Battle Frenzy
446 high level games 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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446 high level games 2 in 1

While the people from Tianjing felt extremely satisfied, they too had sensed the rising problem. Having walked this far into the final competition, all their earlier effort would be for nought if they were disqualified from the competition.

Seeing the worry and concern plastered on everyone's face, Wang Zhong gave a faint smile before saying, "Don't worry, it's nothing."

Wang Zhong definitely wasn't a person who acted on impulse. When he was young, the first ability he had learnt from the darkness and pain was endurance. Now, Wang Zhong wasn't any ordinary student. He possessed the Federation's A rank authorization, and had a considerable scope of influence in the Institute of Sciences. What's more, Old Potter was basically his friend, with him even shining with the vigour of youth while proclaiming a few words in arrogance regarding Tianjing's victory, appearing as though he was the one that had achieved that victory.

A difference in situations would result in a difference in how one viewed the problem. Wang Zhong had confidence that the competition organizing committee would definitely give him a satisfactory answer.

As the noisy crowd dispersed away, Hymin still could not help but mumble. "Captain, it's best for your crush to know that you've taken revenge for her. If not, it's too much of a loss, you know."

Hearing her words, Wang Zhong could not help but laugh, before replying, "I've already said that I'm ok. However, I'll not allow him to insult Scarlet. Being the captain, if he dares to say those words again, I'll definitely beat him up once again!"

Hearing that, everyone was stunned, as they had assumed Wang Zhong had taken action all for Carolyn's sake. Unexpectedly, it was for Scarlet's sake…

"Why are you guys looking at me like that? Could it be that I've become a captain through backdoor means? Ah, I feel hurt." A funny smile appeared on Wang Zhong's face, causing everyone's mood to turn slightly relaxed. Nonetheless, the path that this matter had taken was already out of their control.

The Tianjing squadron had made the news once again!

An unavoidable matter between the commoner hero and the princess of the Federation!

Various kinds of news headlines instantly flooded the large streets and small alleys within Stuart City, turning into a hot topic of discussion.

Frankly speaking, compared the CHF matches, such sensational news was more enticing to the eyes of ordinary people. This sensational wave had not only struck Stuart City, but also the entire Federation, instantly causing an earth-shattering tide to sweep over everyone. There's All Mouthy King, and there's the princess of the Federation! Furthermore, it was the head of the four princesses, Carolyn! This matter was remarkably similar to the fairytale of the taboo love between an actual noble princess and a commoner knight!

Casio's original plan was to discredit and defame Wang Zhong and Tianjing. However, he had forgotten about one point, which was that a story between a princess and a commoner was extremely celebrated by the vast majority of the citizens. In fact, there were many people who had N number of versions about the true happenings of this matter. As for the two in question, with one being a princess of the Stuart Family, and the other being a super expert, it was extremely normal for them to both have good impressions of each other. In addition, strength was the only hard and fast rule in this world!

In a place away from prying eyes, a more crucial question had now attracted the attention of all the participating squadrons.

It was openly publicised that the breaking of any rules would lead to disqualification. With them taking action against people in the squadron village, would the punishment meted out to Tianjing be in the form of a disqualification?

Upon waking up from his stupor, the half-dead Casio immediately raised this issue to the organizing committee. This was a malignant issue, and was also something that the organising committee had warned the various great squadrons over and over again before and during the competition. Now, Tianjing had openly broken this rule, and had even been reported by people.

Treating this issue with a high level of importance, the chairman of the committee, Long Mei'er, immediately called for an emergency meeting in the committee office.

Casio had already finished his narration and was brought outside to wait for the outcome. Currently seated in a circle, with Long Mei'er at the head, all of the members of the organising committee had gathered within the meeting room.

"I feel that we should disqualify them." the legendary soldier Rodriguez had always been famous for his impartial and incorruptible character. Without talking about the matter of Tianjing, which had already raised a huge scandal, Rodriguez would not have any intention to let go of any crimes that were committed privately. "The rules are the rules. They're established for people to uphold. This is a publicised rule-breaking! Without a disqualification, it'll be hard to convince the masses!"

"One cannot judge a book from its cover, and more so, only listen to one side of the story." Being one of the legendary soldiers, as well as being one of the 4 great members of the organizing committee, Zhou Mu had given more consideration to this matter. "I've already found people to get an understanding of the whole situation. It's those two Lightning Dragon Academy people who started the provocation. Their mouths are too vulgar. Although the Tianjing people have broken the rules by taking action, that's still considered within reason. I'm more inclined towards a symbolic punishment. As of now, within Tianjing's fame and popularity, it will cause many people to be disappointed if they were to exit the CHF via disqualification."

