Battle Frenzy
479 New and Old Powers
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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479 New and Old Powers

No. 1, Stuart squadron!

With Carolyn at the helm, the Stuart squadron had displayed a stable and mature dominance in this CHF. Their offensive and defensive capabilities were balanced, with 4 of their members present in the Mo's List. Frankly speaking, it was effortless for them to climb into the round-of-16.

Assassin, Wu Li. A mist controller. A unique ability that is a subset of her water attribute special ability. Currently, very little was known about her capabilities. Was ranked as high grade by the Federation. The Federation graded special abilities and Soul Beast summons into low, middle and high grades, 3 different grades. The higher the grade, the greater the strength as well as potential.

Ranged soldier, Rennes Stuart. A Mo's List ranged soldier. Was said to possess a certain level of close combat capabilities, while also being a lightning attribute special ability user. High grade.

Soldier, Yiluo. One of the 5 great Mo's List heavy soldiers. However, he was more of a soldier than a heavy soldier. Possessed the ability to fuse his summons with his wood attribute special ability. High grade.

Captain, Carolyn. One of the 10 great Mo's List soldiers. The genius young mistress of the Stuart Family. An awakened person towards the control of sword techniques. Possessed a special ability. The head of the 4 princesses of the Federation, and also worthy of the title of heaven-gifted daughter in the current Federation.

Heavy soldier, Borash. The assumed "weakest" among Stuart's main lineup. 3rd-year student from Stuart Academy, with the title of best heavy soldier in Stuart Academy for 3 successive years. No special ability, which might be the reason he was unable to enter the Mo's List. The favoured heavy soldier Yiluo had given up his designated role due to Borash's presence.

At the same time, Stuart Academy also possessed extremely outstanding substitutes that were basically ranked within the top 10 places for their respective occupations in the Federation.

Other than Yiluo's 1 VS 5, Stuart's matches in this CHF were mediocre with nothing to write about. However, that was definitely due to their opponents being too weak.

No. 2, Martial Ghost Divine Emperor squadron!

Led by Gui Hao, the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor squadron took pride in being offence-oriented, and possessed an incisive style. An offensive type squadron with an incredibly powerful offence. Once they took control of the flow in a fight, they would cause despair in their opponents, akin to facing a demon coming from the depths of hell.

Assassin, Gui Wulie. One of the 5 great Mo's List assassins, the Gui Family's assassins were generally the strongest assassins present in the Federation. Gui Wulie was also the universally recognised number 1 assassin among all of the Federation's academies. A special ability fusion user, he was known to possess a concealment special ability.

Soldier, Gui Xinying. One of the 10 great Mo's List soldiers, one of the 4 princesses of this CHF, genius young lady, Gui Hao's biological sister. Possessed the most mysterious of special abilities, a Spiritual Soul oriented ability. It wasn't known whether it was due to her Spiritual Soul oriented special ability, or being known as a genius young lady since her youth, but she had the most reserved character among the 4 princesses. Inclusive of the Gui Family, the number of people who could get close to her did not exceed 10.

Captain, Gui Hao. One of the 10 great Mo's List soldiers. Without a doubt, he was hailed as the next generation leader of the Gui Family. One of the representative figures for the Federation's younger generation. Be it his handsome and flawless appearance, or his immeasurable strength, there were only a few who could rival him. As of now, he had already revealed a powerful wind attribute special ability, one that was unlike any ordinary wind attribute ones. Extremely high grade. Furthermore, he possessed extremely powerful offensive and defensive capabilities.

Having 3 Mo's List rankers in their squadron, the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor squadron was one of the hottest squadrons to take home the CHF championship! Furthermore, being one of the greatest academies in the Federation, the other members of their squadron also possessed exceedingly outstanding traits, to be able to keep up with the various tactical arrangements that revolved around their 3 great Mo's List rankers. Compared to the balanced strength present in the Stuart squadron, the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor squadron was the type that revolved around their cores.

