Battle Frenzy
498 Divine Water Attribute Special Ability
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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498 Divine Water Attribute Special Ability


Like a bolt of lightning, Noriba's left hand shot out, piercing through the hammer afterimages to land a punch squarely on Belico's face, sending him flying into the air.

Rubbing his face, Noriba said, "Didn't I say not to hit the face? Your father depends on this face to live, you know."

This time around, no one was laughing. With just a single punch, he had already caused Belico to vomit blood. Yet, even after enduring so many hammer strikes, Noriba appeared as though nothing had happened to him. What kind of defensive capability was this?!

Anyone could tell with one look at his war axe that Noriba's offence-oriented strength was unrivalled. However, no one had expected him to also have such terrifying endurance for beatings!

Barran's eyes were practically shooting laser beams! This was the true definition of a heavy soldier! An inhumanly tyrannical fleshly body!

Barran wasn't the only one within the CHF who could endure a beating. However, those people who could were so powerful, to the extent of not even having the opportunity to showcase it.

This time, it was Noriba's turn to take action, as he raised his war axe, before sending a fierce chop down. As the axe smashed onto the ground, its power surged forth and the ground exploded, sending a blade of axe force right at Belico. Despite reacting rapidly, his arm was dragged by the incoming axe force, which severed the arm and sent it flying backwards.

This caused Belico to do a 360-degree backflip, while a slight look of disappointment appeared on Noriba's face. "There really isn't anyone who can really fight!"

That included people like Tianjing's Barran, who did not pique his attention at all! On the contrary, he was exceedingly interested in Wang Zhong. However, it was unfortunate that, even if their squadron were to bump into Tianjing, that opportunity would not be left for him, as his captain was also interested in Wang Zhong! That was ridiculous! So what if he was younger!

Just as everyone had believed that Belico was about to surrender, the latter picked up his severed left arm... before proceeding to reattach it back. The blessings he had received from the Squid Queen Mother allowed him to possess mystical regenerative and healing capabilities. Nevertheless, an ugly expression had already appeared on his face.

Noticing what had happened to Belico, a curious look appeared on Noriba's face as he said, "Oh, this is even possible?"

The war axe chopped downed fiercely once again. Whoosh whoosh whoosh...

Three force blades exploded out from the ground travelling at high speeds as they headed towards Belico. Despite immediately attempting to evade, the three force blades were already right before him.

Whoosh, whoosh...

Two force blades struck home! The force blades were too wide and possessed way too much power in them, while Belico was indeed not very adept at defence.

In the next instant, Belico's entire body...exploded.

He exploded like a bubble, before liquefying and melting on the ground, leaving the entire arena silent in speechlessness. What the hell???

The pool of liquid present on the ground started to flow and aggregate together. At this moment, Noriba had already walked over, before sending a stamp onto the ground.

Puff! It exploded apart, revealing a bloodstain on the ground. Appearing as though it had gotten a shock, the rest of the liquid started to rapidly group up, before forming a new Belico. However, this time, he appeared weaker than before, while blood continued to seep out from the corners of his mouth.

Seeing this, Noriba shook his head in helplessness. What was the point of dealing with these uselessly amusing special abilities?

Worried that Noriba would start fucking around, Pomo shouted out, "Hurry up and end this!"

With a shrug, Noriba said to Belico. "Do you want to walk off by yourself, or do you want me to do it instead?"

Belico's response was to rush towards Noriba in anger; he responded by smashing the war axe fiercely onto the ground. The heaven and earth seemed to shatter apart as the berserk axe force shot out in all directions. Upon smashing against Belico, he immediately flew out of the stage, not moving an inch after collapsing on the ground.

Just the fringes of his axe force were already able to knock Belico out. One could imagine Belico's entire body shattering into bits if the axe force was to strike him head-on.

As the weather cleared up, Noriba lifted his war axe and rested it on his shoulders, giving off a dazzling image as sunlight shone down and illuminated his body.

All of a sudden, everyone felt that there was really no need for Vladimir to come down personally; they had really been too ignorant.

"Noriba, victory!"

It took the referee only an instant to make his judgement and announce the results of this duel. At the same time, the emergency medical squadron and stretcher team had already rushed up the stage.

Although he wasn't able to satiate his craving for a good fight, as he slowly strolled down from the stage, Noriba started to show off his flirtatious behaviour once again… This fellow was really interesting! Anything he did, he did with an easy-going manner.

Only after dragging for dozens of seconds did Noriba walk off the stage. At this moment, Pomo Vasilyevich's face had already turned into a much darker shade of green, a colour that could only be described as ashen.

