Battle Frenzy
483 S Rank yet again
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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483 S Rank yet again

The only problem with that was that our student Wang was not aware that he was being treated like a commodity. He had long forgotten about this small matter. At this moment, he was taking care of Scarlet, as it was a rare occasion where he wasn't the one that was injured, he was definitely giving his all. Upon seeing the careful appearance of their great captain, everyone burst into laughter that caused their surroundings to fill with flowers.

Truthfully speaking, our student Wang was awfully busy for the past couple of days. To him, entering the top 16 wasn't the end of his journey in the CHF. On the contrary, it was just the beginning. From the view of the outside world, Tianjing's luck was truly bad, as this was the 3rd S rank squadron they had to face in their journey. However, they did not know how much of a baptism it was for the Tianjing squadron members to bump into 2 S ranked squadrons in succession!

From the despair of fighting against Bella Dean to the bravery shown against the Divine Dragon squadron, despite still having to face massive pressure and challenge, the mentality and mindset of Scarlet and the others have already changed completely. This was growth and progress. Indeed, their talent and foundations were considerably different from their opponents. However, every single participant in this CHF was in the Casted Soul Stage. This meant that everything was a possibility. The successive victories over the 2 S ranked squadrons have not only raised their strength, it had also raised their confidence. At the very least, it has reached a point of them not thinking about fleeing in the face of any opponent, but what to do in order to obtain victory. Despite Colby and Lily having made the least progression in their fundamental strength, they have become more firm and determined.

Ma Dong has taken charge of gathering information about their upcoming opponents. Tianjing's super performance had caused the Assassin Family, who was considering to move their centre of operations to Tianjing, become exceedingly attentive towards them. If the success of the auction had allowed Ma Dong step up a level, the surprising rise of Tianjing, as well as Ma Dong's relationship with Wang Zhong, Scarlet and the others have caused the Assassin Family to treat Ma Dong with as their utmost importance. At the very least, they have helped a great deal in the gathering of intelligence and information. If not, obtaining those by himself would be a gargantuan feat by itself. During this period, Ma Dong had also gained a great deal of knowledge experience. On the surface, the squadrons appeared to be well off. However, on the inside, the information battle raged like wildfire. Although the network he had created from connections and resources wouldn't directly result in a victory or defeat in the upcoming match, they do influence it greatly. The critical point was that some of the information was exceptionally suited to Ma Dong's tastes.

Indeed, the Tianjing squadron was the target of many. However, the strange thing was that during his scouring for information, Ma Dong discovered that they had unexpectedly received some assistance from various places. Clearly, there were also undercurrents brewing within the 10 great families, as they were not as united as they appeared to be. Although a victory in this CHF would amount the fame and reputation at best for most squadrons, or make a few people extremely famous, this was in fact not much of a threat in the eyes of the various great families. On the contrary, the defeat on 2 of their own, Bella Dean and Divine Dragon, had brought about quite a bit of benefit for the other families. As for the upcoming match, there were similar people that did not wish for Torres to win.

Initially having a great deal of worry in view of the pressure coming from the various powers, Ma Dong found a subtle point of equilibrium. This was Tianjing's chance! On the other hand, it was also good for Giant God Peak. The Giant God Peak squadron was extremely powerful. At the very least, the 10 great families weren't willing to counter them straight up on the surface. The spear that led to the abrupt rise of the parliamentary influence wasn't easy to deal with. Naturally, Tianjing had also helped reduce the burden on Giant God Peak's shoulders. To Tianjing, their most grim challenge would whether a confrontation of strength would be able to help them obtain victory against Torres.

The few people lying in the hospital still needed to be taken care off. Frankly speaking, although the medical treatment provided by Stuart wasn't bad, they wouldn't provide treatment indefinitely. This was especially true when some unique and extremely rare medicine, which the medicine squad would not prescribe, not would they treat all of their patients on an equal level.

Of those injured, Emily and Grai were in considerably better shape. The former only received some superficial injuries. Although the latter was severely injured, his recovery speed was extremely fast, to the point of being largely okay on the day after the match. This had dumbfounded the doctors, who could only attribute to the "injuries" not being as severe as they have appeared to be.

