Battle Frenzy
463 BE A MAN!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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463 BE A MAN!

Truthfully speaking, Hymin was the person who had the closest relationship with Barran. Although he had a tall and burly physique, but he always played the younger brother figure to her in the academy, and he held a special place within her heart; with his foolish and simple-minded smile, he gave her a feeling of intimacy that couldn't be described with words.

Upon Barran regaining consciousness, she was the first one to rush over. "You stupid idiot! How could you listen to Ma Dong? That fellow's absolutely inhuman!"

Standing at the edge of their group, Ma Dong rubbed his nose in response. He had already admitted everything to everyone. Nonetheless, he had already been given the title of a vile human being. This was a victory that Barran had exchanged his life to obtain.

"That's something I asked senior Ma Dong to get for me." replied Barran as he shook his head. "Senior sis Hymin, I, can I be willful for once?"

"How can you be willful if you don't have any life left! You foolish idiot! Stupid fool!"

"That's right! What's more, you better not help exonerate this bastard!" Milami shouted out in a loud voice.

"I don't mean that. The willfulness I'm speaking about is…" Barran shook his head once again. In the next instant, a smile appeared on his face as he said, "Senior sis Hymin, you're really beautiful. I, … I like you!"

After confessing, Barran felt completely calm and relaxed. He knew that his "life" had, in fact, come to an end here. Nonetheless, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

A blank expression appeared on Hymin's face. This not only happened to Hymin, as the entire squadron was also dumbfounded.

This ever so shy and embarrassed Barran had never, ever given anyone the feeling that he fancied Hymin at all. In fact, with his nice guy character, he treated everyone exceptionally well. Therefore, Hymin had never once felt that Barran held such feelings for her. However, now...

Everyone turned silent, all of them understanding exactly why Barran had suddenly become that bold. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Hymin appeared to have something stuck in her eyes. Nonetheless, in the next second, she held Barran's hand without the slightest bit of hesitation while replying, "From now onwards, you belong to this elder sis!"

Barran shook his head once again, putting effort into removing his hand from her grasp.

Seeing this, everyone understood his intentions. He already knew that he had become a useless and handicapped person. In fact, it was likely that he would die from the overstimulation of his potential. He had chosen to use the final moments of his life to pamper his cowardly self. However, he absolutely didn't want to become a burden for Hymin. Furthermore, he did not need any pity or sympathy, as this was his final act of dignity as a man.

"Why the pulling! Why are you shaking your head for!" a domineering expression appeared on Hymin's face as he growled out, "Are you a bobblehead! This sis has fallen for you, and fallen for the man you are! I don't care about anything else!"

Hearing that, Barran smiled, before shaking his head.

Clap Clap Clap Clap!

Ma Dong's ardent applause rang out at this moment. Jutting his cheeky grin into the group, he said, "Fuck, what a spectacular duel! Coupled with this heartwarming confession coming from the bottom of his heart! This is absolutely just like those romantic movies! Cough cough! Don't punch me! Let your leader finish his words!"

The few brothers in the group already had unhappiness present in their eyes, while Hymin appeared as though she wanted to choke him to death.

Hastily, he pulled out the already empty bottle from his pocket, with the little bit of yellowish liquid remaining at the bottom appearing exceedingly eye-catching. "Like I'm saying, the liquid inside is a mix of fresh orange juice and cola! There's nothing else in there! I swear, do you think that I'll carry such a thing around with me?"

As he explained, he opened the lid, and tossed the remnants of the contents into his mouth. Gulping it down, he opened his mouth wide let everyone see, before saying, "Hmm, it tastes slightly weird... fuck! Oh Skylink, please forgive me! This motherfucking thing's absolutely not nice to drink!"

"Whoosh…" everyone was stunned once again. In fact, Barran and even Hymin who was holding his hand had gawked in dumbfoundedness.

