Battle Frenzy
451 Fatal Pollen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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451 Fatal Pollen

Chen Yu'er was also paying attention to this. Only at this time did she recall that brother Ruo seemed to have always stood on Tianjing's side. From the looks of it, brother Ruo's vision was still higher.

What a frightening Grai, what frightening close combat! Laura could not help but to secretly express her admiration for Grai. Of those famous experts that were ranked on the Mo's List, only a few of them were capable of causing admiration to appear in her heart. However, there were two of them in a mere Tianjing squadron! Wang Zhong and Grai! These two fellows had trump cards that seemed to never, ever be fully uncovered! When one assumed that they had already reached their limits, they would always be able to unleash new stuff that would blow your eyeballs out!

Laura wasn't the only one that was sighing in admiration. In the arena and on the Skylink, the female fans of Grai had already regained their senses at this moment, and had instantly turned high!

This was especially due to Grai's calm and tranquil appearance as he retracted his stance and stood at his original location, not attempting to pursue and follow up with his attack. This made him appear just like a king who had descended down from his throne, and when he used a calm and gentle gaze to look at Zhao Tianlong in the distance….

Every lady present in the arena when batshit crazy!

There were ladies who were clawing crazily at their hair, destroying the hairstyles that they always paid the most attention to as they shrieked out, "Grai! Ah! My Grai!"

There were ladies so emotional that they started to twitch. "He's so handsome that I'm suffocating! I can't breathe! Oh god, save me!"

"Looks like Grai has already become the one of the next generation of Heavenly Kings!." Ruo Zhi could not help but sigh in sorrow. "However, that palm strike from him is beautiful indeed. Although it isn't the Mo Family's Three Thousand Wind Currents Cloud Fist, it definitely contains the essence of inner strength."

With the status Ruo Zhi possessed, he would naturally not haggle with Wind God over some small details.


As clamouring noises filled the entire arena, Zhao Tianlong gave a loud roar.

Giving the ground a fierce pat with his hands, he flipped himself up. Even though the blood that was still dripping from the corner of his mouth made him appear to be in a slightly bad state, his spirit and mental state had reached a new level of focus!

He finally understood the worried that had plagued Zhao Zimo. Frankly speaking, although his youngest brother did not possess a shred of combat strength, his keen perspective was the absolute best in their Zhao Family. Even Zhao Yilong might not necessarily be better than Zhao Zimo in this aspect.

This Grai is very strong! So strong that he's beyond reason! Even after treating his opponent extremely seriously, never did he expect that he would still be forced into such a disadvantageous position.

This wasn't a coincidence, nor was it due to him underestimating his opponent. Instead, his opponent was stronger was himself!

An even faster speed, a higher level of strength, and even more incisive understanding of the combat situation and higher situational awareness, and even his adaptability were all superior to him! The only thing that Zhao Tianlong might have an advantage in was his defence. However, even his indestructible body might not be able to endure the 100-fold compounding palm strike, which was specifically used to break hard defences. 

This was the first time other than facing off against his captain where he had been beaten into such a disadvantageous situation.

A sliver of excitement and fighting intent sparkled within Zhao Tianlong's eyes.

The mystifying effect of the dagger could no longer be used now. When faced against an expert of such a level, a move would no longer be effective after one use.

Weaving his hands around, Grai's palms drew circular arcs in the air, before the overlapping palm prints appeared once again.

The auras radiating from both sides reached their peaks in an instant. Despite not taking action yet, sparks had already started to fly across the stage from the collision between the intense auras.

Everyone was waiting for the incoming spectacle. However, not a single person noticed, that in a corner, a wrinkle had appeared on Zhao Zimo's forehead.

Indeed, Grai was stronger than he had imagined, and had even more trump cards than he had predicted. Although his 5th bro still had a fighting chance for victory, honestly speaking, there wasn't much of a guarantee. Although the Zhao family could sacrifice many things, victory was definitely not one of them.

Zhao Zimo slowly opened his white folding fan, before a faint smell wafted out from within.


He spoke out in a soft voice.

Radiance sparkled from the eyes of the special ability user sitting beside him, before an imperceptibly gentle gust of wind whirled up, bringing that smell into the competition stage.

