Battle Frenzy
464 A taste of his own medicine
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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464 A taste of his own medicine

This evidently wasn't an ordinary runic weapon.

Unlike the ordinary thumb-girth sized long spears, the shaft of the Overlord spear had the girth the same size as a bowl's mouth. It's so wide that even ordinary youths would have difficulty grasping it in one hand. What's even more unique was the long blackish-green chains that were wrapped tightly along the entire length of the spear's shaft. At first glance, they appeared just like a green-black dragon statue that adorned the Overlord Spear. However, taking a closer look, one would be able to see the runic patterns that covered its entire surface, while the faint greenish-black glow radiated a heart-palpitating feeling of suppression to anyone who saw it. Frankly speaking, although it was a spear, Divian's Dragon Terror was indeed unable to match up in overbearingness to this Overlord Spear.

"Brother Long! Brother Long! Brother Long!"

"Divine Dragon knocks on heaven's door, lording over as saints of weapons! Upon the birth of the overlord, who would stand up to fight!"

"Divine Spear Overlord! Smash everything before him!"

In an instant, the Divine Dragon Academy fans, whose emotions had been slightly dampened by the rhythm of the previous duel, were now passionately cheering in all directions. So what about Bella Dean! They weren't even able to be ranked in the Mo's List! Although they had a little breakthrough, how could that be compared to Zhao Yilong! What's more, from the strength she had displayed in the OP match, it was apparent that Divian was just playing around. It definitely couldn't be compared to a real fight.

He was one of the 10 great Mo's List soldiers, the invincible divine spear, and was known as the most overbearing male within the CHF!

"Indeed, Zhao Yilong has walked up onto the stage!" announced Wind God with a wide smile. "They did not plan to bet on victory during the group battle phase. Being one of the strongest persons in the entire CHF, he has chosen to personally grace the stage to put an end to this match! There's no question as to who Tianjing is going to field. Although he is facing off against Zhao Yilong, with Wang Zhong's previous performances as well as his strength as All Mouthy King, this will be a fight between two giants! However, I am personally more optimistic towards captain Zhao Yilong. Not only does he possess a tyrannical level of strength, the Overlord Spear he wields is one of the Zhao Family's heirlooms, and is said to be able to rival the Ten Great Divine Weapons!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"The true question now is whether All Mouthy King would bring out his famous cross wheels today? Ah?"

Wind God's eyes lit up "Looks like our captain Wang Zhong has started to act arrogantly once again. He's not immediately stepping up onto the stage, and has his fingers crossed, appearing to be considering what weapon to use! He has to properly consider this, as the various great squadrons have already analysed all there is to analyse about the cross wheels after Tianjing's previous match. Wanting to pull an abnormal win like the previous one would be absolutely impossible!"

"What's there to consider about! Brother King will definitely choose to the cross wheels!"

"I feel that we should give the cold shoulder to Zhao Yilong. Truthfully speaking, the Divine Dragon squadron did not fight honestly and sincerely for the past few duels. I feel that they have the intent to abuse their opponents. If I'm Wang Zhong, I'll definitely be angry!"

"I feel that he's angry. If my squadron members were beaten to such states, I'd definitely be angry!"

"You bunch of weaklings! What you've all said were the words of weaklings! An expert would always do whatever the hell he wants!"

The direction of the winds blowing within the Skylink immediately flipped directions. People had initially felt that Wang Zhong was terrified of facing Zhao Yilong. However, at this moment, they realized that this was a genuine strategy. Strategies involving tactics were "low", while brilliant ones would involve psychological battles. It was extremely evident that under encouragement with such a goal in mind, Barran was able to erupt and break through. It wasn't that everyone couldn't understand this reason. However, faced with such an important match, and such a critical moment, all of them were basically unable to maintain their calm. When the hearts of humans were at their strongest, they were really, really strong. However, when they were at their weakest, they were really, really weak. As for a genuinely strong person, he definitely needed to have a powerful heart.

