Battle Frenzy
501 Disparity between civilizations
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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501 Disparity between civilizations

The lively arenas and exquisite equipment present in the video sparked a deep interest in the youth's heart. "The Federation's runic technology really makes people gasp in amazement. Although they aren't as comprehensive as the ancient runic inheritance, they have their own mysterious traits, such as being able to transmit images over thousands and thousands of miles."

Aiolos had brought over this Federation's "toy" from the Kaiser Empire. His Pampas Empire was clearly targeted by the Amazon Empire, leading to them attempting to prevent such items from entering his empire. However, due to Kaiser's ambitions, it had opened up quite a number of possibilities for the Pampas Empire. At the very beginning, Aiolos didn't have much trust in the Federation's technology. However, after getting to know and spending time with Wang Zhong, his interest in the Federation's tech grew. Furthermore, being ignorant and narrow-minded were not good traits to have.

He had to admit that the information he had obtained via the Skylink had caused Aiolos to gasp in amazement. This was not due to their strength; rather, it was because of their wealth, population numbers as well as the estimated size of their armed forces. This allowed him to gain an understanding of why a powerful empire like Kaiser would actually be so willing to sign such an unfair agreement with the Federation, all for the sake of obtaining the Federation's technology. Despite the might of the Amazon Empire, they were still acting subservient in the face of the Federation. The various empires weren't weak when it came to their individual strengths. However, when talking about fighting over long periods of time, they weren't just one level below the Federation. Furthermore, once it became a war of attrition, the empires would definitely be unable to match up against the Federation.

How to break out of this situation and where the future where the Pampas Empire lay were some of the matters that Aiolos needed to ponder about. Frankly speaking, it was much easier to simply pursue strength, as all it required was talent and endless hard work. However, these traits were useless in the face of the Federation. Those people who possessed deep insight and intelligence would know how frightening it was to deal with the Federation. In combat, Aiolos could advance without the slightest bit of fear and dread. Nevertheless, there was always respect for the Federation. What's more, he was also not doing it just for himself; as the future ruler of the empire, this was a burden he needed to bear.

The fights in the CHF… from his point of view, they appeared somewhat like little kids quarrelling with each other. However, what if those little kids grew up? Although the education system of the Federation was overly gentle, it did not mean that it lacked in any unique traits. In fact, it could be said to be the most suitable system for the current situation the Federation was in. This was what he wanted to learn from the Federation. However, the Kaiser Empire... this wasn't what Aiolos wanted, Kaiser was just the middleman. Nevertheless, that Solomon wasn't a person who was easy to deal with. Perhaps... another figure appeared in Aiolos' mind.

At this moment, in the sweltering heat of the Tutankhamun Empire, even the most flourishing of cities were able to block the heat waves and encroaching sand. It was the hottest period of the day, so the big streets should be relatively devoid of people. However, the gigantic glowing "stone tablet" that was newly erected in the centre of the city had piqued the interest of many citizens. The glowing stone tablet was actually able to display clear, moving images! That was basically holy magic belonging to the legends! This was an item brought over from the Federation, and something that only the nobility high up in the empire had the qualifications to see and use. However, no one had imagined that those Federation merchants had actually moved "it" into the middle of the city.

"This is something that only the gods can possess!"

"The radiance of the gods are shining on Tutankhamun! Praise the almighty gods!"

"The benevolent gods, the generous Federation! Look at those images of angelic girls with their radiant smiles! That place is heaven!"

"I hope to be able to be reborn in that benevolent and generous Federation in my next life! I don't care if I'm just the lowest bottom-dwelling citizen over there!"

Numerous black-skinned citizens were discussing with fervour, while casting curious looks filled with incomparable respect and worship towards the stone tablet. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

A bald-headed youth carrying a strange box on his back walked through the crowd of people in the city centre. The crowd automatically parted to create a path, yet no one had caught on to this abnormality. As he walked past the wide and tall screen, he stopped his footsteps to shoot a curious look at it. He wasn't too unfamiliar with such things like the Skylink projection screens, as the friend from the Federation that he had gotten close to in the hyperdimension had opened his eyes. Nevertheless, this was the first time that he had seen such a large screen.

"So that's the Federation, huh?" Coming to a stop, he shot a longing look at the liveliness created by the gathering of tens of thousands of people shown within the screen. "Indeed, it's like what Wang Zhong had said. They really have a lot of people there."

It has to be said that Stuart City's prosperity caused the empires to appear like hell in comparison. This was amplified by the propaganda strategies used by the Tutankhamun nobility, which made the Federation appear like heaven. Furthermore, the path towards this "heaven" was completely controlled by the higher-ups of the Tutankhamun Empire. It was said that the ruler of the empire could obtain a pass for their children to cultivate in the Federation by make substantial donations of wealth or personal soldiers.

At this moment, in the Kaiser Empire located even further away. Within a dazzlingly gold-laden palace, having worked up a sweat, Solomon was currently taking a towel from his servant.

An assistant minister was currently reporting the news to him. "Your Highness, we've just received the latest feedback on the Skylink news installation. There are now over 600 hotels and over 3000 inns that have completed their infrastructure installation in accordance to your arrangements. In a few days, we will roll out the round-the-clock broadcast of the earlier matches of the Federation's CHF, as well as the propaganda and celebratory footage that happened in Stuart City earlier."

"What's the response?"

"There are a lot of people paying attention to this, and their responses have been good, with the majority of them being just curious about this. However, there are quite a few negative incidents that have occurred, stemming from gripes about the competition being not sufficiently spectacular. There are also some rumours that have been gaining traction, that there are some people who wish to "haul out" the women shown within the Skylink videos. Due to this, the Federation has been asking us for compensation, as well as asking us to deal with these troublemakers."

"Ha ha…" Solomon gave a laugh and a faint smile as he wiped his sweat. "This is alright. Let them see the weakness and incompetence of the Federation. Naturally, anyone would want to snatch those extravagantly dressed beautiful women after seeing them. This is no different from stealing from the weak upon seeing the massive resources in their hands... As for those Federation people who are asking us for compensation and to deal with the troublemakers, tell them, that this is Kaiser! Kaiser has Kaiser's way of dealing with matters! How I handle my business is up to me! There's no room for them to point fingers and criticise!"

Finishing his statement, he tossed his towel to a nearby servant before speaking out again. "The erosion of the new influence's shield is getting progressively more severe. This is a good sign. Let our dandelions speed up and spread their seeds."

At this moment, in the Stuart Victory Arena far, far away, there was already a sea of humans present early in the morning. The large cameras hovering in the air were currently broadcasting a bird's eye view of the audience, who appeared to be moving about like a breeze blowing through a sea of wheat.

Tianjing against Torres. This was definitely most hyped up match within the round-of-16. Now, with the "commoner squadrons" having been completely decimated in the earlier four matches, Tianjing now held a greater responsibility on their shoulders. This was the third S ranked squadron they were going to face in this CHF. Would they continue their miracles, or would they end up in defeat?

It could be said that after the mistakes committed by Bella Dean and the Divine Dragon squadron, Torres should have already learnt the underlying lesson from them. At the same time, Torres's strength was even stronger than the earlier two squadrons. If they were to go all out, would All Mouthy King still be able to create miracles?

Most importantly, after the first four matches of this round-of-16, people had already understood that Dimensional and Spiritual Soul combat techniques were the true indicators of an expert. In other words, All Mouthy King have yet to face off against any experts at all!
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    《Battle Frenzy》