The ones in real trouble were Scarlet, Barran and Hymin. On this aspect, the Assassin Family was willing to offer their help. Although it was a little late to provide a favour to people, it was still better than nothing.

All of the Tianjing members have gathered over in the hall of their villa. Before them was a screen that displayed the information gathered by Ma Dong and arranged by Wang Zhong about the Torres squadron.

Truthfully speaking, at the very least, the Tianjing squadron had a little bit more of an understanding and impression of the Torres squadron as compared to the other S ranked squadrons. Both of them had come out from the Grozny Competition zone, and have bumped into each other during the elimination rounds. Such initial impressions were considerably important, as they were much deeper and profound as compared to just watching a few videos and combat footages about them.

At this moment, other than a few of their well know characters and basic videos about them, the screen was also displaying the performances and combat footages during the various stages of this CHF. Unlike the 4 S+ ranked squadrons standing tall above the rest, the Torres squadron's attitude towards their opponent was much more earnest and serious. All of their members in their main lineup had appeared during the past matches, and had also showcased spectacular performances in the process.

"The mainstay assassin, Caliban Crowe. He displayed an S ranked performance during the elimination rounds, with speed being his strong suit. Despite Napier Mo's suppression and interference, he was able to obtain a 2nd place finish within the Grozny Competition Zone. He has appeared 2 out of the past 3 matches, once again an assassin and the other against a heavy soldier. In both cases, he had utilized the fundamentals of speed and agility to obtain victory."

Emily nodded her hand and added. "When I was in the same place as he, I could feel that his speed and style might be comparable to Zhao Wuying, though he might not be as vicious as her. However, on the aspect of skills, techniques, strength and explosiveness, he might even be a level higher than her." Barran's eruption and breakthrough had given everyone a massive boost in confidence. Frankly speaking, everyone had really believed that Ma Dong had indeed given the former that taboo drug. Never did they imagine for it to turned out to be just a psychological fight.

Nevertheless, it would only work on a frank and honest person like Barran. He might overreach himself and end up with an egg on his face if he had tried to do that to other people. However, at the very least, it had proven one point, which was there was no such thing as absolute defeat or victory. As long as one doesn't give up, an opportunity would always present itself. Furthermore, although Scarlet and the others had lost their duels in the previous match, it was a completely different matter from suffering a defeat without any ability to defend against, as the entire process was extremely rewarding for them.

The accumulation of experience and growth they gained during this CHF was even more than that of the past few years.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Mainstay heavy soldier, Cabel Torres. The main branch of the Torres Family. Displayed an S ranked defensive performance during the heavy soldier arena. An earth attribute special ability user, he is a defensive type heavy soldier, with the possibility of being slightly lacking in offensive capabilities." said Wang Zhong while shooting a look at Barran.

The image of that iron tower like figure that had "bumped gently" into him in Grozny City immediately surfaced in Barran's mind. He thirsted for this fight. Truthfully speaking, after the continued training and experiences, Barran's confidence was also growing and accumulating. He was also able to now faintly grasping hold on his personal combat style. Furthermore, he was also able to understand his strengths and weaknesses. He himself possessed an extraordinary capability of toughness, and was extraordinarily capable of taking a beating. Coupled with the tough and resilient Soul Sea supporting him from within, the only thing left for him to do was to find an opportunity to enter a life and death fight.

"Their mainstay ranged soldier is also their captain, Alasi Torres, one of the 5 great Mo's List ranged soldiers. The Mogren's Guns are the apex product of the ancient hot weapon technology. There are already very few people that are still using it. It has a large calibre, bullets that contains massive power in them, and ample firepower. Although he had only pointed and shot during their past 3 matches, his performance during the elimination rounds have shown that that is just the tip of the iceberg. Additionally, he's able to get ranked as an expert on the Mo's List. I believe that everyone has a considerable understanding of what happened during the past 3 matches that Torres had gone through. His strength and capabilities aren't merely limited to that pair of pistols. In fact, he has an unknown number of trump cards that he had concealed extremely deeply. Everyone definitely has to take note of this. What's more, according to intelligence gather, his most frightening aspect is in group battles." Ma Dong carried on the briefing. He mentioning of the group battle during the end of his statement was absolutely not without aim.
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    《Battle Frenzy》