Battle Frenzy
466 Rock VS Rock! 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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466 Rock VS Rock! 2 in 1

"An expert can definitely master any weapon in a shorter amount of time and grasp its essence more quickly than other people. However, understanding, usage, proficiency and mastery are all completely different concepts." Karl said while shaking his head. "Furthermore, weapons like spears are the type that is easy to use but difficult to master. This is even without considering its weight and length, or the custom-made Overlord Spear. It's too hard to control as compared to ordinary spears. If he only knows how to use it, how can he match up to Zhao Yilong, who has reached perfection in his mastery? All Mouthy King... appears to have lost some of his reasoning."

"You shuddup!" Divian shot a glare out, causing the smug-looking Karl to close his mouth. Not only did he not participate in any of the matches, but he also caused trouble on a daily basis. Although she wasn't pleased about this, this fellow was essential to the Seer squadron. In fact, he was their greatest trump card. After seeing the meteoric rise of the black horses, even the Seer Family could feel danger creeping up to them.

On the Skylink, the various parties paying attention to this match were discussing spiritedly before the officials tossed out yet another bunch of explosive news.

"Barran's miraculous reversal, black horse Tianjing continues with their life!"

"All Mouthy King pulls yet another strange move, purposefully infuriates the Zhao Family?"

"The flames of fury from the Tianjing big brother, Overlord Spear VS Overlord Spear!"

Upon the appearance of those new explosive pieces of news, the originally declining online numbers instantly skyrocketed. The ocean of brother King fans who had left earlier had returned in a frenzy, alongside those who were bitten by the curiosity bug rising from the fresh news. Instantly, the number of people online broke the great mark of 8 million, before continuing to rise at a rapid rate. Now, it was only a sliver away from the 9 million viewership records set by Stuart, by relying on the opening match of this CHF.

"All Mouthy King has toppled my view of the world once again." An all too familiar feeling was present in Wind God's heart. Frankly speaking, although Wang Zhong did not use his trump card as everyone had expected, he had definitely played it big this time. "He had actually chosen to use a Federation-made Overlord Spear replica to match against Zhao Yilong's original version! All Mouthy King has already been overwhelmed by the flames of fury burning in his heart! For the sake of provoking the Zhao Family, he's not giving a damn about anything! Forgive me for my words, but from the initial 50:50 equal chance of victory, it has already dropped to 30:70 at the very most!"

A slight curl appeared at the corner of Zhao Zimo's mouth, though it brimmed with an arrogance unique to him. This was the conceit present in those with power, who always felt that they were invincible and omnipotent.

Although a slight accident had happened, with Barran's victory in the earlier duel, all of his arrangements had been useful. It was impossible for a commoner to maintain his calmness and cool-headedness under such constant provocation, thereby resulting in him using his emotions to do the thinking. He did not use his cross wheels, and had instead chosen to use to Overlord Spear for the maximum taunting effect. This was a show of him losing complete control of his thoughts, something that made Zhao Zimo extremely satisfied with his strategies.

Bang, Bang, Bang...

With the 300-over pound Overlord Spear in his hands, heavy booms rang out from every step taken.

Wang Zhong walked directly to a position 20-odd metres away from Zhao Yilong before coming to a stop. His left hand that was holding onto the Overlord Spear gave a slight swing out.


A gale visible of the naked eye was swept up by the heavy body of the spear, before it landed with a thud on his shoulder. With the inertia of the Overlord Spear coupled by its weight, didn't that amount to a force of over a thousand pounds on his arm?!

A slight thud rang out from the granite rock floor behind his feet, before a few clear cracks proceeded to spread out from his feet!

Crack Crack Crack Crack Crack!


The viewing gallery instantly turned much quieter, with an audible wave of gulping sounds ringing out.

Although the auras that experts exuded as a show of force was much more complicated and difficult to accomplish than what Wang Zhong had done, viewing and feeling this live made it feel much more impactful!

He appeared to be very strong!

However, such actions appeared extremely laughable in the eyes of Zhao Yilong.

