Battle Frenzy
461 War God Barran
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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461 War God Barran

The pair of eyes submerged in blood sparkled faintly, appearing just like a brown bear hiding in the shadows who was calmly sizing up its prey!

The entire arena turned much quieter, while the Divine Dragon fans, stopped their jeering and mocking chants. Even those Tianjing fans in the midst of leaving couldn't help but stop in their tracks.

All Mouthy King was a bounced check, cowardly and not a human. However, the three mainstay members that Tianjing had sent for the duels, including this Barran, possessed a level of willpower and perseverance that was sufficient to move their hearts.

Nonetheless, Zhao Zixin hated such a gaze, and hated such perseverance.


Without a sliver of hesitation or rest, the glow of lightning sparkled out, booming forward with the might of thunder!

The terrifying lightning-infused whips descended once again!


12 times the power of a normal strike!

Twin Dragons Playing Pearls --- Lightning Smash!

Killing intent had already surfaced in Zhao Zixin's eyes as he swept his two whips out simultaneously. At this moment, he wanted his opponent to experience the taste of hell!

Although he had used his full strength in his previous attacks, he had still kept a slight bit of restraint. After all, his opponent's resistance was completely anchored on being passive. If he had unleashed too strong of an attack, he was worried that it would immediately end his opponent's life. However, from the looks of it, there was no need for this worry!

The lightning whips smashed fiercely right into the middle of Barran's face. Appearing to have been struck by a 10-ton truck, Barran's near 200-pound body was sent flying like a kicked soccer ball, smashing violently onto the ground a dozen metres away! Terrifying lightning snakes continued to drill chaotically into his body, appearing as though they wanted to devour him up!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Blood splattered from his mouth, head, and god know which part of his body across the stage grounds! There was even a sprinkle of blood rain that landed on the audience seated near to the side of the stage! Unable to bear seeing the terror before their eyes, there were even people who had shut their eyes!

The silence hanging over the audience was punctured by the shrieks of females, as the spectacle onstage was too tragic! The splatter of blood from the last attack was even more than the combined blood coming from the earlier 3 members of the Tianjing squadron!

A frown had also appeared on the referee's head, appearing to be considering whether to start the countdown or to directly announce the winner of this duel.

However, before he could make his decision, that fellow had actually started to shift and stumble, before standing right up.

It was a heavy blow more vicious than the previous, and had resulted in very greater injuries. Yet, the speed at which he stood up with was even faster than before!

He was no longer using his body to fight! Instead, he was putting his life on the line!

Feeling shocked by what they saw, Wind God and Ruo Zhi had unexpectedly turned mute at the same time.

Despite taking different stances for this match, faced with such a spectacle, both of them could not help but show shock on their faces.

Frankly speaking, having progressed to this point, there was already no need to continue this duel. This was only a competition, with victory and defeat on the line, not life or death.

"This...will he be beaten to death?!" even the Divine Dragon supporters could not help but feel disturbed by the progress of this duel.

"Give up! It's not you, but your captain who should shoulder this responsibility!"

"You're still young, little fella!"

Amidst the chaotic din of comments and advice, the blood covered Barran did not budge at all as he extended his hands to clean away the bloodstains at the corner of his eyes.

My most fortunate moment, is now!

Intense pain racked his entire body, akin to being cut by thousands of blades. However, being able to feel pain meant that his body has yet to turn numb. This proved that he was still capable of exerting control and power from his body. Naturally, it would be an utter joke to flip the tide of this duel with this tattered body of his.

Rubbing away the bloodstains at the corners of his eyes, Barran opened his eyes once again.

At this moment, there were many people who were shocked to see not dead fish-like eyes beneath all of those bloodstains, but a pair of gleaming glass-like eyes sparkling with silvery radiance!

The referee hesitantly halted his intent to stop this duel, while the Divine Dragon Academy fans stopped their clamouring. As for the 4 to 5 thousand insistent people who had remained in the Tianjing supporter region, all of them could no longer help but to cover their mouths.

The surging power present in Barran's Soul Sea started to quietly churn and erupt!

