Battle Frenzy
493 Binding elegance Vs Lethal “Slapping“
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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493 Binding elegance Vs Lethal “Slapping“

Being considered as the guard for the S rank realm, and having always been looked down on, Copperfield had given a performance that surprised everyone.

With an extremely low profile "dimensional combat technique", Karkel had taken an effortless victory in the battle between the vanguards. There was not a sliver of debate that occurred after his victory, as it was extremely evident that his strength was far, far more ferocious than his fame and reputation.

This move from the Potter Family was considerably "vicious", as they had actually managed to nurture such a hidden weapon in secret.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The accuracy of his successive shots was so spot on that it sent shivers down people's spines, and he controlled the entire combat situation while remaining exceedingly calm. It could be said that Oli did not stand a single chance at all; it was as though they were simply not on the same level.

The dimensional combat technique was only just one part of his attacks. Karkel had made everyone feel as though the dimensional combat technique he had unleashed was just another ordinary move.

After this fight, there would definitely be no one who would dare to continue disregarding this Mo's List ranged soldier anymore.

It seemed that everyone had underestimated the Potter Family too much. Regardless of how weak they were, they were one of the Federation's 10 great families!

There were too many hidden experts present in this CHF, while the only thing the Mo's List rankings had done was to place the qualified ones on them. These figures possessed various kinds of unique traits, though that did not mean that their level of strength was the same.

Although the 10 great Mo's List soldiers were considered to be more outstanding than other Mo's List rankers, that did not mean that the everyone from the other occupational rankings was of a weaker tier. Take for example Karkel, and Bobo Torres who Tianjing was about to face. If they were tossed within the rankings of the 10 great soldiers, they would definitely be able to obtain victories against some of them.

"What an outcome that was." said Ruo Zhi while sighing in admiration. "Both sides had utilized the same strategy where they attached the greatest importance to the first duel. With the decisive advantage being snatched away from them, the Blazing Angels have now been forced into a passive stance. After all, the duelling phase is their weakness. In the current situation where any member they sent up would definitely be countered, their chances to drag this match into the group battle phase is already rather bleak."

"The only chance they have now would be to snatch the second duel away. I feel that their captain, Papada should immediately head onto the stage. If he's able to obtain victory, that would give them the chance to make a counter pick against Copperfield's selection. This is their only choice left in this current situation."

Indeed, without any hesitation, right at the moment when Oli had fallen, the Blazing Angels' selection for the second duel had already been decided.

Papada, The Angel's Sword!

As for Copperfield, their response was to send Laura!

Yet another key match was about to occur. In fact, it could even be said to be the critical match that would decide the fate of the Blazing Angels. If Papada lost, the Blazing Angels would definitely lose this match. However, there was truly no need for Laura to field herself in this duel. Nonetheless, this wasn't the moment to start casting doubts onto Laura's selection.

Most likely for the sake of greater mobility and flexibility, Laura was wearing an officially-approved skintight combat outfit. Despite being firmly confined by her outfit, it was unable to hide her towering, magnificent chest from view. Upon appearing on stage, a wave of excited shrieks rang out, as the topic of discussion within the Skylink live chat feed instantly shifted.

"Oh my god! Is that a bounded view? Why do I feel that they'll never be able to be hidden no matter how they're bound! Please accept my kowtow, ball queen!"

"Wu Wu Wu, I only have an A cup! Please impart me your experience, elder sis Laura!"

"Can the flat chested please conduct yourselves with dignity!"

"Order! Order! The ball fan society appeals to everyone to please watch the balls in a civilized manner! Please watch the balls in a civilized manner!"

The chaotic mess was inevitable whenever a ball queen appears, with the liveliness of the audience in the arena and Skylink not losing one bit to the appearance of brother King. Even Ruo Zhi could not help but add in a little tease to his commentary. "If this was a decision made by any other squadron, their captain would already have been cursed to death. Indeed, Laura is Laura. There are too many people within the audience who are her fans.

Truthfully speaking, Laura could be considered to be the one within the successors of the 10 great families that had the most contact with the general population, while receiving the least amount of ridicule from them. If Carolyn or the others were to make such a decision, it would definitely end up with a different outcome. Even though Copperfield wasn't "strong", their popularity and number of supporters within the arena and Skylink was still exceedingly high.

"Captain VS captain! Both squadrons are going all out in their strategy, no one's willing to give the other any leeway!"

"Copperfield is the older of the two great unarmed combat schools in the Federation. Although the Mo Family is universally recognized as having achieved the pinnacle of the Inner Fist, the Potter Family is the only one that can be considered as the true originator of the unarmed combat style!"

"That's right! The genuine successors of the Potter Family have never, ever used any weapons! This is an inheritance since the ancient antiquity! Being one of the Potter Family successors, she clearly is carrying on the essence of the style of unarmed combat."

"Bare handed VS The Angel's Sword!"

The 2 fighters for the second duel stood in opposition to each other on the stage. Frankly speaking, Papada still had a certain level of psychological superiority!

