Battle Frenzy
470 Dragon Stranding Spear
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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470 Dragon Stranding Spear

Without talking about Zhao Yilong, who already had the shadows of defeat looming over him, deep shades of horror had already appeared on the faces of Zhao Tianlong, Zhao Wuying, Zhao Zhancheng and the other Divine Dragon squadron members viewing the duel from below the stage. In the short span of a few minutes, the frightening might of Wang Zhong had already been deeply etched into the core of their beings! If Zhao Yilong was to really collapse in defeat, one could imagine that when Wang Zhong carried that Overlord Spear into the group battle, what would happen to these bunch of Divine Dragon Academy fellows!

Every single squadron had their own individual problems. From certain angles, the Divine Dragon Academy was admittedly stronger than Bella Dean. However, from another perspective, they were inferior to the latter.

The worship and trust everyone within the Divine Dragon squadron had towards Zhao Yilong had long seeped into the core of their very begins, transforming into something similar to a religious faith! However, once this faith fell... Zhao Zimo could already imagine a scene similar to that of the Bierlia Academy, where their entire squadron's morale had plummeted following the defeat of their captain in the hands of Tianjing. Such an outcome might reappear in their Divine Dragon Academy!

We cannot let it go to the group battle phase! We cannot enter a group battle after Zhao Yilong is defeated!

I have to think of a way! Let Zhao Yilong admit defeat! Let him conserve his strength for the group battle! With the coordination of Zhao Tianlong and the others, they can destroy the entire line up that Tianjing will field, before letting it end with a 5 VS 1!

However, Zhao Zimo knew that the two words "admit" and "defeat" simply did not exist in Zhao Yilong's dictionary. Even if he made such a request to the referee using his status as the squadron leader, Zhao Yilong would never accept it, while the match would not end there!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

What to do?!

Was Zhao Yilong really going to lose?

All of a sudden, a sliver of excitement flashed through Zhao Zimo's eyes... this might very well be the once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity that he had been waiting for! All for the sake of the family!

"Third bro!" Zhao Zimo stood up ferociously, rushing right to the side of the stage before shouting out loudly, "Stand up! You cannot lose! You're the backbone of our Zhao Family!"

Hearing those words, Zhao Yilong's expression instantly turned cold, with all of his initial hesitation vanishing into thin air, while his expression turned grim and callous. That's right! He could not lose!

The hand holding onto the chains wrapped around the Overlord Spear gave a ferocious tug, and it seemed like a switch had been activated on the Overlord Spear.


The Overlord Spear floated in the air before starting to rotate!

The chains being pulled out from their embrace were akin to a seal being broken, as a wave of ominous black air gushed out from the Overlord Spear.


A beastial roar appearing to have come from the ancient antiquity resounded out from the ominous air, instantly sweeping across the entire stage!

Whether it was close or far from the stage, ordinary people or experts as strong as Noriba, everyone immediately felt a pair of large, frightening, blood-red eyes forming in the air above the stage, staring right at every single person!

Even someone as strong as Noriba was instantaneously struck with a fear so strong that they didn't dare to move even an inch!

Suppression, suffocation, and terror! Various kinds of negative emotions appeared in everyone's heads in a flash!

Pressure! 7th rank at the very least! It was a frightening pressure that only 8th rank dimensional life forms would possess! This caused so much fear and terror in people that they were unable to breathe, so much so to the point of having incontinence!

The only people that weren't affected by this frightening pressure would be those watching from far away via Skylink.

"He actually unsealed the Overlord Spear!" Divian exclaimed, "He actually dares to unseal the Overlord Spear while still being in the Casted Soul Stage! Isn't he afraid of being devoured by the Overlord Spear if he loses control over it?"

The Overlord Spear was constructed using the weapon manufacturing technique passed down from the dark era. This technique utilized runic arrays and sacrificial offerings to seal the strength of high ranking dimensional life forms into weapons. This was an extremely cruel manufacturing technique, and was banned after the end of the dark era. However, weapons made using this technique that was passed down still possessed powerful might. Nevertheless, they required even greater care and vigilance when using them.

Zhao Yilong's Overlord Spear was precisely a weapon manufactured in that era!

A glowing crystalline circular wall sparkling with runes instantly enveloped the air over the entire stage, separating it from the viewing gallery by its side.

Nevertheless, this was an arena in Stuart. Having long considered the countless possible scenarios before the start of the CHF, the protective barrier before the audience was definitely prepared in advance. The powerful might of this unique runic pattern array was capable of reducing the majority of the suffocating pressure coming from the stage.

"Hu hu hu hu!"

At this moment, the countless people at the brink of suffocation felt the heavy pressure lifted off their shoulders, causing gasping sounds of breathing to reverberate out, sounding exceedingly spectacular!

Only at this moment did Noriba wake up from that suffocating feeling, causing him to stand up fiercely!