Wang Zhong had met this criterion, and so did Barran. As for the group battle...that was a frightening question that shouldn't be thought at this moment. However, as long as Wang Zhong was able to defeat Zhao Yilong, he would be able to establish his name under the heavens. This wasn't just for the sake of some superficial fame. From the reactions of the audience in the arena and Skylink, Wang Zhong's reputation was considerably weak and frail, and could collapse any moment. This was an area that the 10 great families were formidable in. They were well-tested veterans in this aspect, and would not collapse after 1 or 2 duels. However, this was different for Wang Zhong, as he did not have any room for failure.

Frankly speaking, there was no need to guess which weapon he would pick. With brother King's previous combat performance, he would definitely choose the cross wheels when facing top-class experts and extremely tough challenges.

Whether it was against Divian in the OP, or the group battle against Bella Dean in the CHF, there was no exception. Although his proficiency in other weapons was also considerably high, he had yet to experience any high-level tests. There was no need to mention one of the five great assassins or Grai. Admittedly, both of them were top class. However, they still had a definite disparity when compared to the ten soldiers on the Mo's List.

Now, standing right before Wang Zhong was Zhao Yilong, who was known to be even more savage than Divian! Other than the cross wheels, the audience honestly did not know what other methods he could use to deal with the latter.

"Cross wheels! Laforgue Infinite Slash Cross Wheels!"

"The strongest soldier, brother King! The strongest cross wheels! Let us celebrate the invincible glory of Laforgue!"

On the Skylink, the voices of the audience were united as one. The cross wheels were All Mouthy King's name making weapon, as was also a divine weapon that had turned the tide of a fight. What else could he choose?

However, despite being placed by his side, Wang Zhong did not pick up his cross wheels.

Just a while ago, he had informed the CHF staff to prepare a weapon for him, a very special weapon.

"Are you really not going to use the cross wheels?" asked Ma Dong as he scratched his head. "You have the greatest assurance when using them, you know."

Wang Zhong did not reply, only shaking his head in response as he quietly awaited the arrival of his weapon. Nonetheless, a ball of fire was burning under his calm and tranquil expression. Seeing this, Ma Dong gave a sigh. Wang Zhong's truly angry. After knowing him for so long, Ma Dong knew that his temper was very good, and he rarely got angry. From Grai to Scarlet, to Emily and Barran, Wang Zhong wasn't afraid of defeat. He could even maintain his optimism when facing people who had failed. Furthermore, he believed that one could gain much more from defeat. However, these four duels were filled with factors that would make people angry and mad. Grai's pollen allergy, Scarlet almost having her face scarred, Emily's embarrassment. Even though Barran had obtained victory, the process in which he did so was too horrible and tragic. Such opponents were clearly not worthy to be respected. Ma Dong was clear, all too clear about this. Being a member of the Assassin Family, he had seen and experienced many similar matters. Therefore, he hopes that Wang Zhong would not let emotions cloud his judgment, as he was about to face Zhao Yilong, and the cross wheels were definitely his best choice of weapons.

He opened his mouth, though he didn't say anything. He had said what he needed to say. At this moment, he had to believe in Wang Zhong's decision. Truthfully speaking, he was really freaking angry! Angry to the point of being at the brink of exploding. However, there needed to be some people within the squadron who had to maintain their cool. If it were him in the past, Ma Dong would have long started to curse and swear loudly. This entire CHF had allowed him to learn lots of things, and from Wang Zhong, Barran, and his fellow squadron members. Unknowingly, he had already treated everyone as one big family.

Opponent? Wang Zhong wasn't thinking about that.

At this moment, other stuff was swimming in his mind. Having walked all the way here, he had always been focused on victory, and to be an expert. However, he found out that he did not know what this had brought to the people around him.

"Yes! Senior!, "Relax, senior!, "I definitely can do it, senior!, "I'll not disappoint you, senior!"

Those phrases that Barran had always said, coupled with his silly and simple-minded smile, always brought happiness to the core of Wang Zhong's being. He could help but want to rub Barran's head. In his eyes, that tall and burly fellow was always like a younger brother to him. In fact, even knowing that it was a "sure-death" situation, Barran had chosen to face it head-on. However, was such a victory really worth it?

