Battle Frenzy
486 Unstoppable 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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486 Unstoppable 2 in 1

The audience in the arena were stupefied. Even Ruo Zhi gawked and was momentarily absent-minded before regaining his senses. "Even I didn't get a clear look. Let us look at the big screen to see a replay of just now!"

As the slow-motion playback rolled onto the big screen, everyone clearly saw Mo Ling hadn't made any movements with his hands or legs. Instead, he had unexpectedly relied on his defence to reflect completely ricochet Kupata's attack, and sent him flying?!

After being sent flying away, Kupata unexpectedly couldn't stand up for a moment. The force that sent him flying came from himself. The amount of power he had unleashed in his attack was the exact same amount that

This was the true essence of this Mo's List Soul Beast Master! Every single state he possessed had deep meaning behind them. The Spiritual Tortoise form could not only defend against attacks, it could also reflect them back!

On the opposite side, a considerably strange expression appeared on Mo Ling's face, while his lips moved in a manner that looked as though he was talking to someone.

Whipping around his eyes, Ruo Zhi immediately said, "We can see that Mo Ling appears to have been communicating silently with Napier Mo about something. This is a considerably shocking piece of dialogue. Fortunately, I know a bit about lip reading, so I'll decipher it for everyone."

"Little Ling Ling, boss says that you should show some respect in this best of 16 match, and not instantly beat them to death. Are you messing around?" Ruo Zhi even mastered the incredible skill of intonation, allowing everyone to immediately identify that he was repeating what Napier Mo said.

"I know, okay. This isn't me beating him up, but the automatic activation of my tortoise form's 2nd stage strength! I don't have any control over it!" Ruo Zhi acted out the feelings of helplessness and bitterness on Mo Ling's face.

The Skylink and the viewing gallery instantly exploded into a cacophony of voices. The Heaven's Fate squadron was truly too impressive! There wasn't anyone who felt they were acting pretentiously, as such behaviour was extremely conforming to Heaven's Fate's style of being powerful yet humble! After all, not just anyone can break into the top 16 ranks of the CHF. Giving their opponents a chance to showcase their capabilities clearly showed their breadth of mind, and also allowed them to display their own strength. Naturally, only Heaven's Fate could do such things.

The other members seated in the Heaven's Fate squadron preparatory area forcefully restrained their laughter, with Mo Wen appearing as unmoving as a mountain. However, on the stage, an expression of considerable embarrassment had already appeared on Mo Ling's face.

Even my lips have been read by you! You dammable, noisy analyst!

It's over! It was boss Mo Wen who had decided this plan to maintain a low profile. Let this 1st match of the best of 16 be awesome looking, let the standard of the CHF get pushed higher, and give their opponents, Mammoth a certain level of respect they deserved for entering the top 16 ranks. In the end, it was broken by you! What's more, you've caused us and Mammoth to lose face!

Contrary to everyone, Napier Mo continued to toss his little knives in the air, with a simple-minded and silly smile that was ever present on his face. It was none of his business! He didn't know about anything.

Mo Ling's face had already turned black once he caught onto this. Watching from the viewing gallery, Mo Xingchen had been laughing so hard she was now clutching her stomach. That fellow, Napier Mo's definitely the clown of the Heaven's Fate squadron. The Mo Family, who was widely known to be strict and orderly, had given birth to such a weirdo that loved to intentionally cause trouble.

After a momentary break of blankness, the Heaven's Fate squadron fans erupted into roaring laughter and cheers.

"Almighty boss Mo Ling! Invincible Heaven's Fate squadron!"

"History's strongest throw! Unrivalled by none!"

"Boss Mo Ling and Napier are definitely the most outstanding partners!"

While the audience was laughing about it, the participants watching weren't doing so. Instead, solemn expressions were present on the faces of the Tianjing squadron, who had come here to study and gain knowledge. Contrary to them, Wang Zhong could feel the confidence coming from Mo Ling. Kupata was very strong. Having researched his bloodline, Wang Zhong knew that it was indeed an important inheritance of mankind after living through the dark era. The members of the Mammoth squadron all possessed the rare Giant bloodline. Over the past few years, they appeared to have obtained the guidance of masters, making their strength improve by leaps and bounds up until their current level. This should be yet another of the parliamentary influence's cards, as they could be said to have "suffered patiently". Although they did not want to attract attention, Wnag Zhong wasn't that naive to believe that Tianjing's luck was really that "good" to be able to walk all the way here while bumping successively against S rank squadrons. Of top 16 ranks, every other squadron belonged either to the aristocratic influence or the Parliamentary influence. Only the outlandish Tianjing squadron was the one true exception.

It was likely that both sides didn't expect disruptor to appear in the CHF. However, as the role of siege breaker, an extra disruptor was a good thing for the Parliamentary influence. As for the aristocratic influence, they were the first ones to take action, though they never expected for themselves to sink so deep into the quicksands unleashed by Tianjing.


Rock chips shot out as a gigantic figure stood up ferociously from the shattered ground.

