Battle Frenzy
488 Unstoppable Spiritual Soul Combat Technique 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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488 Unstoppable Spiritual Soul Combat Technique 2 in 1


Already possessing a giant frame, Vicido's body instantly expanded!

3 metres, 4 metres, 5 metres!

"He's actually still growing! Oh my god!

Having activated his bloodline, the giantified Vicido now stood nearly 6 metres tall! That was already the limit at which ordinary Giant Elephant City's Heroic Soul Stage soldiers stood after giantification! Moreover, a golden glow had encompassed his entire body, making him look exceedingly dazzling and striking under the Sun's light!

Having giantified, Vicido hadn't only increased in body size. Even a seemingly slow, simple swing of his arm could already create air currents that swept across the whole arena!

Napier Mo easily evaded his opponent's fist, but couldn't evade the surging air currents coming his way. The berserk air currents suppressed him with such might it almost made him lose balance!

However, the punch was followed by a fist smashing down from above!

The intense air currents had whipped Napier Mo to the point of instability, what more could he dodge or evade?



A great bang resounded. Where Napier Mo just stood was now smashed to dust by the giant descending fist! The rock hard granite floor was smashed apart to such a degree that it appeared to be made of tofu, shattering into tiny bits and pieces before turning into dust!

Where was Napier Mo? Could he have been flattened by that fist?

Surprise and shock filled everyone's hearts as they searched for a trace of Napier Mo on the stage.

"Over there!" All of a sudden, someone pointed in the air.

However, before the audience could look up, the giant's palms had already rumbled over!

Clearly, the giantified Vicido clearly couldn't match up against a top-class assassin like Napier Mo in agility and nimbleness. However, if it was a straight-up competition in speed...

Within what seemed like a second, two bathtub-sized palms surrounded Napier Mo!

"ROAR!" with the power of his bloodline activated, a sliver of madness sparkled in Vicido's eyes. Indeed, the Golden Mammoth bloodline was extremely powerful. However, it also consumed an extreme amount of the inheritor's willpower, and was extremely easy for one to enter a highly stimulated state.

Fuck you! I'll squash you to death!

The encapsulating giant palms gave Napier Mo utterly no space to escape! What's more, being in the air, he had basically nowhere to exert his strength to evade.


With a massive crush, Napier Mo immediately exploded apart! However, yet another additional sliver of fury appeared on Vicido's face!

As he opened his palms, everyone noticed that there was unexpectedly a mass of wood chips and splinters within!

Having disappeared in midair, Napier Mo rematerialized like a spectre, before appearing right before Vicido's face in the next instant! 2 chilling daggers proceeded to pierce right towards the pair of large bronze eyes!

Vicido fiercely shut his eyes.


Another two bangs resounded as the 2 daggers were snapped in half!

What a similar scene this was to the duel before Grai and Zhao Tianlong, with such a matter happening to Napier Mo! The previous time was against the Indestructible Body, which was renowned to possess the greatest defences. However, it was simply unable to compare to Vicido's defence after having activated his Golden Mammoth bloodline! Everyone could see how ferocious Napier Mo's attacks were, as the air currents and even space was torn apart by his attacks. However, they were unable to even cause any injury to Vicido's eyelids, which had instead broken the daggers!

"What, what formidable defence! Oh my god, that's too perverted!"

"Napier Mo's Substitution Technique's also very strong! Every time he gets caught, with a poof, he will become a block of wood!"

"Where did that block of wood come out from? It's around to size of a real human!"

"That's the black magic technique from the dark era! Tsk, you don't understand!"

"Vicido! Invincible golden mammoth!"

"Hello, clown! Come on, clown!"

The audience in the arena and Skylink were all hyped up by the spectacle, causing a cacophony of voices to rang out across all directions. The transitions between offence and defence of the 2 fighting on the stage were seriously too quick! Furthermore, how were the invincibility of the giant and the lost substitution technique within the realm of students! Even those experts from the various empires were shocked by what they had seen! Only such a fight could satisfy the craving they had in their hearts!

