Battle Frenzy
455 Emily
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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455 Emily

The advancement of her special ability had not only increased her firepower, it had also raised her sensory capabilities and reaction speed. At this instant, Scarlet had already felt the attack coming from behind her, and her pistols had simultaneously tilted backwards and fired!

A chilling glint flashed within Zhao Wuying's eyes, before she did a backflip.

Ding Ding Ding Ding!

The silvery hooks blocked the incoming bullets, with the terrifying might of Scarlet's firepower causing one of the hooks to shoot out of Zhao Wuying's hands. However, at the same instant, a sinister kick had shot towards the sky from below!


A direct strike on the back of Scarlet's head.

The terrifying impact of the kick sent Scarlet flying 7 to 8 metres, with blood spurting out from her, painting rainbow-like arcs in the air!

The ice and frost that covered the entire arena disappeared in an instant, as Scarlet's entire body turned limp, lying on the ground and unable to move a single inch at all.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

A deathly silence filled the entire stage and arena, with the casters and analysts even being forgetting to maintain their play by play commentaries.

Rage and anger surged with Zhao Wuying's heart. This was supposed to be her game! Yet, this girl had actually forced her to take action! However, just as she was prepared to take action once again, the voice of the referee rang out.


Other than one hook having been sent flying away, the remaining one… had a thick layer of frost covering the hand that held it, with even half of her arm being frozen up! At this moment, Zhao Wuying's entire arm was completely numb from the cold!


How could a mere ice attribute special ability from a Casted Soul Stage, be that strong???


Lying limply on the ground, Scarlet had already turned into something incomparably disgusting in Zhao Wuying's eyes. A mere kick was utterly insufficient for her to vent the rage and anger she had in her heart. On the contrary, she was hoping for that lass to stand up once again, so that she would have an opportunity to rip that irksome face of hers!

"One!" the referee crossed his hands before waving them out.

Second duel, Divine Dragon Academy's victory!

When Wang Zhong had gone up and carried Scarlet down from the stage, the arena erupted in a wave of applause, coming not only from the Tianjing supporters, but even some of the neutral audience. Although chasing after an expert was admittedly a psychological mindset of people, Scarlet's performance in the duel was more than sufficient to warrant applause. Placed within the entire CHF lineup, a mere C rank squadron member was indeed way too ordinary. However, the resolution and unbending gaze she possessed, while being able to showcase her own elegance and splendour in the face of an S ranked opponent had won over the hearts of quite a few people.

In Tianjing Academy, before Wang Zhong had gained his fame and reputation, Scarlet was considered the only hope and idol of the entire academy. Even after reaching the massive dancing stage which was Stuart, and not having showcased any ability at all, it was still insufficient to shake the place and status Scarlet held in the hearts of the Tianjing Academy students. Indeed, Wang Zhong was much more formidable than her. However, who was the person who had discovered him? Who had offered All Mouthy King help when he was still a newbie? Who had given him those chances, and had even given away their position as a captain to him?

Was it only due to Wang Zhong being extremely outstanding? There were many outstanding people in this world. However, were there that many modest people around?

Scarlet was the critical factor as to why Tianjing was able to walk this far. Without Scarlet, Wang Zhong would still be at some unknown corner, repenting and being full of remorse, or finding comfort and consolation for his heart within the OP!

While Wang Zhong was shaking the entire world, Scarlet had not forgotten her original goal, and continued to give her all for this squadron silently. During the instant when Grai was downed, frankly, 99% of people had already sunk into despair. Should Emily be the one to stand up at this moment? Or Barran? Or someone else? However, Scarlet was the first person to stand up. Not only did she want to obtain a win in the second duel, she also wanted to tell everyone that Tianjing, will, never, give, up!

However, despite giving her all, she still wasn't able to obtain a win. The entire Tianjing Academy remained silent, their eyes bloodshot as looked towards the blood-covered Scarlet. Despite the unbearable feelings gushing out of his heart, old Greene had persevered and watched all the way until the end, as he truly was proud of Scarlet!

This was the backbone that Tianjing once possessed!

"Contestant Scarlet has really given her best shot. Nonetheless, in the face of the powerful Divine Dragon squadron, it only makes her appear even weaker than before. It's a pity that after Grai's loss, the Tianjing squadron is somewhat of a disarray, to have actually sent their ranged soldier up. Looks like there are times where even Wang Zhong will miscalculate." Not everyone could sense the intricacies and delicate nature of some matters, and Wind God was one of them. He only noticed the strength of the Divine Dragon squadron; as for Scarlet's breakthrough and willpower, those were just the struggles made by weaklings.

"However, the spirit displayed by Scarlet is precisely what we need in the CHF. Positive, always seeking progress, struggling for one's future, and never, ever giving up! All of the miracles we've seen are always born from perseverance, including the continued existence of humanity during the dark era!" Ruo Zhi took over. "Okay, let us return to the match. Now, with the Divine Dragon Academy having a 2:0 lead, Tianjing's situation has already reached an imminent crisis."