Kupata's face was completely covered with fury that surged up after his embarrassment, causing his face to turn a deep shade of red! Although Mo Ling didn't have any intent to embarrass, the truth of the matter was that it had already brought embarrassment to the Mammoth squadron!

The dignity of the giants and the pride of Mammoth absolutely couldn't be blasphemed!


The next moment, a devilish blood-red glow surged forth from his body, then his body started expanding rapidly!

2.5 metres, 2.8 metres, 3.3 metres, 3.7 metres, 4 metres!

"Giantification! This is the Giant Elephant City's Giantification Art! The Golden Mammoth bloodline hails from ancient antiquity and is said to have a fleshly body special ability, as well as a bloodline talent! This is a gift originating from the dark era! It isn't as rare as the werewolf bloodline seen earlier in the CHF. However, even though Giant Elephant City possesses the complete inheritance and the Golden Mammoth bloodline, not just anyone can master the Giantification Art to this level!"

The greater majority of people knew about this gift, as it was compulsory to mention it during history classes taught in all academies in the federation. One had to know that the outstanding experts in mankind's heavy soldier armed forces back then all possessed such an ability. It wasn't something as simple as causing one's cells to expand. Instead, it was a genuine giantification. Other than possessing a massive physique and strength, a user wouldn't lose any agility or speed.

After giantification, Kupata appeared to possess limitless strength. With just a simple wave of his hand, the terrifying strength unleashed caused cracks to spread across the ground, a large portion of it even shattered! His long arms could unleash attacks from inconceivable angles, making it even harder to judge via common sense. However, the most frightening aspect that changed was his speed!

The strengthening effects of Giantification wasn't merely just in appearance, as one's strength would also grow by a couple 100 percent! With Kupata already excelling in strength, the increase in size of his fleshly body magnified this strength to an incredible level.

All aspects of his strength, including his speed and defence, had increased! This was the Giantification Art of the Golden Mammoth bloodline!

The simple and straightforward Mo Ling still had no expression on his face. He already knew that members of this Mammoth squadron possessed the Golden Mammoth bloodline, and might be able to use the Giantification Art. However, he hadn't expected him to grow 4 metres tall. This made it worthwhile for him to take action.


Mo Ling was thrown back by a slap from Kupata. The violent strike unleashed by the giant looked just like when someone slapped a fly. However, even after being sent flying, nothing changed in Mo Ling. The spirit tortoise soul beast retreated from his body, that slap appeared to be his way of apologising for the earlier embarrassment.

It was this heroic spirit that made many people like the Mo Family, which was different from the current style of the Federation. The other 3 S+ ranked squadrons all suppressed their opponents in an extremely powerful show of power. Even Stuart had done so. However, the Mo Family always gave off a good aura to people, even to their opponents.

Kupata raised his head, he didn't pursue Mo Ling. Being a soldier, he understood the meaning behind his opponent's actions. The fighting intent between both parties continued to rise. Both men definitely had the capability for a battle of speed and agility. However, Mo Ling had given up on his so-called agility as he wanted to confront the giant head on.

A black coloured soul bear unlike Laura's tore through space, appearing right behind Mo Ling's back before fusing into his body. Soul Power surged in Mo Ling's body before erupting. The terrifying pressure of his Soul Power radiated outward, pressing down not only on Kupata in the midst of his advance, but also the audience near the stage who could feel a suffocating wind pressure that caused their hearts to palpitate!

In the participant viewing gallery, the faces of quite a few people turned serious. Mo Ling possessed 4 soul beast forms. Bringing out any one of them would always make his opponents go slightly speechless. The members of the Mo Family really were...

Kupata instantly felt a sensation as though he had already been locked on by his opponent. This was a palm strike he could not evade!

Additionally, he didn't need to evade it!

Be it strength or fighting intent he, who possessed the Golden Mammoth bloodline and had giantified to a 4-metre tall state, wasn't scared of anyone now!

Kupata's eyes turned scarlet red as he welcomed the palm strike, he wanted to take it!

Thick veins erupted from his giantified body, even covering his whole head! His giant frame expanded by a few more inches, and the supernatural aura radiating from him seemed to converge together, transforming him into the image of a giant mammoth hailing from the dark era!


As the terrifying roars rang out, 4 palms smashed together in an earth-shattering manner!


Throughout the arena, time appeared to slow down and freeze at the moment the 4 palms collided. Then, it was followed up by a terrifying explosion! A tsunami-like wave of air blew ferociously in all directions. Fortunately, with this match being in the best of 16 rounds, and so they could instantly respond to any accidents that may occur, the arena's protection runic pattern array was left in its activated state.

This runic pattern array could sufficiently stop all attacks from a Heroic Soul Stage. However, the impact of the expanding airwaves was able to send vibrations rippling through it!

The dust that was whipped up by the airwaves instantly submerged the stage located in the runic pattern array, making it so even the cameras could only pick up a stretch of greyish whiteness.

The whole arena turned deathly silent, the only sound present was the reverberations of the massive bang from the collision.

A muffled snort, then a thud, came faintly from the stage

"What's happening?!"

"What's the outcome!"

"Who has fallen?!"

