Battle Frenzy
504 The importance of muscle memory
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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504 The importance of muscle memory

The atmosphere on the stage instantly turned tense and hostile. Frankly speaking, while the fans from both sides were commencing their struggle, the emotions of the male audience had already surged to sky-high levels, with all of them itching to tear their shirts apart and duke it out with their fists. However, the only thing holding them back was the blood red glares shooting out from the overly plucky and crazy tigresses. Although they occupied less than half of the arena, their sharp voices were sufficiently loud to raise the decibels of the sounds by over 80%. Even Ruo Zhi and Chen Yu'er's voices from the casting booth were drowned out by the din.

Although Grai had not entered the ranks of the 10 great experts, the girls had already made up their own private list of the 4 most handsome males for this CHFL: Vladimir, Gui Hao, Grai and Karl.

Vladimir had an aesthetic, statuesque beauty akin to that of a icy mountain range. While it was more than sufficient to please the eyes and hearts of the girls, there was an added feeling of machismo that would surface in their thoughts.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Gui Hao was the paragon of a perfect lover. He was confident, rich and talented, while being impressively charming at the same time.

Grai was handsome, warm, and gentle like water. He did not have the domineering air of nobility surrounding him like the previous two, and was the beloved type especially for those with overflowing maternal instincts.

Due to the matter that had occurred before the start of the CHF, Karl was now very well- known in the Federation. Coupled with his previous fame as the friend of all women, the infatuation that girls had for him had given him a new nickname of "Love Saint".

Without a doubt, the 4 people in this list possessed the perfect fusion of appearance and strength.

Ma Dong and the others felt extremely excited. Naturally, it was unrelated to the appearances of the vanguards, but the wrong move that Torres had made. WIthout even talking about Mo's List ranged soldiers, even Mo List's assassins would be trash in the face of Grai. The only one that wouldn't be trash would be Bobo Torres. From the looks of it, Torres was still unable to extricate themselves from their pride and arrogance as an S ranked squadron.

On the contrary them, Wang Zhong did not appear to be any bit happy. Shooting a look at the Torres squadron members seated not far away from him, he noticed that all of them had calm expressions present on their faces. There was definitely something fishy about this. However, from the limited amount of information and resources he had, there was no better plan Wang Zhong could adopt. Grai needed to be their vanguard. As for his allergy to pollen, since Grai had said to not worry about it, Wang Zhong had placed his trust in him.

Both parties that were sent up were top-class experts. Upon the announcement of their names, both of them had instantly placed all of their attention on each other, while automatically clearing their minds of any unnecessary thoughts.

Not only did they focus their attention on their opponent for the sake of defending against the possibility of an explosive attack, they were also doing so for the sake of exerting pressure and observing their target. One's gaze was created from the focus of one's intent. Anyone that was able to obtain the upper hand in pressure would be able to obtain the initiative in this fight.

Alasi being the vanguard for Torres was more than sufficient to show the importance Torres had placed on Grai. Looking at Grai who was emotionless and completely calm, he could not help but to give an emotional sigh. Before the start of this match, the Torres Family had specifically conducted a detailed investigation into Grai.

It was hard for him to believe that such a talented expert with such a towering attitude would go to a godforsaken place like Tianjing. However, after their detailed investigation, they discovered that there was nothing suspicious at all. In comparison, Wang Zhong had an obstinate and unyielding character that was present right in the core of his very being, and he also possessed too many traces of public will; hence, the Torres Family was more appreciative of Grai. Truthfully speaking, their appreciative hearts for talent had been moved. He had such a high strength level, yet he possessed the breadth of mind to be willing to remain in such an ordinary position. Such a person was worthwhile to nurture and invest in.

However, at this moment, Alasi had to convince him of their Torres's Family's might. Only then would those matters be suitable to be discussed!

A still and motionless atmosphere formed between the two on the stage, unlike the sparks and raging inferno that clearly formed between the friction of gazes from Wang Zhong and Zhao Yilong. Nevertheless, a deep feeling of power proceeded to accumulate within this calmness.

Without a single sound being made, the fight had already started.

Grai wielded a precise, small, round shield in one hand, and a runic sword in the other, one of the mainstream choices for soldiers. He had used this same equipment setup against Galen. Despite obtaining victory in that match, it was universally known that this was a rather mediocre choice against a ranged soldier. Although it was not outwardly disadvantageous to this matchup, there were also no clear benefits from using it.

