Battle Frenzy
450 100-Fold Compounding Strike 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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450 100-Fold Compounding Strike 2 in 1

The shattered pieces of the split granite floor were flicked and shot out by staff shades, hurtling towards the sky like bullets.

A lightning-like glint flashed across Grai's eyes. With such a close distance from the shooting stone pieces, the terrifying force contained in them would not be inferior to real bullets. Nonetheless, a dagger flashed out, shielding his vital spot in an instant. Banging sounds proceeded to ring out, as all the shattered pieces were sent flying away from him.

However, at the same moment, a terrifying torrential aura surged up from the dust cloud, before rising into the air.

"Hundred Strikes to Raise the Heavens!"

A muffled sound rose from within the dust cloud, brimming with might and power!

The Heaven Raising Staff instantly pierced through the dust cloud, appearing just like a dragon soaring into the sky!

The terrifying might of the staff seemed to want to sweep away everything in its path, pulverizing everything that obstructed its path!

A glint flashed across Grai's eyes as he utilised the winds created by the staff to forcibly bend his waist. Unleashing remnant afterimages, he evaded the rising staff at the very last moment.

Dropping down, his feet finally made contact with the ground. However, the staff shadows had already closed in on him.

At this moment, Zhao Tianlong's eyes had already started to turn slightly scarlet red, with the power being transmitted into the Heaven Raising Staff having changed from the combination of gentle and hard fundamental staff techniques he was using earlier. The Heaven Raising 18 Strikes were a series of extraordinarily vigorous and forceful attacks; an all-out offensive!

At this moment, all of the earlier distance control was already meaningless. Having entered a blood frenzy, Zhao Tianlong appeared to have merged with his Heaven Raising Staff into one single entity, becoming an extension of his body! All of his attacks became faster and fiercer! What's more, with the superposition of his staff techniques, not only did his attacks start to overlap, even the might of his staff had grown increasingly stronger, and increasingly vigorous!

The berserk staff shadows had already left 7 to 8 indentations on Grai's body. The staff did not make contact with his body, yet the airwaves generated by its movements were already sufficient to injure people!

When every accumulation reached its critical point, signs of dullness could already be seen in Grai's movements. In the next instant, the berserk staff shadows had already enveloped him from all directions, leaving him no path to retreat!

Grai's pupils furiously contracted as he twisted his dagger around. Soul Power surged forth, before his entire being transformed into three figures in the next instant!

Unlike the remnant afterimages unleashed by him earlier, these three figures appeared corporeal. Three Grais split up in a flash, rushing out from the dense hurricane-like staff shadows array, seemingly phasing through everything!

He had actually evaded that?

"Shadow Doppelganger?!" quite a few people cried out in astonishment.

That was a genuine assassin's Shadow Doppelganger! Although they were illusionary images in essence, their usage was definitely not restricted to just being illusions! During the instant of their creation, one would be close to an incorporeal state. As long as one was able to accurately time when that instant occurs, one would practically be able to evade all types of attacks!

During Tianjing's match against Bierlia Academy, everyone had seen this ability being displayed by Eddie Brooks. However, wasn't that supposed to be an uncirculated secret of the assassin families? Yet, Grai was actually able to execute such an ability?!

A sliver of astonishment flashed through Zhao Tianlong's near-berserk pupils, before two chilling dots of light pierced right at his eyes!

This sneak attack was truly too quick, that even the strengthened Zhao Tianlong was unable to evade in time.


With a ferocious blink, he closed his eyes tightly, before a layer of golden light proceeded to radiate out from his body. At this instant, his soft and supple eyelids were actually shining with golden light!

As the dagger pierced right at Zhao Tianlong's eyelids, the unexpected sound of metal scraping against metal rang out!

His attack had actually been blocked!

The attacks and defence of the two happened too quickly; despite this eyelid defence being exceedingly outrageous, Grai had merely gawked slightly, before Zhao Tianlong's staff shadows had come sweeping over.


For the first time, the staff shadows managed to graze the left of Grai's waist. Terrifying power exploded forth, instantly sending Grai flying like a soccer ball getting kicked.

The two figures separated from each other. While Zhao Tianlong had merely closed his eyes and retreated backwards, Grai had been sent flying back a dozen metres like a cannonball.