It was without question that the capabilities possessed by the 3 great cores of Martial Ghost Divine Emperor far exceeded these aforementioned strength evaluations. Hopefully, the upcoming fights wouldn't be as easy for them as their previous matches.

No. 3, Heaven's Fate squadron.

Led by Mo Wen, the Heaven's Fate squadron controlled the unique power obtained from the resonance between ancient martial arts and Soul Power. The entire squadron gave people a wholesome and perfect impression. If every squadron could be evaluated in terms of points, this squadron would undoubtedly be the most "perfect" of all the squadrons. Compared to the spearhead that was the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, the Heaven's Fate squadron was reserved and hidden. They were extremely courteous and calm. However, despite displaying such manners, they still gave people the impression that they were not to be provoked, similar to the calm before a storm.

Assassin, Napier Mo. One of the 5 great Mo's List assassins, he had an intense addiction of dressing up as a clown. Furthermore, he excelled in concealment. Among the 5 great assassins, he was the only one that had yet to reveal his special ability. From a certain perspective, Napier Mo was the one who had the greatest comprehension of the meaning of the assassin, and the weight that was present alongside that title.

Summoner, Mo Ling. One of the 5 great Mo's List summoners. He was an ancient martial arts genius, and was the only one within the Mo Family who had managed to completely resonate his Soul power with one of their 3 great inner body martial arts, "Forming Intent". At the same time, as a summoner, he was able to summon 4 great soul beasts: bear, leopard, tortoise and eagle. By fusing with his summons, he was able to obtain part of their strengths and capabilities. Compounding with his ancient martial arts resonance, he could be considered as the most powerful ancient martial arts machine in the Heaven's Fate squadron!

Heavy soldier, Mo Chen. Although he was not ranked on the Mo's List, Mo Chen was extremely talented as a heavy soldier. Despite having some weaknesses in the aspect of explosive power, he possessed mother earth and flowing water orientated special abilities. This allowed his defence to have regenerative capabilities, something absent in other heavy soldiers. In critical moments, he could even serve as an emergency healer during group battles.

Captain, Mo Wen. One of the 10 great Mo's List soldiers. Mo Wen, who was cultivating a closed eye meditation, was currently undergoing training that ordinary people would be unable to understand. Despite being blindfolded, he had completely opened his Heart's Eye. Coupled with the Mo Family's 6 senses combat style, he was known to possess an absolute defence. As of now, it was still unknown if he possessed any special ability. However, it was certain that the realm Mo Wen was at could not be fathomed by laymen.

Possessing 3 Mo's List rankers, the Heaven's Fate squadron undoubtedly possessed the qualifications to aim for the CHF championship. Similar to Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, they were also a squadron that possessed 3 great cores. However, one could be certain that the Mo Family, who had finally left their stance of neutrality, had done so obviously not to act as a foil for the other aristocratic family squadrons. The Mo Family was just like a simple and unadorned divine sword. Nothing would happen if they were to appear. However, once it was drawn from its sheath, it would not return until it saw blood.

No.4, Grozny squadron.

The rulers of the northern regions, led by the Ice Prince Vladimir, they were a squadron that had decimated everyone that stood in their path. They were among the few powerhouses that were expected to walk towards the top of the CHF. The Grozny Academy was the sacred grounds for heavy soldiers. However, under Vladimir's leadership, this new Grozny squadron had no shortage in their offence. Noriba's heavy axe coupled with Vladimir's Ice attribute special ability was more than sufficient to send chills up anyone's spine.

Heavy soldier. They had 2 people to choose from. 1st heavy solder, Pomo Vasilyevich. One of the 5 great Mo's List heavy soldiers. Hailing from the family with the greatest heavy soldier bloodline, he had inherited the honour of being the most outstanding heavy soldier in the Federation. Possessing a body that excelled in both offence and defence, he also had a "lava" attribute special ability. To other people, they would need to train their fire and earth attribute special abilities to a high level just to create explosive lava. However, that was just the most basic capability of his special ability. Furthermore, his special ability grade since young was already on a very high level.