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Although the Overlord Spear was quite heavy, the important point here was not the brute strength required, but rather, it was how the wielder handled it like it was a lightweight weapon. Only when the wielder achieved that level of competency could they truly bring out the meaning of "Overlord" in the spear's name! Simply using his brute strength to wave the Overlord Spear around, was Wang Zhong really intending to use a weapon like this to provoke and challenge the Zhao Family?

"You will pay the price for your decision." Zhao Yilong did not care about what mockery his squadron members had shown towards Tianjing. To him, the only thing he cared was that Wang Zhong had actually dared to provoke himself. Clearly, this provocation had gone past his tolerance threshold. "No one who dares to provoke me like this has left in one piece."

Hearing those words, Wang Zhong could not help but to laugh out, before proceeding to cast an indifferent gaze at Zhao Yilong while replying, "Looks like you think too highly of yourself. This is the same infallible bad habit that all of you have."

As Wang Zhong's reply rang out, the entire world turned silent in a flash.

This, he's actually talking to Zhao Yilong? What did he say?!

Not only did he provoke Zhao Yilong, he had also disregarded the entire Zhao Family in his eyes! These were two entirely separate matters!

It had always been the great families belittling the commoners, and only they could act rampantly and without any restraint. Just the slightest hint of a commoner counterattack would result in a lightning-quick retaliation from them. However, at this very moment, Wang Zhong had actually dared to make such an open and public provocation!

The expression on Zhao Yilong's face had already frozen up, while killing intent started to slowly radiate out from his body.

In a flash, everyone felt a bone-chilling wave of cold sweep across their bodies. Wind God's mouth was already wide open, entirely forgetting to even continue his roasting. Ever since Wang Zhong's decision to use the Overlord Spear, Wind God could already see that the latter wanted to "return the favour". However, with such a large disparity in strength, wasn't mockery something that would naturally happen?

Yes! All Mouthy King was very strong! However, his opponent was Zhao Yilong, the famous Overlord, Zhao Yilong! Both his strength or that of the aristocratic family standing behind him stood at the very top of the Federation's pyramid of power. Without even talking about the Overlord Spear in Wang Zhong's hand that he obviously wasn't familiar with using, even if he did elect to use his cross wheels, who gave him the guts to say those words?!

Wielding the Overlord Spear was already making a mockery of Zhao Yilong! Did he really want the Zhao Family to leave no paths of retreat for him?

He's really too heaven-defying!

Saying those words in such a stage, not only did he provoke Zhao Yilong, he had targeted the entire Zhao Family! Within the Federation, the commoners could only kneel and bow in worship to those aristocratic families, standing high above everyone else. One could imagine what kind of response they would show upon being caught by surprise from a voice coming from the commoners!

Without talking about the commoners, even Divian, Gui Hao and a large bunch of the members from the various great aristocratic families were dumbfounded by what they heard. Those were the words one would say only when facing off against an opponent at the same level. Ever since young, they have never met anyone outside the 10 great families who dared to say such words to them.

However, it had to be said that Wang Zhong's "Daredevil" audacity had ignited a flame in the hearts of quite a few people.

"This Wang Zhong!" Divian could not help but to frown. He's too impulsive! Such provocations wouldn't lead to any benefits for him, especially the fact that the current Tianjing had yet to escape the match point! Even if he takes this duel, what about the group battle?

Use the cross wheels then? Even her Seer Family had already found ways to deal with it. Being the family that excelled the most at the research of various weapons, the Zhao Family definitely had their ways. He... might have grown too proud after winning a few matches in this CHF.

"I really this decent and trash-talking side of this fellow!" Noriba appeared to have turned "high" in an instant, laughing so hard that tears were about to stream down his eyes. "I always believed that I was too wild! Looks like this fella has even thicker skin than me! Interesting!"

After a momentary pause of stunned silence, a mad clamouring of voices filled the Skylink and the arena, as the Divine Dragon and Tianjing Academy fan started tossing curses and swear words back and forth. Earth shattering shouts reverberated across the arena, while the Skylink broadcast screen was covered by the massive amount of words pumped out by the viewers!

While the atmosphere outside of the arena had turned fiery, the atmosphere within turned cold in a flash, as the temperature pummeled rapidly.

Waving the Overlord Spear forward with a faint sweep of his left hand, his right hand grabbed hold of the spear shaft. The 3-metre long spear extended from his arms, its tip pointing towards the ground, with not a hint of movement in its body.