A satisfied grin appeared on his face. Placing his hands on his hips, he continued his speech. "You people huh, always overlook this brother! I'm your leader, you know! Do you all really think that I don't know that Barran is full of potential? This is a tactic, and is basically the most perfect of tactics, created especially to stimulate his potential! There's no side effects at all! Can't you all see? Fuck! I suddenly feel that I really am fucking awesome! Why aren't you all worshipping me!"

In the next second Ma Dong was pushed to the ground by Hymin and the others while they rubbed his face fiercely. Nonetheless, smiles filled with happiness were plastered all over their faces. This indeed was the definition of a silver lining behind every cloud. There was no better outcome. Even Barran was dumbstruck by everything. Was this even possible?

Could it be that his persistence wasn't due to the effects of a drug, but his own, true strength?

"Senior, I'll leave the rest to you…"

All of a sudden, intense pain racked his head. A second later, darkness filled Barran's eyes as he fainted. Just moments ago, he had relied entirely on his willpower to stay awake. Upon relaxing, his body was definitely unable to continue functioning after the damage it had sustained.

Wang Zhong looked at the wound covered Barran, especially the heart-rending gash on the top of his head. There was nothing to say, as his gaze had said all that was required!

Today, he would let the Divine Dragon squadron, why flowers could bloom with such vitality!

What was originally a one-sided dominance had now been changed by a miraculous reversal. Both squadrons were now awaiting the results of the final duel. Clearly, the Divine Dragon squadron had only one choice to make. Other than Zhao Zilong, who could they choose?

"I've just seen many people saying on the Skylink that Zhao Zixin had given Barran a chance by underestimating his opponent too much. Let us do a small analysis of the duel." Ruo Zhi proceeded to cast his analysis of the earlier duel. The audience's reaction was way too enthusiastic. There was now a huge number of people on Skylink who were discussing about Barran. "During the fight, Zhao Zixin had basically maintained his output at 200 Grassos for all of his attacks, showing a performance worthy of an S ranked soldier. However, the crux of this duel is the hope and thirst for victory shown by Barran that exceeded even his life, when his Tianjing squadron was faced with impending doom. A wise man once said, giving up was the first step to defeat. All throughout the duel, Barran had never given up, and this was the reason behind his miraculous reversal. Rather than it being Zhao Zixin's mistake, I feel that the key factor is that one was treating the fight as a competition, while the other was staking his life for it."

Being a mature and competent commentator, Ruo Zhi would not comment that playing with his opponent was the largest mistake Zhao Zixin could have made in this life or death battle. After all, the Zhao Family wasn't an entity he could just provoke like that, regardless of his stance on this match.

"This person, Barran Gestalt, has quite a number of flaws. However, given his frank nature, coupled with his incredible toughness, I believe that his future is one that's truly worth anticipating."

"Although Barran has obtained a victory in the dueling phase of this match, Tianjing squadron is still standing at the edge of the cliff." Wind God took over the commentary from Ruo Zhi, with him already placing Barran in past tense. Truthfully speaking, he did not feel that such a victory was worth commending. If Zhao Zixin had ended this match earlier, there wouldn't be this matter to talk about anymore. Nonetheless, the duel coming up next was the true highlight of today's match. "In the current situation, four of Tianjing's main lineup are seriously injured, with Wang Zhong being the only one remaining. Also, he has yet to pass the gate in the form of captain Zhao Yilong."

"In fact, if we're looking purely from a strategic angle, the Divine Dragon Academy could give up on this duel, and get an easy victory in the group battle phase. After all, All Mouthy King is one of the 10 great soldiers on the Mo's List. What's more, he had defeated Divian, who is known as the spear goddess, in the OP a while ago. There's no need to enter a head-on confrontation against him. However, even before the start of this match, I have already heard countless people in the audience chanting and shouting the names of All Mouthy King and Zhao Yilong. This is a duel that everyone is waiting for! Whether it's to uphold the honour and glory of the Mo's List, or for the dignity of the Zhao Family, captain Zhao Yilong would never choose to avoid this duel!"

Hearing the caster's words, Zhao Yilong gave a faint smile.

A gigantic spear had already been drawn out and held in his hands.

Overlord Spear!
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    《Battle Frenzy》