Battle Frenzy
473 The Heaviest of the King! 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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473 The Heaviest of the King! 2 in 1

The victors always got the spoils. Regardless of what Wang Zhong had done earlier, as long as the Divine Dragon Academy was able to step on him at the end, he would be a mere loser! Victory would belong to the Zhao Family!

He had already understood all the background details of Tianjing! Even with Hymin's special ability and actually being able to help Wang Zhong recover, the limit of recovery of his strength should be rather limited. Having consumed a massive amount of strength in his earlier duel, it was clearly unsuitable to choose a hard and ferocious type of weapon like the Overlord Spear!

He's just an empty vessel now!

"Don't get frightened by him! He's forcefully controlling himself in hopes of using his Overlord Spear and the strike he used to defeat third bro to pressurize you all! If not, why didn't he give it up to use a more nimble, easy to wield and less taxing weapon like the cross wheels! He's playing the psychological game, and is definitely extremely weak now! Focus all of your attacks on him, and take his life when he slips! Don't give him too much time to recover! He's unable to display any of the strength he had used in the fight against third bro!"

"What about Grai?"

"Forget about him! Whoever he's targeting should obstruct and hold him back! It will become a 4 VS 1 then, and we'll handle Wang Zhong first before dealing with him! As for the other people from Tianjing, deal with them if it's convenient. If not, just forget about them! Taking Wang Zhong out takes precedence over everything! When he goes down, Tianjing will be finished!"

As Zhao Zimo continued his briefing, a small bag of pollen had already been shoved into Zhao Wuying's hands. She knew what it was, and should know how to use it. Zhao Zimo continued talking. "Fifth bro will not use such a thing; tolerating others if they use it is already his limit. Keep it. Having already suffered from it once, Grai might not be affected by it again. However, using it at a critical moment would eliminate all opportunities for Tianjing!"

At this moment, the viewership numbers on the Skylink live broadcast had already exceeded 10 million! The first match with over 10 million viewers was about to start!

A 4:1 formation was considered to be an offensive formation that was simple to execute and leaned towards the violent side. There wasn't much that could be said about it, especially when used in a simplistic battlefield like an arena stage. Such a straightforward collision between the two squadrons would reduce the combat time for the group battles held in such a battlefield. It would also greatly reduce the effectiveness of strategic arrangements. However, it would greatly intensify the emotions and thrill factor for the audience!

A heavy soldier in the front, a soldier on one flank and an assassin on the other, with a ranged soldier providing suppressive fire from behind. Being the commanders, Zhao Wuying and Wang Zhong were located in the centre of their groups, with the distance between them and their other squadron members being no more than a couple of metres. Among all the possible combat formations, something like this was considerably compact.

"Both sides are remaining tightly compacted! They haven't pushed their formations out, and instead have pulled back into tightly-knitted groups! It's easy to understand Tianjing's decision in doing so. Having to employ three substitutes, they clearly do not have the capability to spread out and hold each flank. However, the Divine Dragon Academy's huddling appears somewhat forced. From the looks of it, even though they are facing an injured and overly exhausted king and prince, the Divine Dragon squadron members are also facing a mountain-load of pressure from those two. They are afraid of suffering the same fate as Bella Dean, which got broken from all sides! Admittedly, it's alright to be scared. However, with the combined S ranked strength of the Zhao Family, for them to show such a stance when faced against a broken army, I can frankly say that their mentality as an S rank squadron has already been obliterated!"

The first wave of attacks was launched by Milami. The range of hot weapons was always further than cold weapons. However, where her attacks landed appeared slightly embarrassing, as she had actually miscalculated the movement speed of the entire opponent group. With there being completely no changes in the formation of the Divine Dragon squadron's group, her cannon fire had landed right behind them. Although the splashing of sparks and explosions caused her attacks to appear as though she had gained the advantage in the show of strength, it was a pity that it was ultimately useless.

While her attack was unable to establish any advantage, Zhao Wuying's voice had already rung out in the ears of every single member of this Divine Dragon group. "Advance!"