"Danger!" Ruo Zhi's casting voice did not stop once. Compared to Wind God, brother Ruo was clearly was more accomplished as a casting analyst. "Zhao Tianlong had launched his earlier attack with the intent to force Grai away. As for now, Grai's too near to the edge of the stage! He's about to fall out of the stage!

Tap tap tap tap tap!

Grai tapped his feet as his body continued to channel power into his bodily revolutions. Forcefully diverting the terrifying force transmitted by the staff shade, his pressed his left foot back into the ground. Forming a long skid mark in the ground, he finally stabilized his footing, coming to a halt 7 to 8 metres from the stage's edge.

They were fighting on a large scale stage that spanned a couple hundred meters in diameter. Being forced to a position a mere 7 to 8 metres away from the edge of the stage was indeed a considerably dangerous situation to be in.

A surge of redness appeared on Grai's face, before quickly retreating away. The clothing on the left side of his waist had been blown to bits by the strike from the Heaven Raising Staff, revealing a small blue-black wound in its place.

He's injured!

Ever since knowing Grai, this was the first time that everyone had seen him suffering an injury.

Furthermore, exactly what kind of perverted defence did that Zhao Tianlong possess? An indestructible body that was impenetrable to blades and spears could be reasoned with. However, those were his eyelids! Fuck, that's one of the softest and most supple parts of the human body, eyelids! He was actually able to defend against that sharp dagger!

Over at the side of the Tianjing audience. Other than Wang Zhong, everyone's heart was already lodged at their mouths. As for those female fans of Grai, they had instantly let out shrieks of shock.

However, there was an explanation alongside those shrieks, and even the roars from the Divine Dragon Academy supporters.

Despite having accumulated power to such a degree, Zhao Tianlong's Heaven Raising Staff was unexpectedly only able to leave a bruise on Grai? This…

Grai did not move, while Zhao Tianlong did not give chase. Standing a couple dozen metres away from each other, the two stared at each other eye to eye. Both of them seemed to be making adjustments to their mental states, as their minds rapidly broke down the advantages their opponent had from their earlier performance.

Appearing to have felt the two fighters furiously trying to gather their strength, the roaring atmosphere within the arena proceeded to turn solemn. The large broadcasting cameras locked onto the two, ever ready to catch the instant they restarted their fight.

Especially notable was the golden brilliance radiating out from Zhao Tianlong's closed eyes, which had actually allowed him to receive an attack from Grai's dagger just using his eyelids!


Zhao Tianlong's indestructible body had already gained renown throughout the Federation. Before the match, the Tianjing squadron had also searched for the videos and footage of Zhao Tianlong's previous fights, in an effort to analyse his so-called invincible defence.

Frankly speaking, after looking through the videos and footage, they discovered that their opponent wasn't an expert who stood at the highest peak. That's why their analysis of Zhao Tianlong's indestructible body had stopped at the "we still need to see the strength of his attacks" stage.

However, Grai was the one who had launched an attack! After being suppressed for a period of time, how could the instantaneous counter attack he had launched be weak? Furthermore, he had targeted his opponent's eyelid! It could be said to be the softest part of the human body! Yet, it was unexpectedly able to defend against the sharp attack from a dagger! What's more, it was an attack from Grai's dagger!

Nonetheless, everyone could clearly see slivers of burst capillaries in Zhao Tianlong's eye. In addition, he had blinked forcefully for a few times, a clear indicator that he had suffered some damage. Nonetheless, it wasn't able to influence his combat, being just a slight feeling of pain at worst.

What kind of defence was this? Was there a need to continue fighting?

"This is a heavy soldier who is able to rank on the Mo's List… his indestructible body is not only the result of harsh and torturous physical training, it is also supported by his gold attribute special ability. From a certain point of view, it could be said to be a genuine undying body. If one has to choose the people participating in the CHF who stood the best chance to defend against a few waves of Wang Zhong's cross wheels, Zhao Tianlong would definitely be one of them. It is a total mistake on Grai's part to pick up the twin daggers to deal with Zhao Tianlong. On the aspect of a heavy soldier, be it offence or defence, there's nothing about that fellow that can be picked at…" Watching via Skylink, Divian was currently sighing in admiration towards the might of Zhao Tianlong. At the same time, she could not help but look towards Karl, who stood by her side as he said those words. "What's more, he does not have any of the characteristic weaknesses!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Cough cough…" Karl opened his mouth as he looked towards the sky. "Oh hey, today's weather is pretty good! There's quite a lot of sunshine and radiance! Boss, what are we eating for this afternoon? Oh right, I've just seen little Mo Mo and the rest eating hotpot yesterday. How about we eat hotpot today?"