However, compared to the audience, Vicido was extremely furious! Although he had defended against Napier Mo's attacks with his eyelids, being eyelids, incomparable pain was now radiating from his eyes. What's more, his opponent's speed was seriously too quick! And there still was that seemingly shameless Substitution Technique! He could subconsciously sense the direction where his opponent had sent his Soul Power to. However, the speed at which Napier Mo had executed his Substitution Technique was truly too quick, to the point of it appearing just like a positional swap! There were a few times where he had nearly managed to grab hold of his opponent. However, it was just lacking by a bit, and forever unable to grab hold of his opponent's real body!

This cannot go on! Although his opponent's attack was only able to scratch his itch, with him being already establishing an invincible position, he wasn't able to strike his opponent. If this continues on, with Napier Mo continuing to waste his energy and dragging the fight to over 6 hours, the officials would be forced to make a decision for this duel.

If that happens, his Mammoth squadron would really be finished!

A ray of brilliance flashed within Vicido's eyes. Ignoring Napier Mo, who was just inches away from him, he clapped his hands ferociously together!

"Sand flip!" as the gigantic figure knelt down, golden light flashed within his palms, before he patted down fiercely on the ground. "Invert the sea!"


Terrifying rumbling sounds gushed out from the ground, before the entire stage spanning thousands of square metres started to squirm and wriggle! Just like a ferocious beast rolling about underneath the ground, pieces of the floor started to crack and peel off!

Everyone watching the match in the arena could feel the continuous rocking coming from underneath the ground! Even the entire arena started to sway as though an earthquake was passing through, while giant screens attached above their heads started to creak and groan!

"Oh my god! What is he planning on doing?"

"So frightening! Is this the legendary man-made earthquake?"

"Napier Mo's in the air! How will that move be any use against him?"

"This looks a bit like the move Tianjing's Barran had used! However, this move's much, much stronger!"

Sitting by Wang Zhong's side, Barran's eyes had instantly sparkled with a flash of intense brilliance.

This was the move that he had comprehended during that duel! This move sends one's terrifying Soul Power into the ground to cause it to vibrate! Everything that comes into contact with the ground would be jolted into a state of paralysis! However, the power unleashed by Vicido in this move was much stronger than himself! Not only was Vicido's Soul Power capacity much larger than his, even his control over the intricacies of this move had also reached the pinnacle! The genuine range of his Soul Power transmission was limited within the range of the stage, unlike his first time unleashing it, where it had spread throughout the entire arena! Only by doing so would it cause the terrifying ploughing effect that was wrecking through the entire stage!

As for Napier Mo? He wasn't Mo Ling, so he would definitely have to land on the ground! What's more, this was the instant!

Dropping down from the air, Napier Mo had already descended onto the ground. As long as his feet touch the ground, the instantaneous paralysis effect from the omnidirectional attack that had covered the entire stage would be inevitable! Faced against such a frightening opponent like Vicido, that instant of rigidity would already be enough for him to kill Napier Mo ten thousand times over!

The only way around this was to deal with his opponent before he lands on the ground!

Grai's forehead was scrunched up from watching the spectacle before him.

However, how was he able to accomplish that? Even his eyelids were able to resist Napier Mo's dagger attacks, and could be said to be an invincible defence! What's more, there the omnidirectional attack wreaking havoc on the stage! This fellow was basically on a realm higher than Zhao Tianlong! Even if he was to bump into him, he would be slightly helpless when such a scenario happens, right?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Just at this instant, the smile of Napier Mo, who was descending from the air, disappeared away. His ever so grinning appearance was a trademark of his. What's more, he had even sent a comical face towards the audience.

This, was he giving up?

In the next instant, the grin and smile on Napier Mo's face had already disappeared. Never did he expect for his opponent to be that difficult to deal with. That's why his captain had sent him up on stage!