A chilling expression had blanketed Zhao Yilong's face. There was no longer any useless words being said, as killing intent burst forth from his eyes!

"At this moment, I smell the intense flavour of gunpowder brewing on the stage! I really cannot imagine exactly where All Mouthy King's supreme confidence is coming from, to issue such an audacious war-like provocation! Nevertheless, he has clearly ignited the flames of anger and fury in the overlord! I cannot help but sigh in admiration for All Mouthy King! Daring to say such rampant words right at the face of the successor of one of the Federation's 10 great families, the Zhao Family, definitely requires guts and courage!" Grabbing hold of the microphone, Wind God's spirit had been completely ignited. Since people have said that he was seeking death, that motherfucking All Mouthy King's even more death-seeking than he was! Wind God felt that he wouldn't be true to himself if he didn't turn into a mad demon at this moment! "However, although sprouting words is easy, it won't be easy to face the anger and rage of the overlord! Overlord Spear VS Imitation Overlord Spear! Exactly how many rounds will All Mouthy King be able to endure? The gunpowder on the stage is about to be ignited, as the final duel begins!"

On the stage, the Soul Powers of both parties were already ignited and blazing. Clearly, Wang Zhong and Zhao Yilong had no intention of letting the other party off easily. This duel would not end at just a simple victory or defeat.

Bang! Bang!

Two equally tyrannical Soul Powers blasted out from them, sweeping up a strong gust of wind that rampaged within the arena.

With the long-accumulated killing intent and rage exploding forth with a bang, there was no hesitation or wavering in the two as rays of brilliance erupted from their greyish-black eyes. The two figures sprinted forwards in a flash, turning into streams of light! In the blink of an eye, both of them had crossed the mere 20 to 30 metres that initially separated them!

While the ring of the starting bell was still reverberating within the arena, the two parties had already smashed against each other in the centre!


Overlord Spear VS Overlord spear!

Unlike the clean and simple spear techniques Divian used, an earth-shattering might was unleashed by the two Overlord spear wielders. The spear was known as the overlord of all weapons, able to kill everything in its path with a straightforward advance!

Before their weapons collided, the waving of their spears coupled with the pressures formed by the Soul Power blasting out from them instantly formed a circular wave of air pressure visible to the naked eye expanding out from the middle of the stage!


As the two spears collided, countless sparks due to the high pressured chafing between them illuminated the entire circular arena.

The two advancing figures came to a halt.

Pulling back their spears, the circular air wave instantly disappeared, leaving being remnant sparks in the air for all to see. However, that was followed by an even quicker attack!


The speed of both parties appeared to be the same, and so was their strength.

An unstoppable force against an immovable object.

A force field of sparks illuminated the stage once again.

Murderous spirit filled the auras radiating from their spears. The person who was able to suppress the other would be able to gain the initiative in this fight!

This was a genuine case of enemies being fated to cross paths, with the victory going to the bravest. Brimming with a grandeur that was able to split the sky and sunder the earth, the two Overlord Spears struck out like bolts of lightning as they collided against each other. Soul Power blasted across the entire stage every time they collided against each other, showing the world shaking might both of them possessed. Neither was backing down even an inch, as there was no such thing as retreat in the way of the spear!

The explosions of peak level Casted Soul Stage Soul Power rocked the entire stage, Such overbearing attacks not only required sufficient Soul Power accumulation, it also required a tough and resilient body to endure the feedback force. Nonetheless, the two duking it out on stage appeared to have accomplished both feats as easily as having a meal.

Wang Zhong's Soul Power appeared just like a vast ocean, flowing out endlessly without interruption, while Zhao Yilong's appeared just like a deep abyss whose depths could not be seen!

Crack Crack Crack Crack!

As the spears collided against each other, the ground beneath their feet shattered like smashed tofu, with cracks extending out in all directions and rock chips flying into the air!

The continued output and revolutions of Soul Power from the two caused the circular field of force around them to expand, giving the illusion as though even space was unable to handle the brutal output of power from the 2.


