Battle Frenzy
500 Icecold Steel Men
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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500 Icecold Steel Men

The entire arena burst into cries and exclamations, as Misa's Immeasurable Ocean move appeared completely different than before. The move she had just unleashed possessed more than 10 times the might of the previous time she had displayed it, and had completely surpassed the limits of what a Casted Soul Stage could control. This was a realm-breaking strength that could only be displayed by Divine special ability users.

It was exactly like being in the depths of a violent ocean.

How could he withstand such a move with only a shield? How could he match up against the fury of the ocean?

Pomo's eyes flashed as he suddenly leapt forwards, before sending a ferocious cleave towards the ocean surging towards him!

"Uproot a mountain to fill the sea!"

Crack! Crack! Crack...

An extremely cold power exploded out from Pomo's shield, before the sound of countless pieces of ice forming rang out. The excitement of the arena was frozen, as they saw the ocean get pierced by an ice sword before their very eyes, before it froze entirely. A gush of berserk energy poured out from Pomo, rushing towards the incoming waves, forming a straight line between him and Misa. The incoming ocean had been cleaved into two by the growing ice wall, and one could just imagine how epic it must have been for Moses to part the red sea as recorded in the Holy Bible!

However, in this instant, the two parts of the sea were now frozen solid!

Just like a scene out from a legend!

What was this? How could this happen? Was Pomo... a demon?

"Is this everything you've got?"

Pomo spoke out in an indifferent tone, maintaining an eerily calm demeanour. Nevertheless, this made him appear even more like a demonic god.

Finally, the calm expression on Misa's face disappeared, being replaced by true amazement and anxiety.

With a fierce dash forwards, Pomo unleashed the same move he had started this duel with. With his giant shield placed before him, he rushed forwards like an armoured tank.

However, Misa's face instantly contorted in fright, giving off an appearance that would make people drop their guard.

She was the daughter of the Ocean Goddess, the future Supreme Pontiff of the Ocean Goddess Sect!

With a gentle smile, a sweet and beautiful voice rang out from her mouth.

In the next instant, a song rang out, sounding like a mutter, like the twittering of birds, charming and gentle...

Everyone in the entire arena turned into a stupor, as their minds sunk deep into the hypnotic sounds. Everyone's hearts had been penetrated by the sounds, revealing their deepest, darkest secrets to it...

Grai's eyes glazed out of focus, while his throat started to gurgle. He was currently walking in an endlessly barren land, completely filled with sand. This was a desert. However, when he lowered his head, what he saw wasn't golden sand, but a stretch of darkness...

Wang Zhong took a deep breath, as what he was seeing appeared to be time going in reverse. He was now living in a flourishing city that was bustling with activity and filled with happy voices and laughter. However, all of a sudden, miserable shrieks rang out, before the entire city collapsed and fell into ruins. The heavens were filled with ocean waves, the entire world shook, while everything appeared to evaporate.

The entire world turned into darkness, leaving him as a solitary person living in this vast, endless darkness. A massive object came from the heavens, squashing him down from above, and he was completely helpless...

However, just at this moment, Wang Zhong opened his eyes...

Wang Zhong was drenched in cold sweat. What a frightening illusionary ability! He had believed that his willpower was sufficiently resolute to withstand illusions like this. However, he had still been affected without him realising! It was a pity that there was no Simba in that darkness; if not, he would really have believed it!

In the arena, the giant frozen waves started to turn unstable, while Pomo's head continued to droop lower and lower, as he was also caught in the illusion,

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However, just as the scales of victory tipped towards Misa, Pomo suddenly raised his head, before shooting a cold glare at her.

"You've underestimated the iron will of Vasilyevich! Did no one tell you that the men of Vasilyevich are immune to illusion by birth!"

Misa's singing came to a stop, before the audience in the arena slowly started to wake up.

