Battle Frenzy
471 Over the limit 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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471 Over the limit 2 in 1

Vladimir had already switched his Skylink off. To him, once Zhao Yilong had used this move, it meant that he was no longer someone Vladimir would hold in regard. There was no longer any meaning to the outcome of this duel.

Regardless of how strong it was, any power would be useless if it could not be controlled properly.

In another section on Skylink, Mo Xingchen had already opened her eyes wide, while the corners of her mouth had curled up. This was too interesting! Unless one had undergone specialized training or possessed sufficiently strong willpower, one's legs would turn limp under the extreme pressure exuded by a 7th Rank life form. This Wang Zhong truly was the All Mouthy King that she had predicted he was. This was simply too interesting! However... the Zhao Family appeared to have been acting suspiciously for the past few years.

There was one matter that the Zhao Family had gotten wrong. It wasn't dread or fear that would let them rise into the upper five families. They did not have the qualifications!

While everyone felt an invincible pressure boring down on them, to Wang Zhong, it felt as light as a gentle breeze.

7th Rank dimensional life form?

Anyone who had been forced to flee countless times from the jaws of 7th and 8th Rank dimensional life forms, and even confront a 9th dimension sovereign head on, and what more obtain its blessings -- anyone who managed to accomplish all of that would feel nothing in the face of an 8th Rank dimensional life form's pressure.

However, Zhao Yilong's nightmare had just begun. When he had increased his power, both his Soul Power attacks or defence had reached the realm of a Heroic Soul Stage. Coupled with the pressure of an 8th Rank dimensional life form, he would be invincible against most opponents. However, he had discovered that any attacks he sent out had been evaded with extreme ease.

Anger and rage caused Zhao Yilong's attacks to grow even wilder, yet Wang Zhong appeared to dodge the incoming attacks with increasing ease.

Once the pressure was ineffective, such external power was equivalent to a little kid wielding a large blade meant for adults. This power simply wasn't part of Zhao Yilong's strength, and had impaired his judgement and caused him to lose control over his combat techniques. No matter how much power he possessed, it would be for nought if he wasn't able to land his attacks.

On the stage, Zhao Yilong's scattered hair whipped about like a deranged madman as he chased after Wang Zhong. Nonetheless, he was utterly unable to reach the latter. The entire stage had been turned into a chaotic mess by his attacks, while the massive boost in power had caused him to gradually lose all calm-headed decision-making capabilities.

Not caring if Zhao Yilong was losing control of himself, the only thing going through Wang Zhong's mind was the weapon in his opponent's hand. At this moment, a strange, malevolent aura was radiating out from it, which was continuously corroding his opponent's mind and body. This could not continue on like this, he had to end this fight!

"Wang Zhong's strength is pretty good. However, it's a pity, but he should not have given up on the cross wheels. With the strength of that Overlord Spear, how is he going to break Zhao Yilong's Black Dragon Combat Armor?"

"However, if this continues on, Zhao Yilong mind might get eroded. Once he enters a demonized state, it would not be easy to handle him. If the organising committee doesn't interfere, both of them might lose their lives."

The two Torres brothers both possessed extraordinary knowledge and insight. What's more, every single one of the ten great families possessed weapons of their own that had been manufactured in the dark era. These weapons were double-edged swords. Nonetheless, to these experts, Tianjing and the Divine Dragon squadron mutually hurting each other was undoubtedly a good thing for them. To them, every step up the ranks in this CHF would result in a gigantic difference in the resources and influence they would possess in the future.

Clearly, Wang Zhong had also caught on to this problem. After evading an attack, he took the initiative to widen the distance, before his Soul Power proceeded to erupt out from all fronts. During the process of his earlier evasion, the counter-attack Wang Zhong had launched allowed him to make a rough estimate of the level of his opponent's defence.

"That's!" Despite being separated by the screen broadcasted on Skylink, Divian was the first person to catch a clue about Wang Zhong's actions.

At this moment, Wang Zhong appeared like a violent dragon bursting out of the sea, with the Overlord Spear in his hands rumbling out right towards the crazed Zhao Yilong.

Boom Roar Boom Roar...

Heavenly Dragon Storm Spear!

"Oh my goodness! Heavenly Dragon Storm strikes! Isn't that the secret move of the Seer Family?!"

