Battle Frenzy
452 Concerted Efforts
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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452 Concerted Efforts

Grai's peculiar change in that instant was felt most clearly by his opponent, Zhao Tianlong, as his accumulated strength and exuberant fighting spirit had appeared to spontaneously collapse and disappear.

Zhao Tianlong did not know exactly what had happened. However, he was certain that it definitely had to be related to Grai's weakness his youngest had mentioned.

He had seen the expression on Zhao Zimo's face. Being all too understanding about his youngest brother, he was able to understand precisely what had happened upon seeing Wang Zhong's eyes.

Although he would have deep regrets for being unable to fight all the way to the end against Grai, being a member of the Zhao Family, he wasn't a naive little kid. To them, victory was their one and only goal. If there were anyone that he would feel hatred towards, it would be himself; he could only hate himself for being too weak.

"Although Grai has shown an extremely incredible performance, Divine Dragon Academy deserves the victory for this duel." Wind God already felt like flying away. Earlier, even he had almost assumed the duel to be Grai's win. However, who would have expected that Grai had actually lost!

Frankly speaking, This king and prince of the Tianjing squadron had never once allowed his predictions to come true. When he predicted their loss, they would win. When he predicted their victory, they had actually lost! This motherfucking…

"I feel that the pressure from Zhao Tianlong's final attack that should have stifled Grai. There are a lot of things ongoing in a fight that can't be seen and judged from videos and playback footages. The suppression from the pressure, coupled with the direction of Zhao Tianlong's attack, which might have relied on the glaring sunlight behind him, was very likely to have caused Grai to make a mistake in his judgement. In any way, it caused his hands to slow down by just a beat during the critical instant. The loss of the first duel is too fatal for Tianjing! Without Grai, Tianjing would not be what it is today! Once Tianjing falls, it only is a matter of time before they fail!"

Compared to Wind God, Ruo Zhi only had a faint smile on his face as he continued the commentary. " The loss in the first duel is indeed extremely grave for Tianjing. However, I'm still waiting for Wang Zhong's response to this loss. Anyone that wants to become a legend would need to pull out legendary performances."

The current situation was considerably grim for Tianjing, as their number 2 figure had been downed. To other squadrons, this might just be an unlucky opening. However, for the Tianjing squadron, this loss was absolutely fatal! From everyone's knowledge, other than their king and prince, the other members that made up the Tianjing squadron were all relatively weak, and stood almost no chance of victory against the S ranked Divine Dragon Academy. Despite how legendary their great king All Mouthy King was, he could only obtain 1 point during the duelling phase of the match, per the CHF rules and regulations! If they were to lose all of the other duels, they would not even have the chance to enter the group battle!"

"I never expected brother Ruo to have such high thoughts about Tianjing." Wind God continued after Ruo Zhi. "I personally feel that Tianjing does not have a shred of victory left. Tianjing has already lost the advantage of personnel selection. Wanting to rely on their other members to flip the advantage back to them appears to be an impossible task to accomplish. If Wang Zhong goes up next, he will definitely face the strongest obstruction in the form of Zhao Zilong! Not only has Tianjing lost, they also have most likely been shaved bald! I'm really not purposely targeting anyone when I say that final score might turn out to be 4:0! This is just the facts!"

A string of debates proceeded to erupt in the Skylink. However, Grai's loss had indeed come as a surprise to everyone. After all, in the earlier matches, Grai had always reversed seemingly hopeless situations in miraculous fashion, including his duel against the terrifying special ability of Gaden. Now, his collapse had indeed caused Tianjing's supporters to feel incredibly lost.

At this moment, Grai had already been carried off the stage by Wang Zhong, with everyone from the Tianjing squadron all surrounding the two of them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The injury on Grai's shoulder was slightly frightening. During that instant, his Soul power his completely collapsed. If not for his body being sufficiently robust and resilient, and having reacted sufficiently fast, that final staff blow might genuinely have been fatal. However, there was an even more significant problem now, which was his state of anaphylaxis.