The force field exploded apart, causing countless blade-like whips of air to sweep out. All of the rock chips created by the tyrannical force unleashed from the two were sent shooting out, ripping their clothes in a flash. However, at this instant, the two Overlord Spears appeared to have come to a silent understanding, as they ferociously smashed against each other!

The Overlord Spears, which ordinary people could not even carry, were waved about in the hands of the two as though they were as like as daggers.

Zhao Yilong's spear techniques had reached the essence of the way of the spear. Raise, circle, point, side push, pierce, wrap, lunge, lock, block and pulling back. The might and ferocity of one's spear techniques dictated how overbearing it was, with these details being extremely difficult to train and master. When every single fundamental technique was fused together, they would result in infinite possible combinations, giving rise to an Overlord Spear that could be used in both close quarters and far distances, with a myriad of possible moves and changes.

Zhao Yilong's Overlord Spear possessed a might and ferocity just like that of a divine dragon surging across the heavens, yet appeared incomparably accurate in the smallest of details. It had to be said that Wang Zhong's performance appeared slightly superficial, though his understanding of the Overlord Spear was unable to match up to Zhao Yilong. Although both of them appeared to be evenly matched, Zhao Yilong's Overlord Spear was in fact gaining momentum inch by inch, with Zhao Yilong apparently being the one that led the offence.

"From the looks of it, Wang Zhong seems to have practised using such a weapon before, to actually be able to match up in an exchange against Zhao Yilong. Nonetheless, it is only at the level of a mechanical copy. It's a pity that he had turned this duel into a personal fight despite the strength he possesses. If he loses like this, he will really be unable to face his squadron members." Wind God could not help but to comment. 

Hearing such roasting words, Ruo Zhi shot a look at Wind God. This person seems to have some problem in his head, huh. At the very beginning, he only felt that Wind God had skewed his commentary for the sake of becoming famous, and also to find a place where he fit in. However, there were some things that could be said for the purpose of casting and analysis, and some that couldn't. Did this Wind God really want to put Wang Zhong to death?

"Little Wind, regardless of the outcome, Wang Zhong still had the advantage of the selection. What's more, the reason why he is doing it this way, is for the sake of retaliating against his opponent, while helping his squadron members vent some of their anger. Perhaps, he has fallen to the ploy of the Divine Dragon squadron. However, that does not mean that he did not pay attention to that." said Ruo Zhi. 

Hearing that, Wind God shot a look at Ruo Zhi before laughing. An absent-minded look flashed across his eyes before he quickly looked back towards the centre of the arena.

The two duking it out in the centre of the stage appeared to have unleashed the full might of their anger, as the two Overlord Spears appeared just like poisonous snakes spitting and striking as they spun and twirled around in the air. In the blink of an eye, 10 successive stabs were unleashed!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

No one had expected Wang Zhong to actually be able to meet Zhao Yilong in a head-on confrontation of spear techniques. What's more, since the start till now, despite not having the initiative, he had yet to fall into a disadvantageous position. He had actually managed to display the essence of a few techniques, with the strength and might in his attack being at the same level as Zhao Yilong.

However, although their spear techniques were equally fast, and possessed the same amount of power and fundamental proficiency behind them, the bodies of the spears had a considerable difference in construction material.

A chilling glow radiated out from the chain wrapped Overlord Spear, while Soul Power gushed out from it in a tornado-like fashion. Having successively clashed against it, Wang Zhong's Overlord Spear had already started to vibrate and hum intensely.

Cracking melon seeds as he watched the fight unfold, excitement and interest-filled Karl's eyes. What a person! This Wang Zhong's actually has some real skills. It was already pretty good if a person was able to specialize in two weapons. From the looks of it, this fellow really knew how to use a spear! Although Karl didn't use a spear, Divian was an expert in it. Being her main training partner, he was all too clear that this Wang Zhong was definitely a spear expert, and had a profound understanding of it. That's right, Wang Zhong was mimicking and understanding the patterns of his opponents. However, in the face of Zhao Yilong's attacks, being able to do such a thing was proof that he had sufficient confidence in his ability.

This fellow's actually pretty frightening!