Zhao Zixin was slightly stunned, not due to Barran's perseverance, not due to him having any worry or emotions for his opponent, but for the terrifying resistance to beating that Barran possessed. He was shocked by how Barran had climbed up again and again; shocked by those eyes that even caused him to feel a slight sense of danger!

The gaze shooting out from Zhao Zixin changed. Originally, he had not planned on crushing his opponent to death. However, from the looks of it, that was no longer possible!

"I'll end your life!"

With a ferocious charge, he raised his lightning whips high into the air!

There was no need to use any technique or feints. His opponent's clumsy and shaky foundation meant that Zhao Zixin was facing a big living sandbag. He could attack and strike wherever and however he liked!

There was only one thought going through Zhao Zixin's mind, which was to beat Barran to death!

Bang! Bang Bang Bang!

Cracks of thunder rang out, as the berserk lightning pythons struck out!

Lightning wreaked havoc, while the short whips rose into the air! Blood sprayed into the air, with life or death being decided in this instant!

Zhao Zixin appeared just like a berserk tiger. Having escaped the restrictions of techniques, rain-like whip strikes poured down like a torrential storm!

Barran covered his head with his arms. At this moment, his legs had already stopped moving. Endure them, continue to endure!

What the hell was this a duel?! This was basically the beating of a human sandbag!

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Countless splatters of blood sprayed across the entire stage, thought the pair of eyes concealed under the pair of hands grew increasingly bright! A quiet current flowed and surged within his body, growing increasingly rapid. Just like the merger of a 100 streams, it grew into an earth-shattering tsunami!

Deathly silence had already hung over the entire arena. At this moment, the referee had finally placed his whistle in his mouth.

However, just at this instant, the hands hugging that head of his extended out ferociously!

Slap! Slap!

The two chaotic lightning whips were grabbed by those two big hands!

Blood instantly surged within Zhao Zixin's eyes as he ferociously unleashed his strength, causing lightning arcs to sparkle on the surface of the lightning whips. Nonetheless, they appeared to be held by steel vices, completely not budging from Barran's hands!

Zhao Zixin was stunned; only at this instant did he realise that the eyes of blood covered human before him had erupted in dazzling brilliance! A terrifying Soul Power that blotted the skies exploded from Barran's body!

Releasing the lightning whips, the twin palms brimming with frightening power shot towards Zhao Zixin's throat like bolts of lightning!

Nonetheless, Barran was facing Zhao Zixin. In a flash, the twin whips followed his opponent's movements, with one whip curling around his neck, while the other one folded into a triangular shape before him to defend against the rapidly incoming palms. With a furious crouch, Shell shedding Cicada!

Frightening winds generated by the descending twin elbows blew out, aiming straight towards Zhao Zixin's back!


Zhao Zixin instantly felt a frightening threat appearing by his back. Appearing to step into an illusion, his feet backpedalled into the air, while his entire body slid into the ground as though he was stepping on mud!

The terrifying elbow winds seemed to slide past his head. However, was it over for him?

Before Zhao Zixin could celebrate his luck, he felt a wave of terrifying vibrations being transmitted from his feet.



Terrifying grinding sounds rang out, like the peals of thunder raining down from the skies!

The entire arena started to shake! It was just like a magnitude 5 earthquake! Even those among the audience who were sitting furthest from the stage could clearly feel the tremors coming from beneath their feet, possessing sufficient power to cause their legs to turn numb! At this instant, the glass windows within the arena, which had just been reinstalled two days ago, all shattered apart!

Without talking about the inside of the arena, even the audience outside the arena, who was currently cursing All Mouthy King while starting to leave the venue, could not help but gawk in shock!

This...what is happening to this arena?

The sensations felt by the audience were clearly nowhere near the level of what Zhao Zixin was experiencing. Being the most shocked and astonished, he suddenly felt a wave of chilling air rushing from his feet all the way to the top of his head!

His opponent's elbow strikes were actually aimed for the ground! It wasn't his brute strength that had caused the arena to shake, but an indescribable wave of Soul Power that came transmitting from beneath the ground! The high frequency of the Soul Power wave had resulted in an extremely powerful vibrational effect, with him being the closest to the epicentre!
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    《Battle Frenzy》