Battle Frenzy
499 The Immeasurable Ocean
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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499 The Immeasurable Ocean

Seeing the bubble of water shooting straight at him, Pomo did not retreat or evade. Instead, with a 90-degree shift of his large shield, he sent a fierce chop with the sharp edge of his shield. A gale whipped up, as a powerful force swept out, smashing down onto the incoming bubble of water.

Whoosh! Upon contact, a massive opening was cleaved open on the bubble of water, while astonishing cries rang out across the arena. Compared to a cruel brute like Pomo, the audience was naturally biased towards Misa, who appeared like the incarnation of youth and springtime. However, halfway through their cries, everyone noticed that the bubble didn't disintegrate due to the gaping hole. Instead, it started to squirm and wriggle in a lifelike manner, appearing just like a living creature. As it squirmed about, the gaping hole proceeded to transform! Now, it was no longer a hole, but a wide-open mouth!

With a whoosh, the giant mouth devoured Pomo, before waves came flooding onto him. In the next instant, it transformed back into a bubble of water, with Pomo encapsulated within. He started swimming, trying to escape from the bubble. However, with a wave of her hands, the position of the bubble of water started to shift about. Wanting to swim out from it? That was an impossible task.

Pomo appeared to have caught onto it, as Soul Power erupted out from his body. With a ferocious twist of his shield, his body started to spin from the momentum. However, the entire bubble of water followed suit and revolved with him, causing his actions to be fruitless.

Naturally, it was impossible to drown Pomo, as New Humans who possessed Soul Power has already broken through the limits of the human body. If this dragged on, the bubble of water would eventually be overcome.

Despite being stuck within the bubble of water, Pomo did not become flustered. On the contrary, he was observing the fluctuations within the bubble, as any usage of Soul Power or Special ability would leave visible traces that could be seen. However, he had to admit that for a divine Water attribute special ability user, Misa's controlling capabilities far exceeded those of normal special ability users.

In the viewing gallery, Scarlet was already dumbfounded by what she saw. Frankly speaking, she did not have the slightest inkling that a person could accomplish such a feat with their water attribute special ability! Misa was on a completely different realm from other people! Wang Zhong was also relishing in the spectacle unfolding before him, despite his greatest weakness in other people's eyes being that he lacked a special ability.

A faint smile appeared on Misa's face, before she raised her hands fiercely into the air. With a bang, the gushing sound of waves rang out, before the gigantic water bubble with Pomo within rose into the air.

In the beginning, it rose at a very slow speed. However, as Misa took a step forward, a watery blue glow blossomed from her. The next instant, the gigantic bubble, with Pomo in it, shot towards the heavens like a rocket. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, the gigantic bubble had already shrunk into a small black dot in the skies.

"That should be over a thousand metres, right?"

"Fuck! Is she planning on letting Pomo fall to his death?"


Pomo wasn't able to retaliate at all. Being a mere heavy soldier, he descended from the skies just like a falling meteor. Upon smashing into the ground, the force of his impact caused the entire arena to shake, while bitter expressions appeared on the faces of experts in defence. Most likely, within the dust, all that was left of Pomo was probably just a splattered pulp of flesh.

However, as the dust settled, a half-kneeling Pomo was revealed. He hadn't even lost his control and balance, while not a single change had happened to the stone-cold expression on his face.

It was well known that the northern regions were the world of real men, with tough people being commonplace there. From the looks of it, both Noriba and Pomo truly upheld this reputation.

Now, a sliver of astonishment finally appeared on Mira's face. Although she did not believe that just this high-altitude fall would be able to finish Pomo off, she had calculated that the impact should impair Pomo's movements and judgement, at the very least. However, it appeared as though Pomo was entirely unaffected.

"Water --- Insect Wake, nourishes all of life!"

Waving her hand about, Misa appeared to draw in the air in a graceful yet slightly mysterious fashion. Being a Divine Water attribute special ability user, coupled with her faith in the Ocean Goddess Sect, caused her attacks to be filled with a certain profundity, while giving off a strong splendour of mimicry.



In the next instant, the skies turned dark, as shadows that hid the skies and covered the earth formed in the air. Those were mysterious bugs created by water!

This was one of the capabilities of the Water attribute special ability. Yet, she was able to cause them to appear just like living things! Just like real bugs, they proceeded to send heart palpitating screeches ringing in the air, before lunging towards Pomo in a swarm.

