Battle Frenzy
465 Overlord spear VS Overlord spear
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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465 Overlord spear VS Overlord spear

Overlord spear... replica???

Was this a joke???

Was Wang Zhong planning to challenge the very core of the Zhao Family?

Wang Zhong had actually chosen the replica of Zhao Yilong's namesake weapon, the Overlord Spear? What kind of situation was this?

After a momentary silence, the Skylink and arena exploded apart in a cacophony of voices and shouts. Everyone felt a wave of madness rushing through their minds, with all of them becoming as excited as chickens in a fight. Clearly, this was Wang Zhong's counter-attack against the Divine Dragon squadron!

In the previous duels, the Divine Dragon squadron had used various methods to embarrass and disgrace his squadron members. Being the captain was just like being a big brother of a group. When a younger brother was shamed and humiliated like that, how could he, as the older brother, not show any retaliation at all?

However, the problem was, Overlord Spear replica VS Overlord Spear???

During a round-of-16 match in the CHF, and in the match point duel?

Wang Zhong's selection had utterly shocked everyone. The image Wang Zhong had in everyone's eyes was one of a calm and cool-headed guy; he had even waited till the last match before personally going on stage. This caused countless people who had initially believed that he was terrified to start doubting and rethinking their opinion. This was the real meaning of being thoughtful, intelligent, this... before they could complete their thoughts, Wang Zhong had revealed the Overlord Spear in his hand?

The cameras panned over to Zhao Yilong. The face of this Zhao Family's representative figure had already turned black. This was a bare naked slap to his face...No, this was like tossing a bucket full of stools right on his face.

How lightly did he treat Zhao Yilong for him to make such a completely irrational, and utterly unreasonable choice?!

Anyone who has undergone even the slightest bit of fundamental soldier training would know that it would take at least a year before one could become familiar with the usage of a weapon. From familiarisation to understanding, before turning it into an extension of one's body would require an extremely long time of practice and use. This wasn't a one-sided oppression where an expert could simply crush a noob, but rather, it was a confrontation between the strongest, and yet Wang Zhong had pulled out the Overlord Spear, which he had never used before!

This was a weapon that Zhao Yilong had been using since young. It could be said that if he was the second best in the world in his proficiency, then there was no one who could claim the number 1 place. Even Divian and her Dragon's Terror had a different style as compared to the Overlord Spear. At the very least, she definitely couldn't match up to Zhao Yilong's hardness and ferocity. However, now, there was a person who not only choose not to use the cross wheels which he was most proficient in, but he had even chosen to use the weapon his opponent excelled in.

"Oh my god! Wang Zhong has really brought out the Overlord Spear! This fucker really wants to turn this into a life or death fight!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"If I'm Zhao Yilong, I might explode right there from anger! There's probably no one in his entire life who has dared to treat him like that!"

"Fuck! This motherfucker's a real man! If I have a captain like him who will let me do as I please, I will definitely help Barran and the others vent their anger!"

"He has turned foolish! Is this venting his anger, or is he seeking death! Who does he think he is! If he loses this duel, he would really be unable to face up to his squadron members who have bet their lives on this match!"

"Wang Zhong's the real one whose mind has exploded. Regardless of him being calm and cool-headed at most times, he's a youth. The provocation of his opponents coupled with the pressure coming from his surroundings has caused him to act like that. I really have overestimated him."

Upon pulling out the Overlord Spear, the number of people watching via Skylink had skyrocketed to over 9 million. Naturally, there were many who were here to soak up the liveliness. There were even some experts that could not help but tune in to watch. That's because the situation of this match had become too weird and unpredictable. Never had they seen such an outlandish person before.

"Wang Zhong's mind has exploded. If not, why would he choose to use the Overlord Spear against Zhao Yilong's? Although it's very good to vent his anger, this would only cause him to appear even more stupid and foolish." The squadron members beside Gui Xinying gave their ridiculing comments. Witnessing Wang Zhong make such a decision, their impression of him had dropped to an extremely low level.

"He's become agitated just over some small matters. He really can't shoulder any heavy responsibilities."

In the eyes of others, although the Divine Dragon squadron had made some slight counters against Tianjing, and had even purposefully provoked the latter, all of these were part of their strategy. Wang Zhong's move had made him appear too weak and frail.

