Battle Frenzy
472 Final Battle! 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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472 Final Battle! 2 in 1

If they were facing off against anyone else, they would have already admitted defeat. However, the problem was, why did they have to lose to the Divine Dragon squadron?

Was Tianjing's legend going to be terminated by the Divine Dragon squadron? Just the thought of this cause Ma Dong to have the impulsion of vomiting. Why should they lose to those assholes! Through some of his connections, Ma Dong had already received the news about how that bastard Casio had probably been hired by Zhao Zimo to cause all of that trouble before this match. However, anyone with sufficient qualifications would know that he was a typical example of a genuine villain that would pull no stops to obtain what he wanted.

One could only imagine what things Zhao Zimo would do once Tianjing loses. It would definitely not be anything lighter than the underhanded moves he had already pulled. He would definitely step on the corpses of Tianjing a few more times at the very least!

Clenching her teeth, Hymin growled, "If it's just recovery, I can do it! All of you, get out! This old lady's going to go all out! We'll never let those vile assholes win!"

Ma Dong and the other did not know what Hymin was going to do. However, the only thing they could do right now was to trust her, as she was Tianjing's only healer.

Despite that, extremely pessimistic expressions were plastered all across the Tianjing squadron. They weren't a top class squadron, while their indomitable spirit was built on the foundation of Wang Zhong's willpower and determination.

At this moment, within the Divine Dragon Academy's preparation room, the morale of the squadron appeared clearly low. Although they were well-tested veterans, the scene of Zhao Yilong being beaten to a pulp even after unleashing a taboo strength was truly too shocking even for them. That Wang Zhong's simply a freak!

The scene of Wang Zhong striking out with his Overlord Spear and sending Zhao Yilong sprawling on the ground was deeply etched in the minds of everyone here just like a scene of a nightmare!

It was said that all of the bones in Zhao Yilong's body had been shattered, and it was possible that he would not be able to make a recovery.

However, the match had yet to end.

Zhao Zimo's expression remained cold and indifferent. These people weren't greenhorns who didn't know how the world worked. If he were to rely on motivational cheers like "For the sake of honour and glory" or other nonsense, all he would get was a lifeless response, and this wouldn't help them in any way.

Opening his Skylink, he let everyone here watch two video footages he had recorded.

The first was from the Tianjing squadron's viewing area below the stage. From the video, Wang Zhong could clearly be seen walking down from the stage, before the Overlord Spear dropped down to the ground from his trembling hands. Furthermore, the scene about Ma Dong supporting him into their preparation room was displayed on the other video! Although it appeared slightly blurry, as it was taken from a ventilation shaft window, it showed the scene of Wang Zhong fainting, and the complete fluster the rest of his squadron had as a result.

It was fortunate that he had left himself this card. What seemed like useless preparations before the start of this match had now been able to play their role in their squadron's most critical moment.

Shameless? Naive!

This was a battle of information where were every single bit of resources had been utilised. However, never did he expect to use something like this to deal with that trash squadron.

Without saying a word, Zhao Zimo observed the expressions present on all of his squadron members. As the scene of Wang Zhong fainting was displayed, he could clearly see everyone, including Zhao Tianlong, look as though a heavy weight had been lifted off their shoulders. This was Zhao Zimo's true killing move. As long as Zhao Yilong unleashed that taboo strength, it didn't matter whether he won or lost; either outcome was sufficient to result in Wang Zhong expending the majority of his strength.

Zhao Zimo had originally expected for both parties to get mutually wounded. However, never did he expect that it was only sufficient to let Wang Zhong exhaust his strength. Nonetheless, there was no need to become flustered. As long as his squadron was able to take this match down, he had a great deal of time to slowly deal with Wang Zhong. What's more, with Wang Zhong dealing such a serious injury to Zhao Yilong, this matter would not end just like this. The Zhao Family would definitely settle their accounts in the future. At that time, there would be no one who would go against the Zhao Family just for the sake of a loser.

