none of the rules was broken, the organizing committee would always welcome anything that would increase the difficulty of the match!

The CHF was in its core a test, and also an opportunity for all of the Federation's citizens to enjoy and have fun while watching. If there's anyone who wants to seek their own death, the organising committee obviously had no qualms over that. 

Following the command from the referee, the battle commenced!


In an instant, the Waltz squadron split up, each of them heading towards different directions as they proceeded to surround Gui Hao.

On the contrary, Gui Hao did not move a single inch. Standing quietly on the stage, a sliver of an unruly smile hung at the corner of his mouth. It was a smile that appeared to be mocking his opponents, yet also seemed to be concealing an even more in-depth story. Seeing this, his fangirls present in the arena started to shriek once again!

"Gui Hao Gui Hao, invincible Gui Hao!"

Gui Hao gave a slight flick of his head, an action that caused him to appear sparkling and prince-like. Sending his gaze towards the region that where most of the shrieks were originating from, he gave a slight nod to express his thanks to his little fangirls!


The entire competition grounds were drowned out by the shrieks of young girls.

All of the males present in the competition grounds, especially those that were single, felt as though they were ravaged by tens of thousands of bullets, before being stepped over by tens of thousands of elephants.

Chris Bryon's bored his dagger-like gaze down towards Gui Hao. He even had the time to interact with the girl cheering squad at the viewing gallery? With a light tap of his feet, he increased the distance between him and Gui Hao, before the glow of runic patterns started to light up one after another around his heavy sniper rifle. 

The other 4 members of his squadron were also provoked by Gui Hao's actions. However, the deeper they headed into the fight, the more they needed to remain calm and coolheaded. Taking turns to advance, the 4 members of the Waltz squadron wanted to create an opportunity for their captain to fire his heavy sniper rifle!

Right at this moment!

The four rushed into their predesignated locations, forming an encirclement that surrounded Gui Hao from all directions. With tacit understanding, their longswords pierced towards Gui Hao from 4 different directions, up, middle, low and bottom!

A sword array was undoubtedly an excellent choice to deal with an expert. Many students have researched skills with simultaneous strikes. Naturally, the original targets for those skills were super powerful mutated beasts or higher dimensional life forms.

Only at this moment did Gui Hao turn his gaze back from looking out of the competition stage. With a faint smile, he said: "So, let the show begin.

"My body is the wind, riding the waves as I move."

With a soft hum, Gui Hao's body appeared to turn incorporeal as he gently weaved about. Seemingly slicing through a mirage, all of the 4 longswords that sealed Gui Hao's paths landed on thin air. 

"Braving the winds to look at the sea, my blade moves along with the shadows."

Without waiting for any response from his opponents, Gui Hao made a sudden advance, before gently waving his rhomboid shaped straight blade out from its sheath.


The expected soft and light whoosh created by the blade's drawing rung out. Yet, it had also rung out in the hearts of each and every person present in the competition grounds. The heavens and earth appeared to have lost their colour, with the only colour present being the snow white glow of Gui Hao's long blade. 

In Gui Hao's hand, that blade appeared illusionary as it slashed out horizontally at his chest height. Arcing out, it gently made contact with the long sword of a Waltz squadron soldier, appearing like a drop of water dripping onto the surface of a calm lake. However, the force behind it was like a surging sea, instantly devouring him. With his defence gone, the soldier opened his eyes wide, only to see Gui Hao right before him. With just a raise of his sword, he could pierce right through Gui Hao! However, he had already lost control of his body, resulting in him staring at Gui Hao as he spun around gently like the wind, before a blade glow sliced across his chest!

AHHH! A shriek rang out from outside of the stage, before people quickly realised that Gui Hao had used the back of his blade. Nonetheless, the soldier's sternum and ribs were shattered, causing him to vomit blood out as he collapsed on the ground,

"And the next."

Like an illusion, Gui Hao moved right before another soldier. As a blade glow swept out horizontally, he smashed apart the latter's defences, before giving a backhanded slash towards the latter's chest!

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The third person was chopped up like a stalk of wheat, before collapsing on the ground!

There was only one soldier left standing. A deathly pale shade blanketed his face, as dismay and disbelief flashed within his eyes. His lips trembled as he cried out, "WHY!"

His sword had clearly pierced multiple times right through Gui Hao's body! He had clearly grasped hold of the opportunity created by his squadron members! However, the only thing he had pierced was thin air! He struck nothing? That's absolutely impossible! He had confidence in his sword technique! Ever since he was 10, he had started to practice his swordsmanship. As of today, it just so happened to be the 10th anniversary of his swordsmanship. After ten years, he was able to pierce a sesame seed even with his eyes closed.


Not replying to the soldier's question, Gui Hao gave a faint smile, though that sliver of unruliness was ever so present on his face. Appearing to ridicule and mock the latter, he swung his blade 3 times back and forth across his chest level. At this moment, the long blade in his hand already had its fill.

Towards the soldier that was still in disbelief, Gui Hao pierced his long blade gently out. It did not look like a killing move; more like a point towards a distance, akin to laughing in the face of a magnificent display.

The soldier gave a furious roar as he launched a crazy counter attack. However, just after stepping two steps forward, an invisible force smashed violently into his body. Amidst the howls of the wind, he appeared to have been struck by a bomb, as he flew explosively out of the competition stage.

In a short span of a few breaths, 4 people had fallen! Dumbfounded expressions were present on everyone within the competition grounds as they thought, "What kind of blade technique is that? And what is that movement technique?"

However, the fight has yet to end!

"Gui Hao!"

There's still one person left, and he's Waltz's greatest killing move! He's their captain, Chris Bryon! 

Being a ranged soldier while occupying the position as a captain, Chris Bryon's heavy sniper rifle skills could be rank amongst the top in the entire younger generation of the Federation. Although the comprehensiveness of his strength wasn't on par with the 5 great Mo's List ranged soldiers, he was recognized to possess the qualification to do so on the aspect of the heavy sniper rifle.

"As long as you give me time, my heavy sniper rifle cannot be stopped! Even if my target's a god, I'll kill it for everyone to see! What's more, Gui Hao's just a human! At the very most, he's no more than a ghost!"

His lips trembling, Chris Bryon stared with opened eyes as his 4 other squadron members were chopped up by Gu Hao. Nonetheless, he did fire off a single shot at all. That's because he only had one chance to fire! As time continues to elapse, his aura finally locked onto Gui Hao!

This shot was the most extreme shot he could muster! Relying on the runic patterns carved into his heavy sniper rifle, the Soul Power surging out from his entire body was shoved right into this bullet.

Right now! Chris Bryon shouted out in his head.


A homing sniper shot. If forced to face against this bullet, even a Heroic Soul Stage expert would harbour a grudge. What's more, with its aura lock, regardless of how its target evades or dodge, this bullet would always...

"Wind rises to form a wall, forming despair within the soul."

Gui Hao gave an upward slash with his long blade.

BANG! A wind scar with tassels at the edges formed what seemed like a wall of wind before his body. As the wind flowed about, the sliver of aura was completely severed.
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    《Battle Frenzy》