Compared to Grai's previous allergic reaction, despite Hymin already starting her treatment, the red rashes covering his body did not show any signs of retreating. Slowly rousing from his stupor, Grai was utterly unable to muster any strength, with his entire body remaining soft and limp.

"This isn't any ordinary pollen." Hymin could sense it. "It should be specially concocted, as there are also quite a few pollen types with rather strong adhesive properties. I can't remove them, so it's likely that they will stay attached for quite a few hours...your shoulder injury isn't something that can be treated with my healing abilities."

Possessing a special ability that had healing capabilities, having medical skills held a rather important role in its utilization. It was all too clear that Grai had been targeted.

"Let the stage side medical team take over."

When the medical team walked over and took Grai away, quite a few of the female fans present in the arena erupted in a frenzy, rushing down like a mad swarm. Tens of thousand of crazed fans almost blocked up the entire emergency medical passage, causing a massive uproar throughout the arena.

Compared to the noisy atmosphere, the entire Tianjing squadron was silent and solemn. They were currently faced with the pain from Grai's injury, as well as the worry from the uncertain future of their CHF journey. Their prince, who they had trusted, and who was Tianjing's guarantee for the group battle, had fallen. This caused everyone to be at a loss.

"That's enough. There's no need be dejected. This is just the first duel." said Wang Zhong as he clapped his hand. "Now's the time for our entire squadron to be united. If not, Grai's injury will be for nought."


The scene of Barran giving his all in the previous match, yet still being beaten like a dog by Bella Dean's heavy soldier, was still deeply imprinted in everyone's mind. However, the Divine Dragon Academy was the third expert opponent Tianjing has faced. Their current opponent was much stronger than Bella Dean. Even with All Mouthy King's invincibility, they had already lost their chance to obtain victory.

Other than Wang Zhong and Grai, there was no one else in the Tianjing squadron that possessed an S rank level of strength. Perhaps, they might be able to showcase unexpected performances under Wang Zhong's guidance during the group battle. However, the problem was that the current Tianjing might no longer possess the qualifications to enter the group battle phase.

A feeling of anxiety and gloom fell over the Tianjing supporters present on Skylink.

Due to the existence of Wang Zhong and Grai, countless people had good expectations for Tianjing before the start of the match. Even against the powerful Divine Dragon Academy, they still believed that Tianjing could continue creating their legend. However, from the looks of it, Tianjing had already lost all chances for victory.

"Ah, poor brother King! He's probably devastated!"

"The crime of not fighting!"

"Tianjing's strength across the board is indeed too weak. Wang Zhong and Grai. If any problem occurs in either of their duels, their other squadron members don't even have the qualifications to be their replacements."

"Their assassin is still pretty good. She managed to beat up Bierlia Academy's mainstay soldier."

"Oh please! That's Bierlia Academy! Even Barran had finished off their mainstay heavy soldier, okay! However, didn't Barran get beaten like a dog against the S ranked Bella Dean?"

"My heart goes out for Tianjing, Grai, and brother King!"

"I feel that Tianjing's only chance of victory would be for brother King to go up and offer a challenge, a 1 vs 4 or even a 1 vs 5! Didn't Stuart and Martial Ghost Divine Emperor do that?"

This rotten idea that sprouted out from nowhere had frankly attracted quite a lot of attention. "That's right! If Wang Zhong uses his cross wheels to challenge 5…"

That opinion from Skylink, was frankly, somewhat laughable.

Watching the match via Skylink, Gui Hao couldn't help but burst into laughter. Although he did not go down to watch the match in person, he had taken a look at it because he was bored and had nothing to do. There was a problem in Grai's reaction. Nonetheless, an external move was still a move. Regardless of whether it was poison or other methods, this showed that Tianjing was still too careless. Against an opponent like the Divine Dragon Academy, they still weren't able to keep their vigilance up.
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    《Battle Frenzy》