However, the more important point was instigating Zhao Yilong to unseal the Overlord Spear. The true goal was to force Zhao Yilong into a severely injured condition. With his hot-headed nature, Zhao Yilong would definitely unseal the Overlord Spear, and that would leave him at the brink of death. Nonetheless, the latter's talent and genes were the best targets for him to retrieve. Being brothers, Zhao Zimo's body would definitely not reject his brother's genetic material. Ever since the beginning, Zhao Zimo had always been lusting over the control of power. With his knowledge, if he had that power, it would have been impossible for them to end up in their current situation. Naturally, he would never reveal his plan to anyone; to him, Zhao Yilong was just trash to be exploited.

"From the looks of his current situation, the intense consumption of energy has already resulted in his body and strength being completely exhausted. The only unknown left would be the extent that their healer can help him recover within these short 20 minutes. Frankly speaking, this is impossible for their healer. However, we still sticking to our old rule of making plans for the worst possible outcome." said Zhao Zimo as he looked over towards the auxiliary support healer for their Divine Dragon squadron, a young and tender looking little girl. Despite her looks, her special ability evaluation was many time higher than Tianjing's healer, Hymin. "Little Xin, if it were you, to what degree can you help Wang Zhong recover to if you're given 20 minutes? It's alright to just give a rough estimate."

"I don't know much about the specifics of Wang Zhong's condition. If it is just the exhaustion of mind and body, I can help him recover approximately 30-odd percent of his strength. If there is an additional factor of Soul Power exhaustion, the best I can do is to merely to wake him up. Furthermore, he will not be able to participate in any strenuous and high degree combat. If not, it will cause lasting damage to himself."

This was just a basic estimation, but it had caused confident smiles to gradually appear on the faces of the Divine Dragon squadron members. That's right, there wasn't much to be afraid of! He was just one man! Did he really think that he was omnipotent!

If they were facing a Wang Zhong who had only half of his life remaining, and yet lose a 1 VS 5, then Wang Zhong would no longer be a human, but a god!

It was just a pair of cross wheels! Long before the start of the match, the Zhao Family had already made various kinds of counter arrangements to deal with the greatest threat Wang Zhong could pose, as well as to defend against the possibility against any accidents occurring. Those weapons were extremely strong at their peak. However, as long as they targeted its weaknesses, it would just be a pair of broken wheels!

Towards a genuine aristocratic family that had seen the many facets of the world, those weapons were far from being as mysterious as other people had claimed. Zhao Zimo even wished for Wang Zhong to wield them for the group battle!

That would allow Zhao Wuying and Zhao Tianlong's collaborative counter play to definitely cause Wang Zhong to question his life!

"Although third bro has lost, he has wasted Wang Zhong." Zhao Zimo swept his gaze across everyone, before slowly enunciating his words. "Do not disappoint him! Let's progress to the next round, and let our Divine Dragon squadron take revenge for him!"

As Zhao Zimo's spoke out with righteousness, his eyes seemed to sparkle with tears. This caused every single squadron member to nod their heads fiercely. They would pummel this group of wastes so hard that they would be unable to take care of themselves at all!

Second after second, time continued to elapse.

There were already quite a few Divine Dragon squadron fans who had left the arena. Their idol had collapsed. In fact, it could be said that he had fallen with a considerable lack of honour and dignity. This had hurt these fans deeply. Nonetheless, the decline of these fans was far from being able to put a dent into the skyrocketing number of viewers entering the arena to watch the match.

This was especially true on Skylink, where the number of viewers had already broken the 10 million mark! This was an all-new record for the highest viewership in the CHF!

Everyone was waiting for the final group battle. Frankly speaking, although the Tianjing supporters held the advantage in morale, most of them had done so for the sake of chasing their idols. All Mouthy King or Grai were mighty figures that no one dared to approach in terms of fame or reputation. However, if one were to focus on the estimates for the group battle and predictions for the final victor and loser, even the most optimistic of brother King fans could not help but feel worried for their idol.

This could be attributed to Wind God, who had pointed out Wang Zhong's embarrassing moment of not being able to hold his Overlord Spear properly, as well as Tianjing's lack of an outstanding healer. Now, there were many people who were worried about how much strength Wang Zhong would still have when he went up for the imminent group battle. In fact, could he even participate in the group battle?