This inconspicuous scene was practically undetectable in the explosive atmosphere present within the arena, as everyone's gaze was now focused on the bodies of the 2 fighters.


A massive power gushed forth from Zhao Tianlong's legs as he strode forwards, sending his entire body barrelling towards Grai!

His opponent only had that many trump cards, and had already shown quite a few on the stage. What he needed was to keep up a constant stream of attacks! Attacking without bothering about defence!

Either you die, or I die!

"Heaven Raising Staff--Overlord's Descent!"


Rushing into the air under the dazzling sunlight, Zhao Tianlong appeared as overbearing as a dragon! There were no more complicated staff movements, though those movements were definitely not simple! This was a transformation from complex to simple!

Pressure rushed out from the staff like a howling gale, pressing all the air down as it swept forwards!

Facing the incoming pressure, Grai appeared to be as motionless as a mountain.

The palm strike he had sent out earlier was already able to test the limits of his opponent's defence. The 100-fold compounding palm strike was able to break Zhao Tianlong's defences. However, it wasn't able to directly impede his opponent's offensive capabilities. If he were to engage in a battle of attrition, it would undoubtedly result in massive consumption of his strength. That would not be a good thing, as his strength would be vital in the group battle against the Divine Dragon Academy.

The only way would be to completely destroy him! Breakthrough via the front! Wrecking Zhao Tianlong's confidence and fighting spirit would be the fastest way to end this fight!

Brilliance erupted from Grai's eyes, as tens of thousands of palm shades converged together in a flash.

The 100-fold compounding strike wasn't limited to breaking through defences or hard attacks.

Using softness to counter hardness!

Taking a step back, Grai's swept both of his hands to the left, causing the incoming Heaven Raising Staff to be immediately brought away by the massive strength of his sweep. Having an abundance of combat experience, Zhao Tianlong did not forcefully dissipate the momentum of his staff. Instead, he allowed it to pull his body into a rotation, before sweeping his staff out fiercely from the right.

Redirection attack!

As the staff shadow rushed right before his eyes, Grai's palms shifted as he prepared to receive the strike. However, just at this instant, a peculiar floral fragrance wafted by!

This is?!

Grai's face abrupted turned deathly pale, while his fluid water-like movements instantly came to a halt!

It was merely a fraction of a second.


Zhao Tianlong's unstoppable staff had already swept down, it's terrifyingly massive force viciously smashing down on Grai's utterly defenceless shoulder!

"Impossible!" Wang Zhong's pupils instantly contracted.

Not only Wang Zhong, but also everyone from the Tianjing squadron and the entire audience present in the arena had turned deathly silent in a flash!

In fact, a peculiar shade had even appeared on Zhao Tianlong's face.

Was there any equal to a full-force strike from a Mo's List heavy soldier?

Grai was immediately sent flying, a mouthful of blood spurting out, before he laid on the ground, not moving a single inch.

Zhao Tianlong did not continue his attack. As his face sunk like a rock in water, he took a subconscious look towards the bottom of the stage. Over there was Zhao Zimo, appearing as calm and tranquil as ever, with a shade of admiration present within his eyes as he pointed his big thumb out.

The entire arena was utterly silent, including the millions of people watching via Skylink. In the next instant, earth-shattering shouts of acclamation rang out, Invincible Divine Dragon!

At the final instant, it was clearly evident that Zhao Tianlong was more ferocious. On the contrary, Grai had evidently been struck by subsequent fatigue. After blocking the first strike, he had already used all of his strength. Zhao Tianlong's mysterious backhanded staff technique coupled with his redirection of Grai's own strength had caused the latter to be utterly unable to muster any defence at all!

Wind God had already gone high, with his throat turning hoarse from all the mad shouting. There was once where he was anxious for Zhao Tianlong. However, at the final instant, the latter had defended the dignity of the Divine Dragon squadron!

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Like a released arrow, Wang Zhong rushed up the stage. Hugging the unconscious Grai in a flash, he instantly smelled the faint fragrance of flowers.

So this is…

Wang Zhong instantly understood the underlying reason, prompting him to shoot a cold look at Zhao Tianlong. There might have been some problem with Zhao Tianlong's unyielding gaze. However, regardless of everything, a fight was a fight, so it didn't matter how big one's eyes were in a standoff!
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    《Battle Frenzy》