Battle Frenzy
487 Golden Mammoth Bloodline 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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487 Golden Mammoth Bloodline 2 in 1

Originally, they had a small chance in the 2nd duel where they sent Kukuji up. However, his brother's loss in the 1st duel created a shadow of doubt in his heart, and as a result, he couldn't grasp his fleeting opportunity to obtain victory. This made Vicido thirst after the Federation's resources even more. The difference in benefits between the top 16 ranks and the top 8 ranks were extremely vast! They absolutely had to grab hold of this opportunity, even if their opponents were the Mo Family!

Right now, signs of wavering confidence were already appearing on his squadron member's faces. If he were to send anyone else up for the 3rd duel, it would be tantamount to him forfeiting that duel.

"We have to win this duel." Vicido's voice was filled with confidence and assurance, he bent down slightly. "Regardless of who our opponents are!"

With a fierce push of his crouched legs, the giant standing under the stage launched himself into the air before earth-shatteringly landing on stage.

With just the strength of his legs, he leapt a distance of 20 to 30 metres! There hadn't been any gliding, nor did he fly. Additionally, it was accomplished by a gigantic iron tower-like figure!


It sounded like a meteor striking the earth! Cracks instantly spread through the rock hard granite floor where he landed, forming a large web. A terrifying airwave swept out in all directions, as though a gale had appeared in the arena!

The audience felt their scalps grow numb. They had seen participants do cool, flashy stunts when entering the stage. Frankly speaking, they had never seen anyone abuse the stage to such a degree. Before the start of the duel, the pitiful floor had already cracked apart again. Honestly, the organizers of this CHF, the Stuart Family, already spent a gargantuan amount of money purely on changing the arena's floors and windows.

Everyone assumed that this freaking awesome fellow would furiously roar to coordinate with his explosive stage entrance. However, upon landing, Vicido didn't move from his dust-filled location, like a monk in a meditative state. Not moving a single inch, he was like a pagoda rooted into the ground!

It was easy to stay still, but hard to instantly calm one's breathing down. The transition from extreme movement to extreme calmness had only taken this fellow a moment to accomplish.

Vicido already locked his eyes onto Mo Wen who was sitting in the Heaven's Fate preparatory area.

He had done considerable analysis and assessment on the strength of Heaven's Fate, with the supporters behind him providing this information. Vicido had absolutely no intention of living a life of luxury and enjoyment. To him, he had come here to fight for his family.

Mo Wen was undoubtedly the strongest person in Heaven's Fate. Mo Ling and Napier Mo were both famous figures ranked in the Mo's List. However, be it their strength or performance, they were frankly inferior to Mo Wen.

Honestly speaking, Vicido didn't have any guarantee of victory. Even though he had a smattering of knowledge on Mo Wen, his chances of winning definitely weren't above 40%. However, that didn't mean there was no chance at all! On the contrary, if he could fight against Mo Wen, and drag the fight into a bitter battle of attrition before losing, the Mammoth squadron would definitely gain massive attention. This might just be another sliver of hope for them!

Currently, his gaze was considerably calm and tranquil, but showed a hint of provocation.

It was a pity that Mo Wen was "blind"...

A considerably youthful figure walked out of the Heaven's Fate squadron preparatory area.

"It's Napier Mo!"

"Mo Wen's unexpectedly not going up? Are they lacking in assurance?"

"That's right. Mammoth's vice-captain nearly made Mo Ling be at a disadvantage. And their captain is definitely stronger. Even if Napier Mo is one of the 5 great assassins on Mo's List, wouldn't his strength be around the same level as Mo Ling?"

The waves of discussions and guesses ringing out from the viewing gallery did not mess up the smile on Napier Mo's face at all.

Unlike Vicido's awe-inspiring descent from the sky, the way Napier Mo ascended the stage could simply be said as perfect for a clown.

