Battle Frenzy
502 Skylink VS Torres
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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502 Skylink VS Torres

Naturally, it clearly wasn't sufficient to just be aware of this fact. Wang Zhong having such "luck" was undoubtedly due to a certain level of protection granted to him by the parliamentary influence. They needed Tianjin to act as the escort for Giant God Peak. With the aristocratic families starting their counter-attack, followed up by their eruption of might in the 4 earlier matches, these matters had weakened the public opinion and influence of All Mouthy King. The aristocratic families weren't willing to see Wang Zhong becoming some so-called commoner idol. To them, the Federation didn't need something like an accidental "hero". Therefore, it was inevitable for Tianjing to be matched against Torres; Torres possessed the might to slaughter and kill off any of these accidents.

People desired for miracles, and also yearned for someone to break such a monopoly. Being one of the representatives of the commoner squadrons, Tianjing was undoubtedly the one that held the greatest hope to disrupt this situation and enter the top 8. At the same time, this was also a good chance for the Torres Family to establish their might and reputation. It was said that Torres had even spent quite a bit of effort to fight for the right to be "balloted" for this match.

Tianjing had defeated the Bella Dean and Divine Dragon squadron. If they were to defeat Tianjing, they would get the final slot left in the upper 5 families. Who wouldn't strive for such a position?

If Torres could suppress Tianjing, they would gain a great lead in the fight to replace Bella Dean.

The debates and discussions on Skylink had already entered an explosive state since yesterday night. It was impossible to imagine just how fervent some people's faith in All Mouthy King was; there were some people who had even started waiting outside the arena from the night before, and they simply couldn't fall asleep. Due to all of the previous matches, Tianjing's strengths and cards had already been exposed to the world. The entire Skylink had also separated into 2 different factions. One side resolutely supported Tianjing, believing that they would definitely create yet another miracle. The other side believed that Tianjing would definitely lose, as their previous victories against the 2 S ranked squadrons were mostly due to luck. The win over Bella Dean and the Divine Dragon squadron could be attributed to those two squadrons making the lethal mistakes of underestimating their opponent, and not making use of any strategic arrangements during the match. If they had been just a little more serious, they would not have lost like that. Clearly, the stronger Torres squadron would definitely not commit such a mistake.

There were people who loved seeing dynasties collapses, while there were others who were more willing to see dynasties remain stable and secure. After all, rulers had accumulated years of popularity and reputation. The little bit that All Mouthy King possessed couldn't even compare to what the Torres Family had. Attempting to spice things up even further, there were people who had started to slander the contributions of the Torres Family. This caused the entire atmosphere to reach a boiling point even before the start of the match.

"Stop pretending. Grai's allergy to pollen is already a universally known fact, and it's too easy to target that. I don't believe that he can hold his breath for long periods of time. As for that fellow, Barran, he is indeed capable of taking a beating, but has very clear weaknesses. I don't believe that Torres doesn't already have a way to deal with him. As for Scarlet and Emily, despite their improvements, it's a pity that they are now in this round-of-16 stage, they have nothing to contribute to this match. The only one left is Wang Zhong, who can use combat techniques and skills, and even if he doesn't use them, there's the terror of Bobo Torres. He has already comprehended Dimensional combat techniques a long time ago!"

"That's what everyone has been saying in the previous matches. In the end, all of them had fallen. How do you know that All Mouthy King doesn't know any Dimensional combat techniques!"

"Barran will always create miracles! You guys are just jealous! Tianjing will win! Tianjing's invincible!"

Both the textual criticism or the extreme debates and arguments present between the people in the audience caused the atmosphere within the arena to grow even more heated. Unlike the previous 4 matches in this round, there were even quite a few fans supporting both squadrons that were present outside of the arena. Although they were unable to enter the competition venue, all of them hoped to personally witness the making of history.

Being casters, both Ruo Zhi and Chen Yu'er were exceedingly excited to be able to see such a scene before their eyes. This was really a massive stage!