Truthfully speaking, anyone with the slightest presence of a brain would know that Tianjing had already been wasted. The scene of Wang Zhong getting off the stage had already been witnessed by quite a few people. Coupled with Wind God continuing to blabber on about the advantages the Divine Dragon had over Tianjing, this had manifested into a bad feeling that lingered in everyone's mind.

However, …he was All Mouthy King!

He would always make people believe that….. there were miracles in this world.

"Is she not done yet? This is frustrating as hell!" Ma Dong cursed as he paced to and fro before the door of the preparation room. The time given for the group battle preparation was almost up, yet there was nothing but silence coming from the room.

The arena was already filled with the rising din of voices, as the five members of the Divine Dragon squadron had already climbed onto the stage to exert pressure on the Tianjing side, yet the other party was still a no-show. They really were dragging the time out too long! At this moment, the Divine Dragon supporters were already sending wave after wave of increasing pressure towards their squadron's opponents. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"We cannot wait any longer! I'll go in and take a look!" Ma Dong could not control himself any more. However, just as he was about to push the door open, he discovered that it was already being opened from the inside.

Wang Zhong stood in the door frame. Despite still looking somewhat pale, he still appeared extremely energetic to everyone present here.

This cause everyone to feel as though a heavy weight was lifted off their shoulders. However, everyone was stunned upon seeing Hymin, who was now being carried by Wang Zhong.

She, she has fainted? What's the matter? Even if she had overused her healing abilities, wouldn't it result in the exhaustion of her spirit at worst?

"She has used a spirit congregation crystal. She requires rest." said Wang Zhong. Unlike normal people, his body recovered extremely quickly. Even so, he did not expect that Hymin would risk so much for him.

A spirit congregation crystal wasn't some miraculous item, but it was something that a special ability user would use to forcefully congregate their spirit. Special ability users would frequently use such items during their training. However, one had to pay great attention to their usage time. If it exceeded the endurance capability of one's spirit, it would result in immense pressure on one's soul and spirit. In minor cases, it would result in loss of consciousness, with serious cases resulting in injuries.

"How's your condition?"

"I've woken up on time. Just now, I only lost consciousness. It's not a big problem, and should be okay after a few days of rest."

"That's good." Ma Dong finally breathed a sigh of relief, before his expression subsequently turned slightly weird. "Speaking of which, with Hymin unconscious, aren't we lacking in numbers?"

With their substitutes, the Tianjing squadron only had a total of 9 members. With 4 having been stretchered off from the previous duels, coupled with the now unconscious Hymin, there were only 4 people left standing in their squadron.

According to the CHF rules, if a squadron were not able to field five people for the group battle, they would be disqualified. Naturally, Tianjing could request for a 4 VS 5, or even 1 VS 5 for the hell of it. However, such a request would have to be accepted by their opponents before being allowed by the organizing committee. With the degree of shamelessness that Divine Dragon's Zhao Zimo possessed, how would he ever let go of such an easy opportunity to win without fighting?

Everyone exchanged looks upon hearing this. This would be the most depressing and most frustrating way to get eliminated for the CHF's round-of-16!

Even Wang Zhong could not help but to give a slight sigh of regret. Upon waking up, he had already realised this problem.

In an instant, the atmosphere turned somewhat solemn.

"I'm still here."

However, right at this moment, an incomparably reliable voice caught everyone by surprise.


Grai was still as handsome as ever. Even though his shoulder was now wrapped in a thick layer of bandages, it appeared to be done up crudely.

Nevertheless, being able to see yet another squadron member stand up made everyone feel happy. However, wasn't Grai currently receiving treatment from the medical squad?

"It's just a small injury; it isn't enough take me down." replied Grai as he patted the thick, white bandages on his shoulder.

Without mentioning his shoulder injury, just a single glance and anyone could spot the rashes covering his body that had yet to completely disappear.

"Isn't it a serious injury? Don't push yourself too far."

"Relax! It shouldn't be a problem to deal with the equally injured Zhao Tianlong." replied Grai with a faint smile. "Leave him to me. Our fight has yet to end!"

