Battle Frenzy
482 Bestie
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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482 Bestie

The Skylink CHF discussion forums had also become very lively: people left messages every moment, of every second, of every minute. It seemed as though there was no difference between night and day.

Discussion forums were filled with the various different posts created. There was one about predictions for the Top 8 in which many people had extensive discussions. In just a few hours, it had already received over a million views. The creator of the post made logical conclusions in his predictions. Speaking of which, he provided proof and all evidence that led to his predictions. He proceeded to predict that this would be the round where the 10 great families unleashed their true, full strength. Therefore, all remaining 7 S rank squadrons would definitely enter the Top 8. This would result in just one place left for the A rank squadrons.

Out of the people replying to his post, 60% of them were in "agreement" with him. However, there were still two different 20% groups who disagreed with him. Despite feeling that the post creator was extremely rational in his decision making, they believed that it was due to another reason which resulted in the CHF great competition being filled with splendour. That was that regardless ofhow strong a squadron was or how much they prepared, all sorts of accidents would happen towards the finale. Two such examples were the black horse squadrons Giant God Peak and Tianjing! The officials even gave the squadrons 7th and 8th rank respectively.

The post creator proceeded to calmly respond that the crucial reason why black horses were black horses was because they were, in fact, mysterious. The unique trait of black horses was how they were always hidden in obscurity. Since there was absolutely no knowledge of their special skills or combat styles, their opponents would suffer from their lethal moves and end in miserable defeat. However, as of now, the Giant God Peak and Tianjing squadrons have already entered the top 16. Therefore, everything they did before would be dissected and deconstructed bit by bit by the various great squadrons' analysts. After which they would come up with method after method specifically to counter them.

"Speaking of analysts, all of the various great squadrons each have their own. In fact, even the Tianjing squadron has one. However, it's just for appearances since they haven't reached the extent of becoming a group. Only the 10 great families possess that sort of capability to have specialized analysts for their squadrons."

Not just anyone could become an analyst by watching videos of combat footage. Although not necessarily strong in combat, every single analyst ould require certain degree of capability in their eyesight and knowledge. People like that were the strength of the various academies, so it was hard for a bunch of them to come together to form something like a group. Generally speaking, they were usually filled in for by a few substitute members.

However, the 10 great families clearly weren't lacking in that aspect, as they always had a lineup of analysts available, so took no time to construct a group. The only thing they needed to do was inject fresh blood from time to time to continue operations. This was the aristocratic families' strength.

Wane or wax, increase or decrease, once they became serious, S ranked squadrons were invincible.

In a room filled with advanced technological machines and devices, the Torres squadron were all watching combat footage of the Tianjing squadron.

Every single member looked dead serious. The room of people were completely silent apart from the video audio. This included Bobo Torres and Kabar, their attention and unblinking eyes focused on the screen.


The video ended as the Tianjing squadron erupted against all adversities and finally defeated the powerful Divine Dragon squadron.

"Okay, now let's play it again, and I'll explain the details."

An obese man wearing a suit wiped his sweat-drenched forehead as he replayed the combat footage that had just ended.

"Over here we can see their vice-captain, Scarlet, has a very bad habit. Before she unleashes a powerful attack, her left-hand moves a little. Now, everyone please take this to heart. Although her strength is quite average, such an action might bring us unexpected benefits in the group battle. Additionally... let's pause it here. Although this Grai appears perfect, there are in fact some minute problems with him. He also has an extremely minute habit. I can definitely confirm that every time he does such an action, he will follow up with a left turn. This also gives up the possibility to deal with him through this breakthrough point. As for the concrete details of how to do this, I will still need everyone's thoughts and suggestions."

This obese, Western-suit wearing male was a professional analyst of the Torres Family, and head of the family's Analysis Department. Truthfully speaking, using him here was akin to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. However, with the significance of this CHF being markedly different from previous competitions, the Torres Family threw their full strength behind their academy squadron.

It was extremely quiet and tranquil in the Stuart squadron's lounge. The sweet fragrance of leisure and afternoon tea wafted in the air.

Enjoying the red tea personally brewed by Carolyn, Divian gave a long sigh as she looked at Carolyn, who currently had her head buried deep into the information on her Skylink. She was somewhat surprised that Carolyn was reading information on the Tianjing squadron, and not the Eye of the Storm squadron which her Stuart squadron was about to face.

Unable to contain her curiosity, she smiled as she said, "I actually believed you really didn't care about him. So, did All Mouthy King give you a fright? Being able to defeat the Zhao Family should be considered as him crossing the mark, right?"

Hearing her friend's question, Carolyn gave a faint smile. Divian's question was slightly towards the point of watching the bustle and not caring about how big the matter was. Shaking her head, she replied, "What if I say I'm researching a prospective opponent we might bump into?"

Divian laughed, then suddenly gawked once she understood what Carolyn meant. Her eyes growing wide, Divian asked, "Wait, are you being serious?" 

Carolyn nodded her head in response.

"You're kidding, right? Don't tell me you didn't know their next opponent is the adorable Bobo. That guy's Dimensional combat techniques have already matured to a level that waste Zhao Yilong can't match."

"Didn't someone lose to some king in the OP before? I remember someone angrily rushing over to find me and saying…" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Ah! Don't say it! That's already a thing of the past! Moreover, you should know about my habits in the OP. I only lost because I was suppressing myself!" Divian interrupted Carolyn's attempt to bring up the past. Though truthfully speaking, this made her even more interested in the Tianjing squadron. With her main enemy All Mouthy King, the handsome guy Grai, the big and silly Barran, as well as a few pretty girls, it was a squadron filled with oddities. A few of the squadron members weren't just friends because they were in the same squadron either, their actions showed a level of trust and teamwork found in genuine friends.

Speaking about friends, after stimulating her inheritance of the dragon blood flowing in her veins, Carolyn was the only person who had heart to heart communication with Divian since young. Anything that mattered to her would also matter to Carolyn. If not, then Carolyn wouldn't have let her see Wang Zhong. However, did she ever imagine that a little man who should've vanished amongst the masses would unexpectedly emerge as a force to be reckoned with, and even walked all the way to this stage.

"Why do I feel like you're paying too much attention to Wang Zhong? Could it be that you're interested in him?" Carolyn suddenly shot a question at her.

Immediately, Divian gawked, before smiling as she replied, "He's a little interesting. If you really don't want to keep him, I might."

"Eh, I don't think your Seer Family is any better than my side," said Carolyn indifferently.

"Hehe. I not talking about marriage or being married off. I think he's interesting, that's all there is to it. Plus, my family is happy to break this stalemate. As of now, the other side will have already made Tianjing their frontline troops. My interference would be equivalent to weakening them."

"So you're trying to gain private benefits in the name of the better good, huh."

"This is me being selfless."

As they chatted to and fro, both girls had radiant smiles plastered on their faces. Such a scene was incomparably lovely and sweet. A bestie was usually one's best friend, but also one's biggest opponent.

Naturally, neither Carolyn nor Divian was serious with their words, as they seemed to treat Wang Zhong as more of a commodity.
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    《Battle Frenzy》