There weren't many people that were able to watch the fight from such a perspective, though Divian was naturally one of those few that could. At this moment, she had not uttered a single word. After her match against All Mouthy King, Divian already had the inkling that this person appeared to be considerably familiar with the patterns of spear techniques. Perhaps he had a certain level of understanding and proficiency in it. Regardless of any weapon out there, the best way to break an opponent's attack style and rhythm would be to understand the weapons that the opponent used.

However, never did Divian expect for Wang Zhong to be an expert in the way of the spear. Nonetheless, this was where the problem was.

He was mimicking every single move and action Zhao Yilong was making. It would be fine if he were using the exact same weapon as his opponent. However, Zhao Yilong was wielding the Zhao Family's heirloom, the Overlord Spear, and the replica made by the Federation definitely could not match up to it. Simply speaking, a good spear didn't only depend on its construction. This Overlord Spear replica was rather well made. Other than the absence of those chains, it appeared to be identical to the genuine one, even having the same weight. However, with the difference in materials used to create the shaft of the spear, as well as the absence of runic patterns engraved on its surface, this resulted in a huge disparity even on the transmission of force through its body.

It was merely an ordinary weapon, while the genuine Overlord Spear was one of the five great heirloom divine weapons of the Zhao Family. This made the disparity even more obvious.

With their level of strength being similar, the difference in the spear quality created a minuscule difference in the force output by the two in their moves.

Clearly, the titanium body of the replica Overlord Spear was slightly unable to handle the high-speed multi-directional transfers of force. This resulted in intense vibrations throughout the shaft after a series of successive collisions. Finally, all of a sudden, one of Wang Zhong's thrusts caused the tip to deviate by a sliver.


A bolt of lightning flashed through Zhao Yilong's eyes.

As the spear tips crossed each other, an ear piercing metallic screech rang out. Travelling along the shaft of his opponent's spear, Zhao Yilong's Overlord Spear stabbed right towards Wang Zhong's chest!

With a twist of his wrists, Wang Zhong sent a massive pushing force through the shaft of his spear, instantly separating himself a few inches from the incoming stab.

A chilling glow slid past Wang Zhong's face. Taking advantage of Wang Zhong's evasion, Zhao Yilong bent his back and lowered his waist, twisting his Overlord Spear to send a fierce smash down of Wang Zhong's shoulder.


Wang Zhong reacted extremely quickly as he pulled his spear shaft back to block the incoming smash. The terrifying impact caused the two spears to shudder. At the same time, Wang Zhong placed his hand on the ground as a support while he swept his left leg horizontally out.

Relying on the rebounding force of his smash, Zhao Yilong had already launched himself high into the air. With a twist of his left hand, the Overlord Spear quivered, before descending from the air, transforming into thousands of spear afterimages in the process!

Taking advantage of the high ground, the spear afterimages rained down from the sky, with each afterimage appearing just like a bolt of lightning striking down!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The tips of the spear afterimages howled out like bullets. Wang Zhong raised his spear tip to contend with the incoming attack. However, one occupied the high ground advantage and had assistance from gravity, while the other one was forced to counterattack. This resulted in a complete difference in the force behind the two spears, causing an even greater disparity in the strength of their blows.


Before the incoming attacks had ceased, Wang Zhong already had no choice but to move his body to evade the spear afterimages. With a sweep of his spear, he unexpectedly took a half step back.

In a fight between experts, a mere half step back was evidence of being in a disadvantage, and a loss of momentum.

A sneer flashed across Zhao Yilong's face, while his Overlord Spear had casted its shadow as it thrust forwards!

From both sides exchanging attacks, to one attack with the other defending!

At the instant when this change happened to the situation of this fight, Zhao Yilong's Soul Power erupted out like a howling tornado! Appearing to have transformed into the head of a dragon, the Overlord Spear in his hands howled out with a surprise attack!

"Overlord Secret move--Lightning Fire God of War's 18 Spear Strikes!"


With a gigantic bang, the Overlord Spear instantly pierced forwards. At this instant, Wang Zhong felt a terrifying force many times stronger than what he had encountered in the earlier exchanges heading his way. Despite forcefully bracing himself, the webs between his thumbs and forefingers were shaken to the point of turning slightly numb.

However, before even waiting for him to catch his breath, the second spear strike was already headed his way!
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    《Battle Frenzy》