There was still a distance of 80 to 90 metres between the two groups, which was the optimum shooting range for arrows. However, the Divine Dragon group had unexpectedly given up on starting a ranged suppression with their firepower, and had instead chosen to advance forward!

The speed of the entire formation rose ferociously. Be it their assassin, or soldier, or ranged soldiers or heavy soldier, the sudden increase in speed did not affect their attack formation at all. On the contrary, the high-speed advance caused them to appear even more compacted together. Within a span of 2 to 3 seconds, the distance had already dropped by half!

"What are they planning to do? Are they really going to bet their lives in a head up confrontation?"

"The Divine Dragon squadron's style has really caught me off guard! Who was the one gave such a wretched comment just now!"

"Wretched your ass! Tianjing's just putting up a strong front! Wait and see them getting beaten to a pulp!"

The tit-for-tat fighting between fans of both sides had reached a climax at this moment, with all of them firing blow after blow of insults at each other.

Milami's cannon fire had been completely disregarded. Despite smashing right before their opponents in the midst of their high-speed advance, she was simply unable to keep up with the opponent's pace!

The originally wretched-looking formation suddenly become bold and unrestrained, while Tianjing's initial response clearly appeared slow and sluggish. At this moment, Lily and Colby had moved forward to intercept the incoming group, but both of them were ignored and tossed aside.

The disparity was obvious.

"Divine Dragon's target is Wang Zhong!"

"Tianjing's substitutes are really too poor! They're not even able to block at all!"

Without Scarlet's assistance, Milami was utterly unable to land even a single hit on target. In fact, she wasn't even able to put up much of an interference. As for Lily and Colby, they were completely tricked and played with, and the Divine Dragon group easily left them to eat the dust. They were simply unable to lighten any of the burdens that were currently resting of Wang Zhong and Grai's shoulders. As for the Divine Dragon group, all of them had basically not planned to waste any time on those three.

In the blink of an eye, the distance between the two sides had shortened to a range suitable for close combat weapons!

The arena and Skylink had turned silent once again. The standards of Tianjing's substitutes were truly too poor! In an instant, they had exposed Wang Zhong and Grai to the opponent's entire five-men group! The progression of the fight happening in the stage caused everyone's hearts to pound and thump rapidly.

At this moment, Zhao Wuying, who was rushing towards them, had already placed her hands on her waist. Her taking action against Grai would be most optimal for the squadron, as she could unleash fast and rapid attacks, and was also the most nimble within the squadron. Regardless of whether Grai's injuries were serious or not, she had sufficient confidence to obstruct him for a period of time.

However, Grai clearly had no intention to tangle around with her, instantly disappearing without a trace before her eyes!

Fast! Very fast!

Despite having already decided that whoever Grai targeted would be the one responsible for tying him down, with the rest dealing with Wang Zhong first, Grai's instantaneous speed had still shocked Zhao Wuying into a daze.

Grai's speed was too quick! In fact, it was not much different from his greatest eruption of speed during his fight against Zhao Tianlong! How was this an injured soldier?

Who was his target?!


In the blink of an eye, a heavy compounded palm strike had already smashed right into Zhao Tianlong's chest!

Nevertheless, being Zhao Tianlong, despite Grai rushing in quickly, he had also moved his hand quickly to block the incoming palm strike. Not daring to use his chest to block the incoming strike, his left palm had already sparkled in golden light. At the instant when their palms smashed together, his right hand had already sent the Heaven Raising Staff sweeping out horizontally!

While this was happening, everyone from the Divine Dragon group, Zhao Wuying included, did not send even another glance at Zhao Tianlong and Grai, with all of them instantly focusing on their remaining target -- Wang Zhong!

The strategic arrangements were all for the sake of reaching their targets!

Their highest priority target was Wang Zhong! As long as Wang Zhong was dealt with, regardless of Grai or the other three newbies, all of them would be side dishes! With their Divine Dragon Academy's capability in strategic execution, they obviously wouldn't have any hesitation during the critical moments of the fight.

