Battle Frenzy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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460 4:0

Like fatally poisonous snakes, the lightning glow from the lightning whips tunneled into Barran's body. Other than the massive impact, everyone could clearly see a charred patch on his body, causing all of the hairs on their bodies to stand up!

He was sent flying once again! This time, the shield, wrapped in the radiant chains of lightning, had already left his hands.

Without a shield, Barran, who was still in the air, was able to react much more nimbly. With a ferocious shift of his centre of gravity, he condensed all of his Soul Power, and squared off against the incoming lightning whips.

He knew that he could not compete with his opponent's agility and techniques. There was no use in trying to reach Zhao Zixin's body. Instead, his target was his opponent's weapons!

A spark flashed across Barran's eyes, he gave a furious shout. "Roar!"

However, the sparkling lightning smashed right against Barran's leg. With all of his strength and concentration focused on his upper body, his lower body was devoid of strength appeared just like a little lady whose clothes were torn off, and was unable to put up any resistance at all. The gigantic impact traveling through his leg instantly caused Barran to spin, with his entire body doing a 360-degree flip in the air, before the lightning whips came smashing once again!


Barran was sent flying once again. At this moment, a charred smell from his body had already started to waft through the arena!

This was a soldier that had accompanied Zhao Yilong for training every single day! His attack power was higher than Bella Dean's Paulista, while being even more all-rounded in his techniques!

These attacks weren't just extremely strong; coupled with the explosive characteristic of lighting, the elusive whips caused Zhao Zixin's entire being to appear just like a god of lightning who descended to the mortal realm. A clumsy heavy soldier like Barran would simply be unable to get close to him. Even nimble and agile assassins wouldn't be able to evade Zhao Zixin's lightning whip array! However, he was utterly unable to showcase the full power of his capabilities against an opponent like Barran. Barran was too weak!

Spitting on the ground, Zhao Zixin cursed out, "I really don't know how a waste like you is able to walk all the way to this point! There are actually so many people that are still giving praises to you!"

"Ha ha! This is basically like thrashing a dog! Too weak!"

"He was already whipped like a dog when up against Bella Dean! Now, he actually dares to stand up against our Divine Dragon squadron? Did he think that our Divine Dragon squadron is inferior to Bella Dean? What the hell are they thinking? How blind are they!"

"3 whips! 3 whips to settle this duel!"

"Bye-bye! Black Horse! Bye-bye! All Mouthy King! Bye-bye, the coward that doesn't even dare to fight!"

"4:0! 4:0! 4:0!"

Though the duel had yet to end, many of the Divine Dragon Academy fans had already stood up to shout out celebratory chants and cheers for victory. As of now, the disparity between the two fighting on the stage was all too clear for everyone to see.

The spirit in the Tianjing fans, who were longing and desire for even the slightest of miracles, had already been completely extinguished.

They shouldn't have stayed behind! There was nothing here to wait for! They had already been swindled by that bullshit Tianjing captain to this point, and yet everyone had still stayed behind! He's basically a criminal!

At this moment though, there weren't many people cursing and swearing aloud.

Perhaps it was due to them having cursed out sufficiently, or maybe it was due to the apathy they felt after the repeated dismay they had experienced.

In the Tianjing supporter area, the population of people there had already appeared sparse and fragmented, with not even half of their initial numbers remaining! A large number of fans had already left the arena. As for the viewership on Skylink, the audience numbers had already fallen by around a million!

There were too many brother King fans whose hearts have been smashed by pain and disappointment.

Was Wang Zhong All Mouthy King? Regardless of his previous performances, or the unspoken opinion of all the various parties, such as the CHF organisers, the Mo Family, Tianjing Academy, and even Wang Zhong himself, everyone already believe in the fact that Wang Zhong was All Mouthy King.

Although there were still quite a few fans who were screaming "He's not worthy to be All Mouthy King", everyone knew that Wang Zhong was All Mouthy King!

However, it was precisely due to him being All Mouthy King, and yet he had avoided walking on stage to participate in any of the duels. When faced against Zhao Yilong, one of the strongest youths in the Federation, and tossing the role of the one to decide victory or defeat to the weakest mainstay member of his squadron, he was already not worthy of having any honor and glory, as well as the support of everyone.

Those fairy tales were all a bunch of lies. Indeed, All Mouthy King had spectacular performances in the OP. However, of the many halos he wore on his head, a greater majority of them came from the support of his fans as well as the propaganda created the Federation.

