Battle Frenzy
495 What a chest~~~
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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495 What a chest~~~


Papada's eyes turned scarlet red as put all of his strength into his move!

Everyone's eyes were now locked onto the stage. Papada unleashing such a big move meant that he was staking his life into this fight. What's more, he had condensed so much power into his sword that it was causing people in the audience to give in to despair.

However, a smile appeared on Laura's face.

Be it Anlor or Arnold, the progress they had made during the summer vacation had caused everyone to sigh in admiration. However, Laura was the one that had made the greatest progress of all.

Karkel's accompaniment in training had allowed her to make improvements to her close combat proficiency, while the conversation with Wang Zhong had allowed her to advance to a whole new level!

A frightening runic pattern ripple had already appeared in the air in the blink of an eye.

A tornado-like whirlpool appeared in the air, before instantly expanding out while forming a terrifying suction force.

There were more than just one or two people who were now covering their eyes in fear of the spectacle unfolding before their eyes. As for Wang Zhong, he wasn't sure whether to laugh or to cry as he thought, "Isn't Papada being too naive?"

Who told him that being able to float in the air equated to being invincible?

Who told him that his opponent would definitely get frightened just because he had grown a pair of wings that could make him fly?

It had to be said that although Papada might be very devout, his actions in this duel was the exact opposite of Karkel. While Karkel had focused on genuine combat, Papada was of the showboating type. There wasn't anything wrong with the faith present in City of the Blazing Angels. However, the problem lies with allowing faith to overwhelm one's mind. He had already sunk completely into his own world, and assumed that the world would react to him in the way he had planned out. This was too… too naive!

Bear Rules the World!

As of now, Papada's face had already contorted, while a golden invincible barrier instantly appeared around his body!

However, a giant, terrifying flaming palm had already extended out from the whirlpool, before sending an earth shattering slap towards him!


Heaven falls and the earth rends!

As the golden light barrier sparkled around him, Papada and his shield were smashed into the air, just like a ping pong ball that was smashed by a racket!


A frightening Explosive Bear towering over 6 metres rushed out from the storm-filled whirlpool! It appeared larger, and even more berserk than ever before!

The only sounds present in people's ears were the frightening roars that possessed the might to shatter souls! Furthermore, there was also the miserable spectacle that was happening before their eyes.

Despite being saved by his invincible golden light barrier, Papada's entire being was smashed deep into the stage, sinking a full ½ metre into the ground!

The intense forces that shook his body caused Papada to immediately lose consciousness.

Unconscious! Laura, victory!

With berserk flames gushing out from every pore, the giant bear proceeded to fly gracefully towards Laura in a manner akin to a spoiled kid. Pulling its head close to Laura, he gave off an image that was no different from a pet.

Compared to the awe-inspiring manner in which it had slapped Papada away..this was a reversal as wide as heaven and earth.

Laura gave her bear a rub on its head, giving it praise for its beautiful actions earlier. However, feelings of regret were present in her heart. She wasn't feeling much happiness from obtaining this victory, as it felt too easy for her. Despite being extremely talented, Papada's moves and actions were full of mistakes. That was why Karkel had said that such a person wouldn't be able to display the effects of their training.

"That's weird…" Bobo Torres's eyes were now sparkling with interest as he pondered about the earlier spectacle. Generally speaking, one's Soul Beast's progress were dependent on the Soul Beast Master's soul realm and Soul Power. However, its exceedingly obvious that Laura was still at the Casted Soul Stage. Yet, why was there such a huge transformation in the strength of her Explosive Bear?

"She's clearly in the Casted Soul Stage. Yet, she's able to allow her Soul Beast to undergo a qualitative transformation in strength. Is this related to her special ability?"

"Her Explosive Bear is of the fire attribute, while Laura possesses a Wind attribute special ability. Is she able to perfectly fuse her Wind attribute special ability into her summon, and allow the wind and fire elements to bolster each other might to increase the total amount of energy present in her Explosive Bear's form in this dimension?"

"This method is insufficient to answer that question. Looks like the Potter Family has managed to find some new method in this aspect."

"She probably managed to get pointers from experts." the people who specialized in Soul Beasts were enraptured by the newfound strength of Laura's Explosive Bear.

Laura sent a thumbs up towards the audience, appearing to show her appreciation for the cheers and support from her friends. However, in Laura's sparkling eyes, her thumb was pointed clearly towards the figure of Wang Zhong in the viewing gallery.

If not for Wang Zhong's previous reminder, she might still be stuck pondering about the compatibility of her Wind attribute special ability and her Explosive Bear. If she wasn't able to make a prompt decision, she might have continued to sink deeper and deeper into this train of thought. When that happened, god knows when would she be able to finally make a realisation and break out of that quagmire!