"To both squadrons. Please send your participating members up on the stage to prepare for the commencement of the group battle."

A reminder was broadcasted by the referee via the announcement system in the room.

Now, Tianjing's formation had already been decided, with them fielding Wang Zhong, Grai, Colby, Milami and Lily. Frankly speaking, they were the only five people who were qualified for combat. There wasn't any other choice or need for selection.

"Let's go! It's time to settle the debt with the Divine Dragon Academy!"

The Tianjing squadron is now walking out! We can see Colby, Lily, Milami…" Ruo Zhi shouted out. Every single name announcement was greeted by shouts and cheers. Without a doubt, Tianjing was in possession of more support than their opponents. "Grai! Grai is bringing along his injuries to participate in this group battle!"

A wave of shouts and cheers instantly resounded across the entire stage. At this moment, the viewership numbers of the Skylink live broadcast had actually not changed much. Nevertheless, the appearance of Grai caused a few hundred thousand additional people to tune in to watch.

When their final member walked out onto the stage, the entire arena erupted into chaos, while the heavens seemed to have been blown apart in the Skylink. That's because... it was Wang Zhong, with his Overlord Spear yet again!

"Tianjing's last member is their captain, the omnipotent Wang Zhong! It's now time to bear witness to the birth of a miracle!" at this moment, Ruo Zhi had already stood completely on Tianjing's side.

Wang Zhong and Grai were the focus of this match, with their fame and reputation even reaching a level that was starting to suppress that of the Divine Dragon. This was especially true for Wang Zhong, who had actually chosen to use the Overlord Spear! This caused all of the analysts who had given their pessimistic speculations on Tianjing during the group battle preparatory period to get slapped in their faces so hard to the point of numbness. How was this considered to be out of strength?

Zhao Zimo had also been paying attention to every move and action made by Tianjing. At this moment, his squadron was already in a life or death crisis, one that did not allow for any negligence or carelessness. He had already considered and rehearsed the changes required to face any situation, causing him to feel that the flow of this match had finally returned under his control. What's more, after Barran and Wang Zhong's performances, Zhao Zimo felt that nothing Tianjing could unleash would be able to astonish him anymore.

However, upon seeing the formation Tianjing had fielded, Zhao Zimo instantly felt like he had been struck by bolts of lightning.

This really felt as though he had been charred all the way to his insides! How did that freak recover so fast from his pollen allergy! That was a special blend concocted by him!!!

"Overlord Spear! The Overlord Spear has appeared again!"

"Haha! Looks like brother King's planning to pummel the Zhao Family's face into the ground, huh?"

"Who were the ones that said brother King has already expended all of his energy, to the extent that he's unable to carry his spear? Please stand up! I swear that I won't beat you to death!"

"It's not that simple. Look carefully at Wang Zhong's face, and Grai's too! Those two don't look as energetic and exuberant as before!"

Waves of discussions and debates erupted across the arena, as people's emotion turned quickly from joy towards Wang Zhong and Grai's appearance into worry and anxiety.

The conditions of those two appeared quite terrible.

The bandages wrapped around Grai's shoulder appeared a little too crude. Although he was as handsome as before, his actions clearly didn't appear as fluid and confident as before. Everyone was clear what kind of injury he had sustained in the earlier duel, yet he had rushed up to participate in the group battle after some hasty wrapping. There was no need to guess what kind of condition his body was currently in. As for Wang Zhong, there was even lesser need to say anything. With his pale face and him leaning on his Overlord Spear, despite looking as domineering as ever, that was a 300-over pound Overlord Spear. Could it only be used as "defence"?

The fires of hope were reignited in Zhao Zimo's eyes.

Frankly speaking, at the instant upon seeing Grai and Wang Zhong appear, he had almost sunk into the pit of despair. If Tianjing's king and prince were ready and available to fight, without Zhao Yilong, the Divine Dragon Academy would really not have even the slightest bit of chance towards a victory! 2 VS 5! Those two definitely possessed the strength to do so!

However, what if it were two crippled soldiers?

This was the Divine Dragon Academy's chance, as well as a chance for the Zhao Family to wash off their previous embarrassment!
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    《Battle Frenzy》