A fierce shiver shook through his body, before splitting into 2. 2 identical clowns appeared in the air.

Unlike the illusion-like doppelgangers that ordinary assassins would use, these 2 Napier Mos had unexpectedly possessed bodies with substance! Although one was real and one was fake, with there being no daggers in their hands, they have unexpectedly lunged towards Vicido!

The 2 Napier Mo's descending to the ground were identically quick, and possessed similarly incomparable momentum. Even the moves unleashed them were completely identical, possessing outstanding realism as well as the mighty pressure that was formed during the process of unleashing their attacks!

This wasn't an illusion!

However, was there any use? Even his daggers weren't able to penetrate his opponent's defence! Did he think his palms would do the trick? Did he really assume that he was Grai, and possess a move like the 100-Fold Compounding Palm Strike?

Even if he really did have such a move in his arsenal, Vicido wasn't afraid of it!

A cold sneer rang out from Vicido. Although he did not have the external martial art that Zhao Tianlong had trained in, the power of his bloodline had seeped throughout his entire body, strengthen his innards and muscles to the same degree of resilience! Even his organs were as tough and indestructible as his skin! Absolutely no soldier participating in the CHF possess the strength to be able to break this armour of his!

So, why did Napier Mo want to confuse his sight?

Before Vicido could think in detail about the reason behind his opponent's actions, the latter's attacks have already arrived at his body!

There weren't any of the world-shaking occurrences happening, nor was there any of the 100-Fold Compounding Strike or Mo Family's Inner Fist being unleashed. Instead, there were only 2 soft pats ringing out, as well as one Napier Mo being "electrocuted" into paralysis by the vibrations rampaging through the stage!

However, the other Napier Mo didn't get paralyzed! That was the fake body that had split from him! When the intense vibrations rocked through the body of the fake, Vicido's face instantly contorted!


Doppelganger explosion!

A gorgeous multicoloured brilliance exploded out from the fake body, instantly illuminating the entire arena. What appeared to be countless multicoloured confetti pieces rained down and fluttered in the air, creating a beautiful and bewitching scene for all to see!

Everyone could not help but to get instantly attracted by the dazzlingly colourful spectacle, causing the entire arena to turn silent!

Wang Zhong was likely the only person that was able to maintain their clarity. At this moment, his eyes were sparkling with shock and curiosity. That's right, surprise!

That's actually a Spiritual Soul combat technique!

It was an attack that targeted the Spiritual Soul and an opponent's awareness! It was slightly similar to the "Heart's Sword" that Carolyn had unleashed on him before, though it had a completely different execution method. A combat technique like that might not be effective towards extreme exceptions like Spiritual Soul experts, am exampling being him. However, towards other Casted Soul Stages or even Heroic Soul Stage soldiers, it was known to be unguardable!

Without any resistance, the Vicido's gigantic body smashed onto the ground. The incomparably fierce and brave super soldier had already collapsed before the feet of the clown, his life or death unknown to all.

A deathly silence filled the entire stadium, as only at this moment did 

It took a whole 2 minutes for the audience in the arena to slowly regain their senses. Earthshattering shouts and cheers proceeded to ring out across the arena This was for the spectacular performances in this match, as well as for this legendary family, the Mo Family. This was the honour and glory of an aristocratic family.

3rd duel, Heaven's Fate Academy, Napier Mo, victory!

Having obtained victory, Napier Mo did not mock ,ridicule or did any reckless actions towards his opponent. On the contrary, he walked towards Vicido while continuously pouring his Soul Power out. Only after quite a while did he retract it back. The lethality of his Spiritual Soul combat technique was extremely high. Even he wasn't able to control it properly. However, he did not want to do permanent damage to his opponent. Fortunately, the Golden Mammoth bloodline was indeed extremely frightening. Although he still wasn't able to move, he was already able to open his eyes. This was also the first time that Napier Mo had seen such a fierce person whose strength of his Soul Power was also that strong.