The so-called little Mo Mo was Mo Xingchen. Therefore, even the group of people from the Mo Family weren't willing to place this fellow in the Mo's List, and the reason was definitely unrelated to his strength.

Divian's face instantly turned slightly black, with a feeling of regret now coursing through her. She had actually thought of wanting to preach to this block of latrine stone! Even using her toes to think would have let her understand that it wouldn't have amounted to anything.

It was after a few seconds of silence on the Skylink before all hell broke loose!

Using his eyelids to block a dagger!

What's the definition of invincible? This is called invincible! An unbeatable Zhao Tianlong, unassailable and indestructible body!

"A high-level confrontation, a high-level offence and defence!" Wind God's voice poured out like a flood, ringing fiercely across the arena. "Their performance in their offence and defence are truly too astonishing! It's hard to believe that the two fighting on stage right now are just the supporting characters of their squadron! However, it's a pity that Grai has made the wrong prediction! That indestructible body is lethal against an assassin's life-risking attack methods!"

Not choosing a soldier's weapon indicated that Grai wasn't planning on playing a game of attrition with his opponent. Instead, he was planning on using his speed and agility to obtain an advantage, one which would allow him to unleash his offensive. However, Zhao Tianlong wasn't just any orthodox heavy soldier.

On the casting platform, Wind God had always held on to the initiative. At this moment, Ruo Zhi nodded his head lightly while saying, " Grai's intention for choosing twin daggers is most likely for the sake of control, though it's a pity."

On the contrary to the casters, Wang Zhong was not one bit worried about Grai. He knew that Grai had yet to show his true strength at all, as that fellow had hidden his abilities even deeper than himself.

Lacking in strength? If people had seen the scene of Wang Zhong and Grai comparing their strength within a 10s gravity room, they would definitely not use such a term to describe Grai. If he was truly lacking in strength, he would be utterly unable to receive that heavy blow from the Heaven Raising Staff. If an ordinary heavy soldier was in Grai's shoes at that instant, he might have already been split into two!

Furthermore, was a dagger really useless?

That's not necessarily the case.

Indeed, Zhao Tianlong's defence was slightly surprising. Nonetheless, it was still within Tianjing's expectations.

At the very least, he still needed to close his eyes when faced with Grai's dagger! Even after blocking that attack, his eye was hurting!

That was already more than enough.

Zhao Tianlong was more defence-oriented as opposed to being offence-oriented. It didn't mean that his "Hundred Strikes to Raise the Heavens" wasn't formidable. However, when compared to his indestructible body, his offensive capabilities were still slightly lacking. It was his defence that earned him the right to stand firm within the Mo's List. However, at this moment, the limit of his trump card had already been more or less been revealed. However, everything was just starting for Grai!

With a slight flip of his wrist, Grai flipped the orientation of his dagger to a downwards grip. As this happened, his other hand opened up to form a palm, which was positioned straight before his chest.

Seeing this, Wang Zhong's eyes lit up.

The counterattack was about to begin!

A sliver of an upward curl appeared at the corner of Grai's mouth.


With a light tap with the tip of his foot, he shot forwards like an arrow leaving a bow!

Giving his staff a shake, Zhao Tianlong rushed up to meet Grai.

The circular range of the staff forced Grai into the range most optimum for unleashing its attacks. However, it was not a repeat of the previous exchange, and furthermore, Grai was injured.

However, right after blocking Grai's advance, Zhao Tianlong's face changed slightly.

In what way was his opponent injured? His actions had unexpectedly increased in speed, while his movements had grown more fluttery than before!

This fellow had actually conserved and hidden his strength in their previous exchange! What's more, the angle of his penetration was even more tricky, appearing as though he had already seen right through Zhao Tianlong's staff techniques!

Immense pressure came bearing down on Zhao Tianlong, instantly forming an invisible suppression pressing down on his heart and mind. Unexpectedly, he felt it hard to re-enter into the fusion state with his Heaven Raising Staff!