Finally, he had seen it, the truth of the Overlord Spear! 

Its original name wasn't the Overlord Spear, as it wasn't even a spear! There was definitely no one in the entire world that would design a spear with a girth the size of a bowl's mouth! During its construction, the Zhao Family's initial intention wasn't to use it in combat, but for the purpose of sealing!

It had sealed the essence of a 7th Rank dimensional life form from the dark era! That's why its real name was -- Dragon Stranding Spear!

"Without talking about the combat capability it possesses after being unsealed, just the pressure radiating from it is already on a level that basically no Casted Soul Stage soldier can defend against."

"The gargantuan disparity in realm is sufficient to smash through all of the defenses a Casted Soul Stage soldier can muster! Unsealing the Dragon Stranding Spear is already tantamount to him having admitted defeat." said Karl as he shook his head. "What a pity to lose to such a divine weapon!"

Compared to Wind God's blank face, Ruo Zhi had some knowledge about this matter. "Oh my god! Zhao Yilong has actually removed the Overlord Spear's seal and released the Soul Aura from the 7th Rank dimensional life form sealed within! Although it's just a portion of it, the pressure it radiates is equivalent to absolute despair for any Casted Soul Stage soldier!"

Even after being separated by the thick runic pattern array, the ominous air seething and churning like a thundercloud above the stage was sufficient to cause Noriba to sense a pressure that bore down right into his soul. This was completely unrelated to strength! That motherfucker's starting to resort to shameless moves! Frankly speaking, even the members of the ten great families also believed that this was an extremely "shameless" move to make. At this moment, one could only imagine exactly what Wang Zhong, who stood within the stage, and had no runic pattern array shielding him, was feeling right now!

If the mere pressure resulting from the unsealing was enough to sweep away his opponent, this victory would inevitably be too dull and tasteless! Only if Wang Zhong could resist this, then Zhao Yilong could deal with him as he pleased!

With a fierce pull from the hand wrapped with chains, the Overlord Spear spun in the air, before landing in Zhao Yilong's hand. The ominous air that blotted the skies proceeded to condense ferociously, before retracting crazily back into the Overlord Spear and his body.

A layer of black air sparkled as it gushed out from the surface of his body and his Overlord Spear!

Black Dragon Combat Armor!

Overflowing power akin to an endless stream, unending and limitless! Zhao Yilong felt that he could decimate the skies and sunder the earth with ease! This damnable fellow! With his current level of strength, he was completely unable to endure such a powerful external strength. Once used, he would have to lie in bed for a month at the very least. If he wielded this strength for too long, it could even destroy his body! Nonetheless, he had no way of retreating out of this now. He absolutely could not lose! Five minutes was all he needed, to use the blood of this wretched commoner to wipe away his embarrassment!

Under the pressure and embrace of the black Soul Power, Zhao Yilong appeared just like a demonic god that had descended into the mortal realm. His entire being appeared to have expanded by a notch, while the entire momentum of the fight appeared to have reversed once again. The Tianjing supporters that were still in the midst of their happiness instantly turned mute. Such a degree of shamelessness and disparity of resources required to pull this off was utterly out of reach for any ordinary academy.

The hope for victory had appeared right before their eyes. However, of all things, Zhao Yilong had to pull this move out. The power he now possessed was basically at a realm only Heroic Soul Stage soldiers could match. This was simply...

There weren't any hard and fast rules about the usage of such weapons in the CHF. The only thing that could be said was that the great families all possessed a certain privilege. As for Wang Zhong, he was just the sacrificial lamb. Compared to defeat, an ugly victory was still a victory.

Zhao Zimo's gaze was incomparably focused on the stage. To him, this was an opportunity that only came once in a blue moon. Regardless of who won or lost, he had already won big.

Faced against this terrifying demonic god, an expression of indifference was still present on Wang Zhong's face as he calmly looked towards his opponent.

At this moment, this demonic god-like Zhao Yilong took action, shocking the world in the process!

Bang... with a single strike, the Dragon Stranding Spear appeared to possess the power to smash apart everything in its surroundings, a disaster-creating power.

The granite floor of the stage was shattered into bits and pieces. Yet, Wang Zhong had already evaded Zhao Yilong's attack. This caused the latter to grow even more furious. Speeding up till an afterimage had formed, he gave pursuit, sending yet another explosive spear strike out.

There was simply no way to meet such a powerful strike head-on. Wang Zhong expertly evaded once again. However, at this moment, Zhao Yilong had already transformed into a god of destruction that wielded astonishing might. Every single ordinary attack from him contained the power equivalent to over 500 Grassos. Coupled with the power present within the spear, a successful strike would result in death, with a scrape even being able to cause serious injuries.

However, the problem appeared...

Everyone had sensed it. Zhao Yilong's actions seemed to have turned slightly slower...
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    《Battle Frenzy》