"This is the most anticipated match in this CHF! Will Tianjing be able to continue their miracle? Or will Torres be able to uphold the honour and glory of the aristocratic families! Win or lose; everything is decided in this match!" Ruo Zhi started the commentary with a sigh of amazement. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that this day would come.

"I feel that today's match will be the true test for the Tianjing squadron, as the Torres squadron will have shown absolutely no indication of belittling and underestimating their opponent. They have been properly researching Tianjing's arrangements and combat tactics. Today, we'll be able to understand what makes a genuine S rank. Therefore, Tianjing definitely has to be extremely cautious and vigilant in everything they do." Chen Yu'er was undoubtedly a fan of All Mouthy King. It was due to this that she had said such words, in hope for giving a reminder to Tianjing.

"Little Yu'er is right. This definitely is a match between dragons and tigers, and is also the match with the most evenly matched squadrons in this round-of-16. With Bobo and Alasi in their ranks, the Torres squadron is definitely ranked high up in the Mo's List. This is especially true about Bobo, who has never encountered anyone who can be a match for him in a duel. Furthermore, Alasi is known to be the brains behind Torres, and is extremely proficient in group battles and combat tactics. They can be said to be a squadron that is extremely balanced in all aspects. If we're talking about statistics and recorded information, Tianjing only has a slight advantage in the form of Wang Zhong. However, would this advantage still be present in the face of Dimensional and Spiritual Soul combat techniques?"

"I've also heard that the Bobo brothers also have a combined combat technique known as the Dragon Mouse 10 Forms. It is an extremely powerful 2-man combat technique, and one to pay lots of attention to. When the 2 brothers combine their thoughts and movements, I'm unable to picture what kind of terrifying might they will be able to showcase."

In the Skylink VIP room. It was extremely rare for the important figures from the various aristocratic family squadrons to gather together. Nevertheless, all of them clearly had a rich interest in Tianjing. Naturally, they did not care about the blabbering from the casters. However, the main reason they did not watch in person within the arena was to avoid any situation which would make them stand out. Furthermore, this was just a match within the round-of-16, and this was insufficient for them to show their faces. The only reason they were tuning in was due to them placing considerable attention to the upcoming fights; that's all there was to this.

In fact, there were quite a few people who were extremely interested in free experience in the form of Wang Zhong. Nevertheless, the chance for this round had been snatched away by Torres. With their level of strength, it was of no issue for them to squash and suppress Tianjing. The only question was the method Torres would use to crush Tianjing, and while Torres appeared to be not concerned in the least, everyone here knew that they were actually taking this very seriously.

"Torres has to be careful to not let Tianjing enter the group battle phase, if they want to have a clean victory." said Pomo.

"Pomo, you even dared to show such a heavy hand towards a pretty girl and almost ruined her looks. Currently, people are calling you a vicious, steel-hearted male." said Karl in a teasing fashion. His Romeo character needed someone like Pomo as the trigger to kick off.

Rolling his eyes in response, Pomo replied, "You and Noriba are really alike. God knows if you two are really related."

"Haha! I really like that brat. Ah, where did he go? Could he be in the arena?" said Karl with a smile.

From the faces of Vladimir and the others from the Grozny squadron, he appeared to have personally gone over to watch this match. The various great aristocratic families had to maintain an attitude suitable to their positions, as this was just a match within the round-of-16. Furthermore, it wasn't that they had yet to see the Tianjing in person. Instead, the critical point was that Torres now occupied a lot of face. Regardless of who the opponent was, why would the upper 5 families appear in person to cheer for Torres?

If not for the unique significance of this match, coupled with Carolyn and Gui Hao's invitation, no one would have turned up. Those who remained in this CHF would definitely have an advantage in the distribution of resources in the few years to come.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Noriba really wants to have a fight with Wang Zhong." replied Vladimir in an indifferent tone.

"That's not possible. With Alasi's intellect, he would definitely be able to find a way to deal with Wang Zhong. What's more, Wang Zhong's weaknesses are just so obvious." said Gui Hao with a laugh, appearing rather carefree as he did so. "They definitely won't be able to make it to the group battle phase."
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    《Battle Frenzy》