"Alright, you don't need to say anything. It's difficult to get an opportunity to go on stage, you know. Letting me showcase my wares is also for the sake of Grozny's honour and glory, you know." Noriba chose to speak before Pomo could.

Not choosing to reply, Pomo continued to shoot death rays from his eyes towards Noriba, before turning around. Raising his large shield, he proceeded to walk towards the stage, while thinking, "This joker! Only when Vladimir's not around will this fellow dare to be this rampant."

There wasn't a need to waste time in this match, as their Grozny squadron was here in this CHF to gun for the championship. Only those commoner squadrons would rely on this setting to gain fame and reputation.

That was because the second person sent up by the Ocean Goddess squadron was their captain, Misa Asuna.

He had heard about the legends surrounding Misa, where she was hailed for her once-in-a-hundred-years talent in her Water attribute special ability, and was the next Supreme Pontiff of the Ocean Goddess Sect.

It was truly amusing that the small ocean city, located at the border of the Federation, would come up with a sect and pope. If this happened in Grozny City, haha!

As a faint smile appeared on Misa's face, she gave a bow towards Pomo. Although her squadron was now in a crisis, being the captain, she still had to maintain a calm demeanour.

Two large clumps of snow-white shades were instantly imprinted in Pomo's eyes.

While this happened, the placements of cameras for the Skylink live broadcast were exceedingly good, as a berserk wave of "Lucky!" appeared on the live chat feed. The audience in the arena gave wolf howls as they looked at the large screens present around them while thinking, "This is bliss!" She was actually able to compete with Sharmie! Although they weren't as big as Sharmie's, she was wearing more revealing clothing! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Contrary to the audience, a tranquil expression was present on Pomo's face. Bang!

The large shield in his hand was embedded into the ground as he said, "Let's start."

Misa's eyes started to radiate with a watery, misty glow, a genuine sign of youth; her movements were exceedingly gentle, while the way she walked made her appear just like a water spirit descending from paradise. She really was extremely beautiful, while her charm radiated across the arena. Anyone who laid their eyes on her would be able to see a faint layer of light radiating from her body.

Pomo's mind shook. However, in the next instant, he narrowed his eyes, before his eyes radiated with brilliance. "So this is what it is."

After speaking out in a cold tone, he proceeded dash towards her like an armoured train surging forwards, with his shield raised before him. The bone-chilling aura radiating from him as he charged towards Misa appeared just like an assault from hell towards the mortal realm, or the cold of winter against the radiance of spring. A stifling feeling gushed out from the stage, while the audience watching the match via Skylink could only see a ferocious charge. Yet, the audience in the arena were all dazzled by the spectacle before they eyes. From what they could see, the scene before them was just like the radiance of spring being devoured by a haze; like the snow of the northern regions devouring the temperature like it was prey.

The awe-inspiring manner of his charge appeared to have caused an illusion to appear, one that seemed exceedingly realistic to boot!

Unlike the experts in the top-class squadrons, who were extremely conscious of their image and identity, Wang Zhong showed none of the styles an expert would normally possess. He had basically watched every match he could, as the various kinds of Dimensional and Spiritual Soul combat techniques had allowed him to gain a deeper understanding. Although Noriba's move appeared especially awesome, Pomo's move was quite a bit stronger. Just from the short time he took to dispel the illusion showed that he was definitely a man with a steel-hardened heart and mind.

As the situation on stage changed, as Mira looked towards Pomo. Despite seeing him charging towards her like a tank, a calm expression remained on her face. His coldness wasn't able to get close to her, as a clump of charming brilliance appeared, before scattering Pomo's aura.

"Water, is the basic of all life forms."

Radiating with the essence of youth and spring, her lips gently parted, before a mellow voice rang out, sounding just like a song being sung from a distance. As her voice proceeded to rise, the audience in the arena, who was shivering in the cold, felt the warmth of spring brushing their faces, while warmth rose from within their bodies. As they continued to watch the showdown, they couldn't help but feel shock rising within their hearts. Just a moment ago, the entire arena seemed to be alternating between winter and spring! However, truth be told, all of that happened in just a single second!

So terrifying! Wasn't Pomo a heavy soldier? With the way he was fighting, he wasn't inferior to special ability users!

However, everyone's hearts calmed down once again as they looked back towards Misa Asuna. At this moment, a clump of deep blue light expanded before her. In an instant, the clump of light transformed into a gigantic bubble of water, before flying straight at Pomo.

This was her defence, as well as her offence.
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    《Battle Frenzy》