Her hands started to clench up, as the speed at which Pomo had awakened had shocked her. That was an illusion she had created with all of the power present in her body! The only reason why the experts present outside of the stage could wake up quickly was due to them receiving only the leftovers of the illusion she had casted on Pomo!

BANG! Pomo calmly walked forward, taking step after step before appearing right before Misa. Now, she had nowhere else to escape to, as ice walls were present on either side. "You…" She opened her mouth.

However, she could only utter half a word before Pomo's giant shield was flung fiercely at her. Like a cartwheel, it smashed violently against her body.


Giving a muffled cry, Miss flew straight into the air with a bang, her alluring body being crushed by the massive shield.

Pomo, victory.

Dumbfounded expressions were present on everyone's faces, as countless blank looks were directed towards Pomo. All of them were stunned, as never in their wildest dreams did they imagine that Pomo would end this duel in such a manner. This bastard really didn't know how to treat flowers with care! It's no wonder everyone said that the men of Vasilyevich all had hearts of stone!

Pomo was also stunned by their reactions... while his face twitched in anger. He really wanted to scold and curse, because he never wanted this to happen either. He wanted to show his gentlemanly, elegant side and Grozny City's might; to show everyone that Grozny City didn't only have violence or Noriba's silliness. However! Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that Misa, who had been showcasing her powerful might throughout this duel, to actually be unable to withstand even his most ordinary shield swipe... and was tossed into the air just like that...

He had lost control...

"Aiyaya, senior. That's not the way to do things! A beauty has been broken just like that. Didn't captain say that we should improve our squadron's image, and..."

"Shut up!"

Pomo roared out in response as he walked off the stage with an ashen look on his face. However, one look at Noriba's amused smile caused his face to turn black, really black.

In the following duels, the situation of this match had turned into the time for the Grozny squadron to showcase the might and power of their fleshly bodies. With a 4:0 victory in the end, this match had ended up with an outcome that no one had expected.

This was also under the situation where Vladimir was not participating!

The Skylink was now flooded with fervent comments and discussions. However, other than Grozny City's promotion and strength, they have now also been labeled as ice cold, steel-like, never showed mercy, uninterested males, and a few other nicknames...

Seeing those discussions, rage and curses surged beneath Pomo's calm demeanour. He really didn't plan on exerting all of his strength in his last attack! How could he have known that just a single attack from him was already too much for Misa to bear? She was really all bark and no bite.

After teasing Pomo, Noriba continued sizing up Wang Zhong. He really wanted to know if Wang Zhong's body structure was able to withstand his attacks. Only such an opponent would be able to satiate his cravings. Furthermore, Wang Zhong did not have any special ability, and loved to enter head-on confrontations against his opponents, just like his captain... Although he wouldn't be able to defeat his captain, he also really didn't like to fight against him.

Half of the round-of-16 was completed, with the Heaven's Fate, Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, Copperfield, and Grozny squadrons entering the top 8 in an overwhelmingly dominant fashion, while displaying a suppressive level of strength. It could be said that the "commoner squadrons" had been completely decimated. This wasn't to say that the Mammoth squadron did not perform well, as they had really showcased their incredible determination and willpower. However, their opponents were simply too strong. Furthermore, the smile present on their opponents' faces was like a message to the entire Federation, that the honour and glory of the aristocratic families could never be shaken.

Without a doubt, it was common for the citizens of the Federation to worship experts. The first two days of the round-of-16 seemed to have knocked all of the "black horse types" back to their original shapes. People finally understood that the aristocratic families had not declined at all. It was merely that their opponents weren't sufficiently qualified to make them show their genuine strength. Therefore, everyone was looking forward to watching the king of the black horses, the Tianjing squadron, in their upcoming match.

In the distant Pampas Empire, a golden-haired youth was currently engraving his runic wooden spear by the side of a river. In the past, he would be incomparably focused while doing so. However, at this moment, as the newest footage of a competition held in the Federation was streamed over thousands and thousands of miles to his Skylink, it had attracted his attention, causing him to pause his actions.
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    《Battle Frenzy》