In a vaudeville-like walk, he hopped and jumped as he ran over. As he climbed up the stage, he fiercely jumped, as if he used too much strength. A banana peel just so happened to appear right beneath his feet. Upon stepping on it, he was unexpectedly sent into a slip, his whole body flew in the air, then his butt landed heavily on the stage.



There was a stretch of dumbfounded expressions across the viewing gallery. As his body bounced back from what seemed like a loss of control, Napier Mo unexpectedly rotated so that his head was now pointed to the ground. The next moment, his head and neck appeared to be pressed fiercely into his body like a spring, before springing back out, sending his body shooting into the air. After doing a series of dazzling somersaults in the air, he landed gracefully before Vicido.

The clown costume wearing Napier Mo and his big and red nose looked like it almost touched Vicido's body. The only thing he lacked in was height, as his head only reached Vicido's lower chest.

He hastily backpedalled, appearing as though the gigantic figure that had suddenly popped up before him had given him a "fright". His comical appearance and actions caused the entire viewing gallery to burst into laughter, while the various audience watching via Skylink had already become dumbfounded.

"Are you sure this fellow didn't come up just to get people to laugh?"

"Could this be the legendary commercial break?"

"He's actually able to be one of the 5 great Mo's List assassins just like that… what a formidable bro!"

It's actually not Mo Wen?

Before going on stage, Vicido believed that the Heaven's Fate squadron would immediately send Mo Wen up to suppress him. He also believed that his opponents might send a weaker mainstay or even a substitute to deal in him for the sake of avoiding any possible injuries on their trump card. These were all reasonable choices for his opponent to make. However, they actually chose to send Napier Mo up? He wasn't a chess piece the Heaven's Fate squadron could just give up like that. That's...

That's right, he's a Mo's List assassin. But so what? The Mo's List wasn't a list of invincible people. Only the minority within the audience would believe in that. Furthermore, they had sent an assassin up to deal with a heavy soldier!

Looks like he had been underestimated.

A sliver of an upward curl appeared in the corner of Vicido's mouth.

"Hey hey hey! Big guy!" standing on the stage, Napier Mo appeared considerably excited when he spoke. "You really look very strong! What do you usually eat?"

Vicido definitely couldn't respond to that. Below the stage, members of the Mo Family couldn't help but cover their faces. This outlandish fellow! He had been warned a thousand times to be more normal! But there was no change in the outcome. The more attention his fight received, the more he couldn't control himself doing such things.

Seeing this, a faint smile appeared on Mo Xingchen's face. Napier Mo's character indeed brought about a breath of fresh air to the old fashioned and inflexible Mo Family. In fact, it was quite good, she thought as she glanced at Wang Zhong who wasn't sitting far from her. With this being considered close distance surveillance, Wang Zhong immediately felt her gaze. Turning his head and to discover that it was Mo Xingchen, he too revealed a faint smile on his face. This made her hastily turn back around, after which she stuck her little tongue out. Ah, it isn't courteous to observe people like that.

"Don't be so serious okay? The duel's yet to start, so everyone should relax! You're my first opponent in the CHF, you know, so I want to get to know you a little bit more! Naturally, I'll definitely won't touch on your secrets!" Napier Mo appeared considerably invested in his goal as he continued to chatter on like beans spilling out of a bag. "How old are you? From what I can tell, you look at least 25 years old! Obviously, you definitely aren't that old, just that you look slightly impatient."

"What's your astrological sign? You're definitely a Taurus from what I can see. You have an honest and sincere appearance, and are also so strong!"

"What's your blood type? I think you're definitely an AB type! You definitely couldn't have such a tall, big and strong physique without being mix-blooded!"

"Do you have a girlfriend? I feel that you definitely don't have one! A big body like yours definitely can't be trained without being a 20+-year-old virgin body! Tsk tsk tsk, look at your muscles, look at those lines…"

Napier Mo was spewing out words quickly and in a hasty manner, before proceeding to answer his own questions, giving Vicido absolutely no time to chime in at all.