Gui Xinying's expression was eternally cold and icy. However, whenever she looked at Wang Zhong, a sliver of warmth would appear in her eyes. Of all the people she had seen before, all of them would always be willing to sacrifice the people around them. Therefore she was never able to imagine that there would be such a foolish person present in this world.

At this moment, Carolyn had already switched her Skylink off. Originally, she was planning to continue observing this match. However, watching all the way till here, she had already felt extremely disappointed. People who wanted to achieve great things in life would definitely need to learn how to sacrifice some things, some people, and their lives to be able to reach the peak. Her decision to toss him away was the correct one after all.

Divian's initial reaction was similar to other people. Being a spear expert, she didn't know whether to cry or to laugh upon seeing Wang Zhong's decision. Indeed, he was mocking Zhao Yilong, However, what other meaning did this have?

For the sake of his squadron members? Indeed, such thoughts were good, but they were also too childish.

However, in the next instant, Divian suddenly gawked once again. That was because she was talking about the person known as All Mouthy King. In the past, further in the past, and even further back, she always had the same thoughts about this person. It was no wonder why she was extremely familiar with her current feelings. However, the result of every fight...

What kind of situation was this?

These thoughts all stemmed from her previous fight against Wang Zhong, something that other people had yet to experience. In the arena, the gaze sent out by tens of thousands of people towards Wang Zhong was one similar to looking at an idiot, with even slivers of pity present within.

Below the stage, a sliver of a smile appeared at the corner of Zhao Zimo's mouth. The rhythm of humiliating their opponent was set up by him. He wanted to use the Tianjing squadron to establish the might of the Divine Dragon. To him, weaklings and public opinion were just like prostitutes, which one would just toss away after use. Both would similarly cause his opponent's mentality to break down, more so if they were experts. At this moment, Wang Zhong's head was definitely filled with how to mock their Divine Dragon squadron. Without a doubt, the Overlord Spear in his hand was simply a "flash of genius". However, it was also the most stupid decision he could have made. It could be said that Wang Zhong had now destroyed everything that he had achieved in the past.

Ruo Zhi and Wind God, this pair of casters, were now exchanging glances with each other. Having casted for quite a few competitions and much more match, especially in the case of Ruo Zhi, they could be said to have seen everything that could happen in a fight. However, this was the first time they had seen a person with such heaven-defying courage and brains.

On the contrary, Wang Zhong did not pay any attention to what was happening in his surroundings as he pondered about the Overlord Spear. Although it was a replica, the materials used in its construction were extraordinary. Not only did the decorative patterns feel extremely comfortable in his hands, it had also allowed for his Soul Power to slowly pour in, turning the entire spear to what seemed like a part of his body.

After a moment, Wang Zhong opened his eyes. Just as he was preparing to walk onto the stage, Hymin walked over. "Wang Zhong, it's true that we've walked and fought all to this point for the sake of the group battle. In fact, we are also fighting for our honour and dignity, even if we have to use our lives to do so. Therefore, please fight for yourself, and not have any regrets in doing so!"

Hearing her words, Wang Zhong gawked and remained stunned for a while, before a sliver of a smile curled up from the corner of his mouth. As he nodded his head, the aura radiating from him appeared to have changed slightly.

Seeing this, Ma Dong gave a big thumbs up. Looks like big sis Hymin's better at words. Nevertheless, Hymin wasn't able to relax one bit, as Wang Zhong had still hoisted up that broken spear. Replica against the original. This….

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the theatrical duel is about to commence. Frankly speaking, never in my wildest dreams did I expect this match to turn out like this. This is the last duel between Tianjing and the Divine Dragon squadron! Wang Zhong VS Zhao Yilong! Overlord Spear against Overlord Spear!"

As Wind God's voice rang out, the emotions present in the entire arena surged to a boiling point.

"He really did carry it up! Is he really going to give this duel away like that! His squadron members had managed to win a duel after so much difficulty! Has All Mouthy King gone crazy?"

"Even if it's a replica, it weighs way over 300 pounds! With those thin arms and legs, can he really twirl it around?"

"Shuddup, you idiots! What the hell do you know about brother King! He had waved that Molok's City Defense Battle Axe weighing over a thousand pounds in the OP like a toy! What would a 300-pound spear be to him?"

"This is the CHF! Do you think this is an OP elite division match? Furthermore, do you really know the difference between wielding it and twirling it around?"
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    《Battle Frenzy》