With an increase in one party and a decrease in the other, an inconceivable outcome was formed.

Before Zhao Tianlong could wrap his head around everything that had happened, with just three moves, his opponent had already accurately found the point of entry within his staff movements, and had easily entered his inner circle!

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!

Having unleashed his true strength, Grai appeared like a completely different person than before. As golden light sparkled rapidly around Zhao Tianlong's body, clear metallic collision sounds reverberated across the entire arena.

"Grai appears to have suddenly changed into another person, and is unexpectedly suppressing a Mo's List!" Ruo Zhi's voice was one of astonishment, "However, Zhao Tianlong's indestructible body is still as resilient as ever, causing Grai's attacks with his dagger to seem completely useless!"

Grai's penetrated even deeper into Zhao Tianlong's inner circle, becoming a maggot in Zhao Tianlong's tarsal bone. Despite moving around extremely quickly, the latter was unable to extricate himself from Grai, and was also unable to widen the distance between them by even a bit.

A longer weapon would result in a greater power, but a shorter weapon would allow for a greater lethality!

In such a close distance entanglement, the Heaven Raising Staff seemed unable to fully display its might.

A dazzling flash!

A chilling glow rushed into the sky, piercing straight towards Zhao Tianlong's left eye. This caused him to subconsciously close it, while golden light sparkled out. In the next instant, a "ding" sound rang out. However, there was no piercing pain as a result of a massive force being transmitted in like before, appearing as though that dagger had just fluttered and tapped his eyelid lightly.

I've been had!

As Zhao Tianlong realised this, his half-open eyes caught the flash radiating out from Grai's hands.

Two palms drew strange arcs in the air, causing over a hundred hands to appear in an instant. In the next instant, countless overlappings shadows proceeded to superimpose on one another!

What seemed like extremely slow movements were all pulled back ferociously, causing the tens of thousands of hand shadows to converge together in flash, before condensing to form a single palm! In the next instant, it pressed onto the large exposed chest of Zhao Tianlong without any obvious reaction.


The seemingly soft and supple palm exploded with unimaginable might, sending Zhao Tianlong flying through the sky. What followed was a huge bang, accompanied by the sounds of metal shattering.

Crack crack crack…

7 to 8 fissure lines visible to the naked eye extended out from Grai's palm, before the golden light covering Zhao Tianlong's entire body shattered fiercely!

Tap tap tap tap tap!

Zhao Tianlong tried with great effort to control his body and stand still. Nonetheless, the backwards momentum from the palm strike was too strong. It caused him to retreat a dozen steps back, though it wasn't enough, as he sat down fiercely on the ground.


A mouthful of blood spurted uncontrollably out from Zhao Tianlong's mouth.

Be it the arena or Skylink, and even including Wind God, who had just been jumping about, all of them were stupefied by what they saw.

What happened?!

Zhao Tianlong, who had originally gained superiority over his opponent, and established an invincible position, actually had his position reversed in an instant?

That was an indestructible body! Yet, it had cracked after a single blow, and even caused him to spurt blood out?


"Somewhat like the Mo Family's Three Thousand Wind Currents Cloud Fist!

"No, that's a 100-fold Compounding Strike!" there weren't many in the arena that recognized Grai's move. However, the intricacies of his move couldn't escape the eyes of the Potter Family, the ancestor of bare-handed combat. Laura was able to recognize that move from Grai. The illusionary palm shades were indeed slightly similar to the Mo Family's Three Thousand Wind Currents Cloud Fist. However, that was just in its appearance. The core of that strike was the 100-fold compounded force in that palm strike!

Just like the Oscillating fist, there were a hundred and one appearances and ways to unleash it, yet the essence of the move would never change.

The 100-fold Compounding Strike was an extremely gentle way of sending out force. The compounding of force was only one of its key elements. What's more frightening was the 100-fold strength contained within that palm strike! When many layers of force were overlapped, it would possess an extremely terrifying oscillation effect. And when all of it were condensed together, it would possess a special effect that would smash through all the so-called impregnable defences!

This was why the Mo Family could suppress the Zhao Family, and this was why the Zhao Family could oppose any other family but the Mo Family.
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    《Battle Frenzy》