"Disappointed? Exactly what is the CHF, a competition for the audience, or a dancing stage for experts? What's more, this is the 100th year anniversary celebration of the CHF, the most sacred moment in history! This isn't one of those low-grade competitions for commercial purposes!" Rodriguez wasn't budging an inch. "If we are going to suit to the tastes of the audience, what are we committee members here for? Exactly what are those rules for? This is utterly preposterous! At the very least, we have to disqualify the person that had taken action!"

"Unique circumstances call for unique treatment. What you're saying would exterminate the life out of the Tianjing squadron."

"With such a matter appearing, disqualifying one of them is already an extremely merciful punishment, okay!"

"Old Rog, they're a squadron with a king and prince. If you disqualify the king, how are they going to continue fighting? Are you deliberately forcing them to go home?" Zhou Mu did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Such an unreasonable fellow, I don't understand what you're trying to achieve! Chairman, I feel that you cannot disqualify them! It's so hard just to have such a genuine commoner squadron show that amount of success in the CHF! Aren't they the models that our parliament has always been searching for? Taking him down just for such a small matter? I feel that giving a symbolic punishment is more than enough."

"What you're saying is bending the rules! Nothing can be accomplished without norms and standards! Furthermore, with so many people paying attention to this matter, do you really think that people would accept any casual punishment you mete out to Tianjing? If you go ahead with your plan, there will be more matters to deal with!"

"Okay! There's no need to quarrel." chairwoman Long Mei'er rapped the table lightly. Although this matter was out for less than 3 hours, there were already a large bunch of people pleading leniency for Tianjing. On the side of the Institute of Sciences, the old Potter had even given a personal call to her via Skylink to say these harsh words, " Little Long, I won't waste your time with long and windy arguments. Wang Zhong is my person, so settle this matter as you see fit! If you don't properly settle this, there's no more need for you to find any more relationships with the Institute of Sciences when any new product comes up in the future. You have to wait for the automatic allocation of the military for that."

Long Mei'er did not know whether to cry or laugh at the threat from the old Potter. Frankly speaking, this threat did raise some concern in her. Despite being part of the military, they were not under one common system. Once a new product was launched by the Institute of Sciences, all of the different sections of the military would go insane to procure it, in a warlike manner. If she offended Old Potter…

Naturally, such matters would have completely no influence over her decision. Long Mei'er did not rely on bootlicking to reach the rank and status she held today, much less listening to others' arrangements.

It wasn't important how Wang Zhong was dealt with. The important problem was that Long Mei'er was able to see the fingerprints of aristocratic families being present in this matter. Therefore, what she needed to balance wasn't the contradiction between Casio and Wang Zhong, but the various kinds of hidden conflicts between the aristocratic families and the parliament.

If she went ahead with what old Rog had proposed, and followed the rules to settle this matter, that would tantamount to going along with the wishes of the aristocratic families. What's more, it would be a message to their members that the entire committee was made up of blind people that they could toss around as they wished. However, if she did not go ahead with that, the parliament's public image would be completely obliterated. Humanity's legal system and institutions were always responsible for impartiality and equality. Being too rigid and inflexible would cause one to turn into a machine, while inflating one's self would cause one to appear too egotistical.

There was also an option to do a deep investigation and pursue this matter all the way to the bottom. Going around the small characters and scapegoats like Casio, they would more or less be able to draw in the black hands of the aristocratic families. This would free everyone who was innocent while serving genuine justice. However, unfortunately, she couldn't go ahead with a deep investigation. Frankly speaking, the situation between the parliament and aristocratic families was extremely delicate, with many things hanging on a tacit mutual understanding. If those things are pointed out, it would not be a good matter for both parties. In addition, this matter has also encroached onto the reputation and image of Carolyn. That was the first successor in line for the Stuart Family. If this matter really implicated her, the reaction of the aristocratic families would be extremely huge. Although the parliament wasn't afraid of it, no one wanted to deal with the outcome.

Therefore, it would be slightly thorny no matter how she chose to settle this. If not, there would not have been a need to summon the committee for an emergency meeting.