"Grai against Zhao Tianlong! Is this considered a predestined showdown?" Ruo Zhi's booming voice rang out from the casters podium. "The victor between these 2 people won't be decided from a single move or technique. However, being the head of their formation, with Zhao Tianlong's advance being obstructed, the Divine Dragon squadron has also suffered a severe blow to their formation! Nonetheless, his other squadron members have not chosen to support him, appearing to be rather confident in him! Their advance is headed right towards the exposed and solitary captain Wang Zhong! This is a meticulously planned strategy to create a 4 VS 1 scenario! Can this be considered to be a beheading strategy? After the previous duel, captain Wang Zhong's condition clearly isn't too great. Faced against the combined attacks from four members of the Divine Dragon, this confrontation will determine who wins and who loses... ah!"

Ruo Zhi's voice was suddenly interrupted as he covered his ears with a shriek. He wasn't the only person to react this way, as seemingly everyone in the audience was also sent into a miserable state at this instant.

That was a shout that caused everyone to tremble and quake!


A terrifying soundwave rumbled out like heavenly thunder, followed by a surge of Soul Power exploding out... how was this anything like an exhausted person???

Not only that, the four people who had already surrounded him instantly turned stiff. Not only were they shocked by the roar, it had also caused those terrifying slivers of memories hidden in the depths of their hearts to resurface.

Everyone had gotten it wrong. Without any treatment, Wang Zhong would already be able to recover to around 70-80% of his full strength. His constitution was already superhuman, what more with the addition of Hymin's treatment!

Terror, shock, horror! The five opponents instantly felt as though they had fallen into an endless abyss of hell!

In the next second, Wang Zhong had already disappeared, with the terrifying Overlord Spear appearing right before Zhao Zhancheng. Although he was a ranged soldier that did not fear close combat, that was because Zhao Zhancheng had yet to bump into a genuine expect. Like a mountain, the Overlord Spear bore down on him from all sides, leaving no angle for him to evade or retreat.


Before Wang Zhong, Zhao Zhancheng was unexpectedly unable to even fire an arrow before being sent flying a dozen metres, collapsing on the ground, unmoving.

At this moment, the two substitutes from the Zhao Family, one wielding a runic sword and the other wielding a war hammer, came attacking from behind Wang Zhong.

Although there was only a sliver of a difference in strength between their main lineup and their substitutes, faced against an expert like Wang Zhong, this disparity was still too great, with Wang Zhong basically not requiring to use any technique or skill at all.

A single blow to defeat 10 men!

Without any fanciness at all, the Overlord Spear sent two strikes out. Appearing to be have been struck by lightning, the two men were sent flying back. Faced against the hard and forceful killing blows from the Overlord Spear, anyone who dared to face it head-on would either be dead or wishing to be alive.

An incomparably malevolent expression appeared on Zhao Wuying's face. She had deliberately fallen back for the sake of finding an opportunity. After Wang Zhong's three successful strikes, Zhao Wuying's Life Rending Hooks had left her hands.

Upon flying out, the chains connecting the Life Rending Hooks were suddenly yanked, causing them to turn and fly towards Wang Zhong. At the same time, Zhao Wuying had dashed forwards, the jet black needle in her hand aiming right at Wang Zhong. Clearly, it was coated in with the toxin poison of the Antiaris toxicaria, which was used in blow darts in the old era. At this moment, it was no longer just about victory or defeat. Zhao Wuying wanted Wang Zhong to die!

When Wang Zhong died, victory would be in the hands of their Zhao Family! At the very most, she would receive some punishment, though that was no longer of any importance!

However, what welcomed her was Wang Zhong's cold and callous gaze. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

That perverted face, and those hands that were drenched in Scarlet's blood.

The two incoming Life Rending Hooks were sent rocketing away by Wang Zhong's surging Soul Power...They were no longer on the same realm. After the previous duel, Wang Zhong's Soul Power had unexpectedly made a breakthrough!

Frankly speaking, Wang Zhong's strength laid in his combat techniques, skills, as well as his understanding towards combat. The quality of his Soul Power was comparatively weaker in context to those aspects. However, at this moment, Wang Zhong appeared to have to genuinely gain the aura of an overlord, while his Soul Power gave people a feeling as though it was showing disdain to everything under the heavens.