Not talking about Vicido, even the audience in the viewing galleries and those watching via Skylink all became dumbfounded.

All of them had long known about how silly and amusing this fellow was. However, the never imagined that he would be so silly and amusing to such a degree. What's more, how do one's physique, being a freaking virgin and mixed-blood have any connection at all? Wait, everyone was confused by what he was saying. Wasn't AB type just a blood type? How did it become something so horrible sounding as mixed-blood!


The arena instantly turned quiet. All of the cameras were focused on Napier Mo blurting out words at an allegro like speed. His chattering voice was the only noise echoing in the arena.

This continued to the point where even the referee couldn't endure it any more and was on the brink of raising a yellow card. "Please be more serious and maintain silence! This is a competitive match!"

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The competition bell just so happened to ring now.

With his face already black, Vicido shot worth ferociously from where he stood. The gigantic figure disappeared only for a moment before enveloping Napier Mo in its shadow, looking just like a hawk swooping down onto a rabbit!"

"The eagle catching a little chick!" exclaimed Napier Mo, before turning around. With a poof, he unexpectedly turned into a puff of smoke and disappeared without a trace.


Vicido didn't even need to use his eyes to see.

As a soldier matched up against an assassin, wanting to catch the latter would be an impossible task if both of them were on the same level. A heavy soldier had their own set of skills and techniques to use when up against an assassin. Clearly, Vicido's capability had extended deep into the essence of such a matchup.

Surprisingly, he closed his eyes.


It took what seemed like just a moment for him to discover the Soul Power that his opponent was starting to accumulate radiating from above him. Without a second thought, Vicido clapped his palms together towards that position.

Appearing a tad bit slower than Napier Mo's travelling arc, due to a precognitive like judgement, the attack came just on time.

A few points of seriousness appeared on Napier Mo's forever grinning face as he instantly changed his moves.

Pa pa pa pa pa pa!

Rapid footsteps caused innumerable, chaotic noises to ring out across the stage. Napier Mo instantly transformed into 7 or 8 afterimages of himself before quickly turning around Vicido.

The daggers in his hand continued to stab at him, though they continuously retreated too. Vicido, who was surrounded by Napier Mo's afterimages, continued to keep his eyes shut as his fists sent chaotic punches into the air around him.

Every single attack of his had sealed off the attack paths of Napier Mo, making it so the latter couldn't accomplish anything. In the blink of an eye, the 2 parties already exchanged 7 to 10 bouts, though none of their clothes had even been touched.


"What high speeds, what accurate judgement!" Appreciation appeared in Wang Zhong's eyes. Layman in the audience saw that the 2 were spinning around like monkeys, but weren't making any contact, causing confusion to brew in their minds. It was a different story altogether in the eyes of experts. In their eyes, the exchange between the 2 had already undergone a myriad of changes in an instant, with one continuing to increase in speed, and the other displaying wonderful defence against the former. "They're roughly equal in strength."

"Napier Mo's consumption will be greater." Grai managed to discern. Frankly speaking, the strength displayed by the 2 had already reached the standard displayed by Wang Zhong and Eddie in their duel. This was indeed the standard of the best 16. There was no need to talk about Napier Mo, though there were hidden experts hiding in other squadrons who would start showing their true capabilities this round.

Wang Zhong nodded his head in agreement and replied, "This won't continue for long."

It's about time for them to change up their moves.

Ding ding ding ding!

Napier Mo fired few multicoloured pellets fired his hands. Compared to his daggers, which were sealed off and would lead him to a passive state, stuff like hidden weapons wouldn't put him in a disadvantage at all.

The sudden intensification of attacks was clearly strenuous for Vicido. It wasn't so difficult to keep up with his opponent's moves and attack speed. But hidden weapon attacks, which could be launched from anywhere and any direction, was truly somewhat impossible to defend effectively against. Furthermore, his opponent would generally unleash a hidden weapon from behind him as they were making high-speed turns. What's more, their daggers had already rotated a full round and were now stabbing him in front.