Looking at Cole, who sat by her side, a faint smile appeared on her face as she asked, "These two people are from your Grozny City competition zone. Do you have anything you want to say about this?"

Hearing that, Cole Joseph gave a laugh before replying. "Truthfully speaking, this matter's extremely simple. I've already placed that Casio on the blacklist. This person is not beneficial for any part of the CHF. The provocation that led to this matter is also extremely vulgar. However, if we do not administer justice, the rules and regulations of the CHF would really collapse. Legitimate self-defence can be ruled not only for when one's body is assaulted but also when one's honour and dignity is infringed upon. My suggestion is to expel Casio, water down this matter, and return the focus to the competition itself."

"That's out of the question, Cole. It's too easy for young people's ego to inflate. He clearly knew about the rules prohibiting fighting, yet he dared to take action in such a brazen manner. Even if we take his future into consideration, he needs to at least receive a bit of punishment!" Rodriguez was unhappy, not because that he was targeting Tianjing. On the contrary, during their previous match, he was the committee member who had the most optimistic view of Tianjing. However, sparing the rod will spoil the children; after all, his character was impartial to a fault. All of his disciples and subordinates loved and hated this trait of him. "At least, we have made him pay a fine of over 10 thousand credits to let him learn a lesson!"

The other members were immediately stunned. This kind of shit was also considered a punishment?

The group of old gingers here instantly came to a tacit agreement. Clearly, everyone had already come to a consensus on this matter. Before talking about the intent of the aristocratic families, whose shadow could be seen on this matter, the provocation that happened was by itself a challenge to the authority of the organizing committee. Purely on the judgement of both parties involved, Wang Zhong's existence was much more valuable than Casio.

"Let's fine him 100 thousand, to be included in the CHF prize money."

Holding considerable prestige and with that much understanding of this matter, Long Mei'er made her decision, as well as warning everyone to be cautious with their words, while focusing their attention on the competition, especially on those that have already been eliminated. The committee had provided preferential treatment towards all of the participating squadrons, to allow all of them to continue enjoying these privileges while they studied here. Anyone who dared to cause trouble and provoke others will be included in the CHF blacklist. That would be an ugly black mark in anyone's resume, something that would not bode well for anyone's future

The verdict for the punishment was announced on the next day. The entire Tianjing squadron was immediately relieved after hearing about the details. Frankly speaking, despite how big or small this matter might be, everyone knew that the underlying reason for its existence was definitely not simple. There were people trying to screw Tianjing over. It was not important how Tianjing was going to deal with this, but rather, how the parliament responded to this. If Tianjing's was in the wrong, they would suffer a calamity even if Wang Zhong didn't take action. If Tianjing was in the right, him sending Casio to three months in the hospital would just be a trifling matter.

From the looks of it, the parliament had indeed given it considerable thought.

On the other side, Casio had a rather ugly expression plastered on his face. With his head wrapped in a large number of bandages, he was currently standing before a male. This male wasn't old, yet appeared calm and composed. Furthermore, the awe-inspiring presence of a person seating in a leading position was exuded without restraint, causing Casio to not dare to even take a gasp of air.

The person before him was the source of the explosive news about Wang Zhong and Carolyn, and was also the one who instructed him to blow the whole matter up with Tianjing. Even Carmell didn't know about it; he thought that it was Casio's plan.

A string of prayer beads with a faint purplish glow sat in that man's hand. As for Casio, he appeared to have eaten a fly. Despite having his head smashed up and all his teeth shattered, the gossip on the matter between Wang Zhong and Carolyn had not been spread around. There were no media outlets that dared to report about it, with the only people discussing it being the CHF participants in private. The majority of the people had assumed it to just be Casio's revenge. What's more, the verdict of the punishment had given him a lethal blow, expulsion...that meant that there will be no one that would want him anymore.

At this moment, a smile appeared on the male before him.

The punishment meted out by the organising committee appeared to be just for show, yet they had evidently considered many factors in their decision. This indeed conformed to the style of that bunch of old foxes in the parliament. Even though it could also be considered to be a stretch for them, it was still focused on seeking stability.

Being the leader of the Divine Dragon Academy, Zhao Zimo had found Casio and Carmell upon the matchup against Tianjing. When he had instructed them to provoke Tianjing, he had in fact never expect for Tianjing to really take action.