In the end, he wasn't a god. All in all, he was just a commoner.

The legend had been destroyed, the story vanishing into thin air. In the end, when people returned back to reality, they discovered that the aristocratic families were the true rulers of the Federation, standing on unshakable and unsurpassable peaks. In the end, all of the commoners were just ants in the eyes of the aristocratic families!

There was nothing good about the match to watch. Like a torrential storm, Zhao Zixin's attacks caused Barran to appear somewhat like a piece of torched ham. Despite his perseverance, his situation was similar to the two girls of the Tianjing squadron in the earlier duels; in the face of absolute power, persevering on only led to compounding the pain and suffering they were experiencing, and only served to extend the duration of the duel.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"At the peak of the viewership counts, 7 million people were watching this match from Skylink. This match is ranked in the top 3 among all of the matches of the CHF, in terms of popularity. However, there's not even 4 million people left on Skylink watching this duel right now." Ruo Zhi had already started to work on his conclusion of the match, as he didn't have the heart to continue seeing the miserable state Barran was in. "The Tianjing squadron had brought many accidental surprises to us. Nonetheless, an S rank is an S rank. Other than being stronger than Bella Dean, the Divine Dragon Academy also possesses a deep understanding of Tianjing, as well as strategic plans to counter each and every member Tianjing sent up. Indeed, Tianjing is a black horse, and definitely possesses a relatively powerful combined strength. However, in the end, they are still too young. This includes the issue of Tianjing being disqualified, as I believe that the incident had affected them significantly. If they were a more complete squadron, with an established system to deal with external incidents, allowing their squadron members to focus more on training, I believe that they will definitely be able to progress further."

"Ha Ha! It's a pity that there are no what ifs in this world!" said Wind God with a faint smile. "Barran has collapsed on the ground once again, from a rather heavy attack. This time, I'm afraid that he will be unable to stand up. I feel that ever since the first attack, he has still no idea which angles those are whips coming from."

Indeed, it was a frightening attack, as the lightning whips had struck his head directly. Lying on the ground, everyone could see that his head was already cut up and bleeding. Even with his Soul Power defense, the lightning smashes unleashed by the whips were no different from being struck by two heavy hammers.

At this moment, Zhao Zixin was putting up a show. He knew that his leader really, really hated this squadron. Therefore, although he wanted to settle this Barran as fast as possible, he had to purposefully make them lose face. That's because he knew that what Zhao Zimo wanted wasn't just victory, but also to cause Tianjing to fall entirely off the god's altar, completely turning into garbage hated by the commoners. Therefore, he wanted everyone to see how inferior those Tianjing fellows were!

Naturally, he had some ulterior motives in doing so. He was the most faithful subordinate of Zhao Zimo. Not originally part of the Zhao Family, he was rewarded with the Zhao surname after performing sufficiently well, coupled with his family's elders achieving meritorious service in the Divine Dragon Armed Forces. He had taken up the name of Zhao Zixin, to signify his intention to get close to Zhao Zimo.

Although the duel was still ongoing, the present situation was clear with a single glance. Zhao Zixin already knew that it was time to end this.

There weren't any muscles on the head to protect the brain. Zhao Zixin had also unleashed a fatal blow. Once anyone received such a life-threatening injury, regardless of how strong one's willpower was, it would be utterly crushed.

The referee had already started his countdown.

10, 9, 8, 7...

Cheering voices had already rung out from the Divine Dragon Academy supporters.

However, halfway through the countdown, the cheering voices suddenly grew much softer, before completely stopping.

Zhao Zixin's expression sunk slightly.

This fellow had stood up yet again!

At this moment, Barran had already turned into a blood-covered man. His vision was obstructed by the blood gushing out from his head, while his eyes were now only half opened.

In close-quarters combat, the lightning attribute special ability had the most frightening capability to compound the damage inflicted. There were many parts of Barran's body where the bones were showing, all the flesh in those areas having been ripped apart by the lightning-charged whips of Zhao Zixin. There were also many patches of charred flesh from the lightning attribute special ability's accompanying effects. In fact, even from a dozen metres away, Zhao Zixin was able to smell the scent of burnt flesh!

Barran's legs shook and wobbled. Nonetheless, he had stood up once again.
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    《Battle Frenzy》