Just endure it!

Vicido's only response to this change was a cold snort. If this duel didn't determine victory or defeat for the whole Mammoth squadron, he might have chosen to drag this on to slowly observe and get a more detailed understanding of his opponent, while also enjoying the fight. However, this was obviously not suitable in the current scenario, as his Mammoth squadron desperately needed a victory to satisfy the discontent in their hearts. Furthermore, he also wanted to conserve strength for the group battle that he was extremely likely to be able to participate in.

He had to end this fight swiftly and decisively!

Sparkling, golden brilliance radiated from Vicido back. Arching his back until it became a hunch, he completely disregarded his opponent's hidden weapons and instantly expanded his hands. Growing ½ a metre longer and sparkling with a golden brilliance, he suddenly thrust his hands forwards!

Maybe it was because of the sudden expansion of his opponent's hands, or perhaps it was because Vicido had already been preparing for this attack for too long, Napier Mo had unexpectedly didn't make any attempt to dodge or evade the incoming attack!


The sound of a heavy attack rang out from Vicido's back, though it merely caused his body to tremble slightly. While this was happening, his massive hands had grabbed hold of Napier Mo's body!

"Vic…" before he could finish saying the word, Vicido's face contorted.

That's because he noticed that what he was holding was a piece of wood wrapped in Napier Mo's clothes!

Substitution technique?


A few chilling rays of light came hurtling over, piercing right at Vicido's neck at a speed which made him utterly unable to respond in time! The sharpness the chilling rays possessed as they sliced through the air unexpectedly caused the surrounding space to show slight signs of severing!

Only experts could clearly see the details of this attack. The simple attacks piercing at Vicido's neck possessed a speed and might that made it even more lethal than other extremely powerful skills or techniques. Even people on the realm of Wang Zhong and Grai were slightly shocked by what they saw.

"An assassin technique of ancient antiquity that has already been lost to the annals of history, and an exquisite counterattack!"

"Having diverted his opponent's vision using the substitution technique, Vicido couldn't avoid Napier's attack."

"The victor has been decided so quickly?"

Ding Ding Ding!

Clear metallic sounds rang out. Vicido's neck sparkled with a golden glow with sparks shooting out from it! Surprisingly, the 3 knife marks on his neck couldn't even draw any blood!

"How's that possible!"

"Oh my god! What a powerful defence!"

"Is that the Zhao Family's Indestructible Body Art?!"

Waves of astonished cries rang throughout the arena. It was the Indestructible Body Art in Zhao Tianlong's arsenal that allowed him to successfully enter the Mo's List. It was known to be one of the hardest external martial arts of the Zhao Family to train. Furthermore, the Zhao Family had prohibited it from being passed on to anyone outside of their members. However, the defence displayed by Vicido was truly too similar to it!

"That's not an external martial art, and more so an Indestructible Body!" Being a bloodline successor, Divian was clearly an expert in this field. "That's the genuine Golden bloodline! The Golden Mammoth bloodline!"

Speaking of the Golden Mammoth, it was just a name mistakenly given by those of the outside world who weren't familiar with this bloodline. The Mammoth bloodline was the Mammoth bloodline. As for the Golden Mammoth, it was a mutated variation of this bloodline, and could be called an ancestral bloodline. Yes, it could be said to be an evolution of the Mammoth bloodline that would only appear after many generations!

This was just like the Bella Dean's werewolf ancestral bloodline. If it were just a regular werewolf bloodline, the Bella Dean Family wouldn't have spent so much effort, and even their own successors, just to nurture this bloodline.

It was a king! The Golden Mammoth was a king amongst the Mammoth bloodline! The legendary Golden Mammoth possessed insurmountable strength, and was impenetrable to blades and spears! It possessed one of the most extreme fleshly bodies among the high-rank dimensional life forms in terms of strength and power! From this, one could imagine just how powerful its bloodline would be!
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    《Battle Frenzy》