2nd heavy soldier, Noriba. Another ranker among the 5 great Mo's List heavy soldiers. An offence-oriented heavy soldier, "the strongest defence was offence" was the way he lived by in combat. His massive war axe, coupled with his powerful heavy soldier-esque defences and agility, made him the nightmare of any soldier without adequate defensive capabilities.

Captain, Vladimir Vasilyevich. One of the 10 great Mo's List soldiers. Also known as the Ice Prince. The first successor in line for the Vasilyevich Family. Possessed an extremely powerful Ice attribute special ability. Due to a lack of combat statistics, the strength of his special ability could not be determined. Furthermore, hailing from Vasilyevich, it was also unknown whether he had inherited a certain level of their heavy soldier inheritance. There were many mysteries surrounding the existence of Vladimir.

Without a doubt, like the previous two squadrons, they also possessed 3 great cores, and were also one of the favourites to take home the CHF championship. The reason they were ranked 4th was only due to their substitutes appearing slightly weaker than the other three squadrons.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

No. 5, Seer squadron.

Led by the dragon lady, Divian Seer, the Seer squadron's performance was extremely subdued in this CHF. Nevertheless, it did not harm their ranking, as this was a squadron that possessed infinite possibilities.

Heavy soldier. Jormungandr. One of the 5 great Mo's List heavy soldiers. His specialized defences allowed him to create a combat style that was unique among the countless heavy soldiers out there. To him, protection was a kind of mission; a mission that needed to be completed no matter what. Jormungandr did not have any weapon in his arsenal. Instead, he only had a gigantic shield. Focusing on protection was the creed of his combat style, while Divine was the target of his mission.

Captain, Divian Seer. One of the 10 great Mo's List soldiers. A Sanctuary Division soldier that possessed a 9th ranked Sovereign's bloodline inheritance. Having already obtained complete control over her dragon crystal bloodline inheritance, Divian was getting stronger and stronger as the days went by. She had extreme potential, and had already broken through a portion of her bloodline for the 2nd time.

Strictly speaking, the Seer squadron was had only one core, as Jormungandr did not have any offensive capabilities. However, wanting to knock him over was basically an impossible task. Furthermore, the matter that had surprised people the most was the transformations that Divian had undergone. This was also the main reason behind their rank of 5th. There was a possibility that she would be able to shove her way into the top 4 in the near future, as no one could estimate the power that she could extract from her bloodline, and it could not be judged by science. This was a squadron that any hot favourite squadron would want to avoid.

No.6, Torres squadron.

With Bobo Torres as their core, and Alasi Torres as their captain, the Torres squadron was an extremely unique and powerful squadron. No one dared to infuriate them, as once that happened, they possessed the might to change the heavens.

Summoner, Bobo Torres. One of the 3 great Mo's List summoners. Possessed the most terrifying summoned beast in the CHF. Furthermore, his summoning method was fundamentally different from other summoners.

Ranged soldier, Alasi Torres. One of the 5 great Mo's List ranged soldiers. Wielded the Mogren's Guns. Despite appearing outdated, they possessed unfathomable might.

Clearly, this was a squadron with 2 cores. However, their substitutes were also extremely perfect. Furthermore, their earlier performances had only scratched the surface of their overall strength. Despite being ranked at 6th, Torres was definitely one of the few squadrons which had the qualifications to aim for the championship!

No.7, Giant God Peak squadron.

This squadron represented the "new powers". The strength of their lineup was allocated extremely well. Their captain, Dicaprio, was an extremely all-rounded soldier who possessed the strength of a Mo's Lister. After various evaluations, it was determined that every member possessed a quasi Mo's List level strength, and the squadron had excellent execution of their strategies. This was a squadron that excelled in group battles; calm and collected while working together cohesively. Ranked 7th, their performance was worth looking out for.

No.8, Tianjing squadron.

A squadron with 2 terrifying cores, it was without question that this squadron had the greatest reputation in the CHF thus far. This squadron was also the most heavily scrutinised, with their strengths and weaknesses being equally obvious.
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    《Battle Frenzy》