"Brother Wang Zhong, I don't want to become everyone's burden! I really don't want to. I want to go back to my family and go through their training. Relax, I'm Emily Assassin!" Emily bit her lip, before suddenly giving a kiss on Wang Zhong face. In the next moment, a bubbly voice filled with laughter rang out. "If I succeed, I'll do it on both cheeks! This is our promise!"

"What a beautiful necklace...thank you." even the easy-going Scarlet had her shy moments. Nonetheless, her face radiated with the bliss and happiness surging through her heart. After saying those words, her fair face clearly turned beet red to the tips of her ears, before speaking out in a whisper. "Wang Zhong, can you help me put it on?"

"Relax, senior. Leave it to me." Grai's expression remained as calm and gentle as ever, causing people to feel how incomparably reliable he was.

Other than his parents, they were the most important people in Wang Zhong's life. Unlike other people, Wang Zhong had spent his childhood alone by himself. He was most afraid of being alone. Therefore, once someone managed to walk into the depths of his heart, he would be incomparably attentive towards that person. Along with his journey in this CHF, he discovered that he had already sunk completely into the cold and callous pursuit of victory.

Was this right? Was this worth it?

If this were just a simple loss, he wouldn't mind. Just like against Bella Dean. Regardless of the big actions from their opponents, with their words also being extremely rampant, both of those were needed for their strategy. At the very least, other people had won their duels cleanly, and did not pull out too many dirty moves. There was nothing to say when one's skill was inferior to others. However, this was the predestination of a Heroic Soul soldier, with life and death up to fate alongside victory or defeat.

However, what about the Divine Dragon squadron?

Other than that ranged soldier of theirs, Zhao Zhancheng, who had acted slightly better than the rest, be it Zhao Tianlong and his despicable methods, or the perverted and merciless Zhao Wuying and Zhao Zixin, all of their actions had far exceeded the scope of competition techniques and skills!

The miserable scenes of Scarlet, Grai, Emily and even Barran being stretchered off the stage were impossible to erase from Wang Zhong's mind.

Ma Dong's advice was ineffective. At this moment, Hymin, who was standing nearby, could already feel that something wasn't right. Being a mature lady, despite her carefree attitude, she was in fact much more sensitive to the emotions of other people. Wang Zhong was the spiritual leader of their Tianjing squadron. Generally, he was the easiest to talk to. However, at this moment, he had chosen to remain silent. Without a doubt, he was raging with anger. Not selecting the cross wheels was clearly due to him acting in anger.

Why had it turned out like this?

Hymin could see self-blame present within that anger. Being in charge of healing and treatment, Hymin had read a few books about the psyche of a person. There were some talented people who would generally force responsibilities on their own shoulders. Perhaps Wang Zhong was still in self-blame. Looking at the gaze shooting out from Wang Zhong, Hymin felt that her guess was not far from the truth.

Frankly speaking, it's extremely rare for Wang Zhong to have truly angry moments. However, at this moment, the flames of anger raging within the depths of his heart had already reached a level that couldn't be quelled!

He would not use the cross wheels, and that didn't stem from his understanding about Zhao Yilong and his weaknesses. What's more important was that Wang Zhong was now aiming not only for victory, and he did not even consider how Zhao Yilong would react to his moves!

Only spilled blood and complete domination would be able to quell the flames of fury in his heart! Today, none of the Zhao Family will leave this place intact!

At this moment, four of the staff members came running in a line towards the Tianjing preparation region while carrying a long and massive object, their heads dripping with sweat.

As the white cloth of the large object was removed, a weapon that no one had expected appeared under the broadcasting cameras.

Without mentioning about the arena, even the entire Skylink had turned silent in a flash.


The first one to react was unexpectedly Noriba, who was currently eating melon seeds while watching from the viewing gallery. Upon seeing the weapon, he instantly gawked before his smile quickly turned askew.
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    《Battle Frenzy》