Everyone anxiously waited for the dust to settle, which took an agonizing 20 to 30 seconds, before people could see the stage with difficulty.

The person that remained standing was unexpectedly Kupata! As for Mo Ling, who had received the full brunt of the charging smash, he had been flung back a dozen metres. Staggering as he stood up, his face had turned a slightly pale shade.

Unexpectedly, Kupata had come out of that in a superior position?! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Heaven's Fate squadron's fans were all dumbfounded, while waves of shouts and cheers instantly rang out from the Mammoth squadron's viewing gallery! Being able to injure him meant being able to defeat him! Just now, he even dared to look own on their Mammoth squadron! Now, who's the formidable one?

It was a pity that the shouting and cheering only lasted for a few seconds.

Maintaining a standing position, Kupata didn't move an inch. Then, a slight breeze blew by.

Crack crack crack...

Cracks unexpectedly appeared on the surface of his thick and solid muscles! Like jets, blood spewed out of his body and the 4-metre tall giant shrunk back to his original 2.3-metre tall frame and curled up on the ground, not moving an inch.

A single strike to determine victory!

First duel, Heaven's Fate squadron's victory!

The 2nd duel was between the Heaven's Fate squadron's Mo Zhong and the Mammoth squadron's Kukuqi.

This duel was even more challenging, as anyone could see Mo Zhong's strength from the earlier part of the CHF. He was the mainstay member that had participated the most times in all of the Heaven's Fate Academy's matches, appearing in all of the 3 matches. Having easily obtained victory in all of them, he was the epitome of a perfect S rank heavy soldier, possessing outstanding performance in both aspects of offence and defence. He was hailed as a heavy soldier that could rank in the top 3 amongst the Mo's List 5 great heavy soldiers. However, faced against one of the mainstay members of the Mammoth squadron, Kukuqu, it took him considerable effort to obtain victory. Faced against an opponent towering at nearly 4-metres tall, the entire duel dragged on for ½ hour of a to and fro offence vs defence before he won due to his greater stamina and use of strength.

Mo Zhong was known as a textbook example of a heavy soldier in the eyes of the academies, he had inherited the various superior traits of a perfect heavy soldier. However, the giant's tolerance to beatings and endurance abilities had created enormous complications for him. The giant bloodline was outstanding and possessed extremely high rates of growth. Although Mo Zhong eventually won the duel, anyone could see the advantages the bloodline possessed.

However, for the Mammoth squadron, they weren't only feeling the respect shown by their opponents.

The Giant Elephant City, located on the equator, sat in a desert covered region. Enduring high temperatures all year long, even the "coldest" period during the year had temperatures ranging in the 40s! Frankly speaking, it just wasn't a place for humans to live in. Even for the new human citizens of Giant Elephant City who gradually adapted to their environment, adapted was the best they could say about themselves when it came to the temperatures. During afternoons, they simply didn't dare loiter outside of the city walls. The scorching sun and high temperatures were enough to dehydrate anyone very quickly. The vile environment was not one bit inferior to the endless desert of the Tutankhamun Empire, and even the most elite of the Federation's armed forces weren't willing to be deployed there! The result of this was a lack of combat strength!

Even though the tall city walls constructed by the Federation could defend against attacks from mutated beasts and shelter the citizens in the city, there were no permanent Federation troops deployed in the restricted regions of the city's vicinity. This led to a loss of habitable territory around the city. Without villages and farms, the citizens within the city had very little to eat!

Compared to the northern region, which was generally treated by the Federation citizens as the vilest of environments, it wouldn't be the slightest exaggeration if people living in Giant Elephant City were to describe the former using the statement, "This is simply heaven!"

This was a corner that had seemingly been forgotten by the Federation. However, the people of Giant Elephant City didn't give up and decided generation after generation to struggle in that barren and vile land. They required food, water and deployed garrison troops! There were citizens of the Federation staying over there!



Having already lost, Kupata and Kukuji had no choice but to leave the stage. However, they did not accept treatment from the medical squad. Despite their severe injuries, they chose to observe the match from the side of the stage. Each and every one of the tall, large members revealed deep feelings of worry and apprehension in their eyes. Unlike the other squadrons, who were either thinking of honour or their future fights, there was only one goal in the minds of those from Giant Elephant City and the Mammoth City in this CHF!

That was to show their ample potential in the CHF, sufficient potential for the Federation to properly regard them!

If they were beaten by a score of 4:0 by the Heaven's Fate squadron, their so-called talent and potential might immediately become a joke in the eyes of the Federation's higher-ups! Place their attention on Giant Elephant City? Give Giant Elephant City resources? Dispatch garrison troops over? For the sake of those large piles of trash?

They weren't representing themselves, but the 50 over thousand citizens of Giant Elephant City! They couldn't lose!

Captain Vicido slowly stood up.

His original goal was Mo Wen, whom he wanted to leave for the final. However, from the looks of it now, it seemed that he had no choice in deciding such a thing. The Heaven's Fate squadron was much more powerful than he had expected. Even a heavy soldier that couldn't enter the Mo's List was actually of such a standard!
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    《Battle Frenzy》