Within the OP, be it their divisions or strength evaluations, Papada had already been ranked over Laura. After all, he was a soldier that had passed the test for the Quasi Sanctuary Division, and was in a fundamentally different realm as opposed to Laura, who was still in the Elite Division.

Other than her famous background and status, Laura wasn't on the same level as him in terms of strength and reputation. Among all of the squadrons participating in this CHF, the reputation and exposure of the Blazing Angels squadron were stronger than Copperfield, while appearance and physique were the main points of talk when Laura was mentioned.

However, this was a duel within a match, and it belonged solely to fighters!

The Angel's Sword had already been unsheathed, while the only image within Papada's eyes was of Laura. The outcome of this match rested on the results of this duel, and he would definitely not allow any unexpected incidents to occur.

The competition bell rang.

"Laura did not summon her Explosive Bear. Frankly speaking, with her overall fighting capabilities, it will be extremely difficult for her to obtain any advantage without relying on her Flaming Explosive Bear." said Ruo Zhi.


Two circular shockwaves blasted out, as Laura and Papada simultaneously advanced. Before reaching the range for close range combat, the ferocious Soul Power surging forth from the two had already smashed into each other! Sparks started to fly as the fight officially started!

Flames started to dance in Laura's hands. Unlike Sharmie's flames, they appeared more dense, abstruse and reserved. This was a display of her control of flames. What's more, it possessed a unique trait that was suitable for close ranged combat, appearing just like peculiar, coloured air currents, dancing around in the air like fiery snakes with every wave of her hands!

Potter Family--Flaming Void Fist!

Laura pulled no punches upon taking action.

Compared to the Flaming Void Fist she had shown in the OP, the Flaming Void Fist she was currently displaying appeared much more accomplished. There wasn't any trace of chaos or tentative signs of explosion present in the 4 fiery snakes shooting out of her hand, clear indications of higher energy efficiency and control.


Countless flames danced and billowed in the air as move after move was unleashed.

However, what she was met with were even more pure and berserk flames.

Papada waved his Angel's Sword in the air, sending waves of fiery sword force hurtling, smashing the fiery snakes unleashed from Laura's display of the Flaming Void Fist.

Flaming Whip! A move that had encumbered even All Mouthy King in the OP! A renowned move that was known to everyone

Although she stood well in comparison, Papada was still quite a bit stronger than Laura in terms of his fire attribute special ability and talent.

Both parties were still approximately 10 metres from each other, and they appeared to be rather familiar with each other's moves. This middle range distance was more than sufficient for them to unleash their powerful moves, causing flames to fill the stage. Nevertheless, Papada was able to obtain superiority over Laura upon the start of the fight, as his attacks were specifically unleashed to counter the short ranged attacks from Laura.

"He's actually using such shameless "slapping" moves against a cute girl like Laura…" Wrapped in bandages, Mario mumbled as he shook his head. Frankly speaking, the number of sex-related jokes had exceeded the analyses posted in the chat. Losing to Martial Ghost Divine Emperor had allowed the Blazing squadron to go into a completely relaxed mode. The disparity in strength was clear for everyone to see, and most important, everyone was safe and sound. Being able to reach the top 16 was already an extremely great improvement for the Blazing squadron. The true examples of misery were the 2 S ranked squadrons that had been eliminated.

While everyone else was sneaking in smiles due to the dirty thoughts present in their hearts, the sound of Sharmie's frightening fist creaking had already rung out. "So, you guys feel that the beast girl's cute, huh? When did your preferences start to change, huh? Looks like you guys really need to get tidied up."

What kind of joke was that! Sharmie didn't have many complaints about having lost to Martial Ghost Divine Emperor. However, the Blazing squadron had come to a stop at the top 16, while that beast girl Laura still had the chance to bust her way into the top 8. This was something that caused considerable unhappiness in Sharmie. Now, these bunch of people were basically acting as though they were blind!

As blank expressions filled the faces of the other squadron members, Mario was already on the verge of crying. He had been beaten up into an exceedingly miserable state from yesterday's match. Taking another round from her in his extremely injured state might really make him end up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The fight happening on stage was intense.

The "slapping" effect was exceedingly good; not everyone could be as domineering as All Mouthy King. Furthermore, everyone could see that Laura's fire attribute abilities were just the "leftovers" that came with her Flaming Explosive Bear. Soul Beast Masters were able to use a portion of the unique traits their Soul Beasts possessed, and this capability was widely known. However, it was poorer than the pure flames created by Papada. If not for the support of her Potter Family's inner Fist techniques, she would have already been smashed apart.

Although the strength contained in Papada's flaming whip was only 80% of its full might, he was clearly putting more focus on the aspect of distance control. It was extremely hard for him to land a clean strike on Laura, as her Explosive Bear had allowed her to possess an extremely high fire resistance. Furthermore, he did not want to defeat her in a single strike.
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    《Battle Frenzy》