"That's Divian's move!"

Being similarly hailed as the spear goddess, that was a move that was comparable to Zhao Yilong's Ripple Spear. Divian's Dragon's Terror was clearly more widely known than the Zhao Yilong's Overlord Spear. Without mentioning those top-class experts, even many ordinary laymen watching in the arena and via Skylink had already recognized Wang Zhong's move.

Wasn't this the move Divian had used in the OP before being defeated by brother King?

Dumbfounded expressions appeared on everyone's face as they were filled with disbelief.

This, what the freak was this replicating ability?! It could still be understood if he had done it for 1 or 2 moves, but what kind of explanation could be given for the 3rd and 4th times! He could replicate any moves that he had seen before? How this freak is going to let others survive?!

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

A series of successive strikes!

Countless spear afterimages howled out like rain in a storm as they smashed against the spear aura of the Dragon Stranding Spear!

Denser, denser, denser! More concentrated, more concentrated, more concentrated!

Everyone was stupefied. This... even the Heavenly Dragon Storm Spear could not match up to the spectacle that was unfolding before their eyes.

Nonetheless, Zhao Yilong's defensive power had also caused dumbfounded expressions to appear on everyone's face. His Overlord Spear had been smashed aside, and he was currently using just his body to defend against Wang Zhong's attacks! What a monstrosity!


Not only did Wang Zhong not retreat, with a furious roar, the Overlord Spear in his hands moved at even faster speeds!

100 successive strikes, 200 successive strikes, 500 successive strikes!

The moves appeared similar, though their underlying concept was completely different. Countless attacks rained down in a flash towards Zhao Yilong. For Grai, for Scarlet, for Emily, and for Barran!


Countless spear afterimages fused into a single body.

The might of a prairie fire could be broken by a 1000 strikes!

This was the Heavenly Dragon Storm Spear!



The terrifying spear aura smashed right into Zhao Yilong's chest. In an instant, time seemed to come to a stop as the black Soul Power surrounding his body froze up. In the next second, like a popped bubble, it burst apart, sending Zhao Yilong flying away like a cannonball.

The terrifying force gushed into his entire being, followed by a wave of bone-snapping sounds...

The entire arena had been filled with silence for a while. As Wang Zhong slowly pulled back the Overlord Spear in his hands, Zhao Yilong appeared just like a pile of smashed meat as he laid on the ground in the distance.

A deathly silence hung over the entire arena and Skylink.

"The Zhao Family has really declined." said Gui Hao with a smile. "They've actually been forced into such a miserable state."

Being the youth representative of the 10 great families, he was appreciative of the little schemes that Zhao Zimo had made from outside of the fighting stage, and the vicious and perverted actions the Zhao Family had done to their opponents. However, when Zhao Yilong had decided to unseal the Dragon Stranding Spear to deal with a Casted Soul Stage opponent, the Zhao Family had already turned worthless in his eyes.

Being the representatives of the aristocratic families, they were allowed to possess their own flair and character, but were all required to possess pride, honour and dignity. Choosing to use external strength in such a situation was a clear sign of his desperation and shamelessness; the problem was that after all that, he still lost the damn fight, it was really an example of boundless stupidity.

His psyche had already imploded. He clearly knew that he was completely unable to control this external boost of power that he had gained, yet he had taken it out anyway. Now, it would be even more shameful if he lost.

If Zhao Yilong lost today, it wouldn't just be a loss in the competition; he would also lose his position as a successor for the Zhao Family, as well as the honour and dignity as one of the 10 great Mo's List soldiers.

"Zhao Yilong isn't weak. It's just that Wang Zhong's even stronger." said Gu Xinying with an indifferent voice. "With his current level of strength, he's already capable of putting up a fight against you or Carolyn."

"He's still not qualified. Also, this brat's also reaching the limits of his strength. Let's talk about this after Tianjing's able to cross the hurdle that is the group battle." replied Gui Hao with a smile. Giving a lazy stretch, he stood up and said "Beloved little sister, do you want to do some training?"

"I want to watch their group battle." Gui Xinying did not put up with Gui Hao in her reply.