His original plan was to rely on these two people to spread the matter of Wang Zhong and Carolyn, while combining it with the spreading of some rumours, with Gui Hao being the goal behind all of this. He wanted to make Gui Hao feel disgusted, and cause the latter to develop hatred from Wang Zhong and Carolyn. Zhao Zimo did not wish for the Gui Family to become as amiable with Stuart as before. This was his primary goal. On the other hand, he also wanted to use this matter to cause chaos in Wang Zhong's emotions, letting him feel disgusted in order to affect Tianjing's preparations. However, what he got was a huge reward.

To him, the verdict of the punishment was not important. Zhao Zimo did not expect for Tianjing to get really disqualified from the CHF. However, with such trouble, the entire squadron should not be free of worry, right?

The pressure from public opinion, the worry of disqualification. Although these things were vague and unquantifiable, they were weapons which had the greatest effect on the hearts and minds of people. Without talking about preparing for the match, he would really be impressed if they didn't show up for tomorrow's match looking all haggard!

As for his most important targets, Gui Hao and Carolyn, would they already be feeling as disgusted, as though a root had pierced their heart?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This was a plan to take down many birds with one stone. Regardless of its direction, as long as Casio had executed it, it would be a profit for Zhao Zimo.

"You've done pretty well." said Zhao Zimo with a smile. Very quickly, a person holding a tray came walking over, with the tray containing a letter and train ticket. "This is our agreement. Take the letter and report to Divine Dragon City. There will be people that make arrangements for you. You did not tell anyone about the entire process, right?"

The depressed look hanging on Casio's face disappeared, replaced by a smile as he replied. "I've settled it. Please feel at ease!"

The defeat during the elimination, as well as being criticized by Cole Joseph and the others. Now, he had even been expelled out of Stuart City. All of these matters had already caused him to be unable to return to Lightning Dragon City to live and grow old. What's more, he had even insulted Carolyn and Stuart in the process of provoking Tianjing! This was the most lethal verdict!

Fortunately, Zhao Zimo had given him the promise of a path for promotion, which was a position within the Zhao Family's Divine Dragon Army.

The Divine Dragon Army was known to be one of the most elite armed forces in the Federation. With a straight pass in, not only did Casio not need to worry about Stuart's revenge, he would even have a great future ahead for him.

Pushing a charming smile on his face, he replied, "Thank you, big bro Zhao! It's a pity though, to not be able to see Tianjing being squashed by the Divine Dragon Academy like a dog…"

"Haha. You'll be able to see it via Skylink." Zhao Zimo gave a faint smile as he waved his hand. "You can go."

As Casio left with high spirits, a cold snort rang out from Zhao Wuying as she appeared from the shadows behind Zhao Zimo. "Youngest, are you really planning on letting that waste into the Divine Dragon Army? We don't accept garbage over there."

"Haha, you don't need to worry about this, 7th sis."

Zhao Zimo replied with a smile.

What was the Divine Dragon Army? They were the core of the Zhao Family!

This Casio was a stupid idiot, as anyone with even the slightest bit of a brain would know that it was basically impossible for him to enter the Divine Dragon Army. If Casio headed over there, wouldn't that be blatantly announcing to the world that the Zhao Family was the ghost behind this matter?

That wasn't a recommendation letter at all, but was basically a suicide note! When Casio could not bear the curiosity to open it along the way, his life would reach its end.

With his character, he would definitely open it. From then on, Casio's fate would be sealed. A lot of people would feel comfortable if a person like him disappeared forever.

Moving the prayer beads in his hand, Zhao Zimo said in an indifferent tone. "Trash should stay in the garbage pile."

With the short period of rest coming to an end, under the anticipation of millions of people, the CHF great competition finally welcomed the day for the round-of-32.

Skylink, television, radio, newspaper, various great media platforms, social media. They were all reporting on one common topic: the CHF.

"The Tianjing squadron will be facing yet another S rank! Will they slaughter the dragon, or will All Mouthy King's legend be broken?"

Anticipation and anxiety filled the hearts of the many Tianjing squadron fans! Worried that they were facing yet another S rank squadron? Anticipation for them facing yet another S rank squadron!

"Defeating Bella Dean has led to a huge depletion of Wang Zhong's strength. I don't know if Wang Zhong is able to completely recover during this period of rest. Therefore, this match against the Divine Dragon squadron is a serious test for the Tianjing squadron. If they win, they will become a legend. If they lose, they'll just be like a cactus flower, blooming once during the night."
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