Battle Frenzy
497 Lightning God“s Hammer
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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497 Lightning God“s Hammer

In the Ocean Goddess Sect, every disciple would need to receive the blessings of the Ocean Goddess when they turned 12, and would need to head out to the ocean to undergo the baptism of the waves. This was an extremely dangerous event to take part in, as the participants were just a bunch of 12-year-old kids. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

During that time, he and 20 other kids had taken a boat, 7 days of food and water, and left the Ocean Goddess City. As they left, all of them were filled with worship and devotion to the Ocean Goddess.

At the very beginning, everything appeared normal, as the power of the Ocean Goddess protected them. This lasted until the third day, when they had started their return journey. All of a sudden, the calm and tranquil ocean turned into a howling storm! Everything had happened too quickly! The only thing Belico could remember was that a series of waves had knocked him overboard. Despite the storm raging about, it was exceedingly calm beneath the surface of the ocean. "Is this the bottom of the ocean?" When he was pondering about this question, a white, glowing figure appeared as it swam towards him.

Being devoid of any energy to struggle, he could only watch as the gigantic white figure extended hundreds of tentacles towards him, before they violently tunnelled into Belico's body.

Squid Queen Mother!

Before he lost consciousness, he managed to recognize the gigantic figure: it was one of the overlords of the ocean. However, for some god given luck, he had managed to survive! Three days later, his swollen body was rescued from the beaches along the Ocean Goddess City and brought back to the Ocean Goddess Sect.

It had to be said that the sea beasts living around Asuna Ocean Goddess City did not possess much killing intent towards humans. However, no one even knew if those high ranking sea beasts possessed any intelligence or not. Not only did Belico keep his life after being consumed, but also, he had somehow obtained a lightning attribute special ability! Furthermore, he did not just receive a blessing from the Squid Queen Mother, he had also gained an innate divine power!

Looking at the outrageously huge axe wielded by his opponent, a sliver of an upward curl appeared at the corner of Belico's mouth. This was a smile of confidence!

"Okay! Now the greeting's over, let's start!" said Noriba with a laugh, seemingly disregarding Belico completely. "Brother, your weapon selection is not cool at all! Those aren't good for showing off! I advise you to better go back and change them."

The audience turned speechless in response to his words. This Noriba was known to be the number one teaser in this CHF, and from the looks of it, that title wasn't unwarranted.

Nevertheless, Belico did not pay any attention to him. Waiting calmly for Noriba to finish his act, he tapped his hammers gently against each other before speaking out with a faint smile. "So, can we start now?"

"We've started long ago! I'm waiting for you to take action!" replied Noriba while waving his left hand nonchalantly. Was Belico joking? This handsome brother here was a Mo's List heavy soldier! Style was a necessity!

By the stage, Pomo could not help but cover his eyes. This bastard! When Vladimir's not around, this fellow pretentiousness shtick would go bombastic. If not for… if not for...sigh.

In the next instant, Belico vanished with a flash. Possessing a physique that was neither that of a heavy soldier nor a soldier, he gave off a feeling as though… how would one put it, it was something similar to "puffiness". Basically, all the soldiers participating in this CHF were muscle-bound males. However, the muscles present on his frame and visible areas weren't at the same level of definition as the others.

However, in the next second, BANG...

An earth-shattering bang rang out, as Noriba was sent flying in the air like a kicked football. What's more, his massive war axe was still held in his hand!

A deathly silence filled the entire arena. Belico pointed his hammers at Noriba and said, "You better get serious."

The Grozny squadron members could not bear to continue watching this embarrassing wastrel. If they had known he would do such a thing, they wouldn't have let him be the vanguard.

Hastily using his war axe as assistance to stand up, Noriba immediately spoke out, "Cough Cough! That's my mistake, my mistake! Come again! Come, come again!"

Everyone in the entire arena immediately burst into laughter. Perhaps that was the reason why Vladimir did not participate. If he saw such a vanguard in action, he might really die from anger. Furthermore, upon standing up, the first move Noriba made was to strike a pose, even going so far as to fuss with his hair.

A slight wrinkle appeared once again on Belico's forehead. That fellow really didn't know when to stop! He had only used 60% of his strength in the earlier attack, yet his opponent was still courting death. Now, no one would blame him if anything untoward were to happen.


In the next instant, Belico suddenly advanced forward. Waving his hammers, a pale blue glow burst forth, as blue bolts of lightning started to arc and dance on their surface.

