Battle Frenzy
484 Vicious and Merciless
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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484 Vicious and Merciless

Compared to before, Tianjing's change was evident in the current atmosphere. There was no sign of them believing that they were infallible or underestimating their opponents due to their earlier victories. Scarlet was currently flipping through the information about Alasi, appearing extremely serious as she did so. As she continued to read through it, she could not help but sigh in admiration. He was the prime example of a genuine ranged soldier, possessing all rounded techniques, as well as having an assortment of combat skills to supplement himself. There were much, much more things that she still needed to learn.

"There's still the most important one, Bobo Torres. Without a doubt, he's Torres's strongest expert."

The screen proceeded to show the video of a fight that had been turned into a sticky thread on the official Skylink discussion forums. Under the orderly "The heavenly king will suppress the tiger roaming the earth, while Bobo will always be one and a half metres tall!" provocative shouts, a tall and sturdy heavy soldier sung his hammer fiercely onto Bobo Torres's head, like a wolf's jaw clamping down on a little kid. However, the outcome resulted in the wolf's jaw being broken, with nothing happened to his head. This frightening defence and Bobo Torres's cold and callous gaze had even caused the entire Tianjing squadron to involuntarily shiver, despite viewing in from a video.

This was followed by a string of information pertaining to Bobo Torres. It had to be said that he was incredibly famous within the Federation. Alasi was undoubtedly the practical type that was calm, cool-headed, functioned on reason, and had no flaws as a captain. However, Bobo was the strongest one within the Torres squadron. Even if he did not summon his dimensional beast out, his close combat prowess was unmatched.

"Perhaps, his only weakness would be his emotional traits, as its extremely easy for him to get infuriated." said Ma Dong, prompting everyone to look at Wang Zhong. Clearly, he was Wang Zhong's prey, as even Alasi would not dare to meet him in a head-on confrontation. As of now, the entire world has treated Wang Zhong as a dueler of the highest class. There was already no need for any doubt, as everyone would move aside for him to walk.

"Everyone, including the academy that has always been looking forward to our performance and those people who care about us, already extremely satisfied in us being able to walk this far in the CHF." said Scarlet with a smile. "Therefore, let us enjoy this CHF together. Be it a win or a loss, it'll be alright if we've given our all!"

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. Frankly speaking, having walked this far, everyone no longer possessed any thoughts of forfeiting. Just like what Scarlet had said, their result of entering the top 16 was already a super performance in the eyes of Tianjing. In the upcoming matches, everyone just had to showcase their own flair and style, while not hoping for Wang Zhong to carry everything on his shoulders.

"We're the Tianjing squadron!" everyone's fighting spirits surged high up into the air.

As for what Scarlet had said, enjoying the fights was the original intentions of everyone when they signed up to participate in this CHF. Having overly pragmatic thoughts and clinging on too tightly to victory might not be really suitable for everyone.

Compared to the lively atmosphere in the Tianjing villa, within a secret room located in Stuart City, it was a completely different scene around the losers.

Zhao Zimo was currently sitting quietly in the chair that had previously caused him to feel high spirited.

The lights weren't turn on, and within a green regenerative tank, a completely unconscious figure was floating in a tank of water that radiated with a green glow.

He had just received the fresh set of news released by his family's elder council. Other than the routine matter of him being scolded with a torrent of abusive words, there was an even more important matter in the form of a bad piece of news from the family. The family had discovered that few important prizes that were related to this CHF, including the quotas to enter the Origin Land, and the bribes and schemes they have put in place had all failed and were removed.

Those quotas under the control of the Parliament could no longer be taken back by the 10 great families as easily as last time. The former unspoken rules towards the method for the distribution of resources could no longer be used. Additionally, even the circle of the 10 great families have already expelled their Zhao Family. Naturally, this was merely about the resource allocation involved in this CHF. However, this had already become a start to what seemed to be an extremely vicious cycle. The collapse of the firm and stable Empire State Building would generally start from a single cornerstone. And this time, that cornerstone was the stupidity and incompetence of their Divine Dragon squadron!

Zhao Yilong was laying in the regenerative tank beside him. Despite having been in there for quite a few days already, he showed no signs of waking up. In that instant when he had lost to Wang Zhong, not only did his body collapse, even his spiritual soul had too collapsed.

He originally wasn't the iron clad successor of indicated by the Zhao Family, as there were some blemishes to his identity. After causing the family to receive massive embarrassment for using such a shameful method to lose to All Mouthy King, he had directly caused their Zhao Family's position in the 10 great families to slid all the way to the bottom. As of now, the family's elder council's disappointment in Zhao Yilong was through the roof.

Zhao Zimo continued to sit at the corner of the darkness, though a sliver of radiance sparkled within his eyes.

Frankly speaking, from the point of them losing the match, Zhao Zimo had always been pondering about one topic.

Why did they lose?

Admittedly, Wang Zhong strength and Barran's eruption were the most significant reasons that had caused the Divine Dragon to lose. However, wasn't there no reason coming from himself?


There was! There naturally was! Not only that, it was actually the most critical reason!

He wasn't sufficiently vicious to himself, wasn't sufficient vicious to his opponents, and wasn't sufficient vicious to his own people.

If he was more vicious to his opponent, he could have totally used a more vicious move, and utterly end Tianjing even before the start of the match. If he was sufficiently vicious to himself, he would have simply not considered about Zhao Yilong's feelings! During the 4th duel against Barran, he should have sent Zhao Yilong up! That would turn the match in a complete and utter 4:0 stomp, where Tianjing wouldn't even have the chance to pull off a reversal!

He had already sat quietly in the room for 3 whole days. The silence was absolutely not due to him being depressed or dejected, but due to him pondering on some matters, and for the sake of tossing away a few old feelings of conscience and humanity still remaining at the bottom of his heart. He discovered a fatal weakness, which was that he did not control any power with this body of his. This made him hard to make an accurate judgement towards strength. He had such thoughts in the past, though it had recently been growing like weeds in his heart, with enticing Zhao Yilong to use the taboo strength being one of the steps to this goal.

All for the sake of getting stronger!

The only one, that could be trusted, was himself!

As of now, he needed to wait till all of this blows over, before convincing the family to transfer Zhao Yilong's genetic material into his body. Although the success rate for the stimulation was only at 30%, it was already more than enough.

In the past, he only resided in behind the scenes. Regardless of how beneficial it was, he would not walk before the stage. With Zhai Yilong also being a simple-minded empty vessel, genuinely speaking, both of them did not possess the qualifications.

He did not hate Tianjing for bringing about the defeat of his Divine Dragon squadron. On the contrary, in this instant Zhao Zimo suddenly felt incredibly grateful to Tianjing and to Wang Zhong. If not for the latter, god knows when would he have to wait before he was actually able to be aware of this point.

Zhao Zimo slowly stood up. Having sat quietly for 3 days, his legs have become somewhat number. Nevertheless, his mind remained extraordinarily clear and awake, while a frighteningly cold and callous gaze appeared in his eyes.

Step by step, he walked out, and opened the door to the room. Never once did he shoot a look a Zhao Yilong, the person he had treated like his brother before.

There was no longer any of the brotherly emotions that were present before, nor was there any of the dejection and bewilderment from 3 days ago.

The only thing present now was bone penetrating coldness and calmness.

It was time to toss away those penniless emotions that he had previously held them as important.

There was no need to play any of those games for little children anymore. The younger generation of the Zhao Family did not need an intellectual and a fighter. They only needed a unified voice, an absolute overlord!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Goodbye, Zhao Yilong! To the Zhao Family in the future, you'll will forever just be an embarrassing point of history!

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    《Battle Frenzy》