From the looks of it, there seemed to be nothing special in his selection. However, this did not affect Alasi's judgement of Grai.

Their Torres squadron had used specialised combat tacticians to break down the Tianjing squadron for analysis. Under most circumstances, this could be considered to be placing too much importance on a single squadron. Furthermore, everything about Grai had already been dissected by the analyst group of their squadron before the CHF had even started. The end result was that they had given Grai a considerably high evaluation.

His strength, speed, intelligence, and level of awareness for combat were all top class for this CHF. Using any weapon wouldn't result in much difference for a person of his level. Frankly speaking, even this rather mediocre selection of a sword and shield was probably sufficient to suppress Alasi!

However, he was unable to win this competition.

Too many of his habitual movements had been identified. Furthermore, Grai did not possess a BUG level of strength that could immediately end a fight.

Bluntly speaking, he was a balanced strength type that possessed no unique traits, and was just like an all-rounded Zhao Yilong, who had trained his body and combat techniques to the very limits. He appeared to be unimaginably strong at first glance, Nevertheless, at the very end, there was a limit to the strength a Casted Soul Stage could possess. He wasn't like those soldiers with BUG level Spiritual Soul combat techniques. Therefore, it was foreordained that Tianjing would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Naturally, there was also an extremely minute possibility that Grai was hiding his true strength or some big move, just like how he was able to defend against Galen's poison attribute special ability. However, even if that were the case, it would just be the comparison of who's move was stronger, which was something Alasi was absolutely confident about.

The speed at which he chewed his dog's-tail grass slowed down. As it came to a stop in the air, a sliver of golden sunlight shone down from above, causing the greyish grass stalk to shine with a golden glow.

Despite being unable to obscure Grai's vision of Alasi, the sparkling dog's-tail grass was able to shield the intent present in Alasi's eyes. What's more, this happened at the exact instant when the competition bell was rung!


It only took an instant. Moving at a speed so fast that it left an afterimage of him that still had its hands crossed, gunshots proceeded to ring out from the stage!

Gunslinger quickdraw!

There was no one who could get a clear view of just how quickly he had drawn his guns!

Bang Bang Bang...

3 successive shots forced Grai's advance to come to a halt. One had to know that Grai was currently one of the most agile soldiers in this CHF. He was considered to be a hybrid between a soldier and an assassin, and was especially proficient in countering ranged soldiers.

As Grai halted his advance for just a slight bit, afterimages started to appear around him as he unleashed a flurry of dazzling foot movements in an attempt to cloud over Alasi's judgement. As long as Alasi made errors in his judgment, Grai would have the time to execute a forward dash.

However, Alasi was clearly being a bit too carefree, as he did not even show any intention of taking aim. Instead, he raised his hand while firing, forcing Grai to evade with every shot. This utterly destroyed his rhythm and momentum, while completely sealing up his terrifying movement capabilities and nimble footwork.

Alasi's eyes brimmed with confidence as he continued to unleash shot after shot. This was why he dared to enter such a matchup.

"What a surprise! Is this the legendary ranged soldier's blind firing!" Ruo Zhi exclaimed in praise.

"Blind Firing?" Chen Yu'er had not heard of such a skill.

"Ranged soldiers rely on their accurate senses and muscle memory to take aim. However, the limit of one's high-speed, accurate fire isn't limited by one's eyes, by one's senses!"

A confused look appeared on Chen Yu'er's face, causing Ruo Zhi to laugh before continuing his explanation. "This isn't something unreliable or some kind of special ability. Instead, it relies on a large amount of training to form a sense of coordination between one's muscles and visual judgement. Upon accomplishing this feat, one would be able to bypass the conscious thinking to adjust their shooting. This is also the most frightening ability that a ranged soldier can develop, and is much more difficult to accomplish than combat techniques like arcing shots or bullet arrays. One would need both talent and an extreme amount of hard work to obtain such a skill."

Being able to land such accurate shots while firing in such a manner showed that Alasi's hard work that he put in during training was on a level unimaginable by laymen. Admitted, the 10 Great Families possessed an advantage in the aspect of resources. However, the pressure present on the shoulders of those aristocratic family members was also higher than others. There were some matters where it would be reasonable for ordinary people to fail. However, there was nothing that should be impossible for those aristocratic family members.

Furthermore, the unique trait of the Mogren's Guns was that it was able to display this unique skill to its absolute limits!
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    《Battle Frenzy》