Battle Frenzy
440 Challenge
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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440 Challenge


A bullet filled with Soul Power smashed fiercely against the wind barrier, causing dazzling white light to flash out instantly. Everyone could see the bullet drilling through the surrounding wind scar like a screw, a result of the eruption of Soul Power. Nonetheless, despite that, it was still unable to travel more than half an inch through the wall of wind.

Silence filled the competition grounds...

That's because no one had expected for this 1 vs 5 battle to end up like that. All of them assumed that the fight would be incredibly intense, just like the spectacular one that happened between Wang Zhong and Adam Galen.

Everyone knew that the Waltz squadron was not a weak squadron, and was in fact very powerful. There was the tacit understanding between their four great soldiers, which was known to be able to trap even a Sanctuary Division soldier. Furthermore, their captain Chris Byron's heavy sniper rifle was a nightmare no heavy soldier was willing to face. 

However, under Gui Hao's hand, the 4 great soldiers appeared to have turned into little chicks! No, to be exact, they seemed just like little chicks that have just broken out of their shells!

Additionally, there was that final heavy sniper shot...

That corporeal wind wall caused shock in everyone who saw it. That's a Wind attribute special ability, a special ability so powerful that's able to materialize wind!

This is Gui Hao?

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God knows when did Gui Hao appear right before Chris Byron. With a faint smile, he said, "There's nothing that can block to infiltration of the wind."

A vicious glint appeared in Chris Bryon's eyes as he attempted to counter-attack though, with the flash of a blade glint, he collapsed on the ground.

Gui Hao sent a downward chop with his long blade, causing a meteor-like glow to flash out, before being replaced by brilliance travelling in a manner akin to swallow's return. Piercing right into his scabbard, it painted a gorgeous image, as deathly silence filled the entire competition grounds.

His 5 opponents had already collapsed on the ground, with his attacks being just perfectly lethal. Akin to taking an idle and carefree stroll, an A rank squadron appeared as weak as a piece of paper in the face of a genuine expert.

"Since 10 years ago, these childish plays are already uninteresting." said Gui Hao. Shaking his head, he combed his hair lightly with his hand. In that instant, there was without a doubt that he was incredibly handsome.

Who was that statement aimed at?

Was it Chris Bryon?

Clearly, his opponents weren't sufficiently qualified for that.

This was towards All Mouthy King!

That kind of shady OP rookie beater was, in fact, a sort of vain satisfaction that comes from the transformation of a weakling, and it originated from one's low self-esteem and cowardice.


Gui Hao's fangirls were to first to go crazy as they started shrieking out with countless praises and admirations.

Regardless of any era, strength was crucially important. As for this era, it was without a doubt the most important factor!

People on the same level as Gui Hao were all to clear of this point.

The Skylink instantly exploded. In the face of Gui Hao's performance, the so-called gorgeousness of All Mouthy King's appeared slightly amateurish... could Bella Dean be considered to be noobs?

Perhaps they couldn't. However, they too could no longer be known as legendary anymore.

What Gui Hao did was to pull All Mouthy King down from the altar of gods. Once he turns back into a human, many more matters could be achieved much more easily.

While this was happening, over at the Tianjing squadron, everyone had just climbed out of their beds. Having revelled with excitement for the whole of last night, coupled with injury and exhaustion, all of them basically needed to be hauled out from their beds.

Opening her eyes, Hymin gave a yawn. Forcefully suppressing the impulsion to climb back into her bed, she took a look at the time displayed on her Skylink. Upon seeing it, she instantly jumped out of bed, while shouting, "Shit! Shit! How come is it so late already!"

Rushing into the bathroom, Hymin completed her shower in the fastest time she had ever done so in her life. Changing into her uniform, she was just about to bolt out of the door before suddenly coming to a halt. Walking back to her dressing room, she took out an eyebrow pencil, before starting to earnestly draw at her eyebrows.

In any case, she was already late, so there's no harm in being a tad bit later, right? Even though she could leave her room without makeup, she absolutely had to draw her eyebrows before doing so.

After 10 minutes...

Hymin rushed towards the door for the second time. This time, she finally managed to successfully head out.

Nonetheless, upon heading out, she immediately noticed Wang Zhong and Grai walking over from the adjacent corridor. From the looks of it, they had just completed their recovery exercises. Rushing over, Hymin said, "You two are up really early, captain, handsome little bro."

Finishing her morning greetings, she proceeded to look at Wang Zhong while saying. "Are your injuries still serious, captain?"

