Battle Frenzy
458 The Most Fortunate and Blissful Momen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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458 The Most Fortunate and Blissful Momen

Gawking slightly, Wang Zhong shot a look at Barran, though he was unable to see Ma Dong. Nodding his head, he said, "I'll leave it to you!"

Barran proceeded to walk towards the stage. Halfway up the steps, he suddenly turned his head around, revealing a radiant smile as he spoke out, "Captain, when was the time that you felt the most fortunate and blissful?"

Looking at the friends around him, the arena that was filled with tsunami-like cheers and shouts, as well as those people in the distance who were in deep thought, he said. "To me, this is the moment!"

"Tianjing Academy has fielded Barran! This is an inconceivable decision, and an inconceivable arrangement!" Wind God had almost choked in his happiness. Although Tianjing had already lost today's match, he was unable to find any place in their road to spit on. However, the chance had finally appeared!

Not grasping hold of this point would be equivalent to shaming all internet celebrities. "In the face of the final duel before the death of their squadron, captain Wang Zhong has actually chosen to run away? He has actually allowed Barran, who clearly does not possess any qualification to fight with an S rank, to be Tianjing's last scapegoat! Was it because he feels that Tianjing has already lost, or he is that scared of facing off against Zhao Yilong, so he wants to protect the fame and reputation of his All Mouthy King name?! This was utterly an incomprehensible decision, and incomprehensible cowardice! I believe that our friends in the audience who are supporting him from the arena and Skylink are definitely all disappointed!"

"Fuck! What All Mouthy King! Why doesn't he fight the last duel?!"

"There's no need to be that terrified of a loss, right! That fucker's not even as manly as those two girls!"

Having already endured three successive rounds of disappointment, the emotional fans finally blew up, all due to anger, disappointment, and pain!

"This fellow's absolutely not brother King! He's not fucking fit to be him! If brother King is here, how would he fear a fight!"

"I fucking bought tickets and traveled from afar just to support him! I'm really, motherfucking blind!"

"Let's go! There's nothing left to see! A 4:0 bullshit! Go fuck yourself, Wang bastard!"

Curses and vulgarities rang out across the arena, with the viewership numbers on Skylink dropping more than 2 million in an instant... this had set a new record! Not only that, there were also quite a few people that had started to leave the arena. Even if Tianjing were unable to win, they shouldn't do such a thing! This was simply too inconceivable!

Appearing to have not heard the earth-shattering din coming from the arena, Ma Dong squatted quickly outside the door of the toilet, with a cigarette he had found from god knows where now present in his mouth. Motherfucking shit. This was the most utterly crazy thing he had ever done in his life!

Present on the windowsill of the toilet was a singular, empty bottle.

"He cannot go up." commented Divian with a nod. Looking toward the calm-looking Wang Zhong, she genuinely felt somewhat sorry for him. What a big heart he possessed, This decision of his was absolutely harder to make than to walk up onto the stage himself.

Being the captain, not only must one be strong, one must also be able to make people trust and respect them. In crucial moments, the captain must also be willing to be being cursed and bear responsibilities on their shoulders. Even if the entire world didn't understand, even if the entire world showed disdain, one must head towards the correct path that one perceived and persevere all the way till the end!

With Tianjing's current situation, it would spell the death of the entire squadron should Wang Zhong walk up the stage. The pressure one would need to bear in the 5th duel was something that could not be comprehended by those that had yet to experience it. Other than Wang Zhong, there was no one else in the Tianjing squadron who could bear this pressure and responsibility. Furthermore, as long as he does not walk up the stage, the member participating in the fourth duel would not only be relieved of some pressure, they would also be able to retain their drive and hope.

Clearly, up till this very moment, Wang Zhong was still adamant in wanting to obtain victory for this match. This was truly inconceivable.

"Since Barran has walked up, victory or loss is on him. This pressure isn't small, right?"

Divian shot a glare at Karl. This fellow had finally placed his attention on a match. "At the very least, he can feel that Wang Zhong's still standing behind him, instead of having no backup at all! Regardless if that's going to help him or not, only people who have experienced true despair would know exactly how it feels like to have no one behind them!"

Tianjing had yet to give up, and was still fighting for the last sliver of hope.

However, they could only struggle to the death.

Tianjing's choice was just like a drowning person on his last breath trying to grasp onto the last straw of hope they had. From the looks of it, their arrangements and hopes have all become pipe dreams. Frankly speaking, despite Divian's understanding of Wang Zhong's arrangements and decision, she didn't see anything good in the current Tianjing. As for the others who were also watching on Skylink, there was already a sizable portion that had shaken their heads and closed their screens.

Towards genuine experts, only the match between All Mouthy King and Zhao Yilong could force them to open their Skylink and tune in to this match. After all, those two people were among the strongest participating in this CHF.

However, from the looks of it, this match's ending had already been brought forward.

There was already a sizable portion of the people from the Tianjing supporters' area that had left the arena while spewing curses and vulgarities. As for those that have remained, they were all filled with anger, disappointment, unwillingness, incomprehension. Mixed within the hearts of the fans, these emotions generated waves of sudden actions from them.

"Refund! I want a refund, Tianjing squadron! You're not worthy for our support! You all are just a bunch of cheats! Swindlers!"

"Wang bastard, stand up and give us an explanation! Who gave you the courage to imitate brother King? How dare you!"

Walking out of the preparation area, ear-splitting roars of fury and anger hid the skies and covered the earth as they came surging over. There were even some water bottles being tossed in his direction.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Half drunk water bottles smashed against Barran's body. Nonetheless, he did not evade any of them, and even appeared to have not felt their impacts at all. Walking onto the stage, Barran stood there calmly, not moving an inch from the starting position.

Frankly speaking, the performances of the mainstay lineup sent by Tianjing had made many people give them a grudging respect. It was the arrangement for the fourth match that people were unhappy about. They were dissatisfied with the Tianjing captain, who had acted ostentatiously after swindling them with All Mouthy King's name. Naturally, they were even more disgruntled about the current score!

However, at the very least, all of these had nothing to do with Barran.

What a pitiful kid, to have been tossed up here to be a scapegoat for that traitor Wang Zhong! Look at how scared that pitiful kid was!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Are you alright, Barran?" Hymin was able to sense something that something was amiss. "I feel that something strange has happened to him after going to the toilet!"

"Did Ma Dong give him some bewitching potion?"

Wang Zhong did not respond to that question. Although he was able to understand the current state of mind of his other squadron members, he wasn't able to explain to them that he desperately needed comrade-in-arms. However, Barran clearly knew what he needed to do!

Wang Zhong wasn't mindlessly praying for a lucky win when he had entrusted his hopes on Barran. Instead, after using the Fate Roulette to save Barran, the latter's talent had already undergone a qualitative change. His reborn Soul Sea possessed the unlimited possibilities of evolution. However, the eruption and breakthrough of strength required willpower and opponents to progress. Although Barran possessed the required willpower, it depended on the strength of his resolution. Wang Zhong did not know what method Ma Dong had used, but it was extremely good in view of Barran's current state!

Even if he were to lose, Wang Zhong would know that he had made the best decisions that he could make. In other people's eyes, it would look like he had given up. However, he had never once done so!
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    《Battle Frenzy》