The Heaven's Fate Academy did not continue to drag around, as they sent Mo Wen up for the 4th duel. The Mammoth squadron had sent their mainstay shield soldier, who carried on his shoulders the dignity and last bit of hope of his squadron. Being able to giantify, one could imagine exactly how strong his defence would be. Although they did not dare to think of a victory against Mo Wen, they wanted to lose in style at the very least.

However, it was a pity, as in the instant the competition bell had rung, before Mammoth's mainstay shield soldier could complete his preparations to giantify, Mo Wen had already appeared right before him. Extending his finger, he gave a tap on the former's head. Soul Power radiated out in a ripple-like fashion, before instantly causing the former to collapse onto the ground in a stupor.

The first top 8 powerhouse squadron has been born, the Heaven's Fate Academy.

Being the losers, the Mammoth squadron had also received countless applause from the audience. This was also the first time since the start of this CHF that an S+ ranked squadron had sent their main lineup out. During the first 2 duels, Mammoth even appeared to be basking under the spotlight towards victory.

Frankly speaking, there wasn't anyone that was disappointed about the match, including Mammoth's fans. Faced against the absolute representation of strength which was the Heaven's Fate Academy, defeat was something that was totally within reason. Being able to walk this far in this CHF and even this match placed them at their highest limits. Faced against Heaven's Fate, while having the opportunity to display their full strength and style, and even forcing their opponents to use all of their strength, were already considerably good results.

However, after all was said and done, the limits of commoners have appeared in this match.

That was especially present in the 3rd duel with Napier Mo's victory. The Spiritual Soul combat technique he displayed caused more and more people to understand exactly what it meant to be at the top of the apex in the CHF.

The 3 fundamental aspects of offence, speed and defence? Powerful and unique individual combat techniques? Endless Soul Sea?


What genuinely caused dread to form in people's hearts, and what was genuinely required to reach the peak of the Casted Soul Stage, was to possess a Spiritual Soul technique.

A layman or commoner would be unable to differentiate between a Spiritual Soul combat technique and an ordinary combat technique.

Unlike the combat techniques that ordinary people could learn and master, Spiritual Soul combat techniques surpassed Soul Power and special abilities, and require a deeper level of understanding towards Spiritual Souls. In simpler terms, it was considered to be on the realm of the Sanctuary Division, or perhaps an extraordinary realm. People would such potential for these techniques were genuinely frightening. If Napier Mo could unleash them, what about Mo Wen?

Only at this moment did people start to feel the unfathomable abyss that was the S+ ranks. They couldn't be surpassed just by relying on some techniques or strategies. In this 1st match in the best of 16 round, the Heaven's Fate squadron had taught everyone such a stunning lesson that opened everyone's eyes.

There were even many professionals that would frequently use these 2 words when they talk; No solution.

"The best of 16 round was hailed as the showdown between the aristocratic families and the commoners. There were many among the audience that has great expectations for the matches that would come from it. However, from the outcome of the first match, we can see that the aristocratic families still have the edge in this showdown. This wasn't just a suppression in the aspect of fundamental strength, but more because of the so-called "no solution" special combat techniques. This is a disparity that the commoner squadrons would find extremely difficult to breach, and is also where the superiority of the aristocratic families lay."

"Take for example Napier Mo's doppelganger, where a body filled with substance is created by him. It's even indistinguishable by the Heart's Eye. Faced against such a close ranged attack, would you counter-attack or not? If you do not, you'll immediately get thrashed. If you do, an explosion will be what awaits you!"

"That's right, other examples would be Gaden's concealment ability and non-solution green poison, and Eddie's Musical Soul attacks. On theory, there are possible ways of breaking them. However, the possibility of this happen is in fact extremely low. This is extremely dependent on time, location and people, and not one of these could be lacking. Earlier in this CHF, while using his cross wheels, All Mouthy King had managed to deal with Gaden only through the assistance of Hymin's special ability."
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    《Battle Frenzy》