At this moment, Zhao Zimo, whose heart has already reached his throat, had already slumped back down on his chair.

It's over!

Zhao Wuying also understood what that meant, instantly realizing what outcome was awaiting her.

Upon exchanging glances with Wang Zhong, the gaze that caused her soul to tremble, she understood for the very first time what fear and terror really felt like.

The pollen meant to be used against Grai was useless, and had no more meaning. People who understood how to torture people were generally the ones who were most afraid of death.

Seemingly right after she had regained her senses did she open her mouth: "Sur…"

Nonetheless, it was a pity, as when she was just about to speak, Wang Zhong's astonishing spear strike had came hurtling over.

That was a spear aura condensed from spiralling Soul Power ripples.

Sudden retaliation Crescent Moon Overlord Spear!


There was no mercy in Wang Zhong's eyes as he unleashed his strike. At this moment, all he could see was Scarlet's unbending will and her suffering!

Before his spear had reached its target, the threatening spear aura had already pressed down on Zhao Wuying to the point where she was unable to breathe. The heavy force from the spear proceeded to pierce right through her abdomen!

Finally, terror and despair appeared on Zhao Wuying's sinister-looking face. In an instant, she was sent flying 30 to 40 metres back. Upon landing on the ground, there were no more sounds of breathing that could be heard from her.

While this was happening, Grai had stepped over her, with no ta single expression being present on his handsome face. Nonetheless, Zhao Yilong's Heaven Raising Staff was knocked away, before those jade-like palms smashed fiercely onto his chest.

Bang Bang Bang Bang...

18 successive palm strikes, unleashed in a single breath, sent Zhao Yilong and his staff sprawling on the ground, and utterly unable to climb back up again.

The Divine Dragon Academy that appeared mighty and awe-inspiring were annihilated in the blink of an eye. On the stage, only Wang Zhong and Grai remained. That's right, it was just those two people. Throughout the heavens and earth, there seemed to be no one who could match up to them.

This was...the genuine might of the overlord!

Everyone looked dumbfoundedly at Wang Zhong, at that Overlord Spear... All of a sudden, everyone came to a realisation that this wasn't just a mere victory, but Wang Zhong utilising the Zhao Family's most prideful Overlord Spear to utterly decimate the Zhao Family!

Was this possible?

This was impossible, was it?

Even after personally witnessing everything, it still made people feel as though they were stuck in a dream.

However, all of this ended at the moment the referee announced the result.

Tianjing, victory!

The arena and Skylink still remained silent, continuing the trend since the start of this group battle. Everything that had just unfolded did not seem real. Wang Zhong had actually won? Tianjing had actually won?

Black horse?

That was a term used to describe a squadron with pretty good luck. However, from this day onwards, it was an insufficient description for the Tianjing squadron.

Ma Dong's hoarse roar led the great wave of cheers and celebratory shouts, as the Tianjing supporters went utterly high. Although they were just a small portion of the audience present in the arena, they had become the final ruler!

The genuinely hammed up crowd was on Skylink, which had utterly erupted into chaos.

"Zhong dominates the whole world!"

"Zhong amongst the rulers!"

Overlord Spear professor!"

"Who's going to obstruct the legend of All Mouthy King!"

"All Mouthy King! The most ridiculed expert in history, is continuing to advance in triumph!"

The remnant forces of the Tianjing squadron were already at the side of the stage. A large bunch of "injured soldiers" were either pushed by people in wheelchairs, or were completely covered in bandages.

They had persevered all the way, all for the sake of this instant!

Scarlet and Emily were already hugging each other emotionally. Although Hymin had yet to awake from her slumber, Barran standing guard by her side could not help but to shout "We've won!" loudly at her in excitement. The only gripe was him being slightly too emotional in his movements, resulting in him shifting his wounds, causing pain to rack through his body to the point of his teeth chattering together. Upon waking up, Hymin pulled Barran over without any show of femininity to give him a hot kiss, instantly causing the inexperienced Barran to turn completely red like a boiled crab.

While other people were shouting and celebrating emotionally, Ma Dong had instead squat down. Dammit! Dammit! That brat's really done it! He caused me to cry! Really dammit...
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