"Captain Wang Zhong! Captain Wang Zhong!

"All Mouthy King!'

"Go up, brother king!"

From the viewing gallery and Skylink, there were already countless fans of Wang Zhong spontaneously shouting at the top of their lungs.

The cries for All Mouthy King continued to surge and grow louder after every wave. However, despite that, in the Tianjing preparation area, Wang Zhong did not stand up at all.

At this moment, Hymin was currently treating Scarlet's injuries. That kick to the back of her head was too vicious, as that was already a rather lethal spot for a human being. Despite that, Zhao Wuying had completely shown no restraint in her strength. If not for Scarlet using her ice crystal special ability at that instant to protect herself, allowing her to negate a large portion of the incoming force, her entire head would probably have caved in from the kick!

"I'm, I'm unable…"Hymin shook her head, her words sounding slightly laboured. In this moment, she could once again acutely feel just how powerless she was. Initially, it was enough for her to be able to use her healing ability. However, the wounds that Scarlet had suffered had exceeded the scope of her healing abilities and standard of recovery she could provide.

The emergency squad by the side of the stage had to intervene once again.

While being hoisted onto a stretcher, Scarlet's hand twitched. Wang Zhong moved forward to hold it, feeling how cold and powerless that hand was. Nonetheless, upon grabbing hold of it, that hand instantly regained a few degrees of warmth.

"You've done very well. Relax, we'll definitely win! I'll guarantee that!" said Wang Zhong softly by her ear.

Although he did not know whether she had heard or felt it, a sliver of a smile appeared on Scarlet's face as she was being stretchered away.

However, the rest of the squadron wasn't able to put up any smiles.

This was just the second duel, yet they had already sent two people to the emergency treatment room.

"This isn't a competition! This is pure murder!" flames of fury sparkled within Milami's eyes.

"Don't be naive." said Ma Dong in a deep voice, "This isn't some friendly exchange! A competition stage in a battlefield! No one would show any mercy!"

When Ma Dong, who had always remained as an observer, had said those words, it was a clear indication of just how angry he was. All of the pressure was now on Wang Zhong's shoulders. However, the current problem was that there was no use relying on Wang Zhong, as taking one duel wasn't enough to save the crisis the Tianjing squadron was currently facing. Defeat Zhao Yilong? That would only be possible if their opponents even gave them the chance to do so! It was entirely possible for the Divine Dragon squadron to send up a substitute against Wang Zhong, using this extremely vexing and cowardly method to eliminate Tianjing from the CHF.

As of now, the other members of the squadron had to help Wang Zhong obtain one more victory during the duelling phase of this match. If Wang Zhong went up on stage first, it would be equivalent to Tianjing revealing their entire hand to their opponent. With a hand and no cards left, their opponents could toy and play with them as they liked.

"Will Wang Zhong be the next one to go up to handle the crisis that's plaguing their Tianjing squadron? If he goes up, it would be equivalent to them forfeiting all hope. The Divine Dragon squadron could totally give them this duel. However, if he doesn't go up, it's very likely that this great trump card of theirs would be choked to death without the opportunity of being played." said Ruo Zhi.

"He should go up! What better time is there for him to go up? If he doesn't stop the momentum of the Divine Dragon squadron, Tianjing would no longer have any hope left." Wind God continued this topic of discussion.

Ruo Zhi shook his head slightly in response. If Wang Zhong goes up, it would signify that Tianjing had truly given up. Even if he gave an awesome performance, it would be no more than a swan song for the Tianjing squadron.

Wang Zhong casted his gaze towards Emily and Barran. Frankly speaking, their hopes for victory were extremely bleak. Nonetheless, only the two of them had even the slightest bit of hope towards making that a possibility. They needed someone to win a duel, so that he could hold up the promise that he had made to Scarlet.

However, who to send up first?

"I'll do it."

A clear female voice rang out. Calm and tranquil, yet abundant in power, the words she said were simple yet strong.

It was Emily.

Just as what Ruo Zhi had said, if Tianjing wanted to win, it was absolutely essential that Wang Zhong defended the fort. The third duel was the most critical pass for Tianjing! If they lost this duel, that would mean that the Divine Dragon Academy would have the match point in their hands. When that happened, the despair of impending failure as well as the psychological pressure the Tianjing squadron was now feeling would be multiplied countless times over!

This was no longer an issue of giving way to others. Compared to the unstable Barran, Emily was the one who could truly put up a fight against their opponents, and was also the one who had a greater chance of pulling up Tianjing's hope for a group battle. Taking all that gargantuan mental pressure and leaving it for the next duel, and focusing all of the energy for this duel. Betting on Emily was Tianjing's only option. What's more, Emily had yet to unleash her greatest power for the world to see.
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    《Battle Frenzy》