Giving a full body shake, Wang Zhong cracked his neck, before replying with a smile. "I'm still not as nimble as I want, but I'm more or less 70 to 80% recovered. It should not affect our upcoming match.

"That's good." taking a close look at Wang Zhong's movements, Hymin exhaled deeply. Calming herself down, she proceeded to continue speaking. "I'll give you treatment in a while."

Wang Zhong gave a laugh in response. Despite not needing any more treatment, he still nodded his head in reply.

As she looked towards Wang Zhong, Hymin's eyes started to sparkle, while her mind couldn't help but think back about yesterday's match. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she, a logistics and support member, would be able to step onto the competition stage. Furthermore, she had indeed played a useful role in their victory. 

That feeling... thinking back about it, Hymin discovered that it was the first time that she had experienced such a heavy feeling in her heart. She was a member of the Tianjing squadron, a necessary member. It was as though her life had been lighted up by Wang Zhong.

This was also the first time that she had come to respect a person from the bottom of her heart, and that was not due to his strength. Instead, it was those numerous little details that had cumulated together, as well as being convinced by his self-confidence.

She too was someone of value. Hymin's heart was filled with feelings of joy and happiness.


Just at this moment, Wang Zhong received a Skylink call from Ma Dong.

Picking it up, he immediately noticed the solemn expression on the latter's face as he spoke out. "Wang Zhong, you didn't watch the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor's match?"

"I headed straight to training after waking up." replied Wang Zhong with a nod.

"Fuck! You've missed a good show! Gui Hao's really blown everything up with his play! That bastard's fucking awesome at blowing everything up! You guys should go straight to the official discussion forums to take a look, as he seems to be targeting you. I'm heading over now."

Without the need to search, one could already see the earth-shattering amount of posts related to this fight, while a few of the hot threads even being turned to sticky ones by the officials.

Standing at the back, Hymin started to blink her eyes, while the faint smile at the corner of her mouth disappearing along with it. Her eyes began to flash about, as she thought back to last night, when she, Scarlet and the others spent time reading through the CHF discussion forums. At that time, all the topics present were discussing the Tianjing squadron. Never did she imagine that those few massive hot threads, with replies numbering thousands of pages long, would completely collapse in just a matter of half a day, sinking all the way down to become non-existent.

"What kind of style should a real king have--

Upon entering the official site, the video of the match appeared right before everyone's faces. Posted below were screenshot after screenshot with analysis attached, as well as a slow-motion payback that was set to play 1 frame at a time.

Gui Hao's confident and carefree attitude caused him to appear like an otherworldly heaven-gifted son, with his entire body brimming with dreamlike unrestraint and carefreeness.

However, he wasn't only handsome looking.

With a slash of his blade, he smashed through defenses. Only through a slow-motion playback was one able to see the high-speed vibrational frequency of the blade's edge. With just a 0.1 second frame of contact with the opponent's long sword, this vibration was able to send a sufficiently massive force to send an elephant flying...

As quick as the wind, as stable as a mountain, and as heavy as a thousand cattle. Gui Hao's swordsmanship had already reached another realm. There were some experts currently debating that he basically shouldn't be in the Casted Soul Stage with his realm. All of them were genuinely unable to wrap their heads around the reason why he was still in the Casted Soul Stage, as he was able to completely suppress anyone within this Soul Stage.

Even if one's Soul Power were the same realm as him, the comprehension and control he had in his techniques would cause one to appear like a kid staring in the face of an adult when matched against him.

Many people assumed the slow motion playback would allow them to see exactly what he had done during that fight, allowing them to answer their greatest doubts that had surfaced when observing the live match.

However, despite slowing down to a single frame at a time, the slow-motion playback did not reveal any of their answers. The sword slowly stabbed out and pierced into Gui Hao's body. Nonetheless, it was utterly useless, as it was pulled out from his body as though it had stabbed through the air.

Wang Zhong observed every single movement in detail, unaware that a sliver of a smile had surfaced at the corner of his mouth. Without a doubt, this was a top class expert he was watching, something that he was looking forward to fighting against. His opponent had revealed an extremely astonishing card, while the comprehension he had in the path of the blade was also no small matter. This caused even greater anticipation to surface in Wang Zhong.

Turning around to look at Grai, Hymin noticed that the corners of his mouth had curled up. He too was smiling.

These two freaks! What kind of humans were they?
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    《Battle Frenzy》