Faced with the incoming swarm, Pomo's expression didn't change at all. Most people would have blanked out and been at a loss in the face of this move. However, that definitely didn't include the Vasilyevich Family hailing from the northern regions!

As the countless insects surrounded Pomo, he slammed his shield furiously into the ground, causing an azure light halo to blossom and explode around him. Any of the insects that made contact with this light halo instantly turned into ice and dropped from the air.

Icy Halo explosion!

Frost attribute special ability. Although it was a subset of water attribute special abilities, it had a lower variability, yet required a high level of skill and power. Therefore, it was rather effective in dealing with the large variability of techniques unleashed using a Water attribute special ability.

A glow flickered within Mira's eyes before she continued. "Insect Wake --- Hidden dragon rises from the abyss!"

BANG! The countless insects created from her Water attribute special ability proceeded to halt their advance, before furiously congregating together. In the next instant, they transformed into a gigantic water dragon!

Ice blue horns, sharp claws, and glittering scales! At this instant it was formed, the water dragon raised its head and gave a fierce roar, which reverberated throughout over a thousand miles, while its imposing aura blanketed the entire arena!

Oh my god! Is that a 7th Rank? Or an 8th Rank!

Dumbfounded expressions appeared on everyone's faces, as they were unable to believe what they were seeing. A Casted Soul Stage soldier was actually able to casually summon such a terrifying monster! How was anyone going to fight against it?

Quite a few people were shocked and flabbergasted by the spectacle before their eyes. That was because anything that surpassed the 7th rank was an existence that had reached the supernatural realm, and would require mankind to foot out a terrible price just to deal with it. Therefore, there was no need to explain how terrifying it would be if such an existence could be tamed!

Could that be the blessing of the Ocean Goddess?

However, contrary to everyone else, Wang Zhong and Grai shook their heads. The Ocean Goddess Sect… had gone astray.

WIth a draconic roar, the gigantic dragon flew forwards, appearing just like a genuine 7th Rank dragon beast lunging towards its prey.

Not retreating at all, Pomo raised his shield as he received the incoming attack.


Pomo smashed his body against the gigantic water dragon, appearing to completely disregard the terrifying pressure bearing down on him.


Energy exploded out and wreaked havoc across the stage as the violent collision took place. However, the gigantic water dragon was simply smashed apart by Pomo's shield in an overbearing manner.

"You people of the Ocean Goddess Sect have sidetracked too far, to merge your illusion and water attribute special abilities! What a waste of talent!" said Pomo as he proclaimed his victory. He really did not know what the Ocean Goddess City was thinking, to come up with such fanciful but useless combat techniques. Perhaps they would be able to charm and confound some irresolute people, everyone who wanted to enter the top 8 would have already endured a long period of tempering. Furthermore, all of them would have incomparably resolute willpower, especially Vasilyevich, who represented the iron-blooded will of the Federation!

Misa gawked slightly, as she never expected to be disregarded like that. Ocean Goddess City had its own way of doing stuff. Furthermore, being the saintess of the Ocean Goddess Sect, she believed strongly in her style of fusion with nature. This had led to the development of her combat techniques. Yet, it had just been fundamentally negated by someone else!

Although the Ocean Goddess squadron could suffer defeat, their faith could not be desecrated!

The water elements in the air started to churn, before bubbles visible to the naked eye started to form and appear. What's more, the people present in the arena started to feel slightly damp, before the air around them started to shimmer in a watery blue hue, while everything turned slightly dim.

Spreading out her fair arms, she straightened out her alluring body, before spreading her heart-stopping lips and said, "The Immeasurable Ocean!"


The heavens and earth shook, before the entire arena was instantly covered by the glow coming off from countless water droplets!

Within a blink of an eye, a giant wave surged forth from Misa's feet. However, this wave wasn't made from water, but was from water elements brimming with destructive power. They possessed the terrifying power to plough through everything in their way, just like a blazing inferno that swept up everything in its part! This was the dissolving power of water!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was no different from an instant kill!

The ground that had come into contact with those water elements started to dissolve. Furthermore, these elements possessed an even greater lethality against living organisms!

At this moment, the dimensional energy barrier surrounding the stage had turned into Pomo's prison, leaving him with no place to evade or hide.
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    《Battle Frenzy》