"Zhao Yilong's wasted, while Wang Zhong's unable to continue. The Soul Power of the Dragon Stranding Spear is extremely consuming for Casted Soul Stage to defend against. Furthermore, that final round of attack is definitely the last spurt of his energy. You better not tell me that you're unable to see that he's gasping for his life on stage." said Gui Hao in a nonchalant manner. Frankly speaking, he had tuned in to this match just for the sake of understanding Grai and Wang Zhong. Naturally, there was also Zhao Yilong in there.

However, from the looks of it now, Grai's weakness was too obvious, and Zhao Yilong had disappointed him. As for Wang Zhong… regardless of who had the last laugh, Divine Dragon Academy or Tianjing, there was already not much meaning to this match for Gui Hao.

"He won't be defeated so easily." Clearly, Gui Xinying had a different view about this match, remaining seated at her original location, not even moving an inch.

"Ah?" Gui Hao could not help but open his mouth wide, as the words that came from Gui Xinying was truly unexpected.

Being all too clear about this younger sister of his, she was actually chasing an idol? All Mouthy King? That was a joke! Her big brother was the greatest star! Such a matter would definitely not happen with Gui Xinying, "You lass, when did you..."

"Mind your own business." Before he could finish his statement, Gui Xinying had already coldly cut him off. In this world, the only person who could cause Gui Hao to become so black with anger, yet show no temper at all would be her. "Move aside!"

Gui Hao didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Spreading his hands out, he revealed an expression of helplessness.

However, in the time it took for the brother and sister to exchange 2 sentences, the entire arena had completely erupted into madness.

It had now come down to the very last fight, every freaking thing hinged on the last fight! Half an hour ago, while Barran was getting beaten like a dog, who would have guessed that Tianjing would actually be able to walk all the way to this point?

Miraculous Barran, miraculous Wang Zhong, miraculous reversal!

"Brother King is just invincible!"

"Keep quiet! Keep quiet! It's just Zhao Yilong! What's there to be astonished in him being defeated! I feel that the only purpose the Mo's List exists is to let their faces be beaten by our brother King!"

"You really know too much, brother!"

The brother King fans watching via Skylink instantly felt exceptionally cocky.

Stuff like "merely a Zhao Yilong" rang out of their mouths, yet everyone knew that what Zhao Yilong's name meant before the start of this duel.

However, even if it was Zhao Yilong, and even with a divine weapon in his hands, he had still been trampled by All Mouthy King. What's more, All Mouthy King had used the same weapon, and even the same moves as his opponent!

In the past, those fans who had worshipped All Mouthy King had somewhat of a herd mentality, and would always view their idol with somewhat of a "you're a country bumpkin and hick" gaze. However, at this very moment, their brother King has proved himself, and had always proved the foresight of his fans! Now, at the very least, these brother King fans possessed the confidence to shout "all of you are weaklings" to those fanboys and girls of those aristocratic families!

Zhao Yilong had already been stretchered off from the stage. As Wang Zhong walked off the stage, Ma Dong rushed forwards excitedly to give a welcoming bear hug. However, before he could lunge forward, a loud "clang" rang out, as the Overlord Spear in Wang Zhong's hands fell out of his grip. It smashed heavily on the ground, giving the welcoming Tianjing squadron a fright.

At this moment, Wang Zhong's face was now slightly pale, completely different from the majestic and awe-inspiring appearance he gave while on the stage. Upon reaching Ma Dong, he had immediately placed his left hand around Ma Dong's shoulders.

"What, what's the matter?" The faces of Colby, Milami and the others instantly changed.

Having a clearer understanding, Ma Dong immediately supported Wang Zhong while replying "Fuck, what's that nonsense for! Hurry up and return to the preparation room!"

"Tianjing has unexpectedly reversed their crisis with two successive victories to end up in a 2:3 score, pushing this match into the group battle phase. Frankly speaking, such an outcome would be inconceivable just half an hour ago. The only thing I can say is that miracles do exist." said Ruo Zhi with an emotional sigh.

"However, the current situation still isn't advantageous for Tianjing. Of their five mainstays, only Wang Zhong, who is covered with injuries, is still in contention. Although captain Wang Zhong has defeated Zhao Yilong, we can see that he has used up a considerably massive amount of his strength to do so. The 20-plus minutes left for the group battle preparation phase will be a test for him. This is also a problem for the later period of all competitions, which will test the capabilities of a squadron's auxiliary support."