Noticing Belico lunging fiercely towards him, Noriba's eyes lit up as a smile appeared on his face. Haha! Ever since a long time ago, the opponents he had encountered would basically either raise their defences and become a turtle, or would run helter-skelter while evading and dodging. This was the very first time someone had rushed straight towards him.

Seeing the two lightning-clad hammers smashing over, the only response Noriba gave was a faint smile. Yet, he did not move even a single inch, nor did the giant axe on his shoulder budge at all.

Astonished cries rang out from the entire arena, as everyone thought, "What the hell is Noriba doing? Daydreaming?"

As for Pomo Vasilyevich, a frown had appeared on his forehead. Noriba's shortcomings were showing themselves once again. That idiot's thought process was extremely different from ordinary people. He would lose sight of what he was doing when the thrill of excitement surged up into his head.

BOOM! The two hammers smashed ferociously against Noriba's chest, before a berserk lightning force rumbled as it zapped through his body. Everyone could see Noriba's chest seemingly getting cleaved by the lightning before he was sent flying into the air. Furthermore, as he landed on the ground, his massive war axe landed heavily on his head.

Once again, a deathly silence filled the entire arena. What kind of idiot was that! He was simply throwing the face of the Grozny squadron into the dirt.

However, in the next instant, Noriba climbed back up once again, before exclaiming, "Formidable! So satisfying!"

The clothes on his chest had been blown away, revealing the sturdy muscles beneath... there was not a single trace of injury...

After seeing this, those people who were ridiculing him could no longer smile anymore. Belico's Lightning God's Hammers had swept everything before their path in any fight he had previously taken part in. However, Noriba had merely used his fleshly body to resist them?

From the look of it, that fellow has basically treated it as a warmup!

Now, the frown on Belico's face has been replaced by a serious expression. He was all too clear about the might of his attack, which was a perfect fusion of his physical strength and the power of his special ability. Furthermore, when he had landed his attack squarely on his opponent's chest, Noriba had not even mustered any Soul Power defences at all! How did he do that? What kind of fleshly body was that?! 

"Try one more strike." Noriba suddenly spoke out. "If not, you're still not worthy to be my opponent."

The over 100 thousand people present in the arena remained silent as they looked at Noriba continue his showboating on the stage.

Now, Belico was triggered! Being the pride of the Ocean Goddess City, his talent and hard work were universally renowned. He would definitely not be inferior even if he was compared to the Grozny squadron. However, this fellow was still continuing to humiliate and ridicule him!

The twin hammers were rhythmically knocking against each other, with every knock causing a sound akin to that of a crack of thunder to ring out. As the rhythmic thunder cracks reverberated across the arena, Belico's Soul Power rose to its peak. His entire body started to radiate with a lightning glow, causing him to appear just like a god of lightning surging with thunderbolts. This was the lightning attribute special ability that was born from Belico's water attribute special ability. As his aura continued to rise, his twin hammers shook with the roars that signalled the start of the sacrificial ceremony for the Lightning God, while the sky had unexpectedly turned dark before sending a downpour onto the stage.

Under the nourishment of the rain, Belico's aura continued to surge. Just like how a fire attribute special ability would require a fiery environment to show its full might, a water attribute special ability also had environments that would allow it to display its full might. However, Belico's capability to influence the weather had indeed left people dumbfounded.

Under the downpour, Noriba still continued his calm and tranquil show of pretentiousness.

It was at this moment when Belico took action --- Lightning God's Judgement!

Brimming with power sufficient to topple mountains, the twin hammers come rumbling over. Nevertheless, Noriba still showed no intention of evading the incoming attack. On the contrary, his eyes started to sparkle with light, while he had even pumped his chest up!


Belico's full force attack was unexpectedly blocked by Noriba, just by using his chest! The berserk explosions of power caused by the twin hammers smashing into him were unable to even push Noriba back an inch!

At this moment, Noriba had summoned his Soul Power, as he finally felt a little pain from the previous attack. Finally! There's some feeling! If not, this CHF would truly be unable to satisfy him!

Bang Bang Bang Bang...

With how this fight had progressed, Belico was no longer caring about how pretentious Noriba was with his actions, as he sent his twin hammers rumbling down towards Noriba's face. That fucker's simply inhuman; he's a freak! How could he not move after getting hit!

Despite receiving attack after attack from Belico, Noriba's stance appeared exceedingly stable. Even though the ground beneath him continued to crack and shatter, while peals of thunder came from the skies above, the prideful Belico now appeared especially small and weak in the face of the mountain-like Noriba.
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    《Battle Frenzy》