There were times where she truly felt that fellow, Wang Zhong, was especially mysterious. Not only did he possess a tyrannical level of combat prowess, he also possessed another identity in the form of All Mouthy King. Unlike Carolyn, she did not assume a high and mighty stance due to her status. This allowed her to get a greater and more detailed understanding of him. The period of time he spent at Copperfield was exceedingly crucial in this understanding, as she was frequently hearing about him investigating high-level stuff about living runes with her grandfather. Frankly speaking, Laura would frequently fall into a daze when seeing those two argue to the point of their faces turning beet red, as though she was seeing two old Potters that she had worshipped since she was young.

From a certain point of view, Laura might be the girl that had the greatest understanding of Wang Zhong. The mind of this fellow was basically as vast as the universe! It was that same vast and beautiful starry sky that had captivated Laura.

Within her eyes, her target had already responded with a big thumbs up and an expression of admiration on his face.

A smile appeared on Laura's face as she immediately felt rather happy.

With their captain and vice-captain losing one after another, the pillars of the Blazing Angels squadrons had completely collapsed. However, what's astonishing was that this squadron did not lose their confidence and willpower in the face of this! On the contrary, the fighting spirit present within their eyes had turned even more fervent!

This was a mysterious squadron whose essence was fundamentally different from any other squadron. The strength of the Mo's List ranker Oli and their captain Papada weren't the people who gave them confidence! Instead, it was a faith that had long seeped right into the very core of their beings. They were already considered as one single entity! The five of them had fused perfectly, and could even separate at will! At this moment, even if there was only one of them left, they would fight to the very last person!

Therefore, when everyone had assumed that the Blazing Angels' morale would be at its lowest, their counterattack started!

Third duel, Kukuer against Anlor!

The next member sent out by Copperfield was the berserker that had recently gotten the limelight, Anlor. This time, however, he had bumped into a berserker that was even more insane than him. Although both of them were berserkers, with both of them possessing similar strength to one another, Kukuer had immediately entered a berserk state upon the commencement of the duel. This wasn't just the berserk-ification of his fleshly body, but also of his spirit! With the Blazing Angels in a win or die situation, a loss would not be tolerated! After the two blood-drenched soldiers duked it out for 300 rounds, Kukuer was the final one standing.

Sighs of admiration rang out from the audience due to this unexpected result, while causing suspense to reappear in the match. Now, with the selective advantage in their hands, the Blazing Angels possessed the greatest chance to bring this match into the group battle phase which they were most familiar with.

However, it was a pity that a reversal did not occur in this match. In the fourth duel, Arnold gave everyone in the audience a lesson on what it meant to be a ranged soldier who didn't commit any mistakes. He did not use any super powerful eruption of strength or overbearing special ability, but just pure control, control that was accurately calculated to the very extreme. Maintaining control of the duel from the very beginning till the end, he caused the fight to enter an hour of attrition. During the entire duration, the berserk-state Blazing Angels mainstay assassin was utterly unable to get closer than 20 metres from him, before being absolutely decimated.

The final duel caused another high note to surge within the arena and Skylink, as Copperfield sent up their exceedingly obscure all rounded soldier, Valence. He was a small and skinny second-year student who always kept an extremely low profile, yet displayed a terrifying strength that was close to that of the Mo's List rankers. In what seemed like a completely suppressive stance, he used less than 1 minute to blast the last fighting member of the Blazing Angel out of the stage.

Everyone was astonished once again, as indeed, the strength of the aristocratic families could not be judged using ordinary reasoning. Copperfield, the twin cored squadron that was universally recognized by everyone to be the weakest among the S ranked squadrons. In this match, not only did they show that they had a berserker that could erupt with terrifying valiance, they also possessed a ranged soldier that possessed a level of control that could be ranked as perfect, and unexpectedly, a hidden third core! Furthermore, their strongest member, Karkel, had also shown that he had ample energy left after his victory over Oli.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The mysterious aristocratic family, the underestimated S rank, and naturally, their renowned captain, Laura. This match had completely flipped everyone's understanding of Copperfield. From the modest and calm stance they had adopted in the CHF, the only explanation of their behaviour was that captain Laura's breadth of mind was as wide as her chest!

In the viewing gallery, Sharmie was so furious that she was biting her lip, while tears were streaming down Mario's cheeks, with his snot about to flow out too. That was because the flesh on his neck was about to be pinched into 3 revolutions. Mother...
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    《Battle Frenzy》