"I feel that Tianjing doesn't have much chance in the group battle. After the end of the last duel, Wang Zhong's close to being unable to stand properly. Although the Divine Dragon is lacking Zhao Yilong, they have Zhao Tianlong to lead them, and that will still result in a powerful group to field for the group battle." Although Wind God's heart was brimming with shock, he still needed to continue standing by the Divine Dragon's side. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He had no other choice. Having taken the Zhao Family's money, he needed to help them fight all the way until the end. This was the genuine reason why he had targeted the Tianjing squadron ever since the beginning. He was a small caster, with one reason being the Zhao Family with its big stick and money, with the other being that he had no connection with any of the commoner squadrons. Even an idiot would know which choice to select. What's more, being a caster was already all about creating hype, following the rhythm of the match and raising the fame and profile of a squadron. However, who would have guessed that there would be so many twists and turns in this match, so much so that it appeared as though a boiled duck was actually planning of taking flight!

"Oh really?" said Ruo Zhi with a smile. Although this was the first time that he had casted alongside with Wind God, he could already sense that Wind God was raring at any opportunity to achieve fame. "Let us wait and see."


At this moment, a frenetic atmosphere had already filled the Tianjing preparation room. Wang Zhong still appeared alright while he was being supported in by Ma Dong. Upon the closure of the door, Wang Zhong's entire body turned completely powerless as he sank limply to the ground.

Only Wang Zhong himself knew exactly how much of a price he had paid to defeat the demonized Zhao Yilong.

It was hard to tell from his appearance, and even those beside him were hard-pressed to identify it.

Although it appeared as though he had dodged and evaded all of Zhao Yilong's attack with ease, for every single second in combat, Wang Zhong had to endure the impact caused by that ominous air gushing out from his opponent's spear. This was an ominous air condensed from a dimensional life form hailing from the dark era, and was comparable to ultra-high density radiation. Although Wang Zhong was able to completely defend against it, both his Soul Power or the strength of his entire body were greatly consumed. If not for the protection of the runic pattern array built into the arena, the majority of the new humans present would have been corroded by the ominous air during the last 2 to 3 minutes of the fight!

Furthermore, the final Dragon's Terror Overlord Spear strike he unleashed also resulted in enormous consumption of his strength. No one had imagined that someone like him was able to unleash such an attack.

Regardless of how vast and endless his Soul Sea was, it was his body that was using that energy. Letting his body endure that immense amount of Soul Power was tantamount to overloading it. Also, his body was already in a considerably exhausted state before doing so. Therefore, even with Wang Zhong's tyrannical physique, he was truly somewhat unable to handle it.

Wang Zhong's eyelids felt so heavy, and he seemed to be unable to keep them open. "Let me rest for a while." Upon saying that, his entire body stopped moving. The energy consumption of the Overlord Spear was much more than the cross wheels. Nonetheless, they were similar in that if he wanted to go further along this path in the CHF, he could not avoid the problem of the strength and toughness of his fleshly body. In the situation where they did not have any substitutes, he needed to get even stronger, as relying purely on the cross wheels wouldn't get him far.

This energy consumption was definitely unexpected. Nonetheless, deep down in his heart, Wang Zhong felt extremely happy. This was the limit that he had been seeking all along. The limit of Soul Power and fleshly body.

However... this was a situation that had no precedent, and it scared the hell out of the people around him!

Wang Zhong was the anchor for this entire Tianjing squadron. It was alright for anyone to collapse, but Wang Zhong absolutely couldn't fall. To them, this was basically an inconceivable matter.

Immediately, Hymin went forward to examine him. Upon doing so, her face turned extremely ugly looking. There were no fluctuations present in his Soul Sea! At this very moment, his body appeared in an extremely hollow state! It would be a miracle for anyone to able to walk after carrying out the previous attack he had unleashed.

He required at least a few days of rest to be able to wake up from this. However, they had only less than 20 minutes before the group battle started.

The entire Tianjing preparation area was filled with silence. Having reached this far into the match, everyone was fighting on with their lives. However, were